Happy 33rd birthday, Concert Master MJ!   お誕生日おめでとう、J!

Blessed with your thanks,
so thanks and many blessings in return, Jun-kun!

Florence Cousland

In the books and stories that Florence had grown up with, revenge never made the hero feel better. It never brought their loved ones back, and they were always, always, left feeling colder.

So the relief the flooded through her when she killed him, the joy when she looked at Howe’s broken corpse lying on the floor, only served to confirm what she’d been thinking for a very long time now. She wasn’t the hero of this story.

She wasn’t a hero.

Nick Rhodes of Duran Duran for my first half (½?? idk, i’m not v good with fractions), of the art trade w/ @nlckrhodes 


((Another fusion ‘cause I’m apparently around for another day and I have no self-control :v

This time it’s Lionel and @udderlyamoosing ‘s Memphis! :3c

They think they’re slick and cool, but they’re actually a big, goofy, pun-master dorkus with very li’l self-control.. They’re also pretty headstrong, so don’t get in the way of what they want!

And another kinda angry doodle, mostly ‘cause I just wanted to use that phrase :v And you can’t see it well but their right eye is Lionel’s eye colour :3c

Enjoy! (And still accepting fusions!!)))