#twowomentravel But the media ignored the baby that never came home

Last week, two huge abortion stories broke which should have been of major interest to the Irish media.

Firstly there were the revelations – uncovered by investigative journalist Kevin Jones – that a U.S. billionaire, George Soros, was secretly funding Irish abortion campaigners, with the specific aim of repealing the constitutional right to life of the unborn child.

Then we learned that Marie Stopes, a huge global abortion provider, with a branch in Dublin drumming up business for its British operations, was ordered by Care Quality Commission inspectors to stop providing abortions in Britain. The inspectors said there were serious and immediate concerns with staff training, the safety of patients, and around issues of consent, seemingly in regard to under 18s and vulnerable groups of women.

Imagine if these two stories had been about pro-life groups getting wads of cash from George Soros (fat chance), or a pro-life centre endangering women’s lives. There would have been an

ok but imagine Brad sneaking you in the tour bus for a quickie when no one else is there and you climb into his bunk and you start to get it on but right in the middle of him thrusting in you and moaning his name, you hear the rest of the boys climbing into the bus.

Instead of stoping Brad covers your mouth with his hand and rolls you over - while still staying inside you, so that you’re now on top of him. You widen your eyes at him as his hand is still clamped over your mouth but he just whispers “shh, keep going baby” and thrusts his hips up at you in encouragement.

While you hear the boys walking past you, you’re bouncing up and down on Brad’s dick while he continues to muffle your moans with his hand and whispering dirty things in your ear.
“I wish I could hear your moans right now”
“You feel that, yeah?”
“I wanna hear you scream my name”

But as soon as your noises get louder he tightens his grip on your mouth
“Don’t fucking get us caught or I’ll have to punish you after this”



It weighs around 300MB, 1321 files.

Warnings: it’s not complete, it’s random, some screencaps get repeated, quality varies, by kyman I mean Cartman and Kyle moments in general.

Not that the show is mine but I’ll say so anyway, do whatever you want with them.

If the link dies let me know.

Married Love or Love In Marriage (Stopes, 1918)

This is the book i’m reading for my gender, power and politics seminar:


I have to do a 10 minute presentation on it next week…opinions?

It’s the first ever book to document the fact that women also experience sexual desire, that sex should be a source of mutual pleasure and that marriage should be an equal relationship…but it also has some serious hang-up’s relating to race, age, contraception and marital rape. Then again, it was a break-through book for the era of the 1920’s!

What do you guys think? I’m focusing on Chapter 4 The Fundamental Pulse and Chapter 5 Mutual Adjustment for the presentation :)

Addiction in teens

Addiction is not just an adult thing. I was an alcoholic at the age of 15. My friend was a pill addict at 16. Just because we are teenagers doesn’t make us invincible. We are just as, if not more, susceptible to addiction than adults. You may think “oh it would never happen to me” or “I don’t have an addictive personality” but you don’t know what could be the thing that sucks you in. I smoked cigarettes socially for years and had no issue with them, was able to stop no issue. Alcohol on the other hand I couldn’t stop. The only way I ended up stoping was after being placed in a residential treatment facility after attempting suicide while drunk off my ass. I wasn’t addicted to alcohol because I have an addictive personality I was addicted to it because I wanted to forget the bad things. It doesn’t matter your age, it doesn’t matter if it runs in your family. Addiction can happen to anyone. And once it’s got a hold of you it won’t let go until you get help or it kills you. Remember that. ~Amelia

My personal opinion about all this shipping wars is that people should first and foremost enjoy THE SHOW and how it is NOW. 

You don’t need your ship to be Cannon to enjoy it. and EVEN if your ship ends up being canon, that *shockingly* won’t stop people from shipping and producing content about other couples ( I say this because Harry Potter being married to Ginny NEVER STOPED ME from enjoying my casual Drarry readings)

That’s what the fandom is for! We can write, twist, art about our own interpretations of these amazing characters without the limitations of its canon plot! We can go hella crazy with our ideas, roleplays, headcanons and ENJOY OURSELVES IN ANY WAY WE WANT.

I sincerely think that “no endgame couples aside from what’s already been established” (rupphire for example) is the best solution so ALL ships can have their moments. Not one, but MANY moments. We’re getting the closeness and fanservice we want, every now and then while we enjoy ourselves as a fandom.

One ship does not have to exclude another. Let it go, enjoy the fricking show and invest your time appreciating your own ships instead of obsessing about ships you don’t like. 

#02 life is not disney movie

“you gotta tell us now!” Arzaylea practically yells at me, tackling on the hotel bedroom, stoping me from leaving the room and trying to get the words out of my mouth by tickling me.

“Stop that!” i wiggle on the floor, laughing out loud, trying to get her off me. “i am not saying. stop trying” but she doesn’t.

“how come i’ve been hanging out with you for nearly 7 months, and i don’t what is up with you?” she says.

“Jess!” i yell to my best friend that is sitting on the sofa, scrolling on her phone

“She’s right” she says not caring to much on my tickle torture “i’ve known you since forever, and i don’t have a clue on what the hell is happening to you”

i sigh and Arzaylea stop tickling me “Gee thanks” i take a deep breath “i appreciate that you guys worry about me, but seriously, i am fine”

“Stop lying” jess whines, throwing her phone aside “(Y/n), i know you better than you know yourself, and i know that you getting distracted about absolutely everything and blushing just because… it’s not normal”

“i am…” I start saying, and standing up of the floor, but Arzaylea interrupts me.

“i think you are in love” she says, teasing me and giving me a playful push.

“Shut up” i say covering my face with my hands and throwing myself on the big bed.

they go quiet from a while, and i feel the bed moving from them sitting on it beside me, ready to get more information from me.

“who?” Jess says picking on my red cheek, teasing me.

“Alright!” i exclaim, knowing that sooner or later i was going to tell them anyways “I might or might not have a crush on Calum hood”

they are speechless, i feel both of them hug me and exclaiming happily. i uncover my blushed face and wiggle out of their arms, feeling weird. 

“This is amazing (Y/n)” Jessica says happily “he is a good guy, you might get lucky and finally be able to kiss a gu…” she stops realizing i don’t like her talking about that topic. 

“Wait what?!” Arz screams “so, I’ve seen you get drunk…like real drunk, and you’ve never kissed a boy? Are you serious?”

“That does not make sense” I whine, crossing my arms over my chest “I am not good with guys, okay?!”

“You write about relationships all the time, how can you not?” She keeps saying.

“They are just songs” I bluff “it’s not big deal, that’s my job anyways, I get paid to write about relationships, it does not mean that I actually know about it” I shrug “l’ve just never been in one”

I can see the pity in their eyes, but I look away. I’ve never had a real boyfriend, or a kiss. Not in my 18 years of existence and that is something that still haunts me. Being surrounded almost all the time by people that has already live the beautiful experience of the first kiss and also of the first time. I feel alone now that I am the only one who is still waiting for it.

“Have you make a move on him or something?” Jess asks, moving closer to me

I shook my head “not really” I shrug “on writing hours, when we were working together, he told Luke he was Feeling down for some reason, and the day after that, I left a little note on his bass. Just to… You know.. Cheer him up somehow” I tell them “I know it’s not a ‘move’ but I don’t know, I’ve been doing it since that day… sometimes i left little treats or gifts and he seems to like it”

“Oh god, that’s you!” Jessica exclaims in surprise “how could I not even suspect it?”

“That’s good” I nod “then I know he does not suspect who his little ‘secret’ admirer Is and it stays as a secret, like it’s supposed to be”

On the corner of my eye, I saw Arzaylea shooking her head various times, not agreeing with what am I saying “(Y/n) you need to tell him it’s you” she encourages me “he loves those notes, and he would totally love to know who is the person behind all that”

“No” I shook

“Maybe he likes you back!” She finishes, cheering loudly and giving me another playful push.

“maybe he likes the notes, and would love to know who is the one who makes them” Jess adds.  

i sigh “Don’t you think it is kinda childish?.. i mean, like we were in high school and..” i start but Jess interrupts me. 

“It is not, it’s a nice detail!” she rest her hand on my shoulder

“It does not matter anyways” i shrug “He likes someone else, and not to mention that he is totally out of my limit, i should forget him now before something happens…” 

“What do you mean?” Arz asks confused “How do you know that likes someone else?” 

i get out of the bed, thinking of anyway to get out of this conversation, before i do something stupid “he obviously does” i explain “he is always coming late to writing hours, and he seems more inspired than usual… he is always texting! it is pretty obvious. and i wanna forget about him, because somehow i always end up making a fucking movie in my head, and i don’t want to end up hurt” 

they look at me with that pity look in their eyes once again, and makes me want to puke. the last thing i need is having other people to pity me. i can see Jess have a lot to say, she is looking down and sighing, and that is something that she always does before saying something big. i know her too well, so i prepare myself for her words. 

“Listen (Y/n)… i know what you are trying to do, and let me tell you, that if you don’t do something about all this, i will” she starts “i’ve been with a lot of guys, and you know it. i’ve gone all the way with them, and i am concerned that you haven’t even got a simple kiss!” she starts exclaiming “you are almost 20, and if it does not come to you, you need to come to it. understand?” she says way to harsh. 

i nod sightly, looking at her, who has a stressed look on her face for almost no reason. but she is right, it need to come to it. no wonder on how am i gonna do it but it needs to happen, sooner or later. 

it was already 10 am in the beautiful city of Toronto. the sun was shinning and the cold wind was sightly blasting on the Rogers Centre stadium. i was sitting on one of the countless empty chairs that were on the VIP zone, were the fans would be coming later. 

the guys were doing their sound check as usual, and some fans at the back of the stadium, watching the soundcheck and screaming at the top of their lungs. 

i liked to just sit around and watch the guys play when it was soundcheck time. the stadium was almost empty, so it made me feel that somehow, they were giving a little show for me, even though they actually weren’t. also it was the only time where i got to watch them play, since i do not like being on big crowds of people so i never attended to the actual concerts, but i was totally okay with this.

i fix the baseball cab that it’s on my head by the moment, trying to prevent the sun to burn my face, and open the notebook that is currently sitting on my lap and look thought the hand writing of all of it’s pages, until i get to the page i was looking for. i decided to follow Jess and tell Calum how i feel, because i know that i don’t do it by myself, she will, and i know that if she does, things are not going to end up well. 

i wrote another note for him, but this time, i did not left it beside his bass or in the dressing room, as i usually do, i am going to give it to him, in person, and tell him everything. it is now or never. or at least that’s what i think. 

when they finish the last song of the set list, they stay on the stage, saying some random things and just hanging out. i read my note for the 10th time today. making sure it is all good before giving it to him. 

“I am not good expressing myself, 

and probably this is a bit strange for you 

but it’s time to reveal myself and let you know how i feel,

i am sorry if this is not as poetic as my lasts notes, and obviously not as poetic as my love songs, that you love so much. 

but without further or do, all i need right now is ask you. Do you feel the same?” 

I sigh and groan nervously. but without any patience left. i get from my sit, take my things and go straight to backstage. everyone in the crew was moving around all over the place, setting everything for tonight. i run around, trying to get to the opposite side of the stage, and once i am there, i lean just a little bit, enough to see Calum on his usual side of the stage, so i call him. 

“Pss” i say, waiting for him to turn around “Hey, Cal” i whisper/yell 

he turns around, and gives me a little polite smile, i give him a signal, asking him if we could talk for a minute, and tell him to come to where i am. instead, he moves his head, telling me to come on the stage and tell him what i needed. i cringe, i felt so nervous suddenly (more than before). i was about to confess everything to him, in front of about 100 people and his friend.

Take deep breaths

Calm down 

i approach to him slowly, and make my way to his spot. i understand why he told me to come to the stage. the crew was already indicating the fans that everything was over, so they were already starting to leave the stadium, at a really slow peace, trying to enjoy a little extra time with the boys. 

“Hi” i say with a little smile. 

“Hi” he says politely putting his bass down. “What’s up?” 

“Hmm” i mumble “not much, i wanted to talk to you about something…”

he shrugs “Sure, what is it?”  he asks. 

i doubt for a little bit if i should tell him or not. i play with the paper of the note and take a deep breath. my mind is rushing and i really need to think my words before saying them. 

“Well..” i start “i wanted to give you this” i hand him the note, and he takes it with a confused look on his face “Listen Calum” i say while he is reading the note “The other day i noticed you were feeling down so i left a little note to you so you could cheer up a little… and then i started to leave them everyday, because somehow, you seemed to like them, but the thing is…. i didn’t leave them there just because… i really like you.. more than a friend you know?” i chuckle and look down “So i was wondering that maybe.. someday we could go out for..” 

“Wait” he stops me on a pretty harsh way and giving me the note back “it was you?” he frowns still confused. “oh my god” he sighs, running his hands through his hair. 

“Is that bad?…” i ask confused 

“(Y/n)” he sighs, and takes me by the shoulders, for some reason, making me walk at his other side, so he was backing the public and talking directly to me “You can’t just do that” he says to me in a soft tone, like he is talking to a little kid. 

“emmm, why?” i raise an eyebrow. 

“Does not matter, and i want you to stop doing it NOW!” he exclaims. but i am still confused. 

“they are just notes..” i mumble and shrug. 

he lets out a humorless laugh looks at me “I am dating someone” he starts “and you don’t have any idea on how many fights she has gave to me, because of that stupid notes!” 

Ouch. that hurt. 

“It’s childish, you know?” he continues “this is not middle school, i am an adult. if you want something, you come, and tell me on my face. you don’t do this” 

“I am not a kid” i argue and frown, taking a step back “Stop talking to me like that” 

“Well, act like an adult!” he yells at me “you probably don’t understand this, because you are always fucking alone, but i have a relationships, and because of this shit, my girlfriend seriously thinks i have an affair (Which i don’t). and this is a problem for me and i want you to fucking stop, understand kid?” 

“Stop” i groan when calls me kid. feeling the tears already coming to my eyes “i did not wanted this to happen, okay?, i am sorry, but i really like you..”

“No” he stops me from talking “i do NOT like you. okay?” he exclaims, way to loud “stop bugging me with these, i don’t care what your intentions were, stop ruining my relationship, get a life, i have mine-” he stops when he spots the tears escaping from my eyes. “What?” he laughs again, while i just stand there, and listen “Did you thought i would go out with you, and automatically we would be a couple?” he laughs again “life is not a Disney movie, kid, get it in your head! in adults world, you go straight to the point, you don’t do these kind of shit and you don’t-” 

“Calum! Stop it” a voice speaks throught the microphone. 

Ashton is on the back of the drums, he did obviously listen to all of the conversation and he had a pretty mad expression on his face. when Calum looked at him, he pointed with his drum stick to the crowd. there were about 30 fans standing there, and at least 20 of them were recording the whole thing with their cellphones.

i gasp and cover my mouth in surprise. my cheeks were covered in tears, and everyone around us was looking at us.i feel the anxiety coming, and that is not a good sign. 

“I am not a kid” my voice cracks when i talk. 

i rip the note i had on little pieces and throw them at his face that by this time had a very angry expression. 

“i am going to get a life” i sob, and run 

i run out of the stage 

i run out of my problems

but more importantly 

i run out from him 

Ok. That’s enough.

I’m tired of this bullshit.

I’m not a IR nor a IH shipper, and i don’t even care about Bleach after it’s HORRIBLE ending.

Nevermind. That’s not my point.

All i want to say is: I’m FUCKING TIRED of watching my friends being harassed for IH shippers, saying they should die and get life after the last chapter.

GODDAMNIT, how old are you guys? Eight?

It’s so frustrating how many people are being dicks! GUYS, YOU GOT YOUR DAMN SHIP. STOPING HARRASING IR SHIPPERS, let ‘em can ship whatever they want!


Wait, what? Really? I can’t even “just scroll passed it”, because this shit is EVERYWHERE! Literally can’t go through the #bleach tag without bumping into it.    

“Blah blah blah, they harrased us too”.

Does planning vengeance make you feel and sleep great? What a bullshit, harass people doesn’t create positive change, sending hate isn’t going to help but it will make it worse. You are only lighting the flame of IR shippers.

Most of you guys have no empathy whatsoever.

And if you’re crosstagging or spreading hate, congrats… You’re a terrible human being.

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There are 3 immediate lines of The Stop-Dominique-from-doing-something-what-will-get-her-in-prison-or-killed Committee:

  • The first line is her best friend Peter Wood. While efficient, it works only for minor cases because:

Peter:*dramatically sighs* ʕง•ᴥ•ʔง

  • The second is her brother Louis Weasley. Louis is what we call a level-headed Gryffindor (don’t deny you know they exist. yes they are rarer than unicorns, but they still exist) and usually has the job to calm down the spirits and take care of imminent problems such as stoping Dom from getting herself in prison or killed (because maman would be immensely displeased if one of her kids won’t come home for family diner). Unfortunately Dominique doesn’t always listens to him, which leads us to the third line.
  • Her sister Victoire Weasley and on extent Teddy Lupin. If they can’t do nothing to stop her and it needs implication from the gang or worse the adults when you better put a Full Body-Bind Curse on Dom and lock her in a bunker. In Siberia.

Dominique Ginevra Weasley taking a run at Runyon Canyon Hike Trail in LA

Taken by Victoire who dragged Dom with her. Summer 2025

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Finn balor 64 If I have clothes on, it’s not technically sleeping with each other.

Prompt 64 “If I have clothes on, it’s not technically sleeping with each other.” with Finn Bálor 

Storylines and rivalry doesn’t mattered at this very night, it were just a bunch of friends having a good time with each other while enjoying the good food and alcohol that Becky, Carmella and Colin Cassidy bought hours before.

Sitting on the top of the backrest of the three seater, you had spread your legs light so Finn Bálor could place his broad back in between them as whe sat in front of you on the couch, owed to the spare amount of seating furniture.

And due to the amount of alcohol that a couple of your friends couldn’t handle, Sasha and Xavier were giggling like mad men while they couldn’t stop looking at the two of you.

“Naughty children.”, you scolded them teasingly, a raised eyebrow gracing your face as the two of them stoped laughing for a split second, looking like a cat which froze in their motions as she was about to do something forbidden while being caught in the act.

But just as cats do, the two of them quickly picked up their conversation, leaving you and Finn sharing a quick look with each other.

“You know, if I have clothes on, it’s not technically sleeping with each other.”, you said right before taking a swig from your bottle of beer without breaking eye contact, watching him swallowing up some air while his cheeks turning into three different shades of red.

The list for the prompts.

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I dont want to be rude, but i dont really understand why everyone wants special symbols? If your going to be sending so many asks that you need one, why not go off anon? And if people still want to be anonymous why would they be askingg. For identifiers. I really dont want to come off as rude, its just been bothering and frustrating me since ive been seeing all these asks for identifiers. Hell, whys stoping someone from using some elses symbols.

It just makes things simpler for them to look up the tag on the blog, since we post a ton of stuff every day. It’s easy to lose posts or not notice that your ask ever got answered. There’s no reason for me not to allow it.

-mod har