Sorry just had too…definition: to use superior strength or influence to intimidate (someone) typically to FORCE him/her to do what one wants, persecute, opppress, tyrunize, browbeat, harass, intimidate, strong- arm, dominate, push around, coerce , pressure, press, push, compel, badger, goad, proad…dictionary. Bullying is unwanted, aggressive behavior among school aged children that involves a real or precieved power imbalance… Abuse and mistreatment of someone vulnerable by someone stronger , more powerful ect., overbearing mistreatment. Also includes cyberbullying using same tactics generally on classmate. Merriam-Webster.

 First you say ajw/(if you say ajw you say me too) bulling someone unknown. I beg to differ. M is the one who puts her life on display on social media. For someone who says she doesn’t want to be famous she sure exposes herself to media sources. It is well known media/news people do not hang around taking pictures unless it is “news worthy” or they are “paid”. While Darren is to us CC ‘ers very newsworthy(and I venture to say many others), I do not find her visit to a Canadian TV filming news worthy…just saying. A kiss while attending the premiere of The Feud.  Unprofessional . And certainly not what Darren often speaks to keeping his personally life private. I’m not going to even mention Halloween same midia situation different night.  

Let me count the ways…blogs now closed down ‘miarren is love’ was picture after picture of weddings, which I thought were suppose to be about the bride and groom. I would be so offended if I were the couple…not the attendance the taking over the spot light. Darren will absolutly be noticed, he is a …star. I have looked at other blogs and people of said fame at weddings maybe a couple of pics, not the ostentatious displays pictured. It is clear this is about promotion of the party with Darren. Darren does not have to work at being noticed, not just because of fame, he is a genuinely nice entertaining guy. Can’t say the same for plus one. As well as offensive references to and about her beloved. Who’s bullying who.

Speaking of which M’s ig are mostly pics of the couple and D. 10 times more of couple over and over and over again.  D’s ig maybe a handful ok maybe a few more of the couple before Halloween. 

If you stick your nose out it will get lopped off. We all take hits…it’s called gossip. D takes hits now and than. He’s a big boy and knows it comes with the territory. M is a big girl playing in adult situstions (not children’s playgrounds)…if you can’t take the heat get out of the fire. She is a grown women who needs to fight her own battles. That’s a bully… having all the others do your dirty work. I’d say fight like a man which I’m sure you would be considered bullying. So….fight like a women with guts, integrety, humanity, compassion the likes of which D has in his little finger. All I can say is take a lesson. Really no bullying just plain fact.

 Last/final point I take exception to who is bullying who. M does not look the worst for ware as a matter of fact she looks pretty healthy to me. It’s D that seems to be suffering under her need to be promoted for what ever reason at the moment. And the abuse he takes literally, figuratively, physically is way more apparent then her so called suffering. So if you have been put up to the harassment I suggest you tell your “director” to come out and fight like a women…stop hiding behind an unfounded accusation of play-ground mentality. Or if it’s you trying to defend your queen you need to go back to school or just use Google to be sure your accusations are on mark. I think you are very misguided.



Very accurate points my friend. When one seeks fame, one needs to accept that the good comes with the bad.  Especially when one documents her shitty behavior repeatedly via social media.

And you could not be more correct, it is ironic when the ultimate bully is the one people are trying to protect.  Failing to notice who the true victim is and has been. 

One day these PR fans will realize the error of their ways and understand just how misguided they were and how much they contributed to the abuse of D.

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Hi there! Do you know any good lgbt resources for my parents after I come out?

Sure! There are organizations specifically devoted to families and parents of LGBTQIA+ kids. 

The leading one in the U.S. is PFLAG. Originally “Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays”, they have kept the name but expanded their focus to cover the fuller sexual identity / orientation spectrum.

Their website:

Find a local chapter:

The CDC site has this list of resources including the list of parent-centric resources below:

Resources for Parents and Family Members

Advocates For Youth:

One more batch of resources, this one broken out by state:

Thanks for writing and I hope that everything goes great for you!


Bullying Prevention - Anderson Cooper

Stop Cyber bullying/Bullying Now.

  Well, I’m just here to say that everywhere I go there’s always bullying go around. Whether its face-to-face, by text messages, or on the web. And I’m sick of it. Sick of how society came to this. Bullying comes to the point of where the victim commits sucide. You’re not alone.

  I’ve gone through it, actually, I’m guessing everyone has. A lot of you don’t do anything about it. You let it hurt you, you hope that they’re all going to forget about it sooner or later. You don’t talk to your parents about it because you feel it’s right to handle it yourself. Okay, so some rude comments here, some bruises there. Well, when it comes to serious matters you still do nothing. Now you feel as if you’re alone. Skipping school day by day, not caring about your grades. Eating less, thus gaining a disorder. It follows you home, and when your parents find out, and you didn’t tell them, it makes matters ever worse. Everywhere you go, passing through the halls, in the bathroom, in class, your texts, and your computer, it’s there for everyone to see. People around you just watch as you get hurt, some laugh, and some encourage the bully. And you? You just keep on crying, telling yourself “oh god, no. Please no." 

  I know how you feel, the hurt, and rejection just because of comments on your profile, or rumors. You do have a right to

  •   Live your life without fear
  •   Be safe 
  •   A supportive environment
  •   Get help
  •   Thrive physically, psychologically,  socially and academically.

don’t throw your life away because of a group and/or a person. I trust you enough to take control, don’t physically hurt them though, speak up! Who knows, maybe some people will be on your side.

         Remember, I love you and I’ll always be on your side.

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Do you have plans to improve education for LGBT students? Making sure schools are safe from bullying by teaching kids that there is nothing wrong with being gay. Possibly using a safe zone program of some sort, that allows youth to speak to a counselor and work through their feelings about their gender and sexuality. It could also be a safe place for children to come out to their parents. So they are less likely to grow up with repressed feelings of inadequacy and self hatred.

The President hosted the first-ever White House Summit on bullying prevention. The President, the First Lady and the entire Administration are committed to ensuring that every student has the opportunity to learn and thrive in the classroom. You can check out the President’s It Gets Better video here.

As a mom, I know what it’s like to worry about whether my child was safe while she was at school. Sharing best practices helps ensure all children are protected.

Learn more at

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How are you ensuring young LGBT people are not discriminated in school?

In 2010 we hosted the first ever White House summit on bullying and President Obama recorded an “It Gets Better” video. Since then, we’ve worked with the Department of Education to create and create resources to support LGBTQ young people in schools. With the work of of Gay-Straight Alliances, supportive administrators and teachers, and brave young people, we hope to continue to make schools safer and more welcoming for every student. -Valerie

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Social Media has become a integral part of the bullying problem. Besides events occurring at school, youth can now be harassed continuously. This puts them at high risk for depression and feelings of despair and loss of control. How can we work to resolve this issue and how can we use social media to fight it instead?

This is a week for celebrating, supporting, and affirming lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning (LGBTQ) youth. Keeping with this theme, it’s important for parents, caregivers, and other youth-service providers to have access to resources that can help build the foundation for strong and healthy relationships and prevent bullying. In fact, research shows that parents and caregivers who spend at least 15 minutes a day talking with their child can help boost children’s confidence and build effective strategies for facing bullying—whether children are being bullied, engaging in bullying, or witnessing bullying. KnowBullying—a free bullying prevention app—can help parents, caregivers, and youth-service providers start and continue this critical conversation: Also, visit for information and resources specific to bullying and LGBT youth:


In 2010, President Obama held the first-ever White House summit on bullying where the President reminded us to “dispel the myth that bullying is just a harmless rite of passage or an inevitable part of growing up. It’s not.”

We recognize that social media can be a very harmful and destructive tool used by bullies. It can also be a powerful force for good:

Logan from @DadVSLogan came to the defense of his classmates who were being bullied and the bullies went online and said dreadful things about him. Logan responded with this:

I invited Logan and his family to the White House to thank him for having the courage to stand up for his classmates and fight bullying. We should all follow Logan’s example.