I know that today has been very stress full for us and many tears have fallen and been shed because it was the last concert and now it’s officially the start of the year break. I have hope and faith that they will come back for us and we have done everything we could for them to be happy and they deserve this to much for our pleasure they need to take just take a breather and enjoy life like they should. They spent all those years touring and doing all those music videos and photoshoots non-stop for 5 years and after zayn left all that stress was left on their shoulders. We need to give all our love and support for them right now and till they come back because that’s the only way we can get them back by showing our strength of pride in them that we won’t shy away from them. A lot of things have happened to us but we have stuck through that, so we can stick through one year of not having tour videos and going to them. If This is the break where it makes them feel better and miss the tour life and want to come back in year then let’s let them have this freedom and live their lives they way they should! So lovely fans as Niall has said now and always we are truly the best fans that is on the earth LETS FIGHT FOR THEM👊🏻 LIKE AND REBLOG THIS IF YOU ARE GOING TO STICK THROUGH THIS WITH ME👏🏻 @angelathegold