Hey, guys! ‘Tis me, Mochi, patroness of all things weird and fandom-y. I’m a very tiny blog, so I only recently hit 100 followers (yay! you guys rock!) but below is my first Follow Forever. It’s kinda short, but rest assured I love all of you! (Favourites are bolded, but that doesn’t mean I don’t like all of you.)


admnparrish agooduniverse alicias-vikander bloody-queer branjens brendaonao3 caritivereflection cesperanza goaheadlilyevans hitlikehammers ifthisislove-loveiseasy justsavethelastdance lockandkihonglee marvelousbecketts mindthetarget minewt mintnewt monstacookies


natrasharomanova natshasromanoff newtmasdoesthedo newtttheglue ojavenger omg-hawkeye pottershtuff sarriane shadesfalcon shuckyeaminewt son-onions starredsoul stuckyonbucky the-autumn-soldier thereddestglass vespairs xxthewolfgirlxx yellowfireblackhawk


Sorry it’s so short, I tried to get all of you but if I missed you, I’m super sorry. Again, I am a tiny blog, but I love all of you :)

Cheers, Mochi