u know when ur talking about hair removal and some white person chimes in when u say the word “wax” to tell u that it “pulls ur skin and makes u get wrinkles” as if 

(1) ur ancestors of color haven’t been using this method for centuries as well as 

(2) aging better than white ppl since the beginning of time and 

(3) that’s a big ass myth that needs to stop being treated as Cold Hard Fact

diamondjeonghan  asked:

HI :)))) Just wanted to let you know, communism doesn't work the way you think it works. It's bad for basically everyone. (I'm from Poland, where communism has ended only 28 years ago and I know some shit)

HI :)))) Just wanted to let you know, your false equivalency of “communism = uncritically glorifying soviet Russia and it’s puppet states” doesn’t work the way you think it works. Overgeneralizing an entire ideological school because you disagree with it is bad for basically everyone (I’m from Denmark, where capitalism never ended and still tries to starve out those who are too weak or sick to justify their existence to the free market)