((…Is anyone else having an issue where, after watching (and then stopping) one video, if you then scroll down your dash and play another one, both that video and the first one start playing simultaneously?

And then you have to scroll all the way back up to find the first video and stop it again, then scroll all the way back down to the video you’re TRYING to watch so you can actually, y’know, watch it. And then you finish, stop, and move on, and then the NEXT video you watch starts the second one, too, and on and on and on…

obligatory questionmark to open the post up to answers?

so tumblr does this cool thing now where you watch a video and you enjoy it and then you pause it so it stops playing and then you scroll down your dash and when you find another video and start watching it, the previous video starts playing too, even though its about 137 mouse scrolls up. this is the most convenient feature yet.

does anyone else have the thing goin on here where you watch a post w a vine and stop it then go down and watch another post w a vine  and click it and the last vine starts up again at the same time way up on your dash and u gotta go scroll up to find it and mute it.