Guys I’m losing my shit at RandL’s IG stories. I just..they are such beautiful childlike souls. It’s so addicting to watch them be happy and having a blast on this journey that they started so long ago that’s still continuing. It fills me with love and light and gratitude. I hope they never stop looking at each other in that way that they do, like “You are my family, my home. And I will never stop loving you.”

If anyone deserves to be looked up to, to be considered “heroes”,it’s those two nerds.

i just want maya and lucas to continue teasing each other so much that in the moment that matters the most they just stop and they look at each other the same way they did for so long and they realize that they’ve been dating in their own way for so long and that they don’t need to know everything all at once or awkward dates, they just learn a new thing about each other with every tease and they are good just they way they are

i want them to hold hands after they have their on high five and i want them to kiss in the middle of a conversation because they just want the world to stop

i want maya to hope and i want lucas to show her how it is to hope, and i want him to break down in front of her so that she could show him how to control hope, because people change people and their changes are so similar, but in the same time, so different

because that’s the kind of people they are
and they could be happy together, god how happy they could be

Puppy Love - (ficlet)

Synopsis: Archie comes to Baker St looking for Sherlock and finds Molly, who is also waiting for the detective. He finds himself in the uncomfortable position of seeing two grown people who don’t know how to stop looking at each other in that yucky way, especially when neither of them are doing it at the same time.

Because I’ve been thinking about Archie and Sherlock a lot and I wanted to put him in a scene with Molly too. So I came up with this thing. Hope you like it. :)

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anonymous asked:

Not to be a downer... but doesn't this whole mug business kinda proof that 1DHQ (or a some other marketing company associated with 1D) uses Larry for promo reasons? We got tons of next to you during mitam promo, right after they saw the reactions to The Hug and right before they knew we'd be crushed with the baby stuff. I honest always believed in larry. But recently I kinda feel like they used and manipulated us and made us believe it might be real as a marketing strategy. Same with the bears..

Right. I feel like we talked about this like thousand times and I personally have talked about it a lot too, so I just wanted to link you to some posts and let it go but. 

People forget that 2015 is not the only year, it’s not the only year when 1D were releasing an album, it’s not the only year when they were touring, it’s not the only year of Harry and Louis being closeted and it certainly is not the only year of them being used for promo and then shut down (and that part never really happened in 2015, because the band went on break, Harry and Louis have been in the same city for weeks now and they are winning now). People complain about larry being used for promo for MITAM, but there is way more to that. The changes that we saw happening during MITAM promo were not associated with fandom’s reaction to larry hug, because I hate to break it to you, but last year also is not the only year of the fandom being monitored and watched. It’s just that maybe during last year some people started being aware more, started thinking more about things, more people became larries etc. but these are not new things. The new thing is, that the change seemed to not be only for promo season really, but there genuinely seemed to be a change, more permanent one. 

During Four promo for example, the interviews where there were all five of them were kind of tense and when Harry talked Louis would, like, talk to someone else or try to keep himself occupied to not look at him and it was damn uncomfortable to watch. Then again, autumn 2014 was, in my opinion, when things were really brewing, there seemed to have been happening a lot BTS with Zayn, management, the boys … and it really showed on the surface, too, they were all kind of tense, I don’t like thinking of that time. But again, there was a portion of Larry being used for promo. Because, even though we always say they are stupid, obviously they are not comletely dumb and are aware of larries’ power, are aware of larries’ intelligence and even though it scares them on one front, they would be stupid to not get something out of it. And it’s a little back-forthing. When they shut larry down (yes, also seriously like have you seen Harry and Louis before everything was shut down? because that alone should tell you a lot) and they realized they can’t get rid of larries they also had to give them something here and there throughout the years while bullying them and like… it’s not anything new at all. I suggest you read this, it might explain some of this to you.

About MITAM promo, though, that was different because Harry and Louis both genuinely seemed relaxed and happy and it worked magically for the whole band, they looked way more like a band and that should say something to you. That should tell you that Harry and Louis were pushed apart by someone else, that Harry and Louis are still the same with each other, that none of this came from them, that they are Harry and Louis who set two teddy rainbow bears for their fans, because their fans see them for who they are and they don’t want their fans to be lied to, because they care about us. If you believe Larry would be only for promo, then there is no fucking way they would allow the management to do this, if they supposedly hate each other they would not let anyone do this and trust me, nobody would spend this much time coming up with teddy bears to fuck a group of fans over. I have so much to say about this logic, but it makes me angry that somebody would think that so I will just leave it and hope that you are going to actually think about this, before assuming, because it doesn’t make sense. Another thing about MITAM promo is, that the boys clearly weren’t on their own anymore and NT has been BTS for a while no, maybe Modest has been out by then. Would make sense. But from the point of view of a person who is a veteran larrie, that was drastically different, the whole promo was drastically different… because they actually had some kind of promo. 

The management was always scared of larry, they fucking told them that nobody wants to see their love, Harry and Louis had to go through trainings, they had to watch the other one pretending to date someone else, they weren’t allowed to interact, they had to push away their instincts, they got few complementary tattoos because they can’t show their love, they never stopped looking at each other the same loving way, there is so so much, there is their body language that you can’t just brush aside as if it didn’t exist, those are things that just ARENT a part of marketing strategy, those are things that they tried to take away from Harry and Louis and Harry and Louis stayed strong and are here and still together and this thinking kind of makes me really uncomfortable, because it invalidates their relationship. You are allowed to think whatever you want to think, but actually THINK about things, before saying stuff like this, because it clearly wouldn’t make any sense. :)