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Hello ~ what are your favorite kaisoo moments? 💕

hey anon!! 

huhuh oh boy be prepared! :——–)

*cracks knuckles* (as always credit to gif/pic owners)

ok, so this moment needs explanation first!! once during CMB era Nini accidentally hit Soo with his arm in the middle of a spin in the choreo!! soooo.. after that incident he’s made sure to always look behind himself so Soo won’t be in the way of his arm again, almost to the point where he stops dancing.. 


this whole entire day was gold T____T so much kaisoo, they were absolutely all over each other!!!

my phone wallpaper for so long..

“oranghae” is kaisoo’s “okay” T_____T

I will bury myself with this pepero cf *cries blood*

They look the best together :’)) 

More under the cut!!!! 

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Okay SO badboy!michael and you sharing a class together and the teacher has the desks set up in a way that you can see each other from across the room and you always catch him looking at you and he always winks and bites his lip when you catch him and one day the teacher moves everyone's seat and y'all end up next to each other and from then on he asks you on a date and you guys end up dating and he's constantly teasing you in class by always stroking your thigh and oH MY i sHoUld sTOp


College Confession #39

There’s a relatively remote path I like to take to get to a Music History class and it’s lined with hedges. I was walking this path one day, and there is another guy on the other side walking towards me to get to his class. We’re quiet as we approach each other, just the crumble of our footsteps on the dirt. 

It comes to the point where you have to look up and make eye contact or be socially awkward, so we look up at each other for a second and then suddenly out of nowhere this bird flies out of the hedges and hits this guy in the face. 

I couldn’t stop myself from laughing. Then karma hits me like a bitch in the shape of another god damn bird. It flies out and its wing slaps me in the face and he laughs. We stand there laughing uncontrollably for a moment then we kept walking our separate ways.

-University of Arizona

In one timeline we kiss but the stars don’t come down. In another you set a world on fire for me but I perish in the flames. Another and we’re strangers on a busy street, brushing by close enough to send each other reeling off balance but not stopping. Somewhere there’s a final space where your hand on my face is the punchy climax to an epic saga, where the way our mouths meet takes the breath right out of people’s throats. One universe has us right, of all the millions stacked on millions. So it’s not this one. I can live with that. The world is full of wonders and a hundred years ago the moon was too much to dream of touching. Look how far we’ve come. Turn over your shoulder and just look. Maybe we’ll come across each other at the turning of the century, racing across the breaches between worlds. I’ll build my life on that maybe.
Today, I fucked up... by sounding like a racist

Went to the craft store this morning with my wife and our two kids. My wife was getting materials to make our son’s Halloween costume. We got almost everything before my wife remembered something she needed in another part of the store. She took the kids to get it and said to me, “Can you just grab one piece of black craft paper? It’s in that aisle right there.”

So they went the other way, and I went to look at this “craft paper.” There were literally dozens of options for each color. Shiny ones, flat ones, textured ones, etc. I had no idea what she wanted.

I went and found my family, and my wife saw that I didn’t have the paper. She looked annoyed. I blurted out, “I didn’t get it! There were too many blacks!”

At least three people in the vicinity stopped what they were doing and looked at me. Didn’t figure out why until about 30 seconds later.

TL;DR: Meant there were too many black paper options, not the other thing.

by BigIdeas1982

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reasons the malec kiss slays me, a non-watcher who maybe seen 3 shadowhunters gifs ever
  • dramatic music build that got that Flutter going in my stomach
    • OOOOOO, OOOOO-OOOO-OO i love dying and being dea d
  • that fANTASTIC EXPRESSION magnus makes when he walks in, like “i’m not hopeful, but i’m offering everything– i had to try because it’s you
  • a straight solid 15 seconds of pre-kiss eye contact
    • alec’s “literally god himself could not stop me from reaching you” focus, aka visual blowjob
    • magnus’s “i don’t know what you’re about to do but literally god himself could not get me out of your way” expression
  • the reaction shots!!! how long were these assholes dancing around each other to produce these 100K Fanfic Slow Burn Kiss Ending ™ looks @ the guy’s wedding to another person?? fuck me
  • or the bride’s “trying to be happy for you but my heart is in pieces” eyelid flicker– slay my entire ass
    • magnus following but immediately respecting the pause :’)
  • like idk what this storyline has been but to me that’s an “i need you to know that i’m aware of how much this changes, and that i mean everything that this implies” pause
    • “i need to have eyesex w/ u for a quick second so u know i want to make eye-tender-love to u many times in the future”
  • where do u think magnus’s hands are?? alec’s waist (under the suit coat or over it??? is he gripping almost too hard)?? alec’s forearms, so that even if alec lets go of the lapels he won’t go too far?? bELT LOOPS???
    • FUCK
  • the music getting JUST LOW ENOUGH for me to hear the breathing
  • the Wow Sure Am Out Of Breath After That Pining Marathon breathing
  • footage of this show i have seen: this specific 3-minute scene
  • number of times i have watched it: at least 28

This will always be one of my favorite scenes, when you look at their interaction, at the way they speak with each other, and make jokes, and Chat is like “ok stop milady, you’re really not that funny”… and i’m here dying because they look so comfortable, and you’ve got to listen to Mari’s laugh in this part, she laughs with such genuineness, and it’s not the first time, Chat is one of the few people who can make her laugh like she is enjoying the moment, and is like she doesn’t even realize how natural it has become, this relationship, i swear sometimes they even act like a married couple, and they have no idea.

While you sit there laughing with her, stop and admire the beauty that flows out of her. And just in those few innocent seconds, watch her laugh come to a halt, and watch her eyes meet yours. Both of you starring into each others dazed eyes, in silence, you can’t help but to fall into a trance. Both thinking about how crazy you are about each other.. you both smile and look away but you look back to see her still looking back at you, admiring you the way you were admiring her.
—  Admire her

wait here are a few memorable things for me tonight tho:

-taegi moment where yoongi wiped his eye and smeared his eyeliner under his eye/near his nose and tae had to wipe it off for him with his hands a few times
-jihope, minjoon, yoonmin, 2seok, rapper line literally everyone
-me crying whenever taekook stood next to each other
-taehyung doing this thing where he clutched the water bottle with his feet and jumped to throw the water bottle up in the air to catch with his hands
-jungkook’s eyebrows
-jungkook’s forehead
-jungkook’s smile
-jungkook eye contact
-taehyung messing up the choreo at the end of i like you and being really cute about it
-me crying after jimin made eye contact with me (prob everyone in the crowd tho tbh he wAS JUST)
-namjoon in tHE ZONE
-taehyung’s tongue just ???? doesn’t know when to stop
-yoongi’s aegyo with jin’s rose from just one day
-everyone’s english
-hobi’s rapping
-namjoon telling everyone not to push and stay safe and have fun
-miss right performance (too cute tbh)
-fans singing along ;;;;;;;
-taehyung + snapback
-taehyung’s forehead
-taehyung’s eyebrows
-taehyung’s hands
-choreo is so on point
-their live singing is incredible!!!!!
-vmin’s winks + hearts
-taekook harmonizing
-jikook high notes
-hobi’s smile
-jin is literally so handsome, pictures do not capture his handsomeness
-the boys, together, on stage, performing, doing what they love

ok but who is responsible for the way the malec kiss™ was choreographed? like who decided to have them stop for a sec and look at each other like that? who gave them those directions? did harry decide to give that little smile all by himself? did they tell him to chase after the kiss like that?? did matt decide to look into his eyes and lips like that all by himself? or was it all planned? who gets the cred? who do I thank for one of the best first kisses in television history? 

When you realize your boyfriend is singing and you can do nothing but marvel at his beautiful voice...

…so you fkn lipbite at him.

(can we just take a moment to appreciate the jawline that belongs to one Choi Seungcheol because hot damnnnnn I could probably use it as a ruler)

Well, you’ll break his heart and he’ll break yours. But you won’t forget each other, even if one day you walk past him and neither of you acknowledges it. That’s the thing about first loves, you never forget them, they are the only person who gets your whole untouched heart. They get all the love you’ve saved up for this moment and they get to keep it forever. You may never speak again but you can guarantee that you can still picture his eyes looking into yours as he said those three words, the way he kissed you afterwards and couldn’t stop repeating those words over and over until you were both too tired to speak. However you’ll also always remember the last time he said those three words, and told you that he was going to come back for you, the way he made you believe that a happy ending did exist for both of you. Those memories will come back to you in waves, all the firsts and all the lasts, the good and the bad, but what’s important is the fact that your first love is just that, the first but not the last.
—  from me to you

just had another moment with jensen during his photo op. as we were waiting to get inside, he was walking past to go to the bathroom, and hi-fiving people on the way down. he went to hi-five me, then recognised me, and paused for a second to grip my shoulder. then when we got in there, we said ‘hi’ to each other and then did our pose. as i was about to walk off, he stopped me, placing his hands on my biceps and looking right into my eyes. he said, 'i really wanted to thank you for what you told me yesterday. it meant a lot to me, and i really appreciate it. i’m so proud of you.’ i brought up the fact that he mentioned me in his coffee lounge, to which he replied, “yeah, i did. it’s really stuck with me. and i’m just really thankful that you told me.’ he then pulled me on for a hug, and i swear that the whole photo room went 'awwww!’ it’s official. jensen ackles is the sweetest person known to man.

Okay but the fact that at first Jared and Jensen are joking around , then Jared mentions what happened last year  “ I’ve had some misfortunes “ and Jensen instantly looks at Jared , 

then Jared clearly gets choked up and stops talking . Then Jensen points at his Always Keep Fighting shirt ,  and makes sure Jared sees it . Then gives him an amazing hug . 

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Their friendship . Their love for each other . Their loyalty towards each other . That’s what I love more then anything . Those little quick moments , it’s a quick reminder as to why the show is going on its 12th season . They have literally molded into Sam and Dean ( minus some parts , of course ) . But I wouldn’t have it any other way . Jared and Jensen are absolutely incredible , and I will never stop loving them 

I want to be happy in a simple way
where I stop having nightmares and
trust love when it says it’s staying.
I still can’t delete all the pictures where
we smiled and looked bright-eyed into the
lens of the camera. That was before we stopped
looking at each other. It’s been too long since
I’ve been kissed so I call someone who still loves
me enough to drive over at midnight on a Tuesday.
When he comes, I lock the door behind me and sit
in his car until I’m tired enough to sleep. He wants to
know why he can’t come up and see my apartment and
I still haven’t found a nice way to say that I just need one
untainted space.
—  Fortesa Latifi - Parking Lot Evenings