???: Took your time, so what do you have to give me?

Toothless: Ow, dizzy… uhm… It’s ice… it’s very ice… much thick, no break, head dizzy from height, ow…

???: …Yea, I’m sure your in depth analysis will be of great help to us! Thank you, uhm… actually, I never got your name. What is it, and what do you do?

Toothless: Ugh, It’s Toothless, spinny, and I’m the uhm… I’m just here to help, I think…

???: It’s no wonder you look so lost then. *sigh* 

???: Well, I’m Vesta, nice to meet you, I guess. I’m honestly just a grunt in this army, but if i’m allowed to brag, I’m a pretty damn good one.

Toothless: Blech, still spinny… Ralph, when did you show up?

Vesta: I think you’re still a bit bonked in the head there, love. Anyway, I’ll go and give Taoth this… treasure trove of information you have obtained. So you just, stay there and… don’t hurt yourself. Or if you actually wanna be useful, there’s some there’s a hoard of those illusion things a little ways down, go beat up a few of those and dim their numbers, that’d probably be doing us a favour. See you around.


Toothless: I think i’m gonna throw up… five times… *urgh*… medic…

nuriawilk asked:

Can you Do an imagine when Y/N is with Nate and they are in lovee then they get told Sammy is in love with Y/N too and they fight over her?

Nate maloley and Sammy Wilk imagine for nuriawilk

Nate and I have been flirting a lot recently. I really really liked him. He was the type of person that I could talk to about anything but also be completely stupid with. I was just about to tell him how I really felt then…this happened.


“Sam hurry up! We’re gonna be late.” I yelled up the stairs. “Im comin Im coming.” he said jogging down the stairs while he was still putting on his shirt. “Lookin good babe.” he said winking at me. “Stop.” I said giggling then grabbing the car keys. We were on our way to go to the studio to record some new songs. Nate was already there and waiting for us. It only took us 10 minutes to get there but we were already running late. The studio that they rented was on the top floor of a huge building. When we got in the elevator, I opened my phone to see a text from Nate:

“You almost here. We’re ready for you and I wanna see you ;)”

I blushed as I let out a light chuckle and bitting the tip of my thumb.

“Nate?” Sam asked. I nodded my head then I locked my phone. “Y/N, I gotta tell you something. Don’t hate me ight?” He said as he nervously put his hands in his pockets. “Im not gonna hate you Sam.” I said as I playfully nudged his arm. “Good. I- um - I don’t think you should be with Nate.” he said looking in my eyes. “What?” I said shocked. “I know it sounds bad. But I don’t think that I could stand to see you with someone else.” He said walking closer towards me. I couldn’t say anything. Even when I tried to, they just came out as chopped up words. He inched closer and closer to me. Soon enough, his arm was resting above my head as he leaned over me. I couldn’t move…I couldn’t push him away…I couldn’t do anything. I tried to speak once more. “Sam I-” I said, forcing the words out of my mouth. Just then…his lips were already on mine. The heat rose up to my cheeks. I could feel my face getting red. His hand gripped my waist, causing me to gasp a little. What was I doing? I wanted Nate. Sam’s my friend. He’s ruining this whole thing but it felt…right…in a wrong sort of way.

Suddenly, the doors opened. I pushed him off of me before looking in his eyes once more then getting off of the elevator. “Y/N, wait!” Sam said chasing after me. “I can’t do this Sam!” I said stopping and forcefully turning around. “This isn’t fair! You know how I feel about Nate and you know how I feel about you. You’re my friend…nothing else.” I said in a stern tone but not yelling. “I couldn’t handle seeing you and Nate together. I had to at least tell you how I felt.” He said in a stern tone also. “Well thats a shitty way of ‘telling’ someone!” I said trying to stay as quiet as possible. I wanted to cry because I was so confused but I was so mad at him at the same time. A little tear fell down my face causing his body to relax and his guilt overcome his feelings. “I didn’t know I would make you this upset.” He said putting his hands in his pockets. “Y/N, I’m sorry. I just-”. I cut him off before he could finish his sentence. “No you’re not. If you were sorry this wouldn’t have happened. Sam, I can’t handle drama like this and you know that. We can’t talk about this or anything else in that matter…at least not for a while. We both just need time to think. Tell Nate that something came up and I had to leave. I can’t be here right now.” I said calming myself but definitely still an emotional mess inside. I walked back towards the elevator and pressed the button. “Please Y/N, I don’t want you to be upset. Please stay.” Sam said taking a step towards me. I gave him the “stop” hand before he got any closer. “Honestly, if you didn’t want me to be upset…you wouldn’t have kissed me.” I said before stepping onto the elevator. “Tell Nate I’m sorry. Can you at least do that for me?” I said waiting for an answer. He nodded his head before letting it hang low with his hands sinking deeper into his pockets. “Be careful.” he said looking back up at me and rubbing the back of his neck. I nodded my head and let the doors shut in front of me.

-Present time-

I waited for them both to get back from the studio for about 4 hours. I stayed in Nate’s room because I knew that if I was in the living room, Sam would want to talk to me. Just then, I heard the front door open. I got under his covers and turned away from the door. I heard footsteps come into the room then I felt a hand on my waist. “Y/N, are you awake?” I heard Nate’s deep voice whisper into my ear. I turned to face him as I was still wrapped up in the covers. “Do you wanna talk about it?” He asked. I shook my head. “Can I join you?” I nodded my head. He smirked a little before taking his t-shirt off and climbing into bed with me. His arms wrapped around me just right. His warmth instantly relaxed me. “I hate drama?” I said into his chest. “I know you do. Im here for you if you ever wanna talk about it baby.” He said as he drew circles on my back with his finger. I cried so much today. A few minutes later, I was a sleep with his arms wrapped around me. He was my Safe Haven.

It was 2 am when I woke up. Nate was fast asleep so I quietly got out of bed and walked into the kitchen to get some water and an Advil. My head was pounding like crazy. It was dark in the house so I assumed that Sam was asleep…I was wrong. As soon as I walked into the kitchen, there he was, hunched over the counter, looking worried as hell. I didn’t want to talk to him at all. I just looked at him for a few seconds then continued to get my water. “Are you ever going to talk to me again?” He asked. My back was still facing him as I continued to fill up my glass of water from the refrigerator. When I was done waiting for the glass to fill up, I went to the cabinet to get the Advil. It was all the way on the top shelf and I was 5′3′. I didn’t want to ask Sam to get it, so I tried my best to jump up there. The next thing I knew, Sam had reached up and got it for me. “You weren’t even going to ask me to help you?” He said as he handed me to bottle. “Thanks” I said as I took the bottle out of his hand. Once again, I turned my back towards him and took the two Advil’s. “We need to talk. You can’t just go on and ignore me. Please, I just need you to talk to me.” He begged. “Oh so now you’re asking for favors? How about I ask you for a favor. Leave me the hell alone.” I said setting my glass on the counter and making my voice a little louder.  I tried to storm off but he trapped me against the wall. “All I wanted was for you to talk to me. I can’t sleep knowing that you hate me Y/N. You’re all I think about.” He said softly. Suddenly, I didn’t feel any anger, I just…kissed him.

-The Next Morning-

We were all in the studio and Sam was in the booth recording. Nate and I were sitting on the couch together. His hand slid on top of mine and he gripped it lightly. I felt guilty. I liked Nate a lot but Sam made me have this weird feeling when I kissed him the night before. A couple of tears had rolled down my cheeks. I was hurting both of them. “Nate, we need to talk.” I said before getting up and leading him out to the hall and into a little nook where Sam couldn’t find us. “Whats wrong?” he asked worried. “I- I really like you Nate. Ive had feeling for you for months.” I said in a shaky voice. “Really? I really like you too Y/N!” he said as he took my hands. “Why are you crying?” he asked concerned and confused. “I hate myself for doing this. Um…S-sam kissed me the other day. Thats why I left. But then when I w-woke up early this morning, I…um…I was mad at him, furious even. But, I ended up k-kissing him back when he was begging me to talk to him.” I saw the fire in his eyes, he was more than pissed off. I wasn’t scared because I knew he would never hurt me but I knew he would hurt Sam. “So who do you want? Huh? Ive wanted you since I met you and I thought you wanted me too?” He said trying to hold back his anger. “I do…want you…I- just- Im so confused.” I said letting more tears fall. “Im not mad at you…Im a little hurt to be honest…but Sam’s about to be the one who gets hurt, thats for damn sure.” He as he wiped away a tear on my face then storming off. “Wait!” I yelled, chasing after him. He went back into the studio to find Sam sitting on the couch. He asked his friend to leave the room for a second and Sam stood up, knowing what was about to happen.
“You kissed Y/N?” Nate said as he stepped closer towards Sam. “Yes…I did…I know you’re mad but I can expla-” Sam attempted to say before he was cut off by Nate’s hands pushing his chest. “Nate! Stop!” I said trying to keep him from punching Sam in the face. “You’re my fucking friend. You knew how I felt about Y/N and you still kissed her.” Nate said raising his voice. I didn’t know what to do so I just texted Kenny to come over as fast as he could with Wes, just in case he needed back up. Thankfully, he responded in a matter of seconds. I hope they get here fast.

“YOU KNOW HOW I FEEL ABOUT HER AND YOU STILL THOUGHT IT WAS A GOOD FUCKING IDEA TO KISS HER?” Nate said as he stepped closer and closer to Sam. “I know Man. Im so sorry. I wasn’t thinking. I just wanted her to know how I felt.” Sam said as he tried to get Nate to calm down. “You had to kiss her though, right? I wouldn’t want to fucking kill you right now if you just talked to her.” Nate said sternly, but he seemed to be calming down. “Y/N, I didn’t want to say this but…You gotta choose.” Sam said as he looked around Nate and right at me. “What? I-” I said shocked that Sam would even say that. “If I choose, then I’ll be known as the girl that broke you guys up.” I said as I tried to keep my composure. I didn’t say anything, they both just looked at me. Just then Kenny texted me:

Kenny: “We’re here. What floor?”

Me: “Im coming down. I can’t stay here.”

Kenny: “Ok. We’ll be here. It’s gonna be okay.”

“Who could you really be texting at a time like this.” Sam said irritated. “Im texting a friend to come pick me up because I can’t stay here Sam. Is that alright  with you. Or should I stay here and have a fucking panic attack because of all the bullshit y’all are putting me through?” I said just as irritated as Sam was. “Don’t leave…” Nate said giving me a guilty look. “I have to. I can’t handle this right now.” I said grabbing my stuff and heading towards the elevator. Thank goodness someone just came off so I wouldn’t have to wait for it. I went downstairs and got in the car with Kenny and Wes. The rest of the day was all about me explaining to them what was going on between the guys and Kenny and Wes cheering me up with a lot of candy. I was glad to be with them. If I had to stay any longer with Nate and Sam, I would probably be passed out on the floor or something.

-8 Hours Later-

It was around 1 am and I quietly sneaked back into Sam and Nate’s house. The house was dark and I definitely did not want to wake anyone up. I laid down on the couch and put a blanket over myself. I didn’t fall asleep right away…I couldn’t. I was so confused. This whole thing just got way too crazy. Just then, I heard footsteps come down the stairs. The lights were still off. I couldn’t see who it was until he sat down next to me on the couch. He grabbed my hand and said, “whoever you choose, I will never do anything to hurt you or the friendship that the 3 of us have. I- I love you, Y/N.” He said as he looked deep into my eyes. “I think I love you too.” I said surprising myself. I had finally picked who I wanted to be with. He smiled before he leaned in and kissed me. There were instant sparks. The feeling I got when I was with him was indescribable. I had made the right choice.


I hope you like it nuriawilk​

I had a lot of fun making this. Sorry it took so long. It had to be perfect. OH! I hope you like the idea of choosing who Y/N wanted to be with?

forever your ride or die ;),


Why are some people so toxic?

Like, where is all the hate coming from? Did you just not get enough love or something? No hugs? Were you bullied? If so, please talk to me, or someone. But stop with the hate. If you don’t like someone, stay away from them. If they’re famous, don’t watch their movies, t.v. shows, or listen to their music. Don’t stalk someone out of hate. Life is too short to worry about somebody you claim to dislike. Smile. Go for a walk. Dance. Do something. But quit hatin’!

&&. loveiswater + this 

        ❛ why you lookin’ at me like that? or wait – – is this ‘cos i said you’re hot? ❜ he smirks, one of those smug smirks as he keeps his caramel infused optics trained on her. frankly, bas doesn’t quite get her reaction. not when they shamelessly flirt all the time and definitely not, when she knows for a fact ( or should know ) just how blunt the raven happens to be.    ❛ for real, stop starin’ at me like that and say something. you’re creeping me out with that whole tough look. s’not like i haven’t said you were hot before; i do that all the damn time. get over it, i’m not asking you to fuck me – though, by all means, feel free to do so. i’m not against it either. ❜

How you doin’, y’all?
My name’s Mike.
I’m fooling with the new shit
I’m doing it all night
I like what i do
I do what i like
I could quit and get it back like i’m riding a bike
Like stop…
…bring it back, bring it back

We got that balance keeping us on track
That ya get what ya move and quit, wit no slow
You stare like you don’t care
But you do though

I know
You really must be so lonely
Puffed up, lookin’ tough, but so phony
You and your boys, you don’t know me
You really wanna hold me show me, homie.

Lets get it over with for good
I got a friction addiction I wish you would
Machine Shop rockin’ when we step inside
And we got everybody so petrified

-Petrified-Fort Minor-

Storm-related lyrics. 

  -Storm, Lifehouse-  How long have I been in this storm? So overwhelmed by the ocean’s shapeless form. And I will walk on water, and you will catch me if I fall 

-Thunder, Brooke Fraser-  We speak in storms, we’re all electric.  

-I Can Feel You, Bethel Music- The winds and waves surround me, and I’m tossed, feel like I’m drowning. Then through the shadows, your light appears.

-Je Suis Pret, Brooke Fraser- See the tempest lookin my way, drained the skies of all their colour. And I need eye to eye, with a fire in my breast- Je suis pret.

-Flood, Jars of Clay- Rain, rain on my face. Hasn’t stopped raining for days. My world is a flood. Slowly I become one with the mud. But if I can’t swim after forty days and my mind is crushed by the thrashing waves lift me up so high that I cannot fall.

-Crows + Locusts, Brooke Fraser-  The rumble is low and the heat is high, got a feeling that there’s rain out in the oil black sky. Gonna chase away the devil when that sun does rise, gonna plead the blood…

-High of 75, Relient K-  And tomorrow, I know, will be rainy at best. And the forecast, I know, is that I’ll be depressed, but I’ll wait outside hoping that I’ll catch sight of the sun. Because on and off, the clouds have fought their control over the sky. And lately the weather has been so Bi-polar and consequently so have I. And now I’m sunny with a High of 75, since You took my heavy heart and made it light.

-Hello Hurricane, Switchfoot- I’ve been watching the skies, they’ve been turning blood red. Not a doubt in my mind anymore: there’s a storm up ahead. Hello hurricane! You’re not enough. Hello hurricane! You can’t silence my love.

-Without You, Brooke Fraser-  The sky opens up over me and you, and you don’t seem to mind that we’re soaked through. You kiss me in the rain, I forget what I’m moaning about, and I know I wouldn’t be the same without you.

-Between the Raindrops, Lifehouse-  Hold on and take a breath, I’ll be here every step, walking between the raindrops with you.

-Can’t Complain, Relient K-  Looking at the clouds and they seem kinda funny.Probably gonna rain but my outlook is sunny, I’ll just imagine that I’m laying out in Mexico.

-The Shadow Proves the Sunshine, Switchfoot-   We are crooked souls trying to stay up straight, dry eyes in the pouring rain. The shadow proves the sunshine.

these are just some, btw.

my favorite pic of pete wentz is the one where he’s eating cereal and he looks like “wtf nigga wht do u want stop lookin at me im tryna eat”


“Rosalina!” Mac runs up to the taller woman with a box resting on his arms and a tiny container of cookies on top of it. “Happy Mother’s Day! Since I consider you my mom I decided to get you somethin’!” He holds the box, that held a dress, and the container with cookies, shaped like stars, out towards her. “I hope you like the cookies! And the gift got you reminded me of you because of the design lookin’ like stars!” {Mac caring about his Mama Rosy c: }

                  “Goodnessthank you, Mac!”

      Accepting the gifts with a practically luminous smile, the princess chuckled softly. These thoughtful gestures meant more than he could possibly know, and she knew for certain she would not be able to stop smiling for the rest of the day. Along with the baked goods appeared to be a box meant for clothing. Oh, she could not wait to try on whatever was inside.

                      “I love cookies. Thank you so much
                       – this is so very kind of you.”

An obese mother with her even-more obese twelve-year-old came in the store. I felt absolutely bad for this kid.


“They stopped making TGI premade drinks.”


(Every time someone asks me a stupid ass fucking question like this, I get a grey hair. A White Russian is nothing more than vodka, coffee liqueur, and milk. Literally. Don’t even have the fucking glass. Pour the shit into your mouth, gargle, swallow. Fucking White. Fucking Russian.)

“Yes, we have Kahlua’s White Russian.”


“I only have the 1.75 liter and the four-pack… and also an impeccable sense for proper speech.”


“We have some cordials and some mixers, pretty much everything you need to make your own–”


“No, they stopped making that. At least I’m pretty sure. Let me ask.”

I begin to walk away.

*The sound of poorly snapping fingers as a result of not washing her hands after downing her seventh big mac*


About half the store heard this.



“Over in that corner of the store.”


I continue to point in that direction and glance toward the kid for some sympathy. He’s embarrassed as fuck. Poor kid.

“Yes, over there. I’m going to ask about the Cask and Cream now.”

I knew full well it was discontinued and went into the back room to avoid that dumbass. Peace out bitch.

Tbh. RANT. worth a read.

Facebook is full of bullshit.
Honestly the only reason why I use it because my sister, and a couple friends and my boyfriend likes showing me off in our relationship status.

Girls. complain about their boyfriends. About how a bitch is walkin around dressed like a slut and have a boyfriend And how they wouldn’t ever dress like that.

Guys. Nope not a thing from them. Cept maybe video games.

Just girls.

Like who the Fuck cares.
If this girl is comfortable enough to dress the way she does doesn’t mean you’ve got the right to bash them for being more confident than your potato lookin ass like nigguh Damn. Stop slut shaming.

Its pointless. If I could I’d dress like a complete slut. Honestly I do. My boyfriend doesn’t care. He knows I’m not gunna cheat on him or let some other guy try to push up on me. I like dressing the way I do because I appreciate my body and have destroyed it enough in the past.

Like jesus. Stop bein a stuck up cunt, smoke a blunt and chill tf out. They aren’t in your lives tf do you care?

Battle intro: “This is gonna be interesting…”

Victory: “Now, I’m gonna admit it, the arrows tickled!

Defeat: “I wasn’t lookin’–!”

Assist: “Good one, doc!”

Taunt: “Face it! I will break you like a twig!”

Reacting to Taunt: “The hell? You should work on those insults some more, doc!”

Flee: “Fuckfuckfuckfuck— STOP SHOOTING AT ME!”

Reaction to Flee: “Doooooc, don’t run away, I only wanna play!”

Tie: “Well, that was awesome, wanna give it another go?”

Perfect Victory: “Aldous, you were healing me, not hurting me!”

Finishing Move: “Now now… let’s see your guts.”