Zach x Reader: “Say You Won’t Let Go” (Part II)

I knew I loved you then

But you’d never know

‘Cause I played it cool when I was scared of letting go

You turned your back as the rowdy basketball varsity passed the hallway, with Zach at the middle, eyes following you silently. It has been a week since that night and Zach was actually amazed that you genuinely didn’t tell a soul about what happened, especially when he was so used to girls using his name to be the talk of the hour.

You kept it a secret, and Zach doesn’t know if he should be thankful or disappointed. Somehow, he wanted everyone to know but was really happy because he also wanted that moment to be untainted; he wanted it to remain just your moment.

A moment he can go back to when the weight of the world becomes too much.

Zach was surrounded by his teammates, noisy and boisterous, his perfect atmosphere to drown out his guilt but as he stared at you outside, sitting in your usual table with earphones plugged in your ears and a distant stare in your eyes, he knew he just found a perfect alternative.

Half of the cafeteria literally stopped on its track when his 6’2 figure suddenly stood up, accidentally pushing the metallic chair away as it screeched in protest. He took his backpack and marched towards the door, unbothered by the pair of eyes watching his every move as he continued his journey towards you.

Hands in his pocket and mind full of hope.

This scene was way too familiar and he hoped the ending would be a little different.

“Hey,” he said the moment he was close enough, as if you didn’t see him (who the hell would miss him); you just didn’t expect him to actually approach you. Zach watched as you studied him, once again, eyes so unsure.

Please let this be different.

“Got some space for me?” You dumbly looked at the blank seats around you before looking back at him.

Are you sure?, you wanted to ask, raising an eyebrow at Zach but you saw the silent pleading in his eyes and smiled.

“It’s a tight squeeze but sure, help yourself, big guy.”

Zach almost laughed.

Yeah, this was going to be a whole different story.

He’ll make very sure of it.

“I’m Zach, Zachary Shan-Yung Dempsey.” He offered his hands to you and the two of you knew it was more than just an introduction. It was a key to a whole new door that will blast open the moment you two decide to say fuck you to the fates and decide to make one for your own.

You’ve always hated cliché’s anyway; pissing the fates off will be one way to be different.

“I’m (Y/N),” you gladly took his hand with a smile. “(Y/N) (Y/L/N).

I know I needed you

But I never showed

But I wanna stay with you until we’re grey and old

That day in the canteen started turning into a tradition, it became a rule. No one was allowed to sit in that table but you and Zach. That was your place and the whole school knew it. They were confused how a nobody like you got Zach’s attention but they knew better than to question it. If they didn’t want to deal with Zach’s fist then they should learn to mind their own business.

“Hey stranger,” you greeted Zach as he slumped down at the metal table in front of you. “Well, aren’t you cheerful.”

Zach peeked at you from his arms and chuckled. “If you see coach looking for me, let’s agree my name is Carlos and I don’t speak English.”

“ You don’t pay me enough to lie for you, Z.” You shot back earning a glare.

“Why are you so mean to me?” he whined, placing his head on your lap, as you placed your dainty little hand that Zach grew to love over his eyes knowing how much it helped him relax even if you have to be the subject of ‘is it normal that your hands are this small’ Aw is my lil’ Zachy mad?”

“Hey! I am not little!”

“I am not talking about your height, darling.”

Zach’s mouth dropped open and he actually removed your hand and gave you another glare “Excuse you, young lady, but you can ask every girl who had the honour and they will tell you I’m everything but little.”

“I don’t have the time to ask half the girls of this school, Zac—Stop! Zach, stop!” You squealed when Zach decided to place you on his lap and tickle the life out of you to teach you a lesson.

“Okay, okay, I’m done.” He said as he tried to make you stop moving around, holding your hips down.

“You’re such a little shit.”

“Oh please, you love me.”


“You –“

Your moment in your safe haven was stopped by someone clearing your throat. You saw a curly haired beauty in front of you with a kind smile on her face. Jessica. As if almost on cue, you saw Zach straighten up, his stone cold face made it look like he was ready for war. He was nervous and uncomfortable, on cue; your protective nature woke up from your slumber as you prepared for the worst.

“Hey (Y/N),” you were actually shocked when she knew your name. “Can Zach and I talk for a sec?”

“She’s not going anywhere.” Zach’s jaw line locked and you knew he was mad now.

“Trust me, Zach.” Jessica shot back, staring at him with cold dead eyes. “She needs to go.”

They seemed to have a silent disagreement as they stared at each other almost murderously.

“Hey (Y/N),” Zach’s eyes immediately softened when he looked at you. “Can you get us some food? I’m kinda hungry.”

You stared at Zach, a bit hurt but you knew this secret was theirs to keep, and if he wanted to let you know he’d tell you when you’re ready.

You nodded and gave him a comforting smile. “I’ll be back.” You quickly stepped out of his lap and gave Jessica a once over. You didn’t care who the fuck she was, he better not fuck with your Zach anymore than her little group has.

“Nice to meet you Jessica.”

“You can call me Jess, my friends call me Jess.”

“I know, Jessica.” Jessica’s eyes shot at you and she could almost see Hannah in you: the snarky smile and the witty comebacks were too familiar. It made her heart hurt a bit more than it already has.

She made sure you were inside the cafeteria before she looked at Zach who was also staring at you.

“Are you gonna tell her?”

“She doesn’t need to know.” Zach crushed whatever idea she had in her mind. Since that night he decided he will not let anyone destroy the one beautiful thing in his life.

“She’s your girlfriend, I think she would –“

“She’s not my girlfriend.” Zach shot at her but was immediately dissuaded by Jessica’s sceptical stare. “.. yet.”

“Zach, look,” Jessica was careful not to touch him when she walked near. “I can see it, hell the whole fucking town can.” Jessica waited for Zach to look her in the eyes. “You love her. And no matter what the fuck happened between us you are still my best friend Zach and I … I just want you to be happy again and I know she can do that.”

Zach smiled sadly, taking Jessica’s hands in his. “Thank you, Jess.”

“But if you plan to take this any further,” Jessica added, gripping Zach’s hand. “You need to tell her.”

“Are you sure?” Zach asked, knowing she was also part of the problem too.

“It’s your move to make.” Jessica whispered as she eyed you about to go out from the cafeteria with a few snack on your arms. “You deserve a peace of mind.” Jessica patted his hand with her free one. “At least one of us can be happy again.”

With that she gave him one last smile and walked away.

“Hey,” Zach watched as you cautiously sat next to him, his hands automatically pulling you close. “Are you okay?” You looked up at him.

Zach stared at you, making you a bit uncomfortable, making you feel bad for all the times you unconsciously studied him “Jess was just slapping some sense in me.”

You laughed. “Well, that makes the two of us.” Zach poked your waist making you flinch and giggle. “What’d she say?”

And just like that a switch turned on inside of Zach as he suddenly turned serious, his eyes only looking in yours. The world seemed to turn deaf in both your ears.

“About how I should probably ask you to become my girlfriend.”

You were dumbfounded and Zach was scared shitless. Zach almost closed his eyes but preferred to look into yours as different emotions passed in it. He probably ruined everything in that moment but if you didn’t agree to it then he was willing to beg on his knees for you to forget everything he just said.

“(Y/N)?” You were dragged back down to Earth by his nervous features; you decided to take him out of his misery and managed to place the smallest of kiss on his lips that he wasn’t even sure it happened.

“Take me out on a few dates and I’ll think about it.”

EEEEEEEEEY HERE’S PART 2 (there will be at least 2 more parts for this series)

The Met Gala

I was sitting at home, in my small apartment waiting for my friend Justin to come by. I had known Justin since I was 19, which wasn’t such a long time since I recently turned 20, but it was like we had known each other forever!

It usually took Justin about 20 minutes to get here, but weirdly enough he was late, and usually he was never late?

I decided to call to see what he was doing, but he wouldn’t pick up his phone, which made me worried, but not even a few minutes later I heard a knock on my door. I went out to my door and opened it, there he stood, looking good as always. Okay, I might have had a little crush on him ever since I met him, but I knew I wasn’t his type, so I just acted like nothing was happening.

“Hey Y/N/N,” Justin said as he attacked me. We had actually not seen each other for a while because of Justin’s tour, but it was fine.

“Hey,” I said, then I went inside my apartment and sat down on the couch.

“So, you know I have this event in like a week, right?” Justin asked me as he sat down beside me.

“Yeah, you’ve been talking about it since forever,” I told him with a chuckle. Justin chuckled, too, then he cleared his throat and looked me directly into my eyes.

“I just found out Selena is coming, too,” he told me, which made me furrow my eyebrows.

“So?” I asked him, which made him sigh.

“You know I’m still in love with her,” he told me, which made a big knot form in my stomach. I gulped and looked down at my lap.

“What do you want me to do? I can’t do anything about it” I told him, then I grabbed the TV-remote and started looking through the different channels.

“You can do something about it, go with me as my date,” he told me. I turned around with my mouth wide open.

“Are you serious?” I asked him as a smile formed on my lips.

“Yeah, then maybe Selena can see that I have "moved on” and then she’ll get jealous, and then we’ll get back together,“ he told me with a big smile. I rolled my eyes, but eventually I nodded my head and faked a smile.

"Sure, I’ll go with you as your "date”,“ I told him as I rolled my eyes once again. Justin smiled widely, then he pulled me into his arms and hugged me tight.

"Thank you, you have really saved me,” he told me, then he pecked my forehead and grabbed the TV-remote.

Tonight was the night of the big event that Justin had invited me to. I had used the whole week trying to figure out what to wear until Justin finally told me that it was a formal kind of event.

I decided to let Justin see a side of me he had never seen before, so I went all in with the makeup. Also instead of just curling my hair, I decided to also wear a hair chain. My whole outfit was kinda boho, and I honestly loved it! I was wearing the most beautiful navy blue dress from Koh Koh and my shoes were from Louboutin.

And as a surprise for Justin, I had gotten a lip piercing, which was totally not my style, but I honestly loved it, it complimented my lips, there, by the way, were these really cool ombré lips.

Justin picked me up at 9pm, in a limousine. When I had opened the door for Justin he literally dropped his jaw.

“Whoa,” he said as he kept looking me up and down. “You look absolutely stunning!” he told me, then he took a step closer and pecked my cheek. “Thank you,” I told him, then I grabbed my clutch and went out of the door. Justin closed the door behind us. he was completely shocked, which made me smirk. I had mainly got this dressed up to impress him because maybe that would make him realize what he’s missing out on. A girl’s allowed to dream!  

Justin opened the door into the limousine for me, then he got in himself.

The whole ride he kept complimenting me, which I had nothing against, it just made me feel good.

“But seriously Y/N/N, you look really good!” Justin said, which made me blush, but only a little!

“Justin, I think I’ve got it now! You’re not used to seeing me like this” I told him with a chuckle. “I’m not, I mean even though you aren’t wearing outfits like these every day, you’re still really beautiful,” Justin told me. I furrowed my eyebrows and giggled.

“You think I’m beautiful without all of this?” I asked me as I pointed at my makeup and clothes. Justin nodded his head and grabbed my hand.

“Of course,” he told me, then the driver pulled up in front of the red carpet.

“What is this event exactly?” I asked him as I looked out of the window.

“The Met Gala,” he told me, which made me widen my eyes.  

“Why didn’t you tell me before?!” I asked him as I started squealing.

“Because I knew you would react like this, and then you would deny going with me because you would realize your biggest celebrity crush would be there,” he told me. I immediately stopped squealing as I realized Zac Efron would be there.

“OMG, I’m not going with you! Zac can’t see me like this, I look horrible!” I told him as I started hyperventilating. Justin chuckled, then he opened the door and went outside and onto the red carpet. He reached out his hand for me to take it, I hesitated a few seconds, then I grabbed his hand and let him help me out of the car. The screams around us got wider as we walked down the red carpet. After taking a few pictures Justin saw Selena and ran off leaving me standing there completely alone, but fortunately, Zac came down the red carpet. He saw me staring at him and came over to me.

“Hello, I don’t think I’ve ever seen you before, what’s your name beautiful?” he asked me as he grabbed my hand, then afterward he placed a kiss on it.

“Y/N,” I told him. Zac looked up at me and smiled. “What a beautiful name,” he told me.

We started talking, and I told him he was my all time favorite celebrity, but unfortunately we got interrupted by Justin.

“Y/N, are you ready to go inside?” he asked me. “You just go, I’ll be there soon,” I told him, then I went back to my conversation with Zac.

“But we need to get some other pictures taken,” he told me, then he dragged me away from Zac. “I’m sorry Zac, talk later?” I asked him. Zac chuckled and nodded his head, then he waved and turned around.

“Why would you drag me away like that?” I angrily asked Justin as we waited in line to get our picture taken.

“Because you were supposed to help me get Selena back, not flirt with Zac!” he told me. He grabbed my hand tightly, which made me groan.

After we got our picture taken we went inside. We sat down at our table, where Justin immediately started apologizing. Throughout the show, I believed Justin was forgetting everything about Selena. We both truly had an amazing time, and the night ended way too soon. Justin and I were now on our way back to my place, but when 20 minutes had passed, and we were still not at my house, I realized something was going on.

“Where are you taking me?” I asked Justin as I looked out the window.

“Nowhere”, he told me, but soon a recognized the street. We were on our way to his house.

“Why are we on our way to your house?” I asked him as I leaned back in the seat.

“I heard you say that you thought the night had ended way too soon, so I thought we could continue the fun at my house,” he told me. I smiled and nodded my head. “Sounds like a plan,” I told him.

We arrived at his house a minute later. Justin helped me out, then he said goodnight to the driver. He grabbed my hand and followed me up to his door. Butterflies were flying everywhere in my stomach, which made me smile. Immediately as we had gotten inside Justin did something unexpected. He pulled me into his arms, then slowly he leaned in towards me.

“What about Selena?” I lowly asked him. “She made me realize that I wasn’t in love with her, I was in love with somebody else,” he told me, then he placed his lips on mine and slowly we started making out.

“Do you realize that this could end our friendship?” I asked him. Justin just nodded, and then he kissed me again, which made me smile.

“I don’t mind ruining our friendship now that we can have a relationship” he told me, then he picked me up and carried me into his living room and laid me down on the couch.

I finally got my prince, my one and only!

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Damon x Reader

Warnings: Damon attacks Reader, Reader almost dies?

Zac had warned you to keep a distance when the brothers came. Stefan was respectful enough to allow you privacy but Damon deemed you as something he owned. Zac payed for your food, if tips had been low he’d forget to remind you about the rent and, some weeks he simply refused to take it.

The little things that Zac did to look after you had Damon firmly believing that you owed his family, despite Zac’s insistence that you didn’t. Eventually Damon warmed up to you, often finding you curled up on one of the sofa’s surrounded by college work, stuck on something that he’d deem trivial.

It became a small routine, you’d offer him copious amounts of alcohol while he’d relay historic events or little facts, that had you improving and pushing for a higher grade. Eventually Zac stopped warning you away from the brothers, as if he’d accepted the oldest Salvatore had wormed his way into your life.

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I was watching Paramore's interview with Zane Lowe last night for the 3rd time and it really hit me how loyal Taylor has been to Hayley. The Farros mainly Zac was Taylor's best friend since they were 12. When Josh and Zac left Paramore, instead of leaving along with Zac, he stuck with Hayley while he and Zac stopped being friends. I knew all of that but it actually hit me. He's the reason Paramore is still a band and the only one who has remained her friend. He's a wonderful person

i mean they’ve pretty much all been best friends since the same age but true idk it hits me a lot how much of a loyal friend taylor is to her and the fact he can sit there and call her viciously loyal goes to show what people say about her and how she’s treated band members in the last just isn’t true cause why would Taylor of all people have stuck around? if she was as bad as people paint her to be he would’ve left when the farro’s did as he was closest to them. it’s just heartwarming to know even though she’s lost a lot of friends through the band she’s always had a stable friend in taylor

Part 3 -

The knock at the door broke the spell.  Justin jumped to his feet and stood nervously near the small kitchenette in the trailer.  It was a production assistant letting them know it was time to start shooting.  Filming the actual scene was almost as intense as what had just happened in Brad’s trailer.  Justin beamed with pride when the director complimented him on how well he’d done.  If Brad was thinking about what had taken place earlier he didn’t show it.  It seemed all was back to normal on the set though nothing in Justin’s life had been normal for a while.

Back in his room at the small motel Justin stood under the shower in the tiny bathroom.  He felt himself get hard as he thought about what had happened and most especially Zac’s role in it.  Clearly Zac had let Brad in on their little secret?  What did it mean?  Why was Zac always giving him that dumb wicked smile that made him forget everything.  I’m Justin Bieber! He thought to himself.  I’m famous. I’ve fucked Selena Gomez! He knew he could have anything in the world he wanted.  But what was that?  He knew he wasn’t gay, he loved women.  So why did I just lick the feet of one of the most famous men on the planet?  Gay or straight he knew anyone with eyes could see that Brad Pitt and Zac Efron were to very hot dudes.  He was now rock hard and stroking himself as the hot water cascaded down his body.  

Something about Zac’s feet had woken something in him that he’d kept in the back of his mind for as long as he could remember.  He’d always been aware of the feeling he got when he was around barefoot dudes.  What it would be like to touch their feet. To massage them and smell them.  He rubbed his cock faster with his right hand and used his left to steady himself against the wall of the shower.  He thought about Zac’s feet on his dick.  The smell and taste of his toes in his mouth.  Zac’s feet were perfect.  There was something so sexual about them he almost didn’t understand, he only knew that they consumed so much of his thoughts lately.  He wondered how other people didn’t stop and stare every time  Zac walked around in flip flops.  It was as if he was walking around naked.  How could something so beautiful, sexual and perfect just be on display for anyone to see.  He thought about those perfect toes, he wanted to suck each one.  He wanted to lick all the way up Zac’s hairy legs.  He wanted to know what Zac’s muscular thighs felt like.  He concentrated his strokes on the head of his dick which had always been so sensitive.  He loved that point where it felt so good it hurt.  He could stop and slow it down to make it last longer he thought to himself.  But the fantasy of his tongue on that perfect trail of hair he’d seen on Zac’s stomach earlier made him shoot his load all over the shower wall.  His body spasmed again and again as he leaned his head against the wall as the now lukewarm water ran down his back and over his firm ass.  What am I doing?? Justin thought to himself.  How was he going to survive one more week on location with Zac, and better yet two additional months of almost daily shooting back in L.A.?

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the night.

ship: rucas w/ background zm 
word count: 2,376
summary: Riley hates the night time, but she really really loves Lucas, and that changes things. 
notes: this is a #mess™that is kind of incoherent and probably is really bad but i really wanted to write something and this just kind of, happened. enjoy!!!

Riley absolutely hated night time.

Ok, she didn’t always hate it. The part of the night time when she was with her friends, running around the city and acting like a dumb teenager who was going to live forever, that she loved. But the minute she was alone, she dreaded that time of night. She knew she sounded a little dramatic, and while usually Riley was one for the dramatics, there was truly nothing she hated more than night time.

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hey do you know if Taylor and Baylie are still dating? She always posts weird stuff (hinting to a relationship) on social media then disappears

ur lucky i keep up with them. they’ve been broken up since february this year (since valentine’s day) and that day is when he said goodbye to twitter after coming back after years (tho he back still) & he has an IG that he now hasn’t used for months. and ever since she has been liking things about being heartbroken and vulnerable and wrote a song kinda about her and T which isn’t the nicest song lyrically (lol she replied to my message about it) and she’s recently unfollowed the paramore account on IG and has literally stopped trying to interact with zac and hayley and ofc the pmore acc & even t’s roommate gavin…. so they’re still broken up rn it’s a bit wild

either way this their 2nd break up this year but almost their longest ever and tbh glad about that

If you thought this crossover was going to stop at Zac and Orochi then you were sorely mistaken
Here we go, another set of gays
I’m probably the only one who ships this but
Daina is Hematite. I chose Hematite because it’s connected to the spirit world and said to be down to earth.
Shu is Milky Quartz. I chose that for Shu because of it giving strength and calmness.
Snowflake Obsidian is their fusion for combining these traits.

Preference #18: Father and Son/Daughter moment

Preference #18: Father and son/daughter moment.


“But dad, what if she doesn’t want to come round for chicken nuggets?” Your son Kian who had recently turned 8, asked his father. Niall could see something was bugging Kian lately so Niall persuaded Kian to tell him what was wrong. He was surprised to find out little Kian had a crush on the new girl in his class at school, and he was even more surprised to find out that Kian hadn’t spoken a single word to the girl which is unusual for him.

“Why would she say no to you?! You’ve got my good looks and my charm! Just don’t tell your mother I said that or she might tell me off.” He laughed and patted Kian’s back as Kian chuckled.

“But mum is beautiful!” Kian argued in your defence.

“Damn right she is! And you know why her and daddy are together?” Niall said sitting down on the sofa as Kian shook his head. “Because I asked her to come to mine to eat chicken nuggets!!” Niall chucked a pillow at his son and laughed.


“So are ya just gonna like..stare at me or something?” Zayn asked your 3 month old baby boy as he laid cradled in Zayn’s arms. He got blinked at it reply and your son Ben just continued to gaze up at him watching his every move. “Okay that’s cool man, do whatever makes ya happy.” Zayn smiled down at his perfect brown eyed baby, not being able to get over the beauty of him. Zayn changed position and laid down on the sofa, moving Ben so he laid against his chest. Soon they both had their eyes shut and were fast asleep, but Zayn had a protective arm over his boy in protectiveness. Even in his sleep determined to not let anyone or anything harm him.


“But I don’t want to play football!!” Suzie, your 4 year old daughter pouted looking sad and bored as Louis made her stand opposite him whilst he stood in the goal wearing big goal keeping gloves.

“Sure you do! Now big kick, go on!” He clapped his hands together and crouched in front of the goal. Suzie begrudgingly ran forward and kicked the little football as hard as her little leg would let her towards her grinning father. Louis let the ball roll into the goal next to him and faked defeat.

“Did I win?” She grinned suddenly more eager and interested. Louis nodded and pretended to cry. “Yay!!” She clapped and jumped up and down. “Again!!” She squealed, Louis couldn’t help but laugh and grin at his little girl having the same interest as him in something he loved.


“Daddy you sing Hans and I’ll be Ana!! Okay?”

“Okay Princess.” He smiled at Belle his 5 year old daughter as they sat in the car listening to the frozen soundtrack on the way to pick you up from pilates. Liam new he wouldn’t have the trouble of the lyrics since his daughter has made him listen to this CD in the car so many times that he could sing the whole thing by himself in his sleep.

“Love is an open DOOOOOOOOOOOOR!” She practically screamed throwing her arms in the air, making her father look into the rear-view mirror and laughed at her. She didn’t know he was watching her and continued singing her little heart out.


“Dad this is stupid. Why do I have to do it?” 15 year old Zac frowned as he had his eyes closed and palm pressed together, standing on one leg on a blue yoga mat.

“Because yoga is good for you and you refused to do the washing up, so consider this a punishment if you like.” Harry tried not to laugh as he took a quick picture of his son doing the yoga pose and posted it on twitter. “Yeah definitely a punishment.” He giggled. “You can stop now.”

“Oh thank god!” Zac relaxed and opened his eyes firmly standing on two feet.

“Check twitter.” Harry simply said and ran inside. Later on Zac got revenge by tweeting a picture of Harry asleep on the toilet when he forgot to lock the door and Zac just waltzed in and took the picture.

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