Some Fantastic Beasts’ sketches from my twitter

So this person on tumblr posted something about Depp vs Colin Farrell playing Grindelwald and there was this tag: “Grindelwald more like Grindelwhy” and I suppose it isn’t even that funny but I’ve been laughing for five solid minutes and I can’t stop and I’m even crying now and my dog is starting to look at me weird. But I just needed to share that tag and thank @queerdence-barebone, whoever you are, for making me laugh so hard and so late at night


@protectbuckybarnesatallcosts tagged me to do 6 selfies of 2016 and lemme tell you I had a lot of Looks (and now my hair is boring and I’m sad)

tagging extravaganza squad, salt bees, and literally everyone else, show me your faces so I can give them love

Is slowly fading away from the Undertale Fandom

headcanon that Victor is actually pretty good at cooking from living alone for years and that Yuuri can’t cook anything better than noodles on a good day (Phichit once tried to teach him how to use an oven but it ended in flames and tears and neither ever mentions that day again)

so I really need domestic fluff with Victor asking Yuuri to make them dinner bc he’s coming home late, and when he gets home the entire kitchen is in shambles and Yuuri is having a breakdown

(Victor, kiss him better okay)

So people I'm currently breeding Eevee for a shiny Eevee right now

This is in Pokémon Sun so I was thinking I would wonder trade like a bunch of them this weekend. I have like a whole box of Eevee at this point and still no shiny, but I’m in too deep so I’m gonna keep trying. I was wondering if

1. Will people hate me for doing that? Because all the Eevee have the same nature Bashful I think…, all level 1, and are in a friendship ball. I wouldn’t do it all at once.

2. Does anyone want one? I gave absolutely no idea how to trade with people over long distances but I’m willing to try if someone really wants an Eevee.

I only need like a few of this guys/gals to help complete my Pokédex so it feels like a waste to leave a bunch of them in a box when Eevee is a little annoying to catch is Sun and Moon.
So please message me if you want one I can try to give you a certain gender but because of Eevee’s gender ratio the females are first come first serve. Please I need to get rid of some of them.

and in the fading sunlight and the red glow of the brake lights in front of you, her face looks impossibly softer and her eyes infinitely deeper. so deep, in fact, that you fear if you look to long you’ll be sucked right into them forever, unable to escape the dark complexity of her mind, the only part of her she hasn’t let you see yet. But it’s not like you aren’t stuck already.
—  I should be watching the road, but the concrete won’t make me feel like you do.
blndspxt a réagi à votre billet : pastismyown a réagi à votre billet : …

like. a long fucking time.


we’ve been writing them for a year

they’ve been fuckin off and on for a year

they’ve been doing this for a year, austin

what the fuck

one of my guy friends is getting back together with his ex and i hate watching it happen cause she caused him so much pain and heartbreak and she is using him again but he wants to be with her more than anything. love is weird and painful and he’s going to get hurt again