growing pains, pt 2

Part 1 was posted yesterday :) warning: some gore, angst, self-harm? In a way?


It was easier when he didn’t think about it. The nubs had broken through his skin, and were reddened at the base, healing slowly. Above, the skin was thinner, smooth and silky and dry, almost the same in colour as his face; but the shape of it was wrong, all wrong.

So he didn’t think.

He grabbed the metal file with both hands, closed his eyes, and placed it directly over the left nub. And then he pressed down.

The screeching sound made him startle, even before he registered the pain. The file was large and rough, and it split through the skin immediately. He forced his eyes open and watched, terrified, at the trickle of blood running down his face.

No, Loki thought stubbornly. It wasn’t his face, it wasn’t his blood, and it wasn’t his *horns*. All he had to do was get rid of them.

He set to work, again. His hands were heavy and wooden, fingers gripping the file but reluctant to move it. But he would grit his teeth and get through this.

He managed a few more moves before he was crying too hard to continue. It wasn’t his fault that it hurt so much…

All his efforts had amounted to was a split-open wound, with visible bony root of the horn, welling with blood. The right nub seemed almost tame in comparison: although unnatural, it was still healthy and unbroken.

Loki gasped for air like a fish, trying to hold back his sobs. He couldn’t walk outside like this, or everyone will know.

Imagine Loki is lonely on Midgard so he adopts a cat. The cat keeps getting out and going to his neighbor’s house, so she has to bring him back to Loki almost everyday. Loki thinks the cat hates him and is running away from him, turns out, the cat was just trying to help Loki get a girlfriend, he stops sneaking out when Loki finally asks his neighbor out on a date.


Imagine: Stopping Loki going on a rampage, after he got annoyed because the Avengers let you get hurt while saving the world. [x]

Y/N: Loki! Loki, what are you doing?
Loki: They let you get hurt; the one thing I thought they were meant to be good at -protecting people- and they couldn’t even do that!
Y/N: Loki, I’m fine now. I promise you. There’s no need to do anything irrational. 
Loki: But, I have to-
Y/N: -Calm down. Loki, please listen. I’m fine, and you don’t have to ‘avenge me.’ *smirks*
Loki: *sighs* Alright. I’ll try to be calm.

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my cat is getting too smart for his own good

anonymous asked:

It is taking me forever to get anywhere in this game. Why does Loki always have to dance for 2 hours. WTH???

loki….MASTER…… of Magic…and of the DANCEFLOOR!!…….BETTER….Than his brother THOR……hes gotta PROVE hes better…..get his Revenge!!!!

Loki in 

Dance Dance Revengeolution

(coming to u in every avengers academy game u can Never escape this hell)


Imagine: Loki and Tony both being in love with you, and trying to win you over. [x] [x]

Y/N: *walks in on Loki and Tony arguing* What are you both arguing about? And, can you stop?
Loki: We’re not arguing, just discussing. *folds arm* 
Y/N: Really? Somehow I don’t believe that. What are you ‘discussing’ then?
Tony: Ur… Nothing that important- nothing you need to know about. *smiles* Trust us.
Y/N: Trust the both of you? The God of Lies and a playboy? Really?
Loki: Maybe not trust us, but don’t be alarmed by what we were arguing- ur, discussing. *smiles*
Y/N: *folds arms* Fine. Try not to argue when I’m gone. *walks away from them*

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