Immunity Part 12

After learning that you’re immune to Loki’s magic both the demigod himself and SHIELD take an interest in you. Loki x Reader fanfic, gender neutral.
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Notes: Not sure how I feel about this part.  It may get rewritten :/

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depascatur asked:

*steps around the meat, then stops and stares at Loki*

-considers the creature- perhaps you enjoy live game then. Is fresh blood your delicacy of choice, hmm? -he gave a friendly grin-

(-quiet sobs-)


my cat is getting too smart for his own good

The Problems of the Prince

TITLE: The Problems Of the Prince

CHAPTER NO./ONE SHOT: One Shot…may later evolve into chapters, but on my own page

AUTHOR: isisflamedancer19873

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine helping Loki creating his own Tumblr account.

RATING: PG-13 for language and some innuendo’s…also mostly because I’m paranoid lol

NOTES/WARNINGS: Just a random idea I had. I started writing and just couldn’t stop. Loki was banished to Earth and put into S.H.I.E.L.D.’s care (yours). He wants to learn about Tumblr and afterwards you get sick. Just random fluff and kissing, nothing too descriptive or heavy.


It had been three weeks since Loki had been ordered to stay with you. Three agonizing weeks. The god was insufferable to say the least. He was demanding, controlling, and very stubborn. You both had gotten into shouting matches more times than you could count. It was exhausting. Currently, you were in your office, going over bills, when thoughts of him crept in. The bills were frustrating, just like him, so it wasn’t a big leap. The nagging headache you had been fighting all day hadn’t been made worse by him demanding food. You hadn’t heard from him or seen him all morning in fact which was strange, even for him. It was also suspicious. The God of Mischief was like a toddler, if he wasn’t making some kind of noise it meant he was up to something. He was usually demanding you to make food, to take him somewhere in the city, or to do something else for him. You were just about to get up to go looking for the frost giant when a door slammed, signaling his presence.

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