Imagine being Loki’s friend of a long time and he thought you were dead years ago. Now Loki is kind of a part of the Avengers he lives there. Imagine the shock on his face when you return, absolutely insane bloodthirsty and going to murder all of the Avengers in the name of Thanos. Can Loki stop you before it’s too late? Or will he be forced to kill the last love of his life?

Imagine Loki is lonely on Midgard so he adopts a cat. The cat keeps getting out and going to his neighbor’s house, so she has to bring him back to Loki almost everyday. Loki thinks the cat hates him and is running away from him, turns out, the cat was just trying to help Loki get a girlfriend, he stops sneaking out when Loki finally asks his neighbor out on a date.

growing pains, pt 2

Part 1 was posted yesterday :) warning: some gore, angst, self-harm? In a way?


It was easier when he didn’t think about it. The nubs had broken through his skin, and were reddened at the base, healing slowly. Above, the skin was thinner, smooth and silky and dry, almost the same in colour as his face; but the shape of it was wrong, all wrong.

So he didn’t think.

He grabbed the metal file with both hands, closed his eyes, and placed it directly over the left nub. And then he pressed down.

The screeching sound made him startle, even before he registered the pain. The file was large and rough, and it split through the skin immediately. He forced his eyes open and watched, terrified, at the trickle of blood running down his face.

No, Loki thought stubbornly. It wasn’t his face, it wasn’t his blood, and it wasn’t his *horns*. All he had to do was get rid of them.

He set to work, again. His hands were heavy and wooden, fingers gripping the file but reluctant to move it. But he would grit his teeth and get through this.

He managed a few more moves before he was crying too hard to continue. It wasn’t his fault that it hurt so much…

All his efforts had amounted to was a split-open wound, with visible bony root of the horn, welling with blood. The right nub seemed almost tame in comparison: although unnatural, it was still healthy and unbroken.

Loki gasped for air like a fish, trying to hold back his sobs. He couldn’t walk outside like this, or everyone will know.


my cat is getting too smart for his own good

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It is taking me forever to get anywhere in this game. Why does Loki always have to dance for 2 hours. WTH???

loki….MASTER…… of Magic…and of the DANCEFLOOR!!…….BETTER….Than his brother THOR……hes gotta PROVE hes better…..get his Revenge!!!!

Loki in 

Dance Dance Revengeolution

(coming to u in every avengers academy game u can Never escape this hell)

My Queen Loki x Reader

“What is this filth? A bilgsnipe wouldn’t dain to desecrate these halls.” Loki’s coat billowing behind him as he stomped into the demolished living room of the Avengers.

“Loki, stop bitching for once? We finally get to spend some time in MY realm and all we do is fight.” Hands flopping into the air in exasperation.

“Hey how’s it going transplant?” Tony asked walking into the room cocky as can be. His brown eye’s dancing with mirth at the scene before him. Tony knew Loki and yourself had an interesting development of your current relationship.

The two of you attempting something serious after the Ragnarok incident. Loki nearly dieing, forcing the both of you to admit your feelings were more than sexual. The evening’s spent up bantering about intergalactic politics and accidental touches. The attraction borderline unbearable some days.

Today was not one of those days.

“I’m fine Stark. Have you seen my cousin?” Walking over giving the man a tight hug.

“Yup Sam is running over right now.” Stark releasing you as you launched yourself into Wilsons arms. His head resting on your’s while you buried your face into his chest.

“I missed you three months is too long!” Climbing up his body placing a bite to his neck.

“You’re still so weird, glad Asgard couldn’t change you.” Sam swinging you around with a laugh.

“Do not drop her.” Loki warned Sam with a strangled glare. If he hadn’t been your cousin he would be dead.

“Nice to see you too Loki. You guys staying for Christmas?” Sam pushing your wild curls out of his face.

“Yup, we celebrated all the summer holidays in Asgard. Now we get to spend the winter and fall ones here.” Hopping down and happily walking over to Loki Sam in tow, Tony at the bar.

“Well you barely made fall, Halloweens in less than a week.” Natasha announced with her entrance.

“Are you kidding?!?” Turning to face Loki as he looked away, avidly staring at the corner of the  wall.

The room going silent as you stomped over to your lover.

“Loki Laufeyson, where do you think you get off pulling shit like this?” The entire room wincing at the use of his full name.

“Darling I simply didn’t want you to miss anything.” Loki’s first attempt at placating all week.

“Don’t lie to me Loki.” The temperature in the room dropping as your powers flared to life. Anger depending on the type either inspired scalding heat waves or desolate cold. The icy anger spreading throughout your chest causing everyone to reach for a coat.

“Alright then, I hate your diminutive and drab planet. I wanted to stay longer on mine.” Ever since Thor pardoned him, his status had risen in Asgard to an acceptable level. His desire for earthly visits diminishing with your acceptance to spend time in Asgard.

“Ugh, excuse you but who came here trying to rule the drab and diminutive planet?” Loki flinching at the truth his green eye’s flaring while he gritted his teeth.

“While that may be true-” Throwing up your hand as you walked away. Stopping Loki mid sentence was the most sure fire of pissing him off. Right now you wanted him to seeth.

Loki turning his hand into tight fist’s as you walked away. Blustering away out of the glass doors that led to the balcony. He stopped momentarily to send a pillar of green energy into the skyline of New York.


You were sick of blatant arguments with Loki. Yes, you bantered and occasionally sassed each other about things, that was all in jest. Peace of some kind was all you wanted.

Honest disclosure, Loki and you hadn’t copulated in almost half a month. The both of you had been so busy with holidays such as Einherjar, Sigurdsblot, and Midsummer. Each of which was a long drawn out festival lasting for at least three days.

Sightseeing, each member of the family took you on tours of their favorite spots. Odin took you to the armories. Sif to meet the Valkyries and their beautiful winged mounts. Volstag to the best eateries in all of the nine realms. Three of which were not on Asgard, Loki still doesn’t that one. Thor to his own private hot spring so you could speak in private about your intentions for Loki. Loki of course showed you the library. Thousands of books some hidden other’s sought you out. It was the most fantastical place you had ever attended.

Of course family time that get’s compounded into a day a week. Royal duties such as meeting’s with emissaries and ambassadors hoarded much of their time. With Freya gone each member at even more work. The addition of a wife would be amenable to all.

All of this resulting in sex merely evading you both for two and a half weeks.  While neither of you was up to Tony’s standards of sex everyday, you weren’t nuns.

Every other day was more your style. Stolen kisses in the Library, hands roaming under clothes in shadowy corners ending in heated make out sessions. Caresses under the table when no one’s looking at dinner. Simply waking with the morning sunlight to the pleasure of the others company. On special occasions the complete surrender of trust to the other.


Loki was in your shared bedroom when you arrived. His arms bound behind his back in an intricate knot that only you could undue. His pale skin glistening from the sun light. Black hair resting on his shoulders, a soft caress you remembered well. Knees folded under himself as he turned his torso to look at you.

“Darling, I just wanted to apologize. Will you forgive your wretchedly sinful love?” Loki biting his lower lip while you groaned. Head rolling back in a semi circle while your breathing increased. Hand sliding down your breast, nail grazing your nipple through your sheer top.

Striding over to him steps larger than usual. Your clothes disappearing the second you touched him. Straddling his folded legs. Grasping his face as your lips locked. Arms slithering down his back.

“I love you, Loki.” Fingertips caressing his skin tenderly. Pulling back you slowly raised your hips up, foregoing foreplay all together. You were wet enough from his presentation and supplication.

Sliding down his length your lips kissing his neck. Every muscle in his arms and back twitching to be set free.

Riding him slowly while your nails raked down his chest just as slowly. Ass jiggling with every downward arch. Loki grounding his teeth as his orgasm built. His cock twitching inside of you.

“Faster, god, please go faster.” Loki resisting the urge to use his powers to get out of his knot. A mischievous smirk shifting into place from your kiss stained lips.

“No.” It was one thing to banter or argue but to openly challenge Loki. End results may vary, however, you were never disappointed.

“No?” The ropes disappearing with a small flux of power. Loki’s hands grasping your hips as he flipped you onto your back.

“Loki, baby,….” Gasps alleviating your throats ability to form actual words. Loki holding your hands above your head to prevent any further torture for himself. Down below he had activated his Jotun power of altering his body temperature. The stimulation of hot and cold in your most intimate space keeping you writhing.

“My Queen moan. Tell the world of your love for your king.” Loki breathily commanded into your ear.

His thumb slipping down to rub circles over your clit. The black silk sheets behind you almost too soft. Victory smile sliding into place as he recognized your orgasm signs. The lolling back and forth of your head, short breathy gasps interspersed with lip biting. Loki releasing your hands as he moved it to your lower back. Pulling you up slightly while he thrust into you.

Eye’s locked fingers tangling in his hair. Before either of you could become undone he kissed you. Capturing every sound of satisfaction for his own greedy purpose.

“I love you.” Loki trailing his nose over your cheek, placing delicate kisses to your jaw line.

The cover’s drifting into place over you both.

Your ability to control nature superseding his powers of illusion. Although to watch Loki fight in hand to hand combat was a real treat in itself. That skill is what got you two into trouble in the first place.