‘  Your screams filled the room, and from the other side of the two-way mirror Loki struggled to look at you.

  Loki: STOP IT!!!!

  Bad Guy: Just tell us where it is, and we’ll stop.

  Loki: If you don’t stop now, you’ll regret it.

  His voice was dangerously low.

  Bad Guy: Like you can do something about it. You’re tied up.

  Loki: Oh but I’m not…              ‘

rich kids au where loki gets off on the potential scandal of he and thor fucking and every other person they know is so miserable despite having money that he thinks it’s worth it just to fuck thor once in his goddamn life, while thor is thinking about fucking his brother every time he has sex, desperately mouthing loki’s name out on the backs of strangers necks

and they’re young and hedonistic and nobody they know is without major fucking fault so after they drunkenly fuck in some fancy hotel room their father is paying for they do not stop - loki gets off so much on the idea of being caught, of the family scandal, and of thor wanting him back enough to risk it; thor gets off on how fucking sincere loki looks with his cock in thor’s mouth and hands buried in his hair. it’s a doomed life together but why the hell not, if it’s all the real happiness they’ll ever get? why not risk everything for it? why not whisper half-promises into each other’s skin and pretend they can run away together someday soon? why not slink around the family room in nothing but a fur coat odin would call a waste of money just to see the look on thor’s face when he draws it open to expose nothing but bare, hungry skin underneath - just to feel how horribly, deliciously, tangled up together they are even before crawling into his brother’s lap


my cat is getting too smart for his own good

Inspired by “Imagine Thranduil trying to convince you that if Thorin reclaims the mountain the gold sickness will set in and he will stop loving you.” Submitted by @lokis-imaginary-friend

Green-suited guards pushed you roughly in front of the elvish king’s throne. You frowned to show your displeasure at the whole business. Thorin’s display as they had marched you away from the cells had been endearing but foolish. He would bear bruises from throwing himself against the bars, futilely trying to reach you.

You may not be his one, that ridiculously adorable burglar he grew so fond of probably had that honor, but there was no doubt of his love for you. No matter. You had been raised well, trained for such eventualities and would be Queen Under the Mountain. There were more important things at hand.

“Ahh, Lady Oakenshield! I expected a bearded dwarf lass.” Mirkwood’s king smiled, something between a practiced smile and an unguarded sneer. “But arranged royal marriages sometimes make strange bedfellows, I suppose.” He shifted an eyebrow and raised a hand in some mysterious order that caused a chair to be brought for your comfort.

“Thank you,” you replied coolly, smoothing your gown and sitting gracefully on the edge of the seat. “To what do I owe this,” you dazzled him with your most diplomatic smile, “honor?”

Thranduil leaned back on his massive throne, one elegant hand raised to rest at his temple. He spoke softly, “I have ascertained the destination of your company and mean to warn you.” That same unsettling smile, it gave you an uneasy feeling.

“Your long years of experience mean much, good King,” you replied carefully, “I would be wise to hear your counsel.” You smiled, concealing your distrust of his motives and his advice.

“Very well. As you are well versed in the art of diplomacy, I shall waste no more time couching my words with pleasantries and speak plainly. If Thorin reclaims the mountain, the gold sickness will set in and he will stop loving you.”

He dropped his hand to his lap to fold into the other and stared at you, daring you to respond.

A deep breath, a blink, a second to compose yourself, “Indeed, that was bluntly said, Your Majesty. May I be equally frank?”

He nodded slowly.

“You assume much. Your thesis is based on the presumption that I would let love get in the way of statecraft. It also supposes that my love is the only one that might save him from that evil.” You looked down at the floor and steadied yourself, then looked him straight in the eyes, “I wonder, King Thranduil, if you are ill from what ails this Mirkwood or if the Greenwood suffers from your dark malady. Who loves you enough to fight for you?”

Thranduil rose in a rage and backhanded you across the room. “Remove her!” He thundered. “Back to the cells! Anywhere but with Oakenshield!” You were gone from the throne room before you could catch your breath.

The guards thought they were being vicious, throwing you in with Kili, in a cell across from Thorin, where he could see you but not touch you. The young dwarf caught you as you stumbled into the caged room. “Please,” you whispered, “do not tell him.”

“Kili?” Thorin called.

“She is fine.” He lied. A black eye bloomed, but was easier to hide than Thorin’s anger.

“I am well,” you called to him. “Thranduil is an idiot.”

Thorin laughed, relieved. Then Dwalin laughed and repeated your words to the company and soon everyone was laughing. You took the opportunity to pull Kili aside and tell him the truth of Thranduil’s words.

“If there comes a time when he will not hear me, or any other, know in your heart, that he will always hear you. Remember that.” You smiled and stroked his stubbly cheek and were rewarded with one of those puppy grins that melted even the coldest heart.

“I will.” He promised. “We are Durin’s folk, and we do not flee from a fight.”


To claim, please send us an email or ask with three stories (telling us the numbers is OK). The story you really really really want to do should go first, then the first backup in case that one’s taken, and lastly the second backup.


I want stories 

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However I am given to understand that in the House Of M series, it was originally planned that the alternative universe versions of Quicksilver and Namor, plotting against King Magnus, would be in a same-sex relationship together.


The reason given why this was shot down by Marvel was that they didn’t want to suggest any character was gay unless there was a lasting affect.

why is marvel so bad at handling bi characters holy shit

Smoke & Mirrors Chapter 24: Isolation

His captors think him defeated, but even Odin doesn’t know the secrets Loki holds. Before long, he’ll be free, events set in motion by Frigga’s best intentions and Loki’s worst instincts. He’s seen his future, and nothing is going to stop him from stealing it.

Loki/Darcy, M rated

You can also read on AO3 or FFNet.

A/N: I’ll just leave this here…

Breakfast arrived before sleep did. Darcy’s eyelids felt heavy and scratchy, but her mind had refused to shut off even in the quietest hour of night. She could sense when the building came to life, despite how isolated the cells were, with distant sounds echoing down the airshafts and through the corridors. Around her the world was carrying on, most people blissfully unaware that it wouldn’t for much longer. Though apparently whoever prepared her breakfast had already given up on life. It was the only way to explain the slop they sent her.

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thorduna asked:

thorki + 12 please? :)

Act brotherly.

Thor chanted those words in his head over and over. No hand holding, no longing looks, and definitely no ass-grabbing.

He glanced over to Loki, not wanting to make anyone think they were fighting if he avoided his brother too much. He stood a few feet away, talking to a couple of their aunts, his smile tight as one of them prodded at his flat belly. Probably telling him he was too skinny and should let Thor drag him to the gym once in a while. He barely managed to not roll his eyes on Loki’s behalf.

His eyes did fall lower before he could stop himself, though. Loki knew what those pants did to him. Bastard. He forced himself to look away, nodding along with his cousin’s story that he was barely paying attention to.

He jumped when he felt a pinch on the back of his arm. Loki was smirking just behind him.

“Want to escape for a minute?” Loki asked, voice low.

Thor looked back to the group of cousins he’d been sticking by for a while, all engrossed in conversation. “Yeah.”

No hand holding, he repeated silently. It was surprisingly hard not to let his hand fall in to Loki’s as they walked side-by-side out of the old family lakehouse. Loki lead him to one of the old, gnarled trees in the backyard, the two of them ducking behind it. Thor’s back was pressed to the bark a second later, Loki’s mouth on his. He moaned in to the kiss, roughly grabbing Loki by the waist to drag him even closer.

They pulled back minutes later when they heard the clomping of stampeding children, breathless and red-mouthed.

“How much longer until we can leave?” Thor asked.

“Five more hours.”

Thor groaned, his head thunking against the tree trunk.


I know, the idea of being the one to “fix” him and getting to look at his handsome face all day is appealing, I’ve read fanfictions - but do you realize what kind of character Loki is? He’s not misunderstood. Odin saved him from frozen death and gave him a good life with a good brother and Loki ran away from it all like an ungrateful child. Loki is a spoiled brat. I know, he had jealousy issues - but that was not his family’s fault and no reason to turn on them. Sure, he has his funny moments that show little glimmers of his old self, but Loki doesn’t want to change. He felt remorse when his mother died, but he doesn’t want to own up to it, he wants to continue playing the victim because it lets him avoid feeling guilty for his rash actions. Loki is the God of Mischief and he’s not supposed to take ANYTHING seriously, he’s not going to settle down with just one partner, he’s not going to repent when it’s much more easy/fun to break the rules for his own self gain. Loki isn’t there to cater to your needs, you’re there to cater to his. He would be the kind of boyfriend who would beat you to the floor and laugh at your pain, he would hook up with any good-looking person at anytime he felt like it, and then manipulate you into feeling guilty for wanting to leave him. Sure, Loki is played by Tom Hiddleston, he’s handsome, he’s charming, his sarcasm is gold, his personality is complex and feelsy, but for the fangirls who try to make him out to be some sort of misunderstood boy because they’re physically attracted to him have no idea what they’re saying. It’s letting a man get away with crime because he “looks good”. If Loki were played by a short, stout man with a moustache, he wouldn’t have the fangirls overlooking his flaws like that.

When Tony is young, he is sad, scared and lonely and he just wants to talk to somebody. He would dial random numbers into a phone but if somebody picked up he would stay quiet and hang up. After a rough day Tony dials “HelpMe” into the phone not expecting anything to happen. However, somebody answers. Surprised Tony talks back. The stranger works out his troubles and cheers him up and they end up talking till Tony falls asleep. It was Loki who had managed to pick up the phone signal via magic and his ‘scrying pool’.

They talk over many years, sharing stories and ideas/knowledge and they form a close bond but as Tony grows older he talks to Loki less and less until he stops altogether. Leaving Loki alone when he needs him the most.

Commence ‘Thor’ story line and then the pair meet during the ‘Avengers’ storyline and all hell breaks loose.


They are making fun of you again.

It has been like this for past two years. Every time they see you, they make rude gestures, they call you names and they say that world would be better without you. You have heard it all and yet you stand in front of them. Your terrified self backs into rows and rows of books as they advance towards you, these self important teenagers who think they own the world. One of them pushes you and you close your eyes before your fall.

The ground doesn’t resonate with a thud and you find strong arms holding you far away from the proximity of bruising floor.

He is your savior. This man with raven hair and emerald eyes, gentle mouth and scheming lies.

‘Is that a way to treat a lady?’ he asks.

Your tormentors snicker and one of them mocks you by making thrusting motions with his hips.

In a moment the man holds the boy by his throat, staring cruelly in his eyes. Rest of his friends disperse to save their miserable hides.

‘If I find you bullying anyone ever again, I will make sure you don’t walk out of here on your own.’

The boy runs away as soon as the man loosens his grip. He turns towards you, smiles, the warmth reaching the farthest corners of his eyes.

‘I forgot to introduce myself. I am Loki.’