Everytime i read a book/watch a movie
  • Me: OMG!Look at this character!
  • Me: he is my bae i am done!
  • Me: he is so perfect!
  • Me: and he is so good and mysterious!
  • Me: and he is so pretty
  • Me: and he is so cu-aaaaaand he's the villain
Imagine: being subjected to Loki’s driving “skills”

[ inspired by how Tom imagines Loki would drive ]

Your eyes widened as Loki pressured the gas pedal to speed the car away from the bustle of traffic.  The two of you had been driving out of New York to enjoy some time away from the other Avengers, but now, you had a feeling relaxing was the last thing that would happen.  You chuckled nervously as Loki’s hands tightened on the reinforced steering wheel, causing the internal support to whine as it was slightly shaped to his fingers.  You swallowed at the thought that the steering wheel wasn’t going to be the only part of the car in need of repairs.

“Maybe this was a bad idea…” you mumbled, but Loki shot you a cold glance, before momentarily slamming on the accelerator.  You took in a sharp breath and gripped the black inner lining of the car and your seat.

“Oh no, darling.  This was an absolutely wonderful idea!  You insisted that we drive off, like those insufferable, insolent, incompetent-“ He started yelling over the roar of the car, but his remaining words were lost to you.  The road ahead was clear, hallelujah, and your navigation system signaled that you had no traffic for the next half hour, but at the rate Loki wanted to push the car, you wouldn’t be surprised if you cut that to five minutes… or ended up setting the car on fire.

“Loki, calm the fuck down!”  You screeched, as he took harsh turns on the winding road.  He was relentless in his speed, and you were positive that he was breaking several laws.  You could see him gnashing his teeth, and when the car’s system sent a warning for going far beyond the speed limit, a burst of green light shattered the glass on the center console.  The jostling of the car made you slide across your seat, despite your seatbelt, so you reached your hands to the side to keep yourself from slamming into parts of the car.  One hand gripped the safety handle on your side, while the other latched onto Loki’s arm.  He seemed startled by the contact, as the movement of the car hiccupped with his momentary pressure on the break.  He glanced at you, and when he saw your fearful expression, he gradually slowed down the car, so he could park on the side of the now-silent road.  He turned to you and opened his mouth, but you rested your head on his shoulder and spoke before he could say a word.

“This was a terrible idea… no more driving, you win.”  You conceded with a shaky sigh.  You had already known that Loki had little interest in Midgardian transportation, but you thought he would have been able to handle a three hour drive.  Loki felt guilt bubbling inside, but he was still angered by the damnable contraption and inept Midgardian drivers they had faced closer to New York.

“Good… now we just need to smuggle an Asgardian skiff into Midgard.”  He mused lightly, and you leaned back into your seat and dragged one hand down your face.  You groaned loudly, wishing you could smack him with a goddamn skiff.

“I- Whatever… Just… no more speeding, please.”

You can love an evil character without justifying their actions

Let me introduce you to Rose Solano aka Sin Rostro aka Clara Ruvelle

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She is incredibly beautiful,charming and just plain interesting. I adore her. She is also a horrible person a murderer and an outright sociopath. I could try to justify her. Say she had a bad childhood blah blah but I don’t because her actions are her own. She chose to kill people and do countless other evil things. She is a monster

This is Rose and Luisa

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I love them together.  I think they have great chemistry and that they are amazing on screen. I can also acknowledge that this realtionship is incredibly toxic and that Rose is horrible for Luisa

If I can do that so can you for your male favorites. It’s not that hard

Repeat after me:

You can love a character and acknowledge that they are a monster who has done terrible things

You can love a ship and acknowledge that they are toxic and horrible

Punishment - Loki x Reader

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The smoke from the city hovered in an angry cloud in the Asgardian sky. The forest was calm and surreal in comparison, the soft dark moss below your feet seeming like a dream. You glanced over your shoulder at Loki, who stood with a smirk admiring at his handiwork. 

“I’m to blame I’m afraid.” He shrugged, sending you a sarcastic smirk.

You sighed in exasperation, going over to the ship you’d used to get there, chasing after the god of mischief to stop his escape.

“Loki you have driven me to the end of my patience.” You said.

“Have I?” He said cockily, stalking around your position examining the vehicle. “I rather imagined I’d driven you exactly where you wanted to be.” he spun in a slow circle, gesturing to the isolated forest, “Or are the feelings not mutual?”

Heartrate quickening, hands shaking, “What do you mean?”

“This is exactly where I want you.”

“You- you did all of that to get me alone?” You gasped, staring at him in bewilderment.

“Is that such a crime?” Loki replied with a sly smirk.

“Yes! You destroyed half the city just to escape!”

“There are some crime’s that are worth the punishment. If loving you is a crime then I will graciously take my punishment if that is what you desire.” 

Inhaling a sharp breath, you took a step closer to him, “Loki, you know that loving me itself is not a crime. It is what you did to tell me that which is punishable.”

“Oh?” Loki sighed, brushing the back of his hand against your cheek softly, “If that is so then why do I feel punished? Being denied a reply to my confession is hurting me deeply, (Y/n).”

“You want an answer?”

He nodded, smirking slightly, “I do. Truly.”

You leaned up, resting your hands on his chest to steady yourself. His muscles tensed beneath your hands, as he watched your every move with baited breath.

“You know the answer,” You whispered, “Loki Prince of Asgard would not put his feeling son the line without knowing they were reciprocated. Would he now?”

Loki smiled, closing his eyes as he chuckled, “Right you are, love.” His lips met yours, a gentle brush melting into a soft medley. A touch that seemed to say everything you’d suspected for a while now. Loki’s hands rested one on your waist, one on the side of your face. He pulled you close to him, pressing his forehead to yours.

“Is it time for my punishment?” He teased, parting from you.

“I think that, after all you did to get here, it would be wise for us both to… disappear.” You suggested.

Loki smiled, cupping your face gently, “That can most certainly be arranged.” He kissed you again as the air seemed to ripple around you and you knew you would be safe in his arms.


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You laughed at Thor’s joke and walked down the corridor where Thor and Loki had their bedrooms. With every step you both made, music got louder, and you frowned. No one was on this floor, beside Thor and Loki. 

“Do you hear that?” You were sure someone was singing the moment you stopped in front of Loki’s bedroom, and listened. “It’s coming definitively from Loki’s room.” You leaned against Loki’s door, careful to not make a sound, and eavesdropped, a huge smile on your lips. “Oh shit, he’s singing ‘Stand by me’!”

“My brother is singing?” Thor asked perplexed and followed your lead to lean against the door. “He hadn’t sung since early childhood. At least, as far as I now, [Y/N].”

You nodded. “We should go. If he catches us he will never ever sing again. And I really don’t want to take that away from him, especially if it’s the only thing that entertains him here.” It was true, since Odin banished his second son to Midgard, leaving him with no powers, Loki had been grumpy, moody and bored to death. 

“You’re right.” Thor smiled and tiptoed away. “It’s good to see him adjust to this new life.”

(Honestly, Tom Hiddleston singing Stand By Me is the hottest thing ever.)