This is some serious Noorhelm bullshit you guys are pulling over the yousana mess. Like why do you think Sana has to just be chill and okay with Yousef flirting with her best friend?

That’s fucked up people! She doesn’t have to degrade herself like that. She’ll meet a lot of other, better people later.

She doesn’t have to put up with Yousef.

And it’s fine that Yousef is into Noora too, but he needs to stop giving Sana mixed signals. 

It’s honestly terrifying to me when I get weird…instincts or feels, whatever it is to wanna have kids. I’ve been doing that more than usual lately and it’s annoying because I legit do not want or ever need to have kids! I’ll do that for a few days and then go back to being content at the idea of never having babies. It’s scary that it changes so fast! Like, why is that a thing that’s happening?!

You ever remember how much you love an actor but the stuff you remember them from is their slightly earlier stuff and you think “I wonder how they’re doing these days” so you look them up and you immediately regret it because they’re in a really bad way and your heart breaks and you wish you’d never seen it because oh my God, it’s so tragic and awful and you wish you never had to see them that way but, at the same time, you’re glad you did so you can send them all the love? Y’all ever feel that?

Yeah so…

about Tim Curry…