10. “Stop ignoring me, we need to talk.” 

As much as Y/N hated to admit it, she knew Luke would be leaving to pursue his music career in a week. He hated having to leave her, moving to a place so far away just to see if his dream was even possible, but he knew they would find a way to work things out- if Y/N talked to him, that is. 

“Stop ignoring me, we need to talk,” Luke sighed, grabbing the top of Y/N’s laptop and pushing it shut. “I don’t have time to watch videos, Y/N. I’m leaving next week.” 

Y/N’s head dropped down, her lips forming a straight line. “I really don’t want to think about that, Luke,” she muttered, feeling tears forming in her eyes. “Please, can we not?” 

“Y/N, I don’t want to either, but we have to. Just this once, then it’s done until next week, okay?” Luke asked, crouching down to his girlfriend’s height. He saw the tears sliding out of her eyes, causing a lump to form in his throat. 

“Baby, don’t cry,” he choked out, his fingers wiping away the tears. “I’m gonna be back before you know it.” 

“Bullshit!” Y/N cried, covering her face with her hands. “You’re gonna be gone for a year, Luke! You’re gonna be gone for a year in a whole new continent, in a different timezone, even!” 

“Shh,” Luke whispered, gently pulling her hands from her face. Her arms wrapped around him, hugging him tightly as he rubbed her back. Sobs shook her body, her hands gripping onto him as if he would fly away if she let go. 

“We’re gonna find a way to make this work, Y/N. Trust me.” 

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I need it to rain tomorrow!! I’m going for lunch w my brother and I’m gonna have to wear long sleeves. I haven’t seen him for a year or more and I don’t really want to throw all these fresh scars in his face.

I need to do some laundry today that’s for sure, even then idk what to wearrrr ahhh. I also need to get up early :/// I’m so worried I’m gonna oversleep

Even though the media is trying to make it seem like Steph saved the game 😏😏 we all know who the real MVP was last night.  You guys better stop ignoring this man!!! 😠😠


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Mommy my adoptive parents keep calling me fat and rude stuff. its really getting to me. They keep saying i need to stop eating so much. But ill have 1 or 2 meals a day. Is there anyway to make the words not affect me so much. Its killing me inside..

Words hurt they do
And sometimes you just can’t stop them
Just ignore
I know how hard that is and it’s so much easier said then done but there’s few things to be done
Living with them is only temporary
Please take care of yourself

you guys

i know i’m being a hypocrite about making this post in the first place, but seriously. shut the FUCK UP about nick spencer. all this attention he’s getting, even though it’s negative, IS ATTENTION. and there’s no denying that he LOVES it, be it death threats and hateful or not.

it wouldn’t surprise me if he did the whole nazi-cap thing to get this reaction out of everyone in the first place. i’m 99% sure this is ALL part of his plan - to get everyone to FLIP OUT at him. because, even though this reaction is negative, it is EXPLOSIVE, and it’s attracting attention toward him.

the best thing to do in this situation is ignore him. stop tweeting about it, stop making a fuss about it, stop covering it. the more you stamp on a weed, the more it thrives. you need to starve it in order to let it die.

at this rate of popularity, he’s just going to keep on doing what he’s doing, because he relishes this spotlight he’s getting. take it off of him. don’t give him what he wants.

imagine season 2 of shadowhunters… simon casually mentions one of clary’s exes and then they say it… “she” clary’s ex was a girl and izzy visibly smirks at the comment… bisexual clary fray is confirmed and Izzy is intrigued!! Then, a few episodes later… Magnus makes a comment about being bisexual… bisexuals everywhere rejoice because finally someone said the forbidden word! Simon responds to magnus’ comment and says “same” as he looks at raphael… bisexual simon lewis is confirmed and bisexuals can finally rest… 


high school musical meme: [4/4] pairings » chad danforth & taylor mckessie

Taylor McKessie. Will you please be my date to the senior prom?

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Saying that 'Jews killed Jesus' is antisemitic. It's an antisemitic accusation that has led to the murder of hundreds of thousand of Jewish people. It's both horribly antisemitic and not historically accurate. The Romans killed Jesus because we was agitating people against Roman rule. Learn your own history and stop being a hateful ignorant asshole instead. Don't blame dyslexia for what clearly wasn't a typo.

It was Jewish people who persecuted jesus as they believed he was not truly the son of God and believed he got in their way of leading by preaching he was.

He got in the way of humans greed for power.

You also forget that a lot of Romans were followers of the jewish faith.

You cna’t try to rewrite history out of fear of being offensive.

I have literally never heard of sayign jews being racist before now, you wouldn’t like people screaming at you for not knowing something so don’t do it to others.

It was people of the jewish faith and Jewish Priests who plotted to kill him.

“The conflict intensifies during Jesus’ last week in Jerusalem at the religious trial, which shows the growing hostility of the Jewish leaders, especially the leaders of the priests. They want ‘to put him to death’ and conclude that ‘he deserves death’ (Mark: Ch. 14)“

“Then the high priest stood up before them and asked Jesus, “Are you not going to answer? What is this testimony that these men are bringing against you?” 61 But Jesus remained silent and gave no answer.Again the high priest asked him, “Are you the Messiah, the Son of the Blessed One?”62 “I am,” said Jesus. “And you will see the Son of Man sitting at the right hand of the Mighty One and coming on the clouds of heaven.”63 The high priest tore his clothes. “Why do we need any more witnesses?” he asked. 64 “You have heard the blasphemy. What do you think?”They all condemned him as worthy of death. 65 Then some began to spit at him; they blindfolded him, struck him with their fists, and said, “Prophesy!” And the guards took him and beat him.“

We do not blame the entirety of the Jewish people for it obviously, we blame the Jewish leaders of peopel of faith who persecuted him at the time. He was sentenced as a political criminal as to not stain the reputation of the church.

We blame Judas, the Priests, and the roman officials who had jesus executed.

It is not antisemetic to know that it was high priests of the jewish faith who plotted against him and wanted to kill him for his views and him getting in the way of their power.

i get that they’re fictional characters and it isn’t that deep but if you ship noah czerny with barrington whelk, his literal murderer, you don’t deserve him. take your hands off of him and go take a nap. i am his mother and i’m saying he’s not allowed to hang out with you anymore

Soulmate au (pt.6)

It was said that when you met your soulmate, their thoughts about you appeared on your skin. The words could change over time but were impossible to remove if they still remained. And it wasn’t particularly thrilling to know your soulmate thought you were a loser.

Here’s part 6 bright and early! eye spy with my little eye something beginning with K (and not of the joseph variety, although…)

(pt.1)  (pt.2)  (pt.3)  (pt.4)  (pt.5)  (pt.6)

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Well then.

I don’t know about you, but I think cyber bullying a celebrity off of social media over something they apologised for is absolutely disgusting. Yes, I’m on about Frank Grillo.

I am starting to become ashamed of associating myself with tumblr simply because of the sheer amount of unnecessary hate and immature childish behaviour that follows this ‘call-out’ SJW trend. It is not edgy or cool to hate someone, especially if they have acknowledged what they said wrong and apologised.

Yes, he made a spur of the moment comment that was potentially offensive. Yes Chris Evans called him out. But do you know what happened after that? The scene was cut and panned on to Chelsea trying to learn Marvel (and failing). You have NO idea if after Frank explained himself to Chris because the editors may have cut that out. He might have apologized right there and then on camera but we’ll never know.

What I do know though is that he apologised multiple times across his twitter and instagram accounts, yet people continued to throw harassment his way with an excuse that his apology ‘doesn’t count’ or wasn’t ‘genuine’. How ignorant can you be to completely disregard someones apology simply because they are a celebrity? 

He’s not a bad guy, his other comments in the interview are proof of that to me. He actively stood up for equal rights for women in Hollywood and quite passionately at that. Yet the majority of people seem to be ignoring that and focusing on the negative. 

Just because he is a celebrity does not give you the right to cyber bully or harass him, because that shit is shallow and cruel.