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Omg did you read the article Captain America: Civil War Focuses on the Best Love Story in the Marvel Universe n QG site? It's amazing!!!!

I just did. Thank you!

It is indeed amazing, as well as very true and very welcome. We need ALL the articles talking about them because Marvel might realize what they have in their hands too, or more like, stop ignoring it already!


Stop telling people what they can and they cannot ship. It’s rude. If you don’t like fontcest that’s fine. If you don’t like SansxFrisk that’s fine. Just don’t tell people they can’t ship that and be totally jackasses to them. Leave them alone and let them ship whoever they want. If you don’t like those kind of ships, just stay away from them. It’s plain and simple honey.

I don’t really like these ships but you don’t see going around telling them to stop. I just ignore it and go about my business. If a ship bothers you so much that you just have to hate on people for it, UNFOLLOW ME RIGHT NOW. This is form of bullying by telling people what they can and can’t do and being mean to them just because they’re not like you.

Just stop all of this ship hating. How would you like it if someone made you feel bad for shipping certain characters? Let’s try to get along alright?

The Zistopia AU is an alternate universe created by nicolaswildes (other wise known as thewittyarsonist) which is heavily inspired on a scrapped plot of Disney’s Zootopia which was heavier on the systematic discrimination in the world of Zootopia.

So @chauffeur-cat asked for a masterlist of all of the Zistopia Au Comic made by the wonderful @nicolaswildes This was made with the permission of the creator, image credit goes to them as well. (This, of course will be updated with any new comics posted.)

The Post That Started it All // Duuuuuuuude

01 // One of THOSE Cultures

02 // Good Fucking Luck

03 // They Stopped for Food

04 // Ignorant Ass, Judy Hopps

mini illustration 01 // but don’t lie to me

05 // Closeted Pansexual Judy Hopps

06 // Nick Wilde Making Friends in Jail

07 // “It’s only temporary”

08 // It’s About You

09 // “They Called Him Honest John

10 // View from Happytown

11 // Fun Times in Tundratown

12 // Maybe Some Day I’ll Feel Home Again

12.5 // For Inquiries Call 555-COMFORT

13 // “Come on, she lives downstairs”

14 // N2 da Bunker

15 // Oh Honey Honey

16 // Outta the Bunker

17 // “It’s my very embarrassing secret”

18 // One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

19 // Angel Always Gets It

20 // Regret

21 // Lieutenant Judy’s Platoon Police Squad

22 // SHIT!!!!

23 // Qu’est-ce que c’est?

24 // (beast)

25 // If You Could Only See the Beast You’ve Made Me

26 // “She was… Nuzzling a FOX”

mini illustration 02 // farah fawcett bunny

27 // (dontaskdonttell)

28 // Nice goin, Angie

29 // Hugapalooza

30 // *quietly penguin walks away from u and ur random emotional breakdown*

mini illustration 03 // zistopia au concepts

mini illustration 04 // gazelle but like, 70s

mini illustration 05 // judy’s favorite band

31 // This is Like a Flashback

mini illustration 06 // life goes on

32 // (Kilroy was here)

mini illustration 07 // gratuitous ramones reference + details

33 // “Well, you’re lookin’ in the wrong direction”

34 // Randy Rebecca

mini illustration 08 // got a date with the niiiight

mini illustration 09 + 10 // color tests

35 // Does Your Mother Know?

36 // Pardon the Way That I Stare

37 // Foxes and Screaming

38 // (eat shit)

39 // to “rustle ones jimmies”

mini illustration 11 // cops and robbers

mini illustration 12 // trying to capture the right look

40 // “I’ve got the wrong man” or the Witty gave up on passing that midterm issue

41 // Good Old Fashioned Wilde Theory Jam

42 // (the doors have ears) or JUDY LOOKS SO FUCKING CUTE WHEN SHE BLUSHES

43 // A Change of Clothes

mini illustration 13 // herb.

mini illustration 14 // cause she thinks she’s the passionate one

44 // (Hello, Dolly!)

45 // Don’t Call Me Crazy, I’m Happy

mini illustration 15 // “fuck that shit, she’s drivin’ a buick”

mini illustration 16 // big family means big business

mini illustration 17 // collar ideas

46 // “It’s easy, you just don’t go to work”

mini illustration 18 // it’s raining in the city


mini illustration 19 // scraps; elephant booth; fox and bunny

mini illustrations 20 // saharan punk rock

48 // (Sahara Square Detour)

48.33 // (looks into the camera like in The Office)

48.66 // (walking loophole)

mini illustration 21 // the cbgb; interior; and color choices

49 // Vandalism

49.5 // (controversial disco sensation Gazelle takes subversion to the next level)

mini illustration 22 // jessica and the hogg

when writing about marginalized groups:

personally i think there are a few different things that writers (specifically white writers/writers that aren’t part of certain marginalized groups, regardless of what groups they are apart of) need to consider before writing whatever project they might be working on:

- if you have plans to write about a race different than your own, what do you actually know about that race? are you willing to go to places other than the internet to find out things you don’t know? when people of that race tell you you’re doing something wrong, will you listen? is your response going to be some kind of rehash of “i’m trying my best” or “well my [friend/coworker/family member said this so you’re wrong” instead of looking further into what you might have gotten wrong/misunderstood?

- are you aware that different people multiple marginalized groups will have different experiences than people who may be a part of just one [ie a black lesbian will have different life experiences in many ways than a straight black woman, or a black ND man with a NT black man]? are you prepared to take seriously the opinions of the people within that group and go the directions that they suggest when it comes to your creative writing?

- do you rely on stereotypes for your characters or themes, insisting that some stereotypes are “good”?

- do you fetishize these characters because of their race/mental illness/gender identity/other?

- do you think because you’re a creative writer you have a “right” to write about any subject that you please, disregarding the facts or the feelings of the marginalized group you’re not apart of to get your own rocks off, for your own success, your own pleasure, or for the watchful eyes of other fans that are likely not apart of said marginalized group?

- do you believe that your work is just fiction and has no effect on the real world? have you looked into the histories of the people that you’re writing about, and is there anything in your work that could be deemed offensive? are there things in your work that can be connected to those histories in a negative way, a reworking of old stories to demonize their groups? [see about: stereotypes and fetishizing]

- do you have plans to write “coming of age” stories or something with a similar flair of basis [ie stories dealing specifically with the issues within that marginalized group]? why do you feel the need to do that? do you not think it might be better to use your voice to uplift the stories of people who have actually had those experiences?

if any of your answers to these questions is yes, you need to completely rethink the way you’re going about your project. there is nothing wrong with writing about people in marginalized groups that you’re not in, but to a point. you should not be writing about coming out stories / coming of ages stories / the like that you have no stake in, that you can’t relate to at all, because no matter how much research you put into this, no matter how well done it is, that’s still not your story [not to mention in many cases, “researching” certain topics within this umbrella for the sake of creative writing could be looked at as objectification]. rarely ever will it be very well done. you will never understand what groups you’re not in go through, regardless of what you may go through in groups you are in.

and this is beyond fandom and fanfic, although this is where i see a lot of these issues directly. the outside world has these problems too, as we see every week on TV when marginalized characters are being killed off by the dozens or written as evil/cr*zy/another stereotype or simplification.

use diversity in your writing. no one is saying that you shouldn’t. representation matters in all ways, shapes, and forms. but don’t write things that aren’t for you to write. listen when people in those groups tell you you’re doing wrong. educate yourself. understand when something isn’t yours to explore and understand why. educate other people, too. we’re all working to get better, so continue to better yourself.


My latest addiction…. Dean with a flashlight

This is why discourse on Tumblr is so difficult. Because some folks aren’t even working with a basic 101 understanding of isms and other folks have enough knowledge to throw around a term or two but clearly don’t know what the term means, where it came from, or its appropriate context. Meanwhile, others of us actually have degrees and extensive experience and understanding of these issues but are presumed to be as uninformed as those in the previous two groups because by and large the folks in the first two groups don’t understand humility and think they know everything even though we all have learning to do.

These topics are so huge and nuanced and I’ve grown weary of having the same, basic, remedial discussions of “ok, sweet summer child, this is what racism is” with white folks who are literally drowning in white privilege and white supremacist thinking such that they can’t even take a breath without inhaling another racist idea.

Folks are really out here unironically claiming “Becky” is a racial slur and reducing call outs of fandom racism to “omg r u saying i can’t ship these white dudes bc it’s racist?! so you’re forcing me to ship everyone with jar jar binks?!” as if those statements actually mean anything, or are legitimate arguments, or do anything other than reveal the blatant, deep seated racism they’re claiming they don’t possess. It’s laughable really.