basically some stolen footage of Fitz’s past…or what remains of it in the S.H.I.E.L.D. databanks, because it seems to have been tampered with (probably to keep the identities of the people safe).

Doctor & Clara seems to be “not ok” about this meeting (did they not know they had a hybrid son or something) , a woman (SHIELD Agent taking care of Leo, seems to know Clara) explains to Clara that she has told Leo stuff about her, Leo is telling them about himself (he’s like his mum, Doctor is a bit jelly) and asks Clara about his dad (seems that he didn’t know the Doctor was his father)

I love how Damen gradually stopped being so ignorant to the consequences of slavery. The humiliation, the (possible) negative treatment and the absolute powerlessness that comes with their status, he would come to know them all.

And for Damen to actually declare that he would abolish slavery, I think, really shows his growth over the three books. From a young prince who was so comfortable with accepting the idea of slavery, so complicit and indulgent in it, who belonged to the very top of the hierarchy that engineers and encourages the practice no less, Damen changed to become a man who confronts and rejects it.

You can see just how much he was struggling to accept it in Kings Rising, because he knows, because he experienced it firsthand—because his experiences made him challenge the notion of slavery, a notion that’s been so thoroughly entrenched in his society and in him, and made him realize it was wrong.

And I think it’s so wonderful how Pacat dealt with this without shortchanging any aspects of the story.

When Harry doesn't go to Hogsmeade
  • Draco:staying here Potter? Scared of passing the Dementors?
  • Harry:*ignores him*
  • Draco:Potter did you hear my question? I said are you scared?? I can protect you you can hold my hand Potter come with me

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You know that astrology hs nothing to do with how the f**k you look like?!?!?!! if your family is ugly you for sure will have bad luck too. stop being so ignorant ya tumblr astrology blogs

Listen. I’m not going to personally attack you but I want to make this clear to everyone: The relation between astrology and physical appearance is not a tumblr astrology thing. William Lilly wrote about it in his book Christian Astrology, which is from 1647. Nicholas Culpeper wrote about it in Opus astrologicum, which is from 1654. And those are just the earliest works I know. Ancient Babylonian astrologers probably knew more about astrology than we do know, most of the knowledge was simply lost.

This is what Lilly wrote on Jupiters influence on the body:

He signifies an upright, straight, and tall stature; brown, ruddy and lovely complexion, of an oval or long visage, full and fleshy, high forehead [….] strong proportioned thighs and legs,…

And this is what Culpeper wrote:

Jupiter represents a man tall of stature, of a brown muddy complexion, an oval visage, high forehead […] great thighs, great well-proportioned legs,…

Yes, genetics obviously make up a big part of what we look like. But our social/cultural environment also makes up a big part of our personality. Still, the astrological archetypes are universals independent of that.

Ellen Degeneres and Abraham Lincoln are both Aquarius Suns who are Sagittarius Dominant

Brittany Snow and Ashlee Simpson are both Neptune Dominant. Brittany has Pisces Sun and Moon, Ashlee has a Pisces Ascendant.

These two are Mercury Dominant with Virgo Ascendant:

Katy Perry and Kris Jenner are Scorpio/Pluto Dominant. Katy has Scorpio Sun, Moon and Ascendant and Kris has Scorpio Sun and Ascendant! (she did have several surgeries though so I’m not sure whether that made her look more or less like Katy)

Lets not forget the oddly amphibian/frog-like face of all these venus Dominant men:

And the typical pixie face of female Gemini/mercury types, as shown here by Carey Mulligan and @astrolocherry 

I want to research this more deeply again now because its really interesting lol

There are 189,000 Holocaust survivors living in Israel

roughly 67% say they are worried about their financial future (btw when an 80 year old says that, it means they don’t know how they’re going to afford both medicine and rent next month)

and over 50% say they are lonely

45,000 Israeli holocaust survivors live below the poverty line

Now, what the Israeli government gives their survivors is not sufficient for them to live on. 

It’s time for the Israeli government to stop ignoring survivors of the holocaust, and to give them the right to live their last years in dignity.

Idk if I’m gonna get hate for this but Macklemore’s “White Privilege II” is a great example of how to be an ally. He is acknowledging his own privilege, and yes that in itself IS privilege, but he’s using it for good. He’s saying “listen to what black people have to say”, “black lives matter”. He even talked about how him speaking out could be perceived badly but he can’t just sit idly by as people die. He wants to start a dialogue for white people to stop ignoring racism. Now I know black rappers have been saying this shit for a while. And yeah it sucks that the message has to come out of a white mouth for white people to start listening, but hey… at least it’s something right? He’s using his voice for good? and is saying informed things? Let’s compare this to Sam Smith who just recently discovered racism exists like a day ago. I feel like Macklemore at least knows his position… he’s not doing anything bad? Idk man… idk…

Dear non disabled people,

Stop ignoring murder, discrimination, sub-minimum wages, eugenics, dehumanization, and abuse. Stop talking about ableism only when you hear the words “stupid” or “idiot” or “dumb”. 

If that’s the only time you see or call out ableism, you’re not being an ally to disabled people.

  • Chat tells Ladybug a pun
  • Chat:everything's going furtastic rn isn't it my lady
  • Ladybug:fOR GODS SAKE CHAT
  • Chat tells Marinette a pun
  • Chat:do you work in a bakery because your BU-
  • Marinette:*sprays water at chat* bad kitty cat don't even start
  • Adrien tells Ladybug a pun
  • Adrien:h-HI L-LADYBUG
  • Ladybug:huh i-is something wrong
  • Adrien:you look really purfe-
  • Adrien:*blushes* wait nope have a nice day goodbye
  • Adrien tells Marinette a pun
  • Marinette:*turning away to hide her blush*
  • Adrien:meowch stop ignoring me already
  • Marinette:haha omg I'm not ignoring you that was a great pun btw you're so perfect- I mean funny- not that you're not funny- wait what no I mean I love you wait I didn't mean
  • Marinette:uhm I mean...
  • Marinette:you have nice hair

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I can't really agree with the designs for the au because i really cant agree with frisk having both and it kind od makes me feel like they have to be masculine or feminine

Or maybe nonbinary people can wear both masculine and feminine clothing without having to be told what to wear or how we “should” look? Clothing does not define a person’s gender, so please don’t. I wanted Frisk to be both a prince and a princess, and neither changes their identity.

Also, in-game Frisk wears both feminine AND masculine accessories (by society’s standards) anyways (i.e. a ballerina tutu and a cowboy hat) and again, that has nothing to do with their identity.

Found this and I was so applaud of how people are starting to realize how that supposed “compliment” isn’t a compliment. Stop saying this ignorant mess to black girls and expect them to respond with a nice gesture. Because you’re basically insinuating that her race is too ugly to have made something so pretty alone. Yeah, it’s not so sweet anymore now is it?
Saying she’s pretty for a black girl is not a compliment. Asking if she is mixed is not a compliment. Saying she’s the prettiest “dark” or “light” skin you have ever seen is not a compliment. Saying she’s just pretty IS a compliment.