Modern Dorian Aesthetic

Okay I’ll go back and rename Sera and Cullen, too, because these are more just modern!au not frat!au so

Anyway, Dorian! One of my faves! Wooooo! EDIT: Okay a lot of people have been wondering who the guy is so I just thought I’d add it here! His name is Rahi Chadda :)

full offense stop calling misogynistic frat boys who sleep with girls and then ignore them “aromantic heterosexual”. you’re just perpetrating the stereotype that aromantics are heartless people who take advantage of others for sex. besides, lbr here, no self-respecting frat boy would ever identify as anything but 100% heterosexual. 

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I'm a sucker for winter and christmas and new years eve. What kind of things do you think they'd do during the winter time? And if they kissed at midnight on new years... omg😢

OMG NEW YEARS EVE STOP I’M DYING.  Can I just say that I love how frat boy is taking place during the school year like exactly the same season we’re living in right now, so this means….all the seasons…all the holidays…that we’re going through and feeling excited about….can be incorporated. I LOVE IT.

Frat boy Harry is loaded so I wouldn’t be surprised if he offered to take her to Aspen for skiing or snowboarding, or asked her what city she’s always wanted to see during the winter time.  Snow men while Harry’s complaining about how childish and stupid it is, but getting the biggest amazed smile on his face when he sees you giggling and making a snow angel.  Cause you’re his angel, aren’t you?  Seems right that you should make your mark on the world.  Cozy kisses by the fire, him burning the cookies and him buying you a slutty Mrs. Claus outfit to wear to bed one night, expensive gifts, but thoughtful ones with loaded meaning and he’d be embarrassed when you realized that behind each lavish gesture or small moment when you’d catch his stare, the words behind it were I love you

Police officers & Egos

Why is it that most officers feel that when they are personally disrespected or their ego is bruised that they have the right to act within the law to gain respect? Your job is to serve and protect the people of this country not your inflated ego. If you can’t handle being disrespected, embarrassed, and ultimately humiliated you shouldn’t be allowed to work within law enforcement. Grow the fuck up and stop letting these frat boys and small minded people police out society.