will I ever stop editing felix? probably not

Made with Vine

I’m gonna have to start putting “don’t reblog if you’re ddlg” on my edits. Stop leaving your nasty comments on my stuff. Like I’m a positive/recovery blog and I legit have no clue why my stuff circulates through the ddlg community but damn if it doesn’t make me uncomfortable.

@serrures​ *sweats nervously*

anonymous asked:

I think the reason I remember them saying that they were saying people couldn't use vincent's name or design anymore was because they saw art of him being hung on facebook or something. Hasn't really stopped people from slightly editing the design and still using it though.

i can understand the character part but the name?? They don’t own the name

-Sailor S


Stranger Things | season 2 foreshadowing

“Something is coming, something angry, hungry for your blood…it is almost here.”