How do I stop procrastinating?
  • close this tab, turn off your phone, pause netflix, put your distractions in another room if possible
  • get up and jump around a little, stretch your muscles!!
  • write a to do list (quick and concise- no messing around!)
  • change your environment if you can
  • take your earphones out unless they’re absolutely necessary (music is great but it is a distraction!!! this sucks, i know!)
  • go have a pee, wash your hands with cool water, splash some on your face (cold water, not pee)
  • get a glass of water, eat a fucking apple
  • nobody can stop you from procrastinating except yourself
  • be PROACTIVE and do it yourself!!
  • you can stop procrastinating by stopping procrastinating!
  • rip off the band aid and just do your fucking work
  • you can chill later- you’ll feel 6000000% better about letting yourself relax once you’ve actually done some work
  • seriously, you just have to do it
  • stop now!!!!

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do you remember the day you stopped loving yourself

i don’t like that story, i don’t like to think about how sad i am.. i can tell you the day i decided i wanted to start to love myself, i like it better.. i was sitting across my then at the time boyfriend and he said,“are you sure you’re going to eat that?” referring to a wrap that was filled with lettuce, mozz chz, & italian dressing… he was also referring to the fact that i had gained 4Lbs and he never failed to mention it. i was sick & tired of acting like i needed to be something i wasn’t, if i’m honest i fucking hate wraps. and i hated myself so much. and it’s exhausting to hate yourself, i looked in the mirror and i wanted to cry, but i was so much more than just 4Lbs, and i was more than chubby fingers and i was more than “are sure you’re going to eat that?” i was beautiful even if no one told me i was. and i wasn’t going to let anyone tell me i wasn’t. if i wanted to be beautiful then i could be, i didn’t need anyone else, all i had was me and i love me.

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today a guy at my school placed the caution wet sign on top of the fire hydrant even though the janitor was still cleaning, god i feel so fucking horrible. that piece of shit made it harder for the janitor, i wanted to take it down, but the janitor got to it before me. god i want to cry so bad, I wasn't able to do anything, I'm as bad as him. it's not fair that assholes like him are loaded with money and can treat people like trash, its not fair. I should've done something, it's my fucking fault

hey anon,

take a deep breathe for me, okay? and keep this in mind: the only person whose actions you can control are your own. you cannot control other people’s actions. you cannot control other people. you can only control yourself. you cannot stop other people from doing things. you cannot fix everything. you cannot take the blame for everything. you cannot do everything. you are not at fault in this situation.

this wasn’t a situation in which you had any blame.


it’s not your fault.

you’re not at fault.

you’re not responsible for other people.


stay safe,


I took a break from homework and logged into an old rp account of mine from my Pokémon Instagram days and it’s truly sad to see so many talented writers quit writing cause the drama drove them away or because they were questioning their portrayals.

It made me think, and I wanted to say this here because I’ve seen some people lately question their portrayals or their writing; the most important thing about writing and rping is it should be for you, remember why you love that chapter and picked to write them and you should write for yourself. If you want to write a certain thing or play your character a certain way, go for it! When it comes to something you love like writing you should never stop yourself from doing something you want to do. You want to make a muse but feel you have to many? Whatever just go for it! Want to write a thing but unsure about it? Just do it. Life is too short to keep yourself from doing something you love.

Write for your enjoyment, and don’t let anyone or anything keep you from doing just that, because as long as you’re enjoying yourself nothing else matters.


disembodied female voice: stop
me: what
disembodied female voice: you do not need to change yourself for boys who fell in love with a beautiful wild thing. 
me: im not interested in ur empowerment seminar 
disembodied female voice: you do not need to make yourself less when you are a comet filled with such power and intensity that you are waiting to blaze across this universe
me: oh  ur blazed….ok

do you wanna build a hugh man
  • do you wanna build a hugh man
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  • me, a humble shitpost farmer who joined the fandom for memes, looking out over the dark horizon:Johnny, bring in the fic concepts and get Dot to help you cover the headcanons. It's about to get stormy in the discourse tags.
  • Johnny:Why, ma?
  • me:An update's coming. I sense... Kent.
  • Me:Fuck this game, I hate this game
  • Me:I hate this game, I hate this champion, I hate this community
  • Me:Fuck my team, their team, fuck riot and fuck this balancing, I'm never playing this game again.
  • Me:....
  • Me:....
  • Me:*Queues for next game*