okay fam sorry but I have to make this post. a few things are bothering me so…. yeah. 

I am getting so sick of people acting like the tog fandom hates or ignores Dorian. just because someone doesn’t ship him with Aelin… does not mean they hate him. I do not understand that logic. I, myself, shipped Dorian and Celaena in the first two books so honestly I have nothing against Doraelin. 

I think I speak for the entire fandom when I say I LOVE DORIAN and want nothing but happiness for my Crown Prince King. so please stop acting like you’re the only one who likes Dorian. I actually don’t think there’s a single person who DOESN’T like Dorian. 

secondly, hate Rowan all you want. that’s fine. not gonna fight you on that because you are entitled to your own opinion. but lately the Rowan hate hasn’t even really been about him… it’s been about the people who ship him. (which is pathetic, I’m sorry. you’re going to judge me as a human being just because I like a different ship than you? you do not know me. so bye.) or Aelin. OR EVEN SJM??? 

maybe it’s just me but I do not understand why anyone would continue to read a series if they obviously hate the main character. or really hate every single character except one. yeah, Dorian and Rowan and everyone else are main characters but this series is about AELIN and her journey. so if you don’t like her… and you wanna hate on her… why are you even in this fandom? 


just because you aren’t getting your way ship-wise does not give you any right to start bashing on the main character or the author for making the decisions they make. these are SJM’s books… she will write them how she wants and have Aelin end up with who she feels is best because they are HER BOOKS. 

whether Aelin ends up with Rowan, Dorian, Mort, or no one at all… I will support whatever decision Sarah makes. this series is not defined by the ships. I care so much more about Aelin and her journey than who she ends up with. 

call me and my friends mean girls all you want but I never bash anyone for their opinion. and I definitely don’t tag my posts in a lowkey attempt to start shit. I’m not interested in being part of any ship or clique wars. I am sick and tired of them. you have your opinions. and I have mine. let’s leave it at that. 

I’m sure this will turn into “ooooh another Rowan stan trying to start a fight blah blah blah” (because this is the general reaction to any post by a Rowaelin shipper) but no…. no it really isn’t. it’s not about ships, it’s not even about the characters at this point. it’s about the fandom

I am a part of this fandom because these books mean so much to me. because I wanted friends to talk to about these characters and books and feels. I got so much more than that though… I gained so many amazing friends to talk to about anything and everything. and I will forever be glad I joined this fandom for that reason. 

this fandom has not only been kind since day one but is also talented, and brilliant, and come up with the best theories and pieces of writing or art, etc. that is why I’m part of this fandom. that is why I’m even on this website. to share and see things like that with people who love the books as much as I do.

so, if all you want to do is hate on the characters, THE AUTHOR, or the fans…. kindly exit the fandom. your negativity is not wanted here.

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Lately I've been feeling really, idk, i guess depressed is the correct word. I lack motivation and things that used to interest me are dulling. I want to socialise but at the same time I dont??? Everything seems difficult and days and weeks are blurring together. Sorry if this is a weird question but what can i do to overcome this? What motivates you to do things? I really love your content and you never fail to make me smile, but honestly I dont know what to do. Sorry if this is personal

Sometimes it’s just the passing of time that motivates me, when I realize I haven’t been busting my butt enough - that’s honestly sometimes the biggest motivator for me. 
You just have to really be REAL with yourself and ask yourself what you want and stop making excuses. It’s hypocritical of me to say that honestly. Nobody is perfect, everyone is motivated by different things. It’s hard for me to say what you’ll be motivated by. 

Maybe try some new things, start exercising or going for walks? Start being a YES man. As stupid as that may sound, forcing yourself to say YES to most things that come your way will inevitably get you out of the house doing a bunch of stuff, and maybe you’ll be happier for that.

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anxiety isn't the same as a physical disability, too many people think they've got 'anxiety' when they don't they're just wanting attention and wanting an excuse for not doing something. If someone's got a broken arm, then that's gonna stop them from doing something but being a bit nervous about things is just a fucking lame excuse for not functioning properly, get off your high horse

1. i have autism which isn’t a physical disability am i making that up for attention? pls tell me i’d love to know. 

2. you do realize that saying things like anxiety are made up is spitting in the face of both modern medicine and psychology right? my 93 year old great grandmother who doesn’t believe in evolution or global warming believes this kind of argument should you really be tossing your hat in with those kinds of people? 

(and for the record, anxiety and ‘getting a bit nervous’ are completely different things you are drawing false equivalencies to hold up your non-argument pls try again.) 

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I'm not skilled enough to do a trade ;-; and just so you know, if I could pay, I definitely would but I just can't afford it and I have no way to do it. I love your banners and everything you do so please don't consider this rude :(

I don’t think it’s rude but when I say trade I don’t mean like a piece of cc, you could make me like a sim, or something your comfortable with. I don’t want this to stop people from asking for banners but I do want to get something out of it. And this probably won’t be happening soon since I have to make the thing and set everything up and talk about it with my mom. So I’ll probably do this batch of banners for either for nothing or a trade and don’t be scared if you’ve already asked for one :^) I don’t want to push people away from asking ok

Tickle things that will turn me into a puddle

• Getting me to actually say the “T” word to boost your advantage against me

• Acting like I said something else besides “stop”


• saying you gotta get all the giggles out


• Calling your hands tickle spiders


• holding me like a precious tiny baby bunny while you tickle me

• “Tickle-tickle-tickle-tickle!” or “Coochie-coochie-coochie-coo!”

• TICKLE CPR: (1) Rub your hands together, making a humming/buzzing sound with your mouth, and shouting “CLEAR!” before tickling my tum! (2) If 1 fails, try mouth-to-tum, AKA RASPBERRIES!


• giving me a kiss/kisses during/after tickling.

• Laughing/Giggling, saying my laughter/giggles are contagious, and blaming me for giving you them


• nibbling my ribs like they’re freaking food and complimenting on how they taste


• telling a story with tons of growing temptation that all leads up to you TICKLING ME OUT OF NOWHERE!

thank you for your time. 😜


That’s right, I’m back at it again. With wings this time! And legs! (Pixie boots were kinda a given)

Heh, but yeah. Last picture I drew for you, I was so grateful that you actually responded to it. And I’m.. again.. very blunt. Though, I’ve been giving it a lot of thought lately in how I’m going to say this, but I should really stop over thinking for my own good and just say it.

Your art inspires many and kinda speaks to me in a weird way. Like.. shows your personality a bit. The little #tags you write, here and there, are quite enjoyable and sometimes even make me laugh and/or smile. 

I don’t know you, but I can tell you’re an amazing, kind, talented, and over all great person. I’d love to get to know you better. Though I’m pretty sure I’m to shy to do this kind of thing like.. ever. I can’t shake the feeling that we could be pretty great friends.  

Sorry for my overly awkward and pretty awful proposal to initiate a friendship, but it’s all I got.

Well that and bad puns, but that’s about it. <:0)


@acecommunityreceipts​ - too patient and amazing, doing the lord’s work, sifts through bullshit blogs so that others don’t have to. blocked for making me feel bad about myself

@aphobiakills​ - my wife, beautiful, that one long post (you know the one) was one of the most well-written things i’ve ever seen. blocked for making the hetkeepers threatened enough by her goodness and logic to form a smear campaign against her

@h8keepers​ - that one account everyone wants to be noticed by, always giving advice, could probably take over the world. blocked for being good at everything and also because s made me gayer by replying to me in hebrew that one time

@hate2breakittoya​ - stick with the lesbian flag icon even though it makes me confuse them with that one shitty blog you know the one, singlehandedly start 95% of important discussions, use their mogai hell denial tag to give LGBT people a place to vent. blocked for being amazing but double blocked for distracting me from my musical with the fucking ace discourse musical fuck

@discourseful​ - knows how to handle anon hate, has a detailed callout masterpost WITH RECEIPTS that they consistently update, shamed me for dabbing to HSM2 like a good friend should. blocked for being petty enough to queue blazinace’s callout post to repost every month (and for being taller than me)

@furriesfortrump​ - iconic, stole all the usernames pertaining to furries supporting trump, writes amazingly clear arguments. blocked for being such a good discourser that hetkeepers resort to making fun of their clearly sarcastic URL

@allodiscourse - level 10 aphobe, absolutely gorgeous but doesn’t post enough selfies, either never sleeps or has an amazing queue set up. blocked for making me a level 25 gay with her selfies

@relatablehetaceposts - literally so funny, makes so many original posts, roasts Ross from Friends like a true heterophobe. blocked for making me cry with that one “cishet ace moodboard” post

@fulldiscourseofantibiotics - somehow on every post i see, has a cute icon but doesn’t mess around. blocked for being more popular than me even though i’ve been in the discourse since april

@the-ace-community - makes iconic posts making fun of the hetkeepers, says everything i’m too afraid to say (especially that one recent reply to someone’s post about how assuming the amount of sexual attraction a gay person feels is inherently homophobic that was amazing). blocked for always having a good argument and making me feel inadequate. 

@tiredofcishets - always remembers to tag EVERYTHING (fr i applaud that), cites everything, is there anything she doesn’t know. blocked for making up the majority of my reference tag with long, well-researched posts about LGBT history

@the-shitcourse - confused me with the URL change just now, claims to be on hiatus until september 5th but is always online (seriously go take a break), grew and changed so much in the past few months making me strangely proud. blocked for handling being called out perfectly and apologizing sincerely like the good person she is



I Didn’t Mean It

(image of Jason sleeping doesn’t belong to me, credit goes to EliM18)

“I’m not saying you should stop what you’re doing, all I’m saying is you should be more careful, Jason! You’re going to get yourself hurt or worse…” Your voice starts to crack so you take a minute to let it rest, telling yourself to not to cry because that will only make him angrier. 

You love Jason with all your heart but recently things have been tense, mostly because you hate seeing him come home every other night battered and bruised. Some nights he doesn’t even come home, leaving you up worrying at night, wondering if he is even alive. It’s a wonder how you manage to get any sleep these days. 

The reason the two of you are having a dispute right now is because you decided to voice your concern to him, he took it the wrong way, thinking that you wish to stop him from doing his work. You know he is only acting this way because his line of work puts a lot of stress on him at times but never before has he taken it out on you. The rage burns in his eyes, making it difficult to look at them. This really wasn’t your intention but it was bound to happen sooner or later, the two of you have let it boil over for weeks now. 

“You knew exactly what you were getting yourself into with me!” Jason yells back, throwing his hands up frantically. Still, you will not cry in front of him, you refuse to. 

“What about me, Jason? What about how it makes me feel? I need you here with me, not all the time but I still need you.” You try to make him see if from your perspective. 

“If you can’t handle that then maybe you should just go and let me get on with it! You only hold me back!” He snaps in retaliation instead of dealing with the situation calmly. It’s because he knows what you’re saying is true, he just doesn’t want to hear it. The angry expression on his face slackens when he sees the look on yours, immediately he regrets his actions. 

“Y/n, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it.” Jason stops in front of you in order to take hold of your hand but you quickly withdraw them from his grip. 

“Yes, you did.” Your voice wobbles quietly. 

Never before has Jason seen you look this hurt, that’s how he knows he really messed up this time. Sometimes his temper just gets the better of him and he can’t control it. He really hates himself right now for taking it out on you, it’s not your fault, never has been. You won’t even say another word to him, he watches as you grab your coat and walk out the door without looking back. Perhaps that is what he deserves. He is left standing in your apartment hanging his head. Who knows if you will come back. 

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TBH even more so than non East Asian PoC, I really don’t understand why white people feel the need to restore photos. Like whitewashing in kpop is an intracommunity issue that largely affects east and south East Asians, but like the concept of colorism affects all PoC, so I understand why they restore (even though it makes me a little uncomfortable I can see why), but why are white people doing it. you are not affected by colorism, like when people see tan skin on y'all they think sun kissed, beach loving, etc. so why do you feel the need to insert yourself into yet another thing that doesn’t affect you whatsoever? like why? like TBH can white people especially stop restoring photos? like ?????

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Do you have any Komahina head-canons?

Hm, I think in spite of how he seems, Komaeda can be pretty possessive of Hinata once they start dating. Of course his form of possessiveness takes the form of passive-aggressiveness towards himself. Saying things like “of course you wouldn’t stay interested in trash like me. I knew it wouldn’t be long!” It’s more pointed than how he used to do it, because he’s making sure Hinata knows he’s Not Happy.

Hinata in turn knows something is up, because Komaeda stopped trash-talking himself very much after they got together (he knows Hinata hates it.)  So Hinata always makes sure to reassure him and makes sure he feels loved afterwards. 

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a lot of people tell me that my love for dinosaurs is childish and that i should stop focusing on 'soft sciences', which makes me feel pretty worthless.

That’s ridiculous! 

Geology and Biology are NOT SOFT SCIENCES. They are IMPORTANT sciences. Anyone who says otherwise is a fucking physics snob and should be ignored. 

They are hard, important sciences. They use the scientific method and do important things. 

Whoever tells you that is dumb and you should ignore them. Focus on what you love. You’ll be a lot happier than they are.

Just listen

You see, I don’t see you as you do
For me, you are perfect
You should start seeing it too

Your art is amazing and your writing is flawless
Your posts are the best in a world full of darkness

And you have bad days, but those turn into weeks
And then into months and from there in years

And you’re so used to not believe in yourself
And you’re so used to never be enough

You lost all the joy doing the things you loved
Forget about how those made you feel proud

And time goes by and you forget everything
About your love for drawing and how you used to sing

About your silly stories or your poetry
And you built up walls, you built them up slowly

To protect yourself from everything that hurts
Without realizing, you just made it worse

Now take a deep breath, start counting to ten
Grab that old guitar, find your favorite pen

Start doing again everything you loved
Bring back to life your lost inner child

Promise you’ll do that, or at least you’ll try
Believe in yourself, because so do I.

Pissed Beyond Belief

I was talking to this seemingly really sweet girl on here, treating her as a friend and with the utmost respect, up until 5 minutes ago when she decided to message me this: “Can we stop talking? I don’t like black girls.”

 I cannot even express how this makes me feel. How DARE you?! How DARE you come here and spread anything but love?? How DARE you make me feel so incredibly rejected and foolish?? I’ve shown you nothing but kindness, and you completely disregard me because of the pigment of my skin! How DARE you disregard ANYONE for the pigment of their skin?? My ancestors have fought too hard, and we’ve come too far, for people to still be thinking with the same old biggoted mindsets. Do you even stop to think how the things you say make people feel?! Or are you just so much of a monster that you don’t even care?! I’m sick and tired of seeing entire groups of people being treated like LESS than dirt just because of the way they were born! Let me tell you this though, don’t bother following me, messaging me, or so much as glancing at my blog if you’re racist, sexist, or homophobic. This is unacceptable and I won’t tolerate it.

If you see this post, please reblog it. This is so important, and it’s something that everyone needs to learn and grow from. Hate is outdated, and ignorant.

I wish I couldn’t remember all our good memories. All the late night talks, the 3 hour long phone calls, the movie debates, the song suggestions. All the places we went, the things we said we’d do, the moments we shared and the intimacy we had. I loved it all, every piece of it. Remembering, looking back, thinking about all the what ifs, it kills me. If only I could forget and move on. If only I could convince myself I’m better off without you, and stop going back to the moments I was the most happy. With you, it’s always with you. It’s not just that, you hurt me too. You weren’t always the best, but now I don’t seem to care. The good oversees the bad. All I want is a second chance. But I know that’s bad for me. I know you’re bad for me. You’re like a drug, and I’m addicted. I need rehab, but I just can’t get there. Deep down, I don’t really want to. I don’t want to let you go, I don’t want to live my life without you. Even if it kills me.
—  #103 excerpt from a book I’ll never write

(Pic from LP’s Facebook) 

Regina: Emma, which one’s your favourite? 

Emma: Huh? 

Regina: Emoji faces, which one do you like best?

Emma: I’m telling Henry to stop teaching you things. 

Regina: Why? It’s fun Emma, pick a face.

Emma: I like all of your faces but none of those are my favourite. My favourites are, when you first wake up and you’re all sleepy and cute, the look you give me that makes me want to hop into bed with you and never get out again, oh when you laugh, laughing face is good…

Regina: You know you’re only supposed to pick one.

Emma: I can’t because I love all of your faces. 

R e p e n t a n c e

Min Yoongi x Reader x Park Jimin

Sister fic to my other fic, 5 Stages of Grief.

Summary: What’s done is done and the only thing he can do is regret and repent.

A/N: Special thanks to @infires-by-bts for inspiration!

A/N 2: Ask me random things, anons! It makes me really happy :) and there’s a storm outside and it sounds so scary omg help I HATE YOU SUMMER GET AWAY FROM ME DONT COME NEAR ME DONT TAKE MY INTERNET STOP MAKING NOISE STAHP

He kissed you on the cheek gently and you giggled to yourself.

“Are you okay now?” Your lovely fiancé, Min Yoongi, cooed and you smiled as you snuggled into his everlasting warmth. Yoongi gave you a small smile and accepted you act of love, reciprocating by wrapping his arms around your body.

“I’m fine, they don’t hurt anymore.” You responded as you traced the outlines of the scars on your wrist and Yoongi gently does the same. His soft, pale fingers slid down the cuts used to cover your grief and after much time, he was able to trace them without you flinching away.

To what to you felt like an eternity, you came in terms with your break up with your cunning and sly ex boyfriend, Jimin Park. After sneaking into one of his concerts backstage, you were exposed to his crafty ways by taking advantage of you to push himself further up the food chain. Devastated by this revelation, Min Yoongi became the shoulder you cried on the man you ended up falling for.

Here you were now, snuggling with your teasing, but loving boyfriend while watching a movie.

“Did Jimin call you at all?” The man beside you asked as he caressed your hair. Although the path to recovery was extensive and enduring, the one thing that you have yet to recover from is hearing Jimin’s name.

“Yeah, he calls me a lot. Just this morning he called.” You fiddled with your phone with your free hand and glanced at your boyfriend as his patient hazel eyes pierced into yours.

You broke eye contact and stared blankly at the movie. Yoongi sighed and cuddled you even closer.

“I’m going to make you forget everything about him.” He whispered as his long, slick fingers slide through your hair and played around with the ends of your hair.

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         “i cannot handle one more producer telling me not to do something because they can’t broadcast it. it’s a reality show. reality is the fact that some people’s dumbasses do dumbass things. it’s REALITY. not like someone telling me to stop is going to make me stop, Y’KNOWcompletely unrelated, though… do you think i’ll be kicked off the show for punching a setman?


I honestly don’t know what to say other than the obvious, I’ve seen other posts like this (lowkey copying in a sense, credit to those lovelies) and they all express how they feel and to be honest, i don’t know really how to express it other than this equation —-> (Hoseok X EXO Beagle line) youngjae + Jackson + all of seventeen = my happiness level

Literally though, thank you all so much for even following me, thank you all so much for the encouragement that you all give and i couldnt ask for anything more. (anecdote time) I didn’t have much before making my blog to what it is now, i was always bored until i found writing albeit it’s not great but i do love it a lot and then came along the series of thick thighs and self confidence which i feel are the best things i’ve done since starting this blog. I’ve considered more than several times of stopping everything and just deactivating my blog but i realised that this is something i love doing and i get to communicate with people all over the world and you’re all some of my favourite people (anons are the best istg. there are some people i would love to thank as well :3

so @lolzwithholz @taegotjams @bangtan-fuck-me-up @showmethekookie @princess-chimchim @dimplecoups @jeons-jalebi @astro-bts-trash @slayerqueeneve @verymanlyluhan @taestutu @exo-chanyeollie @bangtansqueen @parkchii-min @cakejimin @jeonrepublic @namjoonsrightdimple  @jesusagrees @kpopscenariosyay @bts-for-life - most i talk to and some i don’t but they have all helped along the way and most i am close to and some i wish i was close to but thank you all so much and i know this gooey af but i am thankful. For some, i do wish we stayed in contact and it would be nice if we would talk again but i wish you well and you are happy! (please folow these loevely people, they’re great and i’m sure you will love them and there are more people, i just don’t have the time to properly tag everyone)

i don’t really talk to a lot of people or follow a lot of blogs so i cant really do a huge list but there are a few that got me into writing

@your-miss-right @lovingthekpoplife @verymanlyluhan @exoticarmy127 @exobtsimagination  @kpop-scenarios-blog @mittenktv @enaasteria @pandabearlikes and many many more, once i have the time, i will do this properly for you all, you should all follow these blogs because their writing is amazing and are some of my favourite fics are written by these blogs!

so overall, thank you all so much! this literally means all of you.