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So I'm in my film class watching a movie and it's really dark. And I can only imagine watching a movie with H with a couple of friends. And we're tucked under a blanket when I feel his hand trail on to in my inner thigh... You can see where this is going and he'd be such a little shit keeping a straight face.

You watch him intently but he’s focused on the movie. However, his eyes are at half mass and you can see the smirk on his face. His hand makes it to your center and parks there, just stops, fingers dangling on your clit. You watch him for any movement, he can clearly feel that you’re wet and it causes a slight gulp but his face never falters. Finally you, out of desperation, start to grind your hips closer to his fingers. He presses down and when he does, you stop, thinking he’ll keep doing it - but he doesn’t. Groaning, you grab his wrist and pull him hard to your clit and start up again, your hips moving in a small circular rotation. Your breathing gets heavier and you’re biting your bottom lip and that’s when he glances over, eyes bore into yours. “Naughty little girl, aren’t you?” He whispers, “fuckin’ m'fingers in front of your friends?” And that’s when he does it - he starts smacking your clit as hard as he can,
Over and over, your mouth hangs open, afraid to stop moving because you don’t want him to stop. Your release comes hard and slow, he’s dragging it out by dipping his hand into your panties, tracing up your folds. “Mmmm….” he finally lets up and pulls his hand out, sucking on his fingers, “my turn”.

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Any headcanons for gryffindors who are torn between being the parent of the group and the wild child?

Sounds fun !

  • They are the embodiment of the expression “go big or go home”
  • They won’t do the thing. No. Unless it is like really seriously planned to be spectacular and no-one gets harmed
  • They are the one who forces people to wear helmets before trying that “triple barrel roll with no hand on the broom” thing
  • Will create the most spectacular diversion to get their friends out of trouble
  • If any harm is done to one of their friends, all hell break loose and said friend often has to stop them in their revenge because things might get too intense
  • They give really, REALLY INTENSE pep talk, holding you by the shoulder with their face at one inch from yours
  • Good in herbology
  • Know how to make the strongest coffee to help you get trough your revesions, but drink way to much themselves
  • “Oh my god fine if SOMEONE has to do it I’ll do it so none of you idiots gets harmed why are you always making me do this guys”

And that’s all I could come up here tonight, hope you like it ;)


Imagine a pack snuggle with Werewolf Shield

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“What are you guys doing?” you asked, giggling as you strolled into your bedroom after a relaxing shower. Your hair was still damp and you’d slipped on one of Roman’s button ups, barely fastening the clasps to cover you. Your mates were huddled around the bed doing something or the other but as they turned, they couldn’t stop watching you.

“U-uh we were…We were…wow…” Seth mumbled, eyeing you up and down which made you laugh.

“You were?” you teased, motioning him to continue as you strolled over with a smirk.

“We were m-making somethin’ like a d-den…” Roman mumbled, his face bright as he scratched his head and looked away. He had to admit, he wouldn’t mind seeing you in his shirts more often. You squealed when Dean suddenly snuck up from behind, hugging your waist as his cheek pushed against your barely clothed ass.

“God bless this ass.” Dean joked, making you playfully swat at him.

“Down, boy! Down!” you teased, finally worming out of his grip and quickly scuttling into the makeshift ‘den’. “Ah, it’s so comfy.” you smiled, snuggling into the blankets before shooting your boys a sly smirk. “You coming or not?”

“Aw, doll, if we have our way you will be.” Dean smirked as he got into the bed behind you while Roman slipped to your front and Seth perched by your stomach.

“Down, boy.”

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Why do SOME guys feel so entitled here on tumblr…?
This guy messaged me and said “DTF?” So, naturally I told him ‘no and to leave me alone’ so he replies with “I can’t see your face anyways so you’re probably ugly.“ LMFAO like just stop being gross and rude and maybe girls wouldn’t get so ಠ_ಠ
Also I love how the second a girl says no these guys go on the defense and start insulting you, why do you feel the need to be so disgusting this early in the morning.

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Taegimin and peeing in the ball pit

“Grab your coat, Jimin. We’re leaving,” Taehyung pouts, shoes in hand, as he stomps away from the play area. “That shitty new manager said I was ‘too old for the ballpit.’ Kicked me out. What does that even mean? Fun has no age. Fuck him.”

“Hey, forget about him. Let’s just go to the other Chuck E. Cheese. Hoseok is managing, and he always lets us in the ballpit.” 

“Yep, let’s go.”

Jimin stops cold in his tracks at the smirk on Taehyung’s face. “Wait. What did you do?”

“What do you mean?” Taehyung asks innocently.

“You’re letting this go too easily. What did you do?” Jimin demands. 

“OKAY,” a gruff, angry voice comes from behind them. “Which one of you Gosh Dang little Fudgers peed in the Mother Flipping ballpit?”

“Just keep walking Jimin,” Taehyung urges him softly, linking their arms together as he tugs them towards the exit. “Nice and calm, that’s it, like we did nothing wrong.”

“I didn’t do anything wrong,” Jimin insists, feeling the panic rise within him. 

“Yep, perfect, just like that, keep it up.”

“You did not…” Jimin starts, knowing full well that he did.

“Oh shut up, it’s like peeing in the ocean.”

“It is not like that even one little bit,” Jimin marvels, eyes wide.

“YOU,” that growling voice roars across the facility, and Jimin turns to see one very small, very angry man staring straight at them. 

Taehyung stiffens, slipping his arm out of Jimin’s and sprinting for the door. “BYE.”

Final Girl Trope - Final Part - Sam x Reader

Part one here, part two here, part three here and part four here.

Description: In the conclusion to Final Girl Trope, you come face to face to Amazona. Determined to put an end to her and her plan, you know you have to find a way to put a stop to everything. But what terrible price will you have to pay?

Warnings: This is a Halloween inspired story so if you don’t like anything scary, don’t read. This story will have gore, possession, spirits, corpses, etc.

Word count: 5,111

Read at AO3 here or below:

           “What are you doing?”

           “What does it look like I’m doing, Sam?” You snap, shoving a sweater in your suitcase.

           Sam hurries over to you, “Whoa, whoa, are you leaving? You can’t – you can’t be serious.”

           You don’t reply. The lump in your throat is too large to say anything back. Sam is staring at you, looking aghast as you grab some more clothes from your closet and put them in your suitcase.

           He reaches out for you, saying your name and you flinch, pulling away from him, “Don’t.” You manage to say.

           “We can talk about this. I know I lied but –”

           Losing your patience, you snap, “Which time are you talking about? The first time, six months ago when you said you were leaving this life behind? Or this time, when you said you were visiting Nate and instead you were with Sully down in Africa?”

           “Listen, I can explain.”

           “I don’t want to hear it.” You mumble and you tell yourself not to cry, you can’t cry because then you will want to listen to Sam.

           You turn around and push past him, going to the bathroom to grab some things there. He trails after you.

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Somewhere Along in the Bitterness Part 1/?

You pinch your lips together and turn your back on your friends. You made your decision, you’ve filled your obligation and told them, you’re not going to change your mind, so there’s no reason to look them in the eye. You expect it when someone pipes up to stop you. You somehow weren’t expecting Karkat to be the first to say something.

“John, wait-”

“I’m not changing my mind,” you tell him firmly without turning back to face him. “Besides, with my retcon powers, I’ll be able to just zap back here! You’ll probably just blink and I’ll be back, just there, a fight with a green shithead, and bam I’ll be right back, you won’t even notice.”

“I’m not trying to fucking stop you!” Karkat snaps, and in your shock you do turn around, then. He’s glowering at you, more determined than you think you’ve ever seen him.

“I’m coming with you!”

You’re touched, actually. It’s like a scene straight out of both of your movies.

“Aw, Karkat, I don’t mean to be rude but I’m way more powerful than you and I probably won’t-”

“I’m not going for your sake you writhing fleshmound!” Karkat surprises you again.

“I’m going back for Gamzee!”

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What would you do if Petra started flirting with you? ;)

..Your face..nice? 

Um, were you drinking? Cause you should probably stop now if you have been.

You had one too many if you did, dude.

Where are we going?

Requested:”Can u write about bruce/reader going on a cute halloween date?”

Characters:Bruce Wayne/Batman,Hero!Reader 

This is kinda sorta a continuation of Graffiti and I’ve never been on a date so idk if this is cute and I almost got caught writing this in ap bio lol.

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Skintones for POC companions in Dragon Age

Whitewashing is a huge problem in every fandom, and DA is no exception. All of the characters above are whitewashed and have their skin lightened on a daily basis. 

There is no excuse when someone whitewashes a character. Take your appropriate swatches if you must, and make sure you are staying true to the characters actual skin tone. Use these colours if you’d like - they were more meant to prove a point. You are certainly welcome to use them as a base.

Stop whitewashing POC. Stop lightening skin, stop slimming down features, and stop blaming whitewashing on lighting. You know better than that. You can do better than that.

Do not take swatches from the lightest part of the face - all the light colours shown here are meant for highlighting purposes. They are the highlights of the face, to be used to display light bouncing off the surface of one’s skin.

Every image of the characters except Josephine was taken from the dragon age wiki site and was only altered to fit and blend with the pictures. All other graphics are mine.