• dirty harry: about the iraq war
  • 911: about 9/11 and terrorism
  • kids with guns: about gun control and school shootings
  • plastic beach: about marine waste
  • gorillaz fans:
  • hallelujah money: about donald trump and the rise of money-based power
  • gorillaz "fans": what is this :(( where did all this politically charged crap come from :(( gorillaz has never done social and political commentary ever before :(((((((( it's not normal

As someone who has read the books, loves Sebastian and enjoys the show CAN YOU EXCESSIVE BOOK! STANS CHILL THE FUCK OUT?! Who gives a fuck if they made Sebastian’s true form look like burnt lasagna?! We’re gonna get more of a backstory and see why that was but honestly let’s be realistic here, Valentine experimented on him using DEMON blood. He’s a half angel with injected demon blood, that was bound to leave some sort of mark on him and not just that of making him a psychopath (which also comes from his upbringing). Demon blood was always said to be acidic and burn their skin if it touched them so just IMAGINE having it coursing through their body 24/7. Sebastian is very probably in total AGONY because of the burning inside of him that has burned him outside as well. It makes more sense that he would’ve gone all crispy outside rather than him just walking around all beautiful and murderous. This show is doing awesome stuff with the given content and I love that it isn’t always as predictable as Book! Stans want it to be because honestly that would be boring after awhile. Stop trashing the hard work of the cast and crew because you don’t want to admit that there are things that the show makes more sense of then the books.

im dreading tomorrow. It’s my first ever mother’s day as a mom and i don’t have any one to spend it with because anthony has to work a double and all my friends are busy spending it with their mom and today i got told im not allowed to participate anyway because im “not a real mom” and so im just gonna spend all of tomorrow crying. me and my tears, on my first mother’s day. all by myself

Ghost in the Shell

Today I watched it and I have some things to say. 1. FucK it was so good, and so spot on to the original anime 2. Batou and his dogs made me wanna cry,, so cute 3. I don’t really understand why people are saying it’s white washing, cause the whole reason anime characters have big eyes is to look western 4. Guess what? Major is a ROBOT, robots don’t have ETHNICITIES, the only thing that matters is her ghost, not her appearance