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We often experience such bad moments because we just can’t stop comparing to others can we?

STOP THAT!! I’m not gonna say that you are “fearfully and wonderfully  made” because you’ve heard that a thousand times already.But hear me out here.

We compare ourselves with other Christians which are “Holier”? than us.We compare ourselves to Christians which are in sin, so we have the chance to feel proud of our faith.We compare ourselves to non-believers, we compare ourselves to our friends, to our enemies,we compare we compare we compare…….

Didn’t’ you know that, when THAT moment comes and you and I stand before the presence of the Almighty (whether you are ready or not) HE then will compare ourselves to CHRIST! His Son, the Holy, the Worthy,the Pure, the Alpha and the Omega, the Beloved of heaven ,the Lion, the Lamb!!!!We will be compared to the original model, so instead of wasting time and energy causing yourself and others the pain of comparison, focus on the bigger picture, , the outcome, the goal, the final result: JESUS.

Article: Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

When you compare yourself to others, focusing on what you think they have, that you believe you don’t that stops the creative process. You begin to envy others. You begin to want what they have, because, deep within you, you fear God was having a bad day when he made you. You believe that he must have not given you the tools as he did everyone else.

In that moment, you move from a state of Heaven (Peace/Love/Oneness) to the state of Hell (Pain, Fear, Separation). You move from a place of empowerment to powerlessness. From seeing yourself as a creator to victim. You move from a place of abundance within, to perceiving yourself as lacking, unworthy, or inadequate.

The next thing you may do is doubt yourself. Then, you find someone to blame outside of you. They become this “enemy” you have to be in competition with. This is projection. Because, the last place you do not want to look at the one place that this has begun. It has started in your own mind.

All of this is the result of your thoughts, you believed them, you created the emotions and now they have manifested in your experience.

The funny thing is: None of your thoughts about comparison is true. It doesn’t matter how much you rationalize it. Why? Cause, God holds and sees the truth in his children he created.

Meaning, you are powerful, limitless being within a body, who can create their own destiny through the freedom of using your will through love or fear.

That’s how creative God made you. God made you so creative that you can make yourself suffer and you can bring yourself back to peace. You get back to peace by forgiving yourself. Literally, by giving up the beliefs of comparison, doubt, envy or lack you had believed about yourself. You let yourself off the hook. You remove the block of fear out of the way to return to the truth within you. That you are light, love, whole, abundant, fearless, and a empowered being of God. That is your salvation you receive for yourself.

Focusing on lack is like complaining about being broke, but not willing to change your situation. But just stay broke. The energy is very dis-empowering.

When you focus on what you have. What you can give to others, you are coming from a place of empowerment, uplifting and inspiring because, you recognize you have something to share with others. This is truly loving yourself.