there’ll be a point in life when you’ll realise that the things you once loved are now trivial, that you start caring less and less about what will happen in your future.

so kids please enjoy everything you have now at your fullest. don’t wish for more or less. cherish every person in your life and every little thing you have. spread happiness, because reaching that ‘dull’ peak of your life can happen any moment.

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are you still doing headcanons bc your post about SQ made me want to know how henry would find out/react when he realizes swan and regina are fucking/dating/being gal pals/whatever they're doing

Henry would know before they did! Emma would be all like “Henry…there is something your mom and I need to tell you,” but Henry would just roll his eyes and respond with “….moms, I’m 13 not stupid” 

Henry is the type of little shit who would actively play parent trap. like he knows regina loves emma and emma loves regina and he is just SO tired of them always giving each other dumb heart eyes without knowing they are in love with each other so one day he tricks him moms into a romantic setting, telling them hook and robin are waiting ~ all the while calling Hook and Robin and being all like “I wanna hang out with my step dads!!!” just to get them out of the way so regina and emma can FIGURE OUT THAT THEY ARE LIKE MADLY IN LOVE WITH EACH OTHER. 

all he wants is for Regina and Emma to be happy. I mean IN CANON he hates Hook and doesn’t really care about Robin that much besides thinking he’s sort of cool. that kid would be absolutely ecstatic once those nerds got together.

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That is also how I feel about 2nd person perspectives, but I would never say that to an author, I just wouldn't read the fic.

lol, right. this is fine! I realize there are people who don’t like this way of writing. it is fine. you do you. this is a particularly egregious example (usually people do… read… the fics…) but I will just never understand people who leave comments of this nature. I don’t get upset or offended but like… why. what version of the social contract did you read. ??????

I’ll stop needing you, just as you stopped needing me.
I’ll stop caring about you, just as you stopped caring about me.
Just wait and you’ll see that i’m going to replace you just like you replaced me.

As I lay here in bed, I can’t help but think of you! I wish you wanted me back or would come back home….but I know you are happy there and to me that is all that matters. As much as I want you, your happiness means a lot to me. Knowing you doing something great there make me proud even if my heart hates it. I know its all wishful thinking anyways. If I was good enough, you wouldn’t have left me, you wouldnt treat me like a game, I wouldn’t feel like this. I just wish I could stop thinking about you, and I wish I could fall asleep with you not in my mind all the time! I wish I could learn to not care for you anymore but my heart worries and cares too much about you and I can’t figure out why!!