obviouslylinked  asked:

farmboy!kaner and traveller!jonny meet at the kane family's b&b. love ya lif

  • jonny’s there for a week, it was supposed to be a day or two, just a quick stop in between other stops, but he likes the quiet town and the kane family is more than hospitable
  • he likes to spend his mornings on the back porch with a cup of coffee, enjoying the view
    • the view is obviously kaner doing farm work in a unbuttoned flannel and ripped jeans, sweating and humming along to a tune in his head
  • kaner tries not to pay too much attention to the recent attractive guest, it’s never wise to get attached to people who don’t stick around
  • kaner is sitting outside late one night and jonny joins him
  • they drink and get to know each other
  • jonny is very drawn to kaner’s smile and dimples, so he spends the night trying to make him laugh
  • kaner is very drawn to jonny’s voice so he lets jonny do most of the talking

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anonymous asked:

Why do you think so many of the amazing simblrs and creators are leaving???

I guess they feel unappreciated and they may have been getting lots of hate. Also blogs like sim secret that use lots of submissions that give hate may have gotten to them. You never know.