Taylor Swift goes No. 1 on iTunes Canada with 8 seconds of static: LISTEN.

If there’s ever been any question about the power of Taylor Swift’s name to move records, this should dispel it. Some sort of glitch in the Canadian version of iTunes Tuesday morning led to the release of what was ostensibly a new track from her album. The record, for now titled only “Track 3,” is nothing more than 8 seconds of static, but that didn’t stop fans from taking it straight to No. 1.

As of this morning the 8 seconds of white noise—which we should have embedded for your pleasure shortly—remains at No. 1, where it sits just ahead, of course, two other songs from Taylor Swift.

TW: Stabbing //, Assault //, School Stabbing //, Suicide Mentions //

It is crucial that we talk about the mass stabbing at Dunbarton High School in Pickering, Ontario yesterday (2/23/16).

For those who don’t know, some time before 8 AM yesterday morning, tumblr userflipping-all-the-tables; AKA Fevery/Breannee announced on her blog that she intended to “commit a high school stabbing” and would not be back. Around 8:30 AM,she did. Nine were injured, six of which were students, before she was stopped by staff members. THANKFULLY, no one was killed.

I don’t feel entirely comfortable being the source of information on this, as I have no connection to it besides what I have seen and read, but I am shocked at the overwhelming lack of discussion and awareness that it even happened. While taking into consideration that this incident is fairly new, it has been a day now and I have seen only one or two posts about it. It’s time to discuss it, because of the role Fevery’s blog played in the hours leading up to this event.

In addition to her final announcement, Fevery made a number of posts describing her plans to commit the stabbing. I don’t have a clear timeframe, but some seem to indicate they were posted the day before the incident. (thank you @thingwithhorns​ for grabbing these screenshots before they were deleted.)

My question is: Was this reported by people who did see the posts? Did @staff do anything? Could this have been prevented by action from observers in the hours ordays before it happened? Most importantly, what can we do to make sure this doesn’t happen again, and what can we do to become more aware of vulnerable, mentally ill minors on this website and the influence we as adults can have on them?

My eyes are especially on the always-nauseating true crime/serial killer side of tumblr from which we accumulate garbage like this…

and similar posts that normalize murder and romanticize serial killers under the guise of human rights. [all reblogged by Fevery.]

We also have to keep our sights on other toxic and dangerous influences that @staff continues to disregard time and time again. (neo-nazis, hate blogs, pedophiles, etc.)

I don’t have any answers to these questions and I don’t have the ability to articulate my opinions on what needs to be done, but what I do know is that the discussion has to start now. This isn’t the first time issues on tumblr have had real-life consequences, and it likely won’t be the last.

[[Note: I’m very sorry if I’ve misrepresented anything, or if my input isn’t helpful on this. If anything is incorrect, please correct me. My heart is also with the survivors of the attack and I am so, so glad this didn’t end as badly as it could have. ALSO– to the few blogs who are discussing this, I’d advise you to stop posting pictures of Fevery. Her identity is protected under the Youth Criminal Justice Act and it’s probably best to keep a minor’s face out of this while things are still skating on thin ice.]]

@staff stop ignoring this, @ adult tumblr users, start talking about this.

Some extra sources: x x x x x

Me and my sister arguing this morning
  • Sister:Stop being such a child, just grow up!
  • Me:Don't tell me to grow up, I'm 21 years-old, for fuck's sake!
  • Sister:And you run a blog about a series of books meant for kids 8 years younger than you.
  • Me:And you spend almost half of your days playing Mario or Pokemon, so shut up!
  • Sister:
  • Me:
  • Sister:
  • Me:
  • Sister:You're kinda right.
  • Me:You too.

Peaches and Green Smoothie

I got up this morning ready to take on the world! I hit my pace times for my 10 mile run with a fast finish (f yeah!). My range was to be 8:25-8:40 pace. I averaged 8:34! My splits were:

8:28/ 8:16/ 8:47/ 8:27/ 8:45/ 8:19/ 8:27/ 8:34/ 8:54/ 7:29 

I was feeling good. The kind of run where you just float on by, can’t stop smiling and are just in the zone. 

I came home and whipped up this smoothie for some refuel. (Thanks Michelle for naming it via Instagram!)

  • 1 cup spinach 
  • 1 peach
  • 2 tablespoons oats
  • 2 tablespoons sunflower seeds
  • ¼ cup coconut milk
  • 1 cup coconut water
  • 1 cup water

It’s creamy, a little sweet and a little nutty. The perfect smoothie for the perfect run!

anonymous asked:

Yo. You really need to put some posts on a queue or something. It's kind of annoying to check your blog and still see that same post from like 8 hours ago.

Okay I’m sorry, but like I have been working non stop since 8am this morning, and I work and have classes practically non stop between 8am and 8pm every single fucking day. I have 18 hours of class a week plus 30 hours of working on top of that. And it’s only going to get more busy when I start my 3rd job in two weeks. I have absolutely no time to sit down and eat or relax or even study, much less go on here and keep this blog updated by the minute or hour or add posts to a queue (WHICH I have running whenever I have a moment to breathe and fill it up). I know it must be annoying, but I promise it’s more annoying that I have no time to do anything I want. There are hundreds of astrology blogs out there. I’m sure you can survive without mine being updated for a few hours.