And just like in the game, you reach the place just in time to miss it.

It’s okay though, Maxie will then realize that his plan was insanely stupid and broke many laws of reality.

For being a nerd Maxie doesn’t know shit about how the Earth works.

Courtney please I’m trying to liveblog stop being so cute.

A Camerupt against a Sceptile. I actually would take this battle. Even if I couldn’t mega evolve my Sceptile (which would get rid of his weakness to fire) Caperupt is still neutral to grass due to being part ground type. And with speed and power my Sceptile could definitely take this thing out.

  • Ariana Grande:*shows up to the Grammys lookin good af, winged liner sharp enough to kill a man, happy af, excited and greatful af, puts on a beautiful performance, enjoyin the night with her boyfriend*
  • Y'all:*sittin on the broken couch, popcorn down your mayonnaise stained shirt* "lmao 12 years old!!!Capri Sun!!! Bed time!!!"