• 707:Stop shouting. What do you want? I am already busy with work!
  • MC:Love me~!
  • 707:What do you mean love you? I love you in every route!
  • MC:Really?
  • 707:Shit.
the marvelous adventures of germany: true luv
  • Germany:I am not gay
  • Italy:hi
  • Germany:
  • Germany:shit

quick leorai doodle before bed 


Boop I spent time coloring sketches what is the world coming to

Shaak Ti just found her way into the clone pages. And I realize I can draw over the Wolffe picture and make him Rebels!Wolffe but that is probably an experiment for another day.

Tumblr ship shamers’ lack of proper understanding what are paedophilia/abusive relationships is both amusing and annoying

like someone tagged Wendip as paedophilia because OMG she is whole three years old guyz its def paedo! (cuz 12 + 15 = paedo, amirite?!) and then there are people saying that shipping kids with kids is paedophilia despite them both being, well, kids and the whiners not even knowing the shippers actual ages (who could be kids too, btw) 

I mean by this logic Pokeshipping is paedophilia (they both are underage!), RonxHermione was paedophilia once (they both were underage when realized their feelings for each other), in fact, probably 75-85% of all ships of all media is pure and shameless paedophilia by this logic

let’s not even mention that their twisted minds constantly equate ship=sex because hey, romance just can’t be sexless, can it?1

but the saddest thing, though, is their total lack of respect for both creators of the shows (like Alex Hirsch and Rebecca Sugar saying that they don’t mind and it’s okay to ship) and other people. And lack of life, really (don’t you get better things than spamming tags? like being a decent human being?)

you’re all just a bunch of self-righteous whinny babies who cyberbully other people, sometimes with suicide baiting and death threats

like, who is the problematic one here? 

1) shippers, who don’t bother anyone and just live in their little space 

2) or fuckholes who push personal boundaries, tell other people to kill themselves, call them trash, don’t respect others’ feelings, try to control others’ thoughts and opinions, showing all traits of abusive behaviour

I know who is a bully out of these two, and I’m sure that the creators of the show would agree with me too

P.C. Oh, and btw, Rebecca Sugar wrote shipfics about Dib and Zim from IZ (the first being a boy and the latter a hundreds years old alien) so I dunno go an Inquisition her like you do here. Oh wait, you won’t, because facing someone like her is too much for your little cowardly tactics

Why you should shut up if poor people buy New Nikes.

By Lisa Wade, PhD

When it comes to forming an opinion on poverty, some Americans just can’t seem to understand why poor people can’t just stop being poor. One of the things that gets harped on is the idea that poor people spend money on frivolous things; somehow some people believe that, if the poor just gave up their cell phone and Nikes, they would pop up into the middle class.

What these people don’t realize is the extent to which being poor is living a life of self-denial.  To be poor is to be forced to deny oneself constantly. The poor must deny themselves most trappings of:

  • an adult life (their own apartment, framed pictures on the walls, matching dishes);
  • a comfortable life (a newish mattress, a comfy couch, good shoes that aren’t worn out);
  • a convenient life (your own car, eating out);
  • a self-directed life (a job you care for, leisure time, hobbies, money for babysitters);
  • a life full of small pleasures (lattes, dessert, fresh cut flowers, hot baths, wine);
  • a healthy life (fresh fruits and vegetables, health care, time for exercise);
  • and so, so many more things that don’t fit into those categories (technological gadgets, organic food, travel, expensive clothes and accessories).

They have to actively deny themselves these things every day. And, since most poor people remain poor their whole lives, they must be prepared to deny themselves (and members of their families) these things, perhaps, for the rest of their lives.

So when someone sees someone (they think is) poor walking down the street with a brand new pair of Nikes, perhaps what they are seeing is someone who decided (whether out of a moment of weakness or not) to NOT deny themselves at least one thing; perhaps they are seeing someone who is trying to hold on to some feeling of normalcy; perhaps what they are seeing is a perfectly normal person who just wants what they want for once.

I was thinking about this today when I saw the postcard at Post Secret embedded above (which, to be fair, may or may not have been submitted by someone who struggles financially).  The postcard, featuring a PowerBall receipt, reads “It’s the only time I feel hopeful.”

For many poor people, hope and the absence of fear and worry are also luxuries they live without.

Lisa Wade is a professor of sociology at Occidental College and the co-author of Gender: Ideas, Interactions, Institutions. You can follow her on Twitter and Facebook.