say it with me

  • stop throwing hate at taylor swift
  • stop acting like ur a cool feminist for loving beyonce and nicki and then hating taylor swift for dancing 
  • stop
  • stop
  • s t o p

literally grow the fuck up and idk try supporting other females instead of stomping all over them bc in case u havent heard her new hit song shes just gonna shake it off bc ur really irrelevant to her. 

  • Me: It's okay to be unsure of your gender/sexuality!!1! It's totally cool to be figuring yourself out!
  • Me @ me: except you bc u need to get ur stuff together and figure out what the heck u are right now immediately

my cousin is such a faggot he made a Skype group with his other 6th grade friends and invited me in it and every 5 seconds its like beeping and they are saying 5th grader jokes LOL OMG KILL ME PLEASE he annoys me so much like when I’m with my friends he tries to act cool, the other day my friends called him on Skype to make fun of him, and he sang the nyan cat song thingy and sounded like a complete faggot and he’s so fat too he eats like 6 times a day and he dresses in like pink i hate my relatives all of them drink so much vodka and act so communist and are like big fat hairy russians and i don’t fit in~


    I’m going to be blunt about this, before I go and make my coffee and continue with more memes. If you want to reblog this─── I don’t mind. That’s up to you but I’m not very happy with certain behaviours right now.

       Let me be blunt with this,

This blog will not, nor will it ever, tolerate any kind of vagueblogging directed negatively at anyone in this fandom.

   It doesn’t matter whether I know them, or whether I do not. It doesn’t matter if we’re enemies, or the best of friends, THIS IS BULLYING. This is toxic, unhealthy behaviour that situates someone in a position in which they are unable to defend themselves. This is not okay ──── this will NOT be tolerated, by any means.

    Vagueblogging on its own, can be something very hurtful. People neglect the facts of saying, IT CAN PUSH PEOPLE TO HURT THEMSELVES. Let me say that for the people in the back, a little louder,


   Tumblr is a communal site. What does that mean? It means that just like an out of school hobby, there is an underlying responsibility to take care of eachother. Does that mean you have to twist and turn in every direction to babysit someone you don’t even know? No, but it does mean you need to AT LEAST, be aware of possibly concerning content you post and it’s affect on others.

   Again, I’m going to be blunt ──── if you have no intentions of at least TRYING to censor your content, be it through tags, or readmores, or just not posting it at all, I have no time for you. I don’t care how much we’ve talked, how nice I’ve been, I do NOT care───

I will NEVER tolerate someone attacking another person.

I will NEVER tolerate someone HARASSING another person.

I will NEVER tolerate someone thinking it is in THEIR RIGHT to PUT DOWN someone in ANY CIRCUMSTANCE.

I will not tolerate bullying here, and that is absolute.



CY: What’s the matter, Bacon?
BH: This piece of crap! Who told him to post the pictures?!
CY: *Uh-oh!*

SH: Are those your prenup photos?
KAI: I guess so! But Why did Tao post them? KYUNGSOO will be very mad!


Flashback to be continued…


KRIS: Honey! I’m here!!!
SUHO: That’s great, honey!

KRIS: Told you I’ll be there! I can’t miss my——
KS: Please stop acting cool, dad! Let’s do this!
KRIS: Okay! As you said!

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