my cousin is such a faggot he made a Skype group with his other 6th grade friends and invited me in it and every 5 seconds its like beeping and they are saying 5th grader jokes LOL OMG KILL ME PLEASE he annoys me so much like when I’m with my friends he tries to act cool, the other day my friends called him on Skype to make fun of him, and he sang the nyan cat song thingy and sounded like a complete faggot and he’s so fat too he eats like 6 times a day and he dresses in like pink i hate my relatives all of them drink so much vodka and act so communist and are like big fat hairy russians and i don’t fit in~

BTS Reaction To You Bringing Them Breakfast In Bed.

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Jin: “Oh you didn’t have to! but if you insist *kisses your forehead*

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J-Hope: “Oh my god..My heart…my heart is…ah~~”

V: “Y/N your so cute!” *does alien face to make you laugh*

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Jungkook: “I bet the hyungs will be jealous” Pulls you close to say “My Bitch” But theres no one there *Cocky Maknae*

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Namjoon: *Makes a really big OMFG face* “Its beautiful!!!”

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Yoongi: “If waking up was like this everyday, I would be more of a morning person” *Smiles so cute you wanna fangirl*

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Jimin: “OH MY GOD WHY ARE YOU SO FUCKING CUTE! STOP I CANT!~~” *acts cool but actually screams inside because your so cute in your panda onsie bringing him food*

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how would the matsubros react to seeing their s/o being really cute and motherly towards the neighborhood kids?

Ohhh, how nice!

Osomatsu would happen upon you playing with kids in the park, and find it really cute. Eventually, he would find out your “schedule” and stay behind to watch.

Karamatsu was loitering by the bus stop, trying to act cool, when he was you with four kids. You listened to one of them talk about dragons, smiling and nodding. He was a little surprised, but loved to see you acting motherly.

Choromatsu saw you handing out granola bars for the neighborhood kids, and thought it almost adorable. He was having flashbacks to the time where he told his mother that he would get her grandchildren, and loved the thought of rubbing your motherly nature in his brothers’ faces.

Ichimatsu lounged on a park bench, petting the post-ESP cat. He saw you tending to one of the kid’s scrapes and raised his eyebrows at the thought of you actually having motherly characteristics.

Jyushimatsu was making his rounds of the neighborhood when he saw you playing a game of Red Light, Green Light, with some kids. He was almost amazed at the sight, and ran to where you were to join in the game.

Todomatsu definitely didn’t expect you to show up at his house asking for snacks with four kids trailing behind you. When he saw your patience with the kids, he would say he fell even more in love – no matter how cliche it sounded.

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do you think youre cool just because youre a lesbian? i already know what youre going to say and you know what, YOURE NOT. Just because youre a lesbian does NOT make you cool. stop acting as if its such a big deal. and plus, 2 women should NOT be mothers, children NEED the MALE influence. at least with 2 gay guys, they have the male influence though there should still be a female influence, but its still not as bad as lesbian couples. their brains will rot having two mothers.

You know what this ask reminds me of?

Bruh neither am I a lesbian nor do I like or want kids. 

I would advise you to go grab a cup of tea and actually enjoy the day instead of wasting time on little me; someone who clearly doesn’t fit your standard. Why are you even on this blog if I and my personal matters or opinions don’t fit your groove?

Go hang with people you like or maybe read a book :D Life is short, find something you love doing, someone to love, and spend time enjoying happy moments. Isn’t life supposed to be about happiness? It sure is to me.

I sure as hell am loving it, as well as the person whom I gave my heart. So instead of wasting your amazing potential on me, see if you can spend said potential on something that makes you happy.

Have a good day :)

Commun/-ism is awful please stop acting like its Cool and Radical!!!!! Do you know what the USSR is?? How about Mao???? Like are you fucking kidding me!! Chances are you mean socialism!!! The other is a dictatorship a literal dictatorship that cannot work and that is not equality in the least!!

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Renee's latest blog post gives me a damn headache. "Man meat" "shaaat". Really, what legitimate adult writes like a 12 year old? I mean this shouldn't be surprising at this point. It just makes me nauseated. Grow the hell up and stop acting like the "cool mom". The level of idiocy is incredible.


people who have to judge everyone on every single thing they do are such assholes. are you that miserable with yourself and your life that you cant let people be excited over something? stfu stop tryna act cool and let people be happy and post as much as they want about things that make them excited. why are you spreading hate in this world over people being happy?