stop overthinking

The truth is, I don’t love my life. and I’m certainly not making the most of it. I have no idea who or what I want to be, and nothing really makes me that happy. People have expectations of me, most of which I don’t care much about. Few people actually understand my complex views on what I care about, and most of the time I feel alone. So yes, I do have a loving family, food to eat, a house to live in, and a chance at a good life. I know how many people would kill for a life like mine, so it makes me feel pretty selfish, but if you asked me if I was happy, I’d be lying if I said yes.
—  lost and confused
$0 self-care:
  • enjoy a long, hot shower after an exhausting day
  • avoid or cut toxic people out of your life
  • have a nice, lengthy nap to rejuvinate
  • go on a sky watching or star gazing
  • take a break and unplug on social media
  • unfriend/mute toxic people on the internet
  • go for a walk or a jog on the park
  • reconnect with your good old friends
  • take your dog/pet for a walk
  • enjoy the sun for a couple of minutes
  • do a random act of kindness
  • have a quick movie marathon
  • try to do something that you used to love
  • listen to your favorite songs when you were a kid
  • artist or not, try painting your feelings
  • for a day, try decluttering your thoughts and stop overthinking
  • go on a window shopping (even w/o buying anything)  
Maybe you should stop overthinking so much and trust the way life happens. Things change. Every year you grow into someone else. Every year you have the opportunity to start over again and begin to rise and face the world the way that you want to. Take this with you, you’re beautiful human being…don’t be afraid to fail. Don’t be afraid to fall. Don’t be afraid to get your heart broken. Don’t be afraid at all. The fear is in your head. The doubt is in your heart. And regret survives in the memory - that is, if you feed it - if you give into it. So please, before you go…overthinking is a self-inflicting act. it is the suicide, the doubt of self, the tragedy no one understands, It is instant death without lifting a single sword. So don’t give in to it, you know you’re stronger than that and capable of so much more.
—  r. m. drake
I used to worry so much about other people and their thoughts and their life. And I was only wasting time and hurting myself. I have come to realize that I am better than that and I don’t have any reason to worry about other peoples lives. My time is too precious, I’m happy and I’m focusing on my life, and my life alone, with no worries at all.