stop your nonsense meep


((so here’s some concept sprites for a possible robotic eye eggs can build for biscuits to replace his missing one, if biscuits mun is up for that ;w;

this is actually kinda bad, can you tell i can’t actually robotics very well

some things about the robotic eye:

  1. the metallic plate is welded into the skin, and its purpose is to keep the eye from popping out of the blue uninvited
  2. the eye itself glows red, the central light source acting as a “pupil”
  3. the eye is connected via wires that transmit the images from the eye to the brain, so they essentially act as new optic nerves 
  4. the eye has a “blinking” function, with a shutter that closes every once in a while to remove any dust, smears or other foreign particles from the surface
  5. it’s also got night vision. sweet!

so there we have it ;w; ))