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KIBBS WEEK 2017 (x) || Day 2: An angsty Kibbs moment → Rule #12, 1x08 Minimum Security

Credit to @itbloomedforyourlittlegirl for telling me about this scene some time ago. Your theory that Gibbs is mad at himself in the last gif for saying that fits perfectly. Of course he loved Kate, and he was worried that telling her about rule 12 would make her think he didn’t want something with her. Dummies.

(61) Gladio’s pick-up lines.


Gladio: Bah, who needs the sun? I sure don’t. I’ve got you, Iggy. You’re not only as hot and bright; you also lighten up my whole day.
Ignis: Do I? That’s weird; I still can’t see anything.
Gladio: Not funny, Iggy. :(

Jean, Sasha, Reiner and Eren Relationship Headcanons (AU)


• Believe it or not, he is very talented at drawing (as you can see in the OVA). So you will find lots of drawings of you in his room, even though he tries to hide them.
• When you meet his mother, she would always tell you about his embarrassing childhood events and show you lots of naked- horse face- baby photos. This will cause him to become so flustered it makes him angry, which is why he will grab your hand and escape.
• When Marco is around, he will tell you about how Jean never stops talking about you and how cute and beautiful you are (and that he brags about you being better than Erens s/o), which is why he is glad that his best friend found someone like you. Being the awkward horse face Jean can be, he tries to shut up Marco but will stop when he sees your gorgeous smile.


• Since this girl is an extraordinary food addict, there will be no restaurant in your town the both of you haven’t already been at.
• You should always save up your money, because your potato- girl is often broke because of her giant appetite so you will have to treat her.
• When she’s not broke she will be the one treating you… but no matter what you choose to eat, she will order twice as much as you can handle - so she can “help” you (after she’s done with her own meal of course).
• Together with Connie, the three of you got banned in some restaurants because of your foolish behavior.


• Even if you are not too enthusiastic about sports, he will be able to make you enjoy it at least a little bit. His funny and outgoing nature make even the most exhausting jogging session enjoyable and you might lose more calories by laughing than by the actual sport.
• However, if you really can’t go on anymore, he gets worried and thinks that he pushed you too far (he would never do it, you just wanted to keep up but he will still think it’s his fault anyway), so he will treat you to something nice afterwards… of course after you have showered - and he always loves to join you.
• You will be his partner in crime when it comes to helping Bertholdt confess his feelings for Annie.


• You are going on lots of adventure trips with this energetic boy. So be prepared for random walks through abondoned forests, lots of road trips and extreme activities like skydiving (the latter only if you are up to it as well. Otherwise he will ask his friends).
• During these adventurous trips, he often insists on holding your hand because he claims it can be dangerous - but you can notice his ears become red.
• Even though he thinks you are the one who will get in dangerous situations, he will be the one himself, which is why Mikasa always tries to convince him to take her along. Most times he refuses, so she will ask YOU to take care of this hothead - Good luck!
• If Eren and you get into a fight, Armin would be the arbiter - he is really good at it.

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Y'all when will people realize that none of this stuff we have noticed was done on ACCIDENT?? THERE IS A PURPOSE behind every scene, line, and edit. These things are done for REASONS. MAYBE if SOME PEOPLE would get their heads out of the sand they would realize that the world of CINEMA does NOT revolve around things that THEY CLAIM TO KNOW EVERYTHING ABOUT. They are NOT the actors, NOT the writers and NOT the director.

(end rant)

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Anything with debi and maybe Momo with there s/o anything really they don't have much DX THEY NEED LOVE

How about some possessiveness?

You sigh, leaning against the cold bricks of an alley wall. You cross your legs and stare at your cuticles before you look up at the three thugs gathered around you. They are leering down at your body. You can feel them undressing you with their eyes, and you look off to the side with a general bored expression. 

“What’s a pretty little thing like you doing out here?” the one with the ponytail, leaning against the brick wall.

“Minding my business,” you sass. 

Popping your gum, you roll your eyes. Your nose scrunches as the scent of cheap beer and cigarettes waft from one of them. 

“Aw, come one, sweetheart. Don’t be like that,” the thug with the hat grins. 

“Yeah, we just want to have a good time.”

The one with the nose ring reaches for you and his arm is consumed in black flames. You press your self tightly against the wall, closing your eyes and turning your face away from the fire. His screaming fills the alleyway as you smile, running up to Dabi. He wraps an arm around your shoulder, pulling you into his chest. You grin at the thugs who are looking at the two of you with faces of horror. Dabi raises his free hand, dark flames licking his fingertips. 

“Keep your filthy hands off my girl.”

An inferno of dark fire erupts from his hands, effectively turning the three thugs into nothing but ash. Dabi looks down at the faint hickies littering your neck. They’re not dark enough. No where near dark enough. You will definitely be receiving some more tonight. He needs to make sure people know that your taken. If there’s one thing he hates, it’s sharing you. 

You love looking at your girl. Everything about her is just so perfect to you. Her thick, shiny black hair. Her thick eyelashes and smooth skin and full lips. And those deep, deep brown eyes of hers. And your certain that every time you look at Yaoyorozu, you fall a little deeper in love.

She glances over at you when she sees you staring at her. She smiles, waving slightly. Damn, she so beautiful. You are supposed to be warming up, but you can’t stop looking at your gorgeous girlfriend and those beautiful legs of hers. Yaoyorozu smiles at you, and you feel your heart flutter. 

You love noticing the little things about your girl. But you are the only that should be looking at your girl. Your eye twitches, noticing Mineta leering at Yaoyorozu’s leotard-clad body. Taking a throwing knife out of you your belt, you launch the blade towards his head. He squeak, feeling one of his balls being snatched. Another one pops back, but he looks at the purple ball pinned to the wall with your knife.

“You remember my Quirk, Bullseye, right?” you smile, drawing another blade from your belt, “Keep it up and next time it won’t be one of your little balls.”

You love admiring the beauty that is your Yaoyorozu, and you don’t like sharing what you consider yours. 


kate austen + what kate does
“A couple of days ago, you asked me why I came back to the island. I need to find Claire. I thought maybe if I could catch up to you, you could help me, and then maybe if we could find her and bring her back to Aaron, then maybe all of this wouldn’t be for nothing.”