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PDA ~Jeff Atkins Imagine~


Summary: You and Jeff have been dating for a while. And since you were a couple, you both tend to be very touchy in public. However, everyone seems to always interrupt you both. 

Author’s Note: I think I had offended someone in my Alex Standall headcanon. I’m sorry if I offended anyone else. I was extremely tired and I just wanted to do a request that someone sent in.

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You were helping Clay tutor Jeff Atkins who happened to be your boyfriend of a year. You sat next to Jeff as Clay went over Jeff’s paper. 

“You’re dating one of the smartest girls in our class and you still can’t hold a C in History?” Clay asked. 

“Leave my boyfriend alone,” You tell Clay before kissing Jeff’s cheek. 

“Well, he’s getting better though,” Clay mentioned. 

“Told you that you’re getting better,” You tell Jeff. 

“I know,” Jeff said before kissing your cheek.

“You guys have been dating for a year. Please stop with the kissing,” Clay said. 

“But Clay,” You whine a little as a joke. 

“What can I say? It’s hard to resist my girl,” Jeff said before giving you a little peck on the lips. 

“Gross,” Clay said. 

“Give them a break, Clay. They’re in love,” Tony said from the table behind you guys.

At the end of the day, you were putting your things in your locker before Jeff came over and wrap his arms around you. You smile and look over your shoulder. 

“Ready to go to Monet’s?” He asked. 

“Yup,” You said before giving him a kiss. He turns you around and pins you against the locker. Your hands were on his shoulders while his was on your waist. 

“Get some, Atkins!” You hear. You both look over to see Bryce with some of the other jocks. You blush and quickly put your things away before Jeff pulled you to his car. 

You both sat in Monet’s by a corner so you two would have some privacy. You drank the drink in your hands before you felt Jeff give little butterfly kisses on your neck. 

“Stop,” You giggle.

“Can’t,” Jeff responded. You look over at him before giving him a kiss on the lips. You got closer to him and wrapped your arms around him. 

“Seriously guys?” You both heard. You look over to see Clay standing before you both. 

“Seriously Jensen?” Jeff asked. 

“Get a room,” Clay said. You both laugh a little before you offered Clay to sit with you guys. 

Jessica Davis threw another party at his house which made it a perfect opportunity for you and Jeff to make out and no one would care. You both were outside alone, making out. Jeff’s arms held you from the waist while your’s was around his neck, playing with some of the hair on the back of his head. 

“Seriously, guys?” You heard your friend Hannah Baker say. You pull away a bit annoyed and sighed. 

“Is it wrong that I just want to make out with my boyfriend in peace?” You ask. Hannah chuckled a bit and she looked around. 

“Well, you didn’t hear this from me, but there’s an empty room upstairs,” Hannah winked. You smile at her before looking around. 

“Clay’s over by the drinks,” You tell her before you pulled Jeff towards the house. 

You went upstairs to the empty room and pulled him in.You placed your lips again onto his before he locked the door. 

“I love you,” You tell him in between kisses. 

“I love you too,” Jeff says. 

#238: You Cuddle After Sex


Requested: Yes //  Find my Masterlist here


”Isn’t this lovely?” He asked silently and looked up at the night clouds, stars poking out if you looked closely. You looked up from his chest to stare at him, his fingers lightly dancing over the skin of your spine and slowly formed goosebumps on your arms. “What? The view or you?” You teasingly questioned and shut your eyes just for a brief moment, feeling his chest vibrate in chuckles. You still had your eyes closed but you could tell his smile was growing, shaking his head with a deep blush coming to his cheeks. The wind was cod against his bare shoulders and he could hear the ocean loud from below the balcony but otherwise than that everything was quiet. Your nude bodies were heating each other up below the towel that was wet from the swim, feeling how everything felt so peacefully, the sounds of palm trees brushing their leaves by the wind. “Both,” He agreed, making you look up at him from his chest. “Both the view and you are fantastically lovely.” Shaking your head by his cheesiness you focused back on the navy blue ocean, feeling how your stomach was erupting with a million butterflies.


“You know I can already feel tomorrow morning I won’t be able to walk properly.” Your words came out innocent but the way Calum was looking down at you told various other emotions. He was having a wide smirk growing on his face along with his eyebrows wiggling, he didn’t have to say anything to let you know the many different things that were going through his mind at once. “Was it really that bad? You sounded so different during the process.” He laughed more quietly to himself than you, watching you turn around so your stomach was resting on the mattress but your cheek was still pressed against his arm. He was having that smile on his face that told he was so comfortable and by one glance down at the sheets that was barely covering his lower parts you couldn’t stop yourself from hiding your giggling face. “Stop…” He requested sternly but still with softness in his tone and you furrowed your eyebrows confused but continued to make the same face. “Stop being so insanely cute.” He whispered and lowered his lips to your bare shoulder, giving a gentle kiss. “It drives me nuts.”


“I think that must have been our record.” He breathlessly said once he had finally calmed down from his heart beating twice its rhythm, his back pressed against the mattress with your head on top of his shoulders. The sheets were messily scattered by the half part of the bed but even if you had disagreed and said it would be too hot Michael had still decided to throw it over your nude bodies just for the coziness. “I can’t believe you’re counting.” You laughed and felt how your eyes followed the lines on the ceiling, your heart beating so harshly you could almost feel it in your chest. “I can’t believe you haven’t cuddled me yet.” “That’s because we’re both sweaty and hot.” A dry laugh came from his lips by your words and he leaned down effortlessly to  grab you by the hips and pull you on top of his glistering chest. “That’s nonsense.” He laughed in disagreement and wrapped his arms around your waist to pull you as close as possible and allowed you both to feel how hard your hearts were pounding. “Naked cuddles are my favourite kind of cuddles. There’s no way we’re letting that thing out.”


“We’re never getting out of this bed I’m too comfortable.” He hummed into your ear ever so carefully, yet his words left goosebumps erupt on both your arms that were closely wrapped up in his. His bare chest was breathing heavily against your back, your legs intertwined and a satisfied smile came to his face once he lightly ghosted his hand over your butt. “And this isn’t always I get the chance to touch this without any fabric.” You rolled your eyes by his words and turned around to look at him, his messy sex hair sticking to every direction possible but that didn’t make him less cute than he already was. “We should go shower.” You mentioned, the smell of sweat wouldn’t leave the bedroom and if it was coming from someone it was definitely coming from Ashton. He shook his head in disagreement and placed his head back on top of your bare chest, his hand coming down to rub your skin once again just because he actually could do it. “Can’t, your butt and I have a special meeting in our bed.” He giggled and opened his tired eyes to look at you, giving your butt a small smack.

Daddy - Isaac Lahey SMUT

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A/N: I read this imagine and got inspired so here goes nothing. Credits to the writer.

Summary: Y/n is Isaac’s submissive girlfriend.

Warnings: SMUT,kinda some fluff,Ass spanking,oral (male receiving),unprotected sex (wrap it up dudes),sub/dom relationship & daddy kink.

“Y/n let’s gooo” Lydia whined “Lyd you know I can’t” I frowned “why?” Malia questioned quirking a brow at me “because Isaac wanted to hang out later and if i go to the club with you guys that won’t happen” I explained “since when do you need his permission?” Malia asked “yeah since when?” Lydia mimicked. They didn’t understand Isaac or know him as well as I did. If I didn’t ask for his permission I’d surely pay for it later. Which even though it felt totally great I didn’t feel like getting spanked tonight,my ass still hurting from two nights ago when I had a study date with Liam and it pissed him off.

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Mr & Mrs Dolan (Ethan x Reader Smut)

Summary: I was watching Modern Family S01E15 and got inspired with the whole roleplaying going on between Claire and Phil. 
Word Count: 2,424
Warnings: Roleplaying, unprotected sex, dirty talk.
A/N: No one is ever gonna look at me the same again, HAH. First time writing smut, so be gentle please! Also, leave feedback pretty please so I know you guys don’t hate me for this hahaha. Probably gonna delete this. xxx

You swirled your pick around in your Martini glass, teeth tucked into your lower lip as you rocked your leg back and forth where it was crossed over your other one as you sat on the high barstool. The hotel restaurant was prestigious, swanky, way out of your comfort zone but tonight it was the perfect setting.

It didn’t take you long before a tall, toned man approached you. You raised your eyes to meet his hazel ones, lips pulling into a soft smile.

“Is this seat taken?” He asked, voice low enough for only you to hear.

You glanced at the barstool beside you, quickly bringing your eyes back to his. His eyes were averted downward and you quickly realized that he was sweeping his eyes over your long legs that were exposed, stopping on the black Louboutin heels that you’d gotten gifted to you on last year’s Valentine’s Day. They fit you perfectly and they went well with the black dress that you were wearing.

“It is now,” you drawled, watching his eyes light up a tad bit as he moved to pull back the barstool so he could squeeze in, rough large hands smoothing over his suit, sitting down with a huff. “So what brings you here?”

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The Morning After...

Awwww this was so supremely cute to write! I took the liberty of writing it in mini-fic form, if you don’t mind :3

Feel free to ask or request anything! Just… no explicit nsfw, alright?

~Admin Bloo

The Morning After… [Yoosung X MC(you)]

Sunlight peaks through the curtains, rousing you from your slumber. You open your eyes blearily, confused at where you have woken up. Flashes of last night come in piece by piece, and they leave you warm and soft all over. You turn around to see Yoosung sleeping away, his soft breaths making his bangs flutter up and down.

You fail to stop your giggling, and this causes him to stir as well. His eyes lay half open, and he sleepily smiles at you and runs his hand along your smooth hair. You put your own hand on top of his, and his smile grows even wider, complete with reddening cheeks and eyes shining with joy.

Suddenly, his face twists in alarm, and he quickly jumps out of bed. You sit up as well, albeit slowly. Before you can register it, he is hastily clothed and reaches out to kiss you on the side of your forehead. “Don’t move.” He whispers and rushes out of the room.

This leaves you very confused, but you aren’t worried. Instead, you gently rub the place where he kissed and can’t stop remembering last night. You just feel so fulfilled and content; really, you just wish time would stop.

Then, you can hear a ruckus from behind the door. You call out to him, but he yells “Wait! Just… don’t move from there!”

You grab your own tee that was on the floor and put it on. Yoosung then kicks open the door and comes in balancing a tray with omelets and orange juice.

The surprise on your face flusters Yoosung a little. He slowly makes his way to the bed, careful to not spill. If possible, your smile got even wider.

Silently, you set the tray on the bed and give him a quick peck. You thank him softly and the two of you begin.

When he takes the first bite, however, his face scrunches up and he spits it out immediately. You ask him what’s wrong, but he has covered his face with his palms, unable to face you. After a bit of prodding, he mumbles “I forgot to put seasoning on it. I’ve ruined everything.”

You coo at him, assuring him that everything is just fine. He carries on. “I wanted to make everything perfect for our first time. I wanted to show you that I can make you happy, and that you make me happy.”

“You make me feel so happy, Yoosung…” you whisper.

“But I’ve ruined it all. I wanted to prove that I am enough for you” He whines, but you absolutely cannot let him continue.

“You don’t need to prove anything, Yoosung. You hear me? Now come on. Why don’t we make something together instead.”

Someday- Morgan Rielly

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“Lexi, this is a puck.” your husband said to your 3 month old daughter. “A puck. This is one of the things daddy plays with with your uncle Jake and uncle Auston. We hit this with sticks and pray it goes past the man guarding the net to get a goal.”

You smiled and watched from the couch as Lexi stared at the black rubber object in her father’s hand. “Babe, she’s barely 3 months old. You’ve shown her a puck several times already, too. I think she knows what it is.”

“Well still, I’m just making sure she’s getting the proper early teaching.” he grinned, picking up the plushie of Carlton the Bear you two had bought for her when you were out looking for nursery stuff. “This is Carlton. You’ll be seeing him a lot because of my team. He’s very fluffy and he may seem a little scary, but he’s alright and a good mascot. Okay? Good.”

You rolled your eyes, but you still couldn’t help but smile at your husband and how adamant he was with your daughter and hockey. Of course, it is going to be a massive part of her life since her father is who he is. However, teaching her hockey terms and what hockey objects are before she can even crawl or roll over is a little much to you. Maybe it’ll do good in the long run, though.

He was the best father in the whole world and Lexi was a daddy’s girl already without question. Ever since he held her for the first time, he’s been wrapped around her teeny, little finger. She loves her daddy so much. She always seems to cheer up whenever he’s around and she seems to do the same to Mo.

Morgan cried when you told him you were 2 months pregnant back in August of last year. He’d always wanted to be a father and now it was really happening after only a few months after you two had gotten married. He was so happy when he found out you two were having a girl. “A little princess for him to protect” as he put it. He cried back in April when she entered the world and again when he held her for the first time. His little Lexi Rose Rielly. She was his little princess as well as yours. She was everything.

You giggled as your husband held up your Rielly jersey, apparently not wanting to use his own. He smiled and gave you a wink before turning back to your daughter.

“Sweetheart, this is the most important bit. So I need you to pay attention here. This is a jersey. I’ve already shown you that. But I mean what’s right here.” he cooed, pointing at the logo in the center. “These are the Leafs. The Toronto Maple Leafs. It’s the team your uncles and I play for and the one I grew up with. And it’s yours now, too.”

Lexi stared at the logo and where her dad was pointing with big eyes full of wonder at the blue fabric. It made you smile. “I think she’s taking interest.”

Your husband grinned and basically told your daughter a summarized version of the Maple Leafs history, trying to make the parts where they were very bad very short since he- in his own terminology- “didn’t want to scare her away from them.” It was pretty cute.

“And there’s a lot of good players to name too that were on the Maple Leafs. Tim Horton, Mats Sundin, Ace Bailey, Terry Sawchuk, Felix Potvin, your uncle Phil-” he was stopped when he heard your giggling fit from the couch. “Babe?”

You cleared your throat and pulled yourself together. “Sorry, babe. I just… Well…”

“Well what?” he smiled, putting his hands on his hips. “What’s got you laughing?”

“It’s nothing. Well…” you trailed off, smiling. “It’s just that you’re taking this so.. seriously. She can’t even crawl yet or eat solid food and you’re teaching her the history of the Maple Leafs and showing her all this hockey stuff.”

“Well, I just want to make sure she knows it. This is how my mom and dad did it with me. And look at how I turned out.” he shrugged, looking back at Lexi. “Maybe she’ll do the same if not better than what I do.”

You stared at him. “You want her to be a hockey player?”

He nodded. “Yeah. I do.”

“But I thought you said-”

“I know.” he recalled. “I said I didn’t want her to because she’s my little girl. But then I realized that upset you because that’s basically what your dad said to you when you were little and I realized how that was kinda messed up and how much it would break my heart to tell her she couldn’t play if she wanted to. And then I saw her watching highlights with me early one morning a couple months ago after we got knocked out by the Lightning. She was maybe a month old and already she looked at hockey like it was one of the more amazing things she’d ever seen. I don’t want to hurt my girls. So… I changed my mind.”

You were a bit stunned. “You did? You mean that?”

He nodded. “Yeah, (Y/N). I mean that. Every word. If she wants to be a hockey player, she can be a hockey player.”

You grinned and got up to hug him. “Thank you so so much, baby! You don’t know what that means to me!”

He hugged back. “I know. I didn’t want to be a jacka-… jerk like your dad was. She can play hockey if she well pleases and I won’t stop her.”

You grinned. “So… You think she will be a hockey player?”

He smiled. “I think she’ll be a great one, someday. Be one of the best defense women Toronto’s ever seen.”

“And what if she wants to play forward?”

“Then I’ll tell Auston and Mitch they’ve lost their babysitting privileges.”

You giggled. “And what about goalie?”

“Then Freddy will lose his too.” he joked. “Just teasing… But, if I have my way, she’ll be on defense.”

“Sure, babe.” you said, kissing his cheek. “But yeah. Someday.”

“Someday. She just has to learn to skate first. And walk before that. And crawl before then-”

“Let’s get her to eat solid food first and then we’ll talk about crawling. One step at a time, babe.”

“Okay.” he smiled. “Come on, I think little Lexi needs her nap.”

You looked down to see her dozing off on her play mat. “Are you tired, baby girl? Someone need her nap? Come on.”

You knelt down and picked her up before carrying her upstairs with your husband trailing behind you both to the nursery. You smiled and kissed her head before carefully placing her gently in her crib. “Sleep well, baby girl. We love you.”

“Sleep well, little princess.” Morgan smiled. “We love you so much.” he placed the Carlton Bear at the bottom corner of the crib before leaving the nursery quietly with you. “I think we should nap, too. Don’t get much sleep with a new baby around.”

“We should.” you smiled. “But you can join me once you’re done putting all that stuff away.”

He rolled his eyes and smiled at you. “Fair enough.” he said, kissing your cheek. “I’ll go put this stuff away and then I’ll come join you.”

“Thank you, darling.” you noted before heading to the master bedroom and climbing into bed and waiting for your husband. It took a few minutes, but he came back and put your jersey back in the closet before joining you in bed.


“Thank you.” you noted, snuggling into his chest as his arms wrapped around you. “Sweet dreams, babe.”

“Sweet dreams.” he replied with a yawn before kissing your head and falling fast asleep. You smiled and closed your eyes for an afternoon’s nap.

Undo (Final)

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5
Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10
Epilogue | Epilogue: We Meet Again

Description: “I’ll always be with you, my love. Always.”

Warnings: age gap, death, smut

Word Count: 10,009 (strap on your seatbelts, kids, this is why they call me the angst queen)

Pairing: Park Chanyeol x Reader

Author: Admin Xiufairy ㅅㅇㅅ (two epilogues next~)

Eighteen. The number felt so nice to refer to yourself as. You were finally eighteen. You once again spent the day with Chanyeol, it was like every other birthday except the two of you went out for this one. You held hands and ran through the streets, nearly falling backward when he stopped you to kiss you.

You giggled against his lips and grabbed his hand to pull him along with you. He followed you easily as if it was a second nature to him. You blushed when you saw the old woman sitting on the bench.

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Married Life

A Wattpad request. I do not own Jon or Davos. They belong to George R.R.Martin. 

Warnings: brief mentions of jealousy. Fluff

Pairings: Jon Snow x wife!reader, Davos Seaworth. 

Originally posted by winterfellskingdom

When Jon left for the Wall, you didn’t think you’d ever see him again. When your father had traveled to the Wall at the urging of the Lord Commander, you went with him. When you saw Jon, you had to fight the urge to hug him to you. After his victory over Ramsay Bolton at Winterfell, you couldn’t fight it anymore. You literally jumped for joy, right into Jon’s arms.

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75. In/by a Swimming pool


Word Count: 1,333
Written by: @kenobi-and-barnes

Originally posted by heartsnmagic

“I like.” You look around the beach house you and Bucky’s rented for the weekend.

He smiled as he stood beside you. “I agree.”

Once your bags were inside and in the bedroom, you started to wander off to explore.

“Hey, I’m gonna take a shower. I feel dirty after driving all night.”

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anonymous asked:

Can you write an imagine where you and Justin Foley have a movie night?

A/N: I’m so excited, this is my first ask! The beginning is quite angsty but within the course of the story it ends up being fluffy, hope you don’t mind.

It’d be nice if you let me know if you liked it :) 

Nothing else, enjoy!! 

“Mom please! I love you. I’m just trying to make you realise-”

“Shut the fuck up, you nasty bastard! Don’t you see you’re the one unwanted here? Even your mother despises you. C’mon babe, tell him”

Justin clenched his fists, trying to avoid the appetising temptation of leaving purple marks all over the hideous surface of the man’s face, as a reminder of how much he hated him. If he hadn’t beaten him already it was because he had the weak hope his mother would realise the piece of shit he really was, and if that meant ending up beaten up he would go through it all without any remorse.

Ignoring his teasing, he faced the miserable woman in front of him, eyes in the verge of tears and hopes lit up she would stand for him.


“You have school tomorrow, you should go to bed…”

That was all she said.

It was sad. It was sad deep in Justin’s heart it didn’t surprise him the fact that the woman who had given him life and was supposed to be always by his side, chose a stranger over him.

The first time she proved him how important he actually was to her, he buried himself into the covers and cried to sleep, refusing to believe the person who used to be his guardian angel, gradually changed her mind and gave it all to a man she had only known for a few months.

Eventually that sadness grew into a bitterness that was only calmed down with alcohol and visits to Bryce’s house, where hours of oblivion awaited him.

However, that wasn’t enough. The aftermath was even worse: he would always wake up to the realisation he was alone, not only physically at that moment but also during the whole course of his life. And not even all the alcohol in the world could fix that.

No one loved him.

That was until you came into his life.

The first thing he did the moment he left the hopeless scenario was searching for his phone. He needed to hear the voice of his only source of happiness and optimism towards the future. Whenever everything went wrong, spending time with you or even just sharing ‘I love you’s, through your late night telephonic conversations made him believe everything would be alright.

Following four tones without answer he understood you were already sleeping, after all, it was late. He was about to hang up when your voice filtered through the speaker.

“Justin?” He regretted having called immediately, interpreting the surprise in your voice as drowsiness. “Babe, did I wake you up? Sorry I was… I just… I just wanted to wish you a good night” he said, failing in his attempt of concealing the sadness in his voice.

You knew without any doubt that wasn’t the sole purpose of his call. After almost a year of going with him through thick and thin, you realised his alleged senseless calls were very far from being that. Tears and a cracking voice weren’t necessary anymore. Sometimes he just wanted to forget everything and fall deep in the sweet refugee you always offered him.

This was one of those times.

After a silence that felt like ages to him, you asked “Baby, do you wanna come over and stay for the night?”

He let out a silent sigh and a few tears rolled down his face through the curvature of his cheekbones. Sometimes the situation was greater than him, and he couldn’t cope with it alone. You knew him as much or even more than he knew himself and always managed to help him get over it.

“Really?” “Of course, my love. My parents are away for a week. We could cuddle and have a movie night. Whatever helps you the most” As your soft voice pronounced those words he asked the world what had he done to deserve such a kind soul.

“Thank you, thank you so much”


Justin didn’t take long to get to your house. You found his downcast figure at the other side of the threshold, beginn madly, without the use of words, any display of affection.

“Hi…” You couldn’t bare the sight in front of your eyes. You tugged his arm towards you and captured him in a tight embrace, his face landing on the crook of your neck. The long sigh that went out of his nostrils invaded the room, saying nothing and everything at the same time.

“I love you so much Y/N” He said, pulling away to cup the sides of you face and bring his lips into contact with yours, moving in a slow and gentle manner. “I love you too baby. Do you want to talk about it?” “No, just… let’s pretend nothing’s happened. I just want to forget about it and have a nice night with you” You nodded looking straight at his ocean blue eyes. In a swift motion he managed to fuse your bodies again in a tight hug.


You were already sat on your bed, laptop settled on your lap, searching for ‘Toy Story’, Justin’s favourite movie. Deep in that smug outside he showed around his jock friends, there was a really sweet and pure creature.

He stood right beside you, taking off his clothes and ending up just in a piece of black boxers. Believing he wasn’t looking, you took a peek of the nice sight of his naked torso.

 You felt your cheeks burn when he said “Like what you see, huh?” With a smirk he moved the laptop aside and hovered you, tickling your sides. “Just- Justin stop!” 

Your loud giggles combined with his made the situation one of those worth keeping dearly in memory. “I’ll stop when you tell me what had you paying so much attention to my stunning body” You squirmed under his touch “Okay, you want me to tell you?” “Yeah” he breathed out. Teasingly you travelled your hand from the tattoo settled on his collarbone all the way down to the hem of the unique piece of clothing covering him. The volume of his laughs lowered when you reached that spot. “This had me paying so much attention” 

He wasn’t expecting your next movement, and let out a high pitched “Ouch!” when you tugged at the trail of little hairs that disappeared right where the piece of fabric began. You burst out in laughter when he immediately pulled away and landed beside you “You’re naughty!” He pouted, trying to stop his chuckles from joining yours “That hurted” “That’s what happens when you try to play with me, baby boy” You patted at his bum for him to lift it up so you could unfold the sheets and cover with them “C’mon let me make it up to you cuddling, is that okay?” He gave you a fake reluctant look, before giving in and breaking the tiny space that separated your bodies, legs tangled and his head resting on your chest.

“Shit, I forgot to get some snacks. I’ll be right back” He said, motioning to get out of the bed. You were fast to stop him “It isn’t necessary. I’ve got some sweets in the drawer”

As he searched for them he found two movie tickets with the title of the movie you both watched at the Crestmont on your very first date. He brushed carefully its surface and smiled to himself.

“Baby, do you really keep candies in your nightstand?”

“That’s the drawer where I keep my dearest things” you said with a wink. That only made the joyful feeling at his chest increase. 

“What are you grinning at?”

“Nothing, I just love you so much”

Sick Day (Sirius Black x reader)

Another request, thanks!!

“Sirius, I love you but you have to stop!”

You giggled as he lightly peppered kisses on your neck. He stopped when your giggling turned to violent coughing. You two were sitting on the common room couch, waiting for the rest of the boys to come down for breakfast.

“Sorry, love. I can’t resist.” Sirius whispered as he leaned in to kiss you. You scootched back, causing him to dramatically fall forward into the cushion.

“I’m too sick” you said with a shrug when he pouted up at you. You sneezed and Sirius quickly handed you his hanky. You sniffed


Then handed it back to him. He pushed your hand away with mock disgust

“how about you hold onto that.”

You chuckled but winced at the headache that seemed to form within seconds. You heard the boys coming down the stairs.

“Why don’t we just skip class and cuddle in your bed all day?

His offer was tempting and you felt awful, but you knew you would never hear the end of it from your parents if you missed class. You shook your head

"no, I can do it”

After breakfast Sirius realized you were no longer by his side. Assuming you had just gone to class he made his way to Transfiguration.

His brows knotted when he saw his mate, James in your seat. He scanned the classroom to find you in James’s usual seat next to Lily. Sirius plopped into his chair. “Why did you switch seats?” Sirius asked, annoyed. “She didn’t want you to get sick” James answered as he kicked his feet up on the desk, earning a “Potter!” from McGonangall and immediately brought them back down. “So? She’ll get Lily sick!” Sirius spit back. Remus, who was sitting behind them spoke up “In her defense, Lily isn’t going to try and shove her tongue down (Y/N) throat.” James chuckled

“that’d be hot”

“you’re disgusting” said Remus, rolling his eyes. Class begun.

You kept getting distracted every time you looked up to see Sirius’s eyes burning into you. You felt bad, but getting him sick would make you feel a lot worse

Your cold seemed to be getting worse and worse throughout the day. Your head ached, your throat burned, and your nose never stopped running. You really just wanted to grab Sirius bring him to your dorm and have him hold you until you were better.

Class after class, Sirius found you in a seat across the room. He felt miserable, fingers itched to touch you, he craved to taste your lips. If he had to spend another minute with James blabbering on about Lily, he would go to Azkaban for murder (🙃) .

His only resolve was to stare at you. He loved the way your eyes tried to avoid his gaze. Your occasional sniffs made him want to run over, cradle you, and carry you to his dorm.

The redness of your nose made you look like an innocent little bunny. It was almost too much for him.

Finally when classes were over Sirius bounded up the girls dorm stairs, using the trick that disarmed the staircase the James had taught him.

He bursted into your dorm and ripped open your bed curtains. You were sound asleep but violently woke up due to the commotion.

Your eyes flew open and you brought your covers tight to your chest but then loosened when you saw it was Sirius. He looked at you wide eyed.

“I’m so sorry, that was supposed to be dramatic, I didn’t realize you’d be sleeping.”

You laughed, he leaned forward hopefully

“please tell me you’re feeling better”

he was inches away from your face, you could see the pleading in his eyes.

“Yes, I feel alo-”

he cut you off with a hard kiss and crawled into your bed. Sirius looked at you desperately when you pulled back for air.

“Today was the worst day ever”

he murmured into your hair. You nodded your head, you couldn’t help but agree. “It was scary too” he added. You raised your eyebrows at him


“Yeah, because I got a taste of what life would be like without you”

You suddenly felt a rush of guilt “I’m sorry Sirius, I just didn’t want you to get sick” you rested your head on his shoulder and drew circles with you fingers on his chest.

“No, don’t feel bad. I’m kinda glad it happened. Now I know I couldn’t last without you.”

You placed a light, lingering kiss on his cheek and whispered softly “I couldn’t last without you either.”

anonymous asked:

hi! could i have 128 with Jaehyun from nct, please? and do you mind making it so that he's mad at me for something like super small and i'm trying to get his attention and make him forgive me? something like fluffy but like funny, ya feel?? thank you sososo much! you're wonderful 💗

Pick a number or more and a member, and I’ll write a short drabble :)

128. “Don’t touch me. We’re fighting.” with Jaehyun

“And she strikes again!” Ten shouted as, with a few skilled clicks of buttons, the ball hit the net. You smirked triumphantly, dropping the controller to high five Ten, who was clearly cheering for your team.

You looked to your left to find your boyfriend staring at the screen in disbelief, his eyes wide and his lips parted. “What the..” He trailed off, turning to you and raising a brow, silently asking a question.

“I have an older brother, babe,” you giggled. “He trained me well.”

“Ah,” Ten sighed happily. “The feeling of being beaten at FIFA by your own girlfriend,” he laughed. Jaehyun leaned over you to smack him with a pillow, but Ten dodged it and continued laughing, you laughing along with him.

“Come on, Jae. Don’t be a sore loser,” you scolded, pinching his cheeks just to agitate him further.

“I’m not,” he groaned, but his next statement said otherwise. “But we’re gonna play again.”

Three matches later, and here you were again, same result once again.

By now, Ten was almost on the floor laughing his ass off. Jaehyun was whining as you skillfully stole the ball from his player, passing it around and dodging his attempts to steal it before scoring one last shot. Both you and Ten roared with triumph, jumping up from the couch and doing your celebratory dancing.

“I think I just lost any ounce of dignity I had left,” Jaehyun mumbled from the couch, dropping the controller and leaning back against the couch.

“I would’ve loved to stay here and see you wallow in your self pity,” Ten sighed. “But I gotta go, I promised to meet a few friends at the bar.”

You walked Ten to the door, high fiving and laughing once again before you shut the door behind him. You walked back into the living room to find Jaehyun in the same position you’d left him in, arms crossed with a scowl pasted on his pretty face.

“Oppa,” you cooed, slowly walking towards him and sitting down to his left. “Are you upset with me?”

“No,” he answered curtly.

You pursed your lips to stop your giggle from escaping, though you were very tempted with the way he looked all pouty and adorable.

“Kinda seems like it, though,” you raised a brow. You decided to test how long it would take him to give up the act.

You placed one arm behind him on the back of the couch, shifting so your torso was grazing his arm as you sat closer. You placed one hand on his arm, slowly dragging it up to reach his shoulder.

“Don’t touch me. We’re fighting.” The words sounded like they were coming out of a five year old’s mouth and you just couldn’t help but giggle, not bothering to remove your hand.

He sighed and got up from his seat on the couch, turning off the PlayStation before walking to the bedroom. You snorted as you watched him walk without throwing a single glance behind him.

Jaehyun could be such a baby sometimes, but it was fun trying to get him to forgive you. He was like a puppy that loved to be showered with love and affection, and you had tons of those to give.

You entered the bedroom to find him on the bed, his back resting against the headboard with his legs spread out, phone in hand. You jumped on the bed next to him, pursing your lips when he didn’t even flinch.

“Jaehyun.” You crawled to his side.

No answer.

“Jae.” You poked his side.

No answer.

“Oppa,” you whined.

Still no answer.

You huffed, finding no other option but to grab his phone out of his hand and throw it aside.

“Hey!” He yelped, but before he could protest further, you made your way onto his lap and straddled him.

“Pay attention to me,” you demanded. He stared at you for a second, but didn’t bother with a response.

“Come on,” you whined. “Would it have been fun if I pretended I didn’t know how to play and lost on purpose?”

“Yeah,” he grumbled. “At least that way I could’ve taught you how to play and it would’ve been really cute and couple-y.”

“Aw,” you cooed. You leaned forward and wrapped your arms around his neck, restricting his view to your face only. “I’m sorry, oppa. I promise I’ll pretend I don’t know the next time we try a new game.”

He chuckled and finally brought his arms around your waist to pull you closer, and pecking you sweetly on the lips. “It would be an honor to lose to you.”

“Ah, so cheesy,” you grimaced, giggling when he pinched your waist.

“Oh god,” he groaned, leaning his head back against the headboard.

“What?” You asked.

“Ten is never gonna let me live this down.”

Pause - One Shot

Summary: Bucky interrupts your day to relax so you play a small joke on him and he retaliates in the fluffiest way possible.

Warnings: swearing, FLUUUUFFFFF

Word Count: 1267

A/N: This is a little gift for @denialanderror because you’re a dumdum and didn’t take the day for yourself like you should have! Since YOU wouldn’t do anything spontaneous and fun I wrote a silly little surprise one-shot for you. So there! You get at least one unexpected thing today. Also this is completely unedited, so try not to judge me if it’s terrible.

Originally posted by mcrvel

Lying half swallowed into the couch cushions, you had firmly planted yourself in front of the TV for a much-needed day of Netflix and nothing. It had been an incredibly long week and you wanted nothing more than to melt into the couch and forget everything about it with a Harry Potter marathon.

Nothing and no one would be permitted to drag you away or divert your attention back to the myriad of things on your to-do list. Which is exactly why you didn’t even bother to move to allow Bucky space to sit when he entered the room and tossed a Reese’s at you, motioning for you to make room for him. When you didn’t budge or look away from the movie, he haphazardly flopped down on the couch at your feet with his arm spread over the back cushions in your direction.

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Crash//Josh Dun

I was listening to a Spotify playlist I made, and Crash by Sum 41 came on and I got sort of emotional and motivated so here ye go.

Note: There’s mention of death in this, read at your own discretion please!


               It all happened so fast, one moment the two of you were giggling; smiles spreading right across your faces. You two were running through the crisp Ohio air; running around the snow covered park. Josh was chasing you, as you weaved through trees, and benches.

               “Stop!” You giggled, turning your head to see him catching up to you. His face red from the cold air hitting it, hair held down underneath a beanie you convinced him to put on.

               “Never!” Was the last thing you heard, minus the warning you heard seconds too late. You weren’t paying attention to where you were going, you ended up running on the lake. The ice was thin in some points; thin enough for your weight to break it—causing you to become submerged in the cold water.

               Your heart slammed inside your chest as adrenaline pumped, you were flailing your limbs; trying to stay afloat. Except ice surrounded your only exit—you were caught underneath. It was so cold, your limbs were screaming in pain as you continued flailing, trying to find the spot where you fell in from. You let out a terrified scream—you couldn’t tell if you were trying to scream for help or for Josh, but you screamed. Water filled your mouth; finding its way down your lungs. They were already burning from the lack of oxygen—you felt your body slowly giving up, no. This isn’t what was supposed to happen. You were supposed to live a full, happy life with Josh. Why did this have to happen? You were seconds from blacking out from the lack of oxygen, and the cold surrounding your body—your last thoughts were Josh, the way he smiled at you the first time the two of you met, the way he would always try to impress you while on stage, the cute little surprises he would leave for you.


               After what felt like an eternity of blackness you felt yourself coughing, it hurt—a pressure laid upon your chest like bricks. Your eyes were watering, tears burning your cold cheeks. You desperately looked around, unable to feel your body. It was all numb, all blurry except for a familiar yellow tuft.

               “Y/N.” He sobbed, pulling you into his chest, he wasn’t wearing a coat, or any of this winter gear for that matter. You soon realized it was all surrounding you. “It’s okay, help is coming, just keep breathing please.” He sobbed harder, pressing his face into your neck. Holding you so tightly it was almost hard to breath. “This wasn’t supposed to happen. We were supposed to get married one day, hell I was going to propose today. At the cute little coffee shop we met at. When you spilled your drink all over both of us—and you were so red. It was adorable.” He whimpered, pressing a soft kiss to your head. “Don’t worry, I’m not letting go. You’re going to be okay, you have to be.” His voice was barely over a whisper—pain ridden, heartbroken.

               A patch of thin ice took two lives that day.


               “Hey, I know you probably won’t answer, but you know I’m here for you man. I always will be—if you need anything. Absolutely anything, just let me know.” Tyler’s voice rung out through the room—he was leaving near constant voicemails. He was worried about Josh, since Y/N had passed that day on the ice he had hid himself in his room—refusing to turn on the lights, open the curtains. It took both his parents, brother, Tyler and Mark to get him to start eating again. They were lucky if they could get him to eat a plateful every other day. But Josh refused, he felt like he had nothing to live for anymore—Y/N was gone, the sun to his planets. The center of his universe was gone, ripped away from him just like that.

               He couldn’t help but wonder what would’ve happened had he not started chasing her that day, if he just held her close. God he wished he held her more often, hugged her everyday like there was no tomorrow, told her how much he loved her, how absolutely wonderful she was each and every minute of the day. She deserved it, she was all he could ever ask for. She kept him rooted to the ground, helped him grow—almost like a tree.


               It took a lot for Josh to get out of his room, everyone would be asking how he was doing, if he was okay. All the stupid shit people ask when someone dies. Josh simply wanted to scream—tell them he would never be okay again because his one and only was harshly ripped away from him. His one and only wouldn’t be gone if he hadn’t recommended going to the park that day.

               With her ring hanging around his neck, resting just a little right of his heart—he walked. Through the colder Ohio air, reminding him Christmas was just around the corner—his first Christmas without her. Biting back the sobs and tears, Josh walked until he found a small tattoo shop down the road from his apartment. The bells chimed when he walked in, a sound he hadn’t heard in ages. A month of being locked up in your room really screws with a person.

               “Hi, how can I help you?” A girl sat at the counter, a small smile spread over her lips as she listened to Josh’s idea, nodding and writing every idea. “Yeah, that’ll work perfectly. I’m just going to draw it up real quick, okay?”


               “I’m really happy you could join us dude.” Tyler smiled, a hint of sadness lining his mouth as he held the door open for his friend. It was Christmas eve, and Tyler refused to let Josh spend the night alone (considering he would be hanging out with his family the next day). “I feel like I haven’t seen you in forever.” Tyler laughed, receiving a small laugh from Josh in response.

               “Forever isn’t that long.” Josh smiled, sincerely. Since the day at the tattoo shop he felt a weight lifted off his chest. A sorrow taken away from his heart. “I’ve been accepting it a little more I guess. I’m talking to her mom, see if I can plant a tree in the backyard, with her ashes. It’s cheesy I know but. She was always the one keeping me rooted to the ground while I grew as a person—with my head in the clouds.” The thought of Y/N put a sorrow-filled smile on Josh’s face. He missed her, and nothing was going to change that—but he loved her too much to hold back from living. She always joked that she would haunt him in the old-folks home if he were laying depressed all day long because she died. Maybe that’s why his apartment felt so eerie.

               “That’s not cheesy at all, it’s sweet actually.” Jenna walked in, holding a coffee mug full of tea. “I know she would have loved it.” Josh smiled back, slipping his jacket down his arms—receiving a small gasp from the two in response. “That’s beautiful Josh.” Jenna smiled, taking a seat next to Tyler who was trying to comprehend what he saw.

               Going all down his arm was a tree, accompanied by swirls of colour, it was symbolic; and there forever. The long-forever. With it, she would be with him forever—her colourful personality, smile that could light up a room, and her ability to keep him grounded, no matter how high his head found its way into the clouds.

I’m slowing down and I don’t think that I can fight
I know somehow, you’ll find a way to live your life
Remember just to live everyday like it’s your last
And hold me now, ‘cause I think it’s time for me to pass

I don’t want to die, I don’t know why
This kind of fate was meant for me
You got to be strong, got to move on
It’s not the way it was supposed to be
What do I say? It was never supposed to end up this way

What a Woman! // Jay Park

Originally posted by jaypark-alive

Pairing: Jay x Reader

Genre: Comedy, Fluff

Summary//Request: Your student sneaks out in the middle of the night to go to a club - you arrive to collect her and you meet Jay who becomes somewhat interested in you.

“That little bitch” you seethed behind your teeth after pulling the bed covers back on your student’s bed to reveal that she had yet again – snuck out after lights out.

“Okay! Everybody up, right now!” you shouted out, slamming your hand on the light switch and flooding the entire dorm with the bright, unforgiving light above you. All of your other medical students – already exhausted from their day, scrambled from underneath their covers to be met by you, their teacher, in your pyjama shorts and tank top with your face as red as a bull.

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Jealousy // Jinyoung

1,24 & 31 smut for jinyoung from got7 ? Thank youuuuu in advance 💕

I need you + shh let me make you feel better + Are….Are you jealous?

Originally posted by jypnior

“Y/N, you killed it on stage out there!” NCT member Winwin yells to you as he excitedly pulls you into a hug. Smiling in response, he carries on talking to you as he pulls away from your body.

“That little dance move you pulled of at the end was so good” He smiles ecstatically, finishing his string of compliments for you. 

“Thank you so much Winwin! I’m so glad you enjoyed the stage!” you yelled out to him, hoping he heard it over the screams of the fans in the background.

Winwin spins around to see Taeyong calling him over, glancing your eyes towards Taeyongs direction you cant help but notice your boyfriend Jinyoung standing next door to his bands dressing room. His eyes stared back at you with a neutral expression showing no emotion. Winwin pulls you into another hug causing your eye contact with Jinyoung to cease. 

“I’ll call you later! Bye Y/N!” Winwin yells as he runs back to Taeyong and the rest of his band mates. Once he’s gone, your eyes glance back towards Jinyoung who is still staring intensely at you with the same expressionless face. Watching him pull out his phone, he types quicker than usual causing you to laugh a little. Your giggles stopped once you felt the phone in your back pocket vibrating. 

Pulling your phone out, you see that Jinyoung had sent a message to you.

Jinyoung ♥

Winwin your new boyfriend or something? /  Delivered 9:37pm

Quickly typing to reply to him, you giggle once again at the ridiculous comment he had made on yours and Winwins friendship. 

Y/N  ♥

Are… Are you jealous? / Read 9:38 pm

Leaving you on read, you look up and see Jinyoung leave his dressing room doorway and make his way towards you. Sliding your phone into your back pocket once again, you wait for the arrival of Jinyoung patiently. 

Once reaching you, he grabs your wrist and drags you back towards his dressing room whilst spinning his head around and smiling to the others around us in the hall. 

Reaching the dressing room, Jinyoung pulls you in and is quick to shut the door behind you and corners you into the door. Pressing up against you, he leans in towards your ear. 

“Have fun with Winwin?” He whispers into your ear, sliding your pants off. You kick them away to the side once they’re off and lean your head to the side. 

“We’re friends” You say to him as he continues to undress you and himself. 

“It doesn’t matter what you are, I need you not Winwin”

“I cant believe how jealous you are right now” You say as he slides a finger inside of you, a gasp falling out of your mouth.

Shhh let me make you feel better” He says, continuing to pump his finger inside of you, your mouth biting his shoulder to stop loud moans from escaping you. 

“Why won’t you let anyone hear you Y/N? huh?” Jinyoung says taunting you for suppressing your moans from everyone else. 

“What if your members walk in?” You gasp out smoother than you thought it would come out. 

“Who cares? I guess they’ll just get to see my baby like this” He smirks at you, pulling his finger out of you. 

Jinyoung quickly sides a condom from his back pocket and opens it, sliding it onto his dick and thrusts into you relentlessly. 

Jinyoung groans a little into your neck to keep himself quiet also, you’d taunt him too if you weren’t so desperate for your own release. 

“You’re so tight Y/N, I guess Winwin will never have you” He says, carrying on about Winwin. 

Groaning more and more, you know he’s almost finished and so were you. Thrusting even harder, Jinyoungs hand drags downward and plays with your sensitive clit as you quickly came under his touch, Jinyoung soon after. 

Panting, you both quickly pull your clothes on before anyone walks into the dressing room. 

“Remember you’re mine Y/N” Jinyoung growls at you. 

“Remember you get jealous too easy?” You taunt back, sticking your tongue out at him jokingly. 

-Admin Ari


No Good (Notorious)

Part 1 - Part 2

Rated - fluff? gang au

Artist - DΞΔN

Word Count -  2242

It took me a while but i really enjoyed writing this. I was thinking of maybe turning this into a series if you guys want. What do you think?

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