stop you're so adorable

OTP !?!?!?!
  • Person B: *is mad and yelling at person A*
  • Person A: *can't take B seriously*
  • Person A: but, you're just so adorable when you're mad..
  • person B: *even more frustrated* I'M TRYIN TO BE ANGRY AT YOU! BE SCARED!!
  • Person B: *holds back laughter*
tonight i realized how much i love you
watching you there,
seeing you smile.
tonight i remembered the past,
it’s been awhile now but my feelings have only grown.
i can’t talk about these emotions,
but i think about them all the time.
oh, what a wonderful memory,
when i was yours and you were mine.
—  i am so in love with you,
it’s okay that you don’t feel the same.
as long as you’re in my life, i’ll be okay.
but i can’t help but keep hope.
maybe one day.

Heyo! I really love Jiminnie and I thought I would draw him in all his precious glory. ((seriously though, your blog was my inspiration to start an ask blog of my own and I can’t possibly stress how amazing and brilliant I think you are.))

one of my faves drew jimin???!?!?! lord am i dreaming

  • Lirin: Good response to getting stabbed with a sword?
  • Gojyo: "Rude."
  • Dokugakuji: "That's fair."
  • Hakkai: "Not again."
  • Goku: "Are you gonna want this back, or can I keep it?"
Words change over time

Ambidextrous was originally used to refer to a deceitful person who would take bribes from both sides in a dispute, not someone who could write with both hands.

Bunny didn’t refer to rabbits, it comes from the old English word “bun” meaning squirrel.

Artificial used to mean something was impressively and well crafted (same root as artificer) not that it was fake.

Girl started off as a gender neutral term that was used to refer to all children, and boy used to refer not to a male child but to a male servant.

Nervous used to be used to refer to a powerful and muscular person, it wasn’t until much later that it came to mean anxious or excitable.

The meanings of words are changeable and constantly evolving. So unless you are using all these words and the many, many others that have changed their meanings since being adopted into the English language in their original form, or using them as they are literally translated form the root language (ambidextrous literally means having two right hands) stop claiming that bi can only mean two “because Latin” or because “words have meanings!” and let this serve as a reminder that the most commonly accepted and used definition of bisexuality is the attraction to two or more genders. 

  • Hunk: *is mad and yelling at Shay because she did something dangerous*
  • Shay: *holding back her smile*
  • Shay: I'm sorry my love but, you're just so adorable when you're mad..
  • Hunk: *blushes and then huffs angrily* I'M TRYING TO BE ANGRY AT YOU!
  • Shay: *holds her giggles behind her hand* Go on, I'm not stopping you...

I dreamt I was having a fling with Barry Allen/The Flash (as played by Ezra Miller). But I was actually Bruce Wayne/Batman (as played by Ben Affleck)…only I was still in my own body. Then I was Wonder Woman (still dating the Flash) and I think maybe it was WWI or WWII (there were barrage balloons and bombs). And then I was someone else but I still wasn’t me. And he (Barry) said something like ‘I want you to be my girlfriend’ but I was like 'uhhhhh…not sure about that’. I mean, wtf, brain? Of course I want to be Barry Allen’s girlfriend. 

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Stop lying to people, you're so freaking adorable and ilysm <3

i love you too, dear! <3333

i’ll tell the truth all i want i’m pretty sure oli is asleep or smth and i ain’t afraid to fight silly-aesthetic-me what no i’m not tagging them 


I would like to state for the record that I will never not even in a million years ever be over the whole beth childs look with the suit and the sunglasses and the bun