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I always think it’s such a shame Robert had to delete that photo of him and Aaron on Katie’s phone at Wylie’s. Was such a lovely picture of them 😍😚❤


A/N: I loved this story so I’m just re-posting it. 

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You waited for the elevator doors to open, you held on tight to the brown bag containing Spencer’s lunch. You had never visited him at work, but there was a first time for everything. 

The doors opened and you looked around not recognizing a single face. Spencer had told you so much about his co workers but you had never met them. You walked through the glass doors catching Penelope’s attention, she stopped looking at your visits batch, “Hello, you’re a new face, are you looking for someone, I know every one” she said excitedly. 

This was her Penelope, you could recognize her from everything Spencer had told you, “Yes, I’m looking for Spencer” you said looking lost. 

“Reid, Spencer Reid, you are looking for Reid?” she said confused. 

“Yes, Dr. Reid” you confirmed. 

“Who are you” she said suspiciously. 

“I am Y/N, Spencer’s girlfriend, you must be Penelope” you said excitedly. 

Penelope looked even more confused, “I’m sorry his what” she said almost laughing, “You’re his girl friend!?” she said in shock. “Oh my, follow me” 

You followed her orders, she walked hastily towards the conference room. Everyone turned their attention to you, “Guys this is Y/N” Penelope gestured towards you “Spencer’s girlfriend!” she said always yelling. 

You looked around the different faces confused as to what was going on, did they not know Spencer had a girlfriend, did they know who you were?

“Pretty boy’s got a girl!?” Morgan said surprised. JJ couldn’t take her eyes off of you. Finally a face you recognized, Spencer, “Y/N” he said just as confused as everyone else looked “What are you doing here?” 

You finally realized what was going on, none of them knew who you were, he had never told them. You ran through the doors as fast you could, embarrassed. Spencer hadn’t told anyone about you guys, why? Why would he do that? 

After several missed calls, and text messages you heard your door open, you suddenly regretted giving him a copy of your apartment key. “Y/N” he said calling out for you. 

You refused to respond, “Y/N” you heard he was getting closer. 

“What?” you finally called out. 


“Seriously? You didn’t tell them? You didn’t tell them about me!? We’ve been dating for months!” you said angrily. 

“Y/N’ Spencer said his voice full of remorse, “I’m sorry I know this looks awful” 

“Am I not good enough for you?” you questioned him “Would your friends not think me being a doctor is enough, would they think I’m not enough for you Spencer” 

“Y/N, it’s not that, you are more than enough. I didn’t want to mix my life with you, and my job, it gets complicated, it’s tough Y/N, I wanted to protect you” 

Your eyes continued to fill with tears, “So you’re not embarrassed of me?” 

“What!? No way, I could never be, I love you Y/N” he said hugging you tightly. 

“And your friends?” 

“My friends will love you once they get to know you, besides Morgan already thinks you’re too hot for me” 

You burst out in laughter, “It’s true you’re way too hot for me” 

Wheelchair Malfunction

Prompt: Your dog knocks Ian over while he’s in the wheelchair.

- A/N: I know I’m a whore for Joji but I thought this was a good idea.

Tonight, was a rather cool night in California. You would have thought it was a perfect time to go out, if it wasn’t for the fact that it was 2 in the morning.

You had been sleeping peacefully when out of nowhere, your dog jumped onto your bed at full speed and threw their body on top of yours. You tried ignoring them, but they wouldn’t stop pawing at your face. So, here you are. Walking done the rather quiet streets of California.

You didn’t know where the two of you were going, but you just kept walking not really caring. You’d manage to find your way back home sooner or later.

You exhaled, smiling a bit as a breeze went by, blowing loose strays of your pulled up hair with it. God, what you would do for it to feel like 24/7. Having your pores soak up the bright sun while still being cooled down by the wind. That was your type of weather.

You focused your attention on your dog. Seeing them pant from happiness as there head turned left and right to absorb their surroundings made you fill with joy and you couldn’t help but to smile.

Your attention was too focused on your dog and admiring their beauty to notice your shoe was untied. You accidentally stepped in it, stumbling and almost falling. You mumbled some words under your breath, tugging on the leash to get your dog to stop so you could tie your shoe.

The look they gave you when you made them stop, honestly frighten you. They looked so mad about you disturbing their peace. You sent a small, apologetic smile their way as you crouched down to tie your shoe.You wrapped the end of the leash around your wrist a few times to make sure they couldn’t get loose. 

As you sat there in the middle of the sidewalk, tying your shoe, your dog had their eyes on something else. There was a small motion in the bush about a yard away that they happened to catch sight of. Ears perked, they stared, waiting to see what it could possibly be, You took notice in your dogs alerted position and followed their gaze, your eyes landing on the bush as soon as a Cat popped out from underneath it. 

“[Dogs name], you better not,” You said, but it was too late. Your dog let out a loud bark and took off after the small creature down the sidewalk. Your barely had time to react as your body flung up, the leash somehow managing to slip off your wrist. you knuckles scrapped against the sidewalk along with your knees. 

“[Dogs name]!” 

Your well being was the lease of your worries. All you cared about was catching up to your dog as you sprinted down the sidewalk after them. 

“Fuck man it got away!” Max’s voice echoed throughout the empty park. Him, Ian, Joji and Chad were currently the only ones there in the godly hours of the morning. 

Ian rolled his eyes as he watched Max stomp around in a circle like a baby. He opened his mouth to make a smart ass comment about it, but stopped at the sound of a dog barking and a Cat screeching. The four of them all turned their heads in the direction of the sound to see a Cat charging towards them at full as a dog chased after it.

Max, Chad and Joji all jumped out the way, not even bothering to move Ian who was currently in the wheelchair. He was about to jump up when the cat started circling him, the dog following suit and its leash tangling itself in the chair. The Cat darted back off towards where it came and the Dog followed, yanking Ian and the wheelchair down.

“Whoa hey hey!” Ian yelled as the dog tried to drag him along but his weight kept him from doing so. “Stop it!” Ian out the chair and onto his hands and knees. The dog was about to take off again when a girl yelled.

“[Dogs name]!” 

Ians eyes landed on a girl with h/l, h/c hair. She bent over, her hands resting on her knees as she tried to catch her breath. The dog barked happily, trotting over towards her.

“You can’t run off like that!” She exclaimed, crouching to hug the animal around its neck tightly. Her eyes shot up, meeting Ians and her face grew worried. “I am so sorry Sir!” She got up, rushing over towards Ian who was still on the ground. She helped him up, looking him over in concern. Ians face heated up as he watched her. 

“Are you alright?” She asked looking him in the eye again.

“Um, yeah! Y-Yeah, I’m okay,” he stuttered earning some chuckles from his friends. 

His eyes followed her body as she bent over, unraveling the leash from around the wheelchair, yanking her dog to her side. 

“I’m really sorry about [him/her]. [She/He] gets distracted very easily. You sure you are okay?” Ian nodded, not wanting to open his mouth and stutter again. 

The girl grinned and he returned a smile. “Well, it was very nice meeting you Sir,” she said.

“Ian!” He blurted out rather loud, “My, My name is Ian,”

“Y/N,” you said, sticking out your hand which he shook. 

“Well Ian,” You said, tucking some loose strands of hair behind your ear, “Maybe I’ll end up seeing you around again?”

“Yeah, I’d like that,” 

With one last smile, you turned back towards the path you came. You glanced over your shoulder at him once last time, before deciding that home is where you should go.

Ian watched as you walked away until he could no longer see you. He jumped as somebody harshly slapped his shoulder.

“Alright man!” Max yelled, “Came out here to catch Pokemon and you caught yourself a woman,” 

Ian rolled his eyes, smacking Maxs hand away. His eyes landed back on the spot you had disappeared to, and he smiled. 

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108 n 146 for jungkook please? (ps. ur writing is phenomenal)

Thank you!!!

#108 & #146: “I’m glad you’re mine.” “Pillows are over-rated.”

The two of you were tangled up, as close to each other as you could get. It had been too long - way, way, too long - and you just wanted time to stop right then and there. His eyes were closed, and you were tracing the shape of his face with your finger, stopping to circle around his eyes and his pretty lips, then leaned forward to press a soft kiss to his forehead. “Jungkook,” you whispered, and he hummed, a slight smile coming to rest on his face. “I’m glad you’re mine,” you said, your own eyes closing and your head resting on his bicep as his other hand pulled your lower body closer to his. You smiled, leaning over to grab at your pillow and chuck it off the bed, “Pillows are over-rated,” you said, giggling. “I’m glad you’re mine, too, Y/N.”

30-day Writing Challenge 2017

Day 1. Poem about secret or forbidden love.

On the Love of Self

It starts slowly, like getting acclimated
to thinner air. You stop looking away
when, by chance, you see your face
in reflective material - in the black stone
of a skyscraper, or the stillness of a lake.
What you can see of yourself becomes
you; you do not hesitate, seeing another’s
hands at work, when your brain commands.
You start to think of your body as a whole –
a thing that hums and whirrs and works
in concert with itself. You do not have
to love its faults, which are many:
the strange pains, the weaknesses, the aches.
But you can start to love what it does.
The hands that create, if haltingly, the brain
that powers it all, darting from task to task
like lightning, the legs that, though painfully,
take you where you need to go.
This is love: to choose over and over.
Decide that this body is worth your love
and work from there. And when you see
that stranger smiling in the mirror, don’t turn away:
look her in the eye and smile back.

  • steve: you wrote about me
  • bucky: I don't know what you're talking about
  • steve: you pulled me out of the river
  • bucky: idk why I did that
  • steve: you nearly killed tony because he hurt me. you actually roared like an angry pigeon or something
  • bucky: I don't like him
  • steve: you tried to pull me behind the shield when I was covering you with it
  • bucky: I didn't mean to do that
  • steve: you remembered my shoes and the hotdogs but not that girls name
  • bucky: I have memory problems that's all
  • steve: you left our dates because I ran off, didn't even apologize
  • bucky: your date would've wondered where you went, I found you for her
  • steve: you lied and told me you only knew me because of the smithsonian because you wanted to protect me, to make me go
  • bucky: blame the brochure
  • steve: you made me share an apartment with you
  • bucky: I needed someone to do the dishes
  • steve: you kept my picture
  • bucky: memory problems remember?
  • steve: you didn't like it when I kissed sharon, I can tell your fake smile from your real one
  • bucky: you were wasting valuable time
  • steve: you put yourself back into cryo so I'd stop being reckless and not become a criminal just to keep you
  • bucky: I was tired
  • steve: you made a vow, told me you'd be with me until death
  • bucky: idk why I did that
  • steve: you interrupted my moment with peggy because you were jealous
  • bucky: you deserved applause and attention for your bravery
  • steve: you fell from the train because you were protecting me
  • bucky: wasn't my smartest move
  • steve: you gave me heart eyes at the bar in '43
  • bucky: I was drunk
  • steve: we shared money and everything else like...a couple
  • bucky: it was convenient
  • steve: you're in love with me
  • bucky: yes
  • steve: what
  • bucky: what
  • Lin-Manuel Miranda, sitting on a giant pile of cash, safe in the knowledge that his show is sold out for a year, a person who has always been able to access theatre shows: Stop The Bootlegs I Don't Like Them
  • Poor People: [stare into the camera like they're in the office]

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