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Simon Baker in Sex & Death 101 (he’s just so pretty in this movie I might gif the whole thing….)


‘The next five years: it’s gonna be letdown after U-turn after… What if people look back on this? On me? And they simply don’t agree? What if I made a mistake?’

'Nick, come on. You got in. Against the odds. And now we can change everything as two-party politics becomes three, becomes four. We can give people a choice to change how governments are chosen forever. That will be your legacy.’

Fairground fun

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You aimed your water gun to shoot towards the clown’s mouth, your left eye shut as your right eye aimed through the sights of the gun, your tongue sticking out and your finger hovering over the trigger. Jungkook stared at you as you bended your knees on the ground, your position awkward but you looked determined to win. He chuckled at the sight of you before smiling to himself, thinking about how cute you looked.

“What are you doing Y/N?” Jungkook joked, a playful smirk on his face. You looked at him, your childish side erupting out.

“Getting ready to beat your sorry ass.” You scoffed, before giggling.

“Oh you won’t beat me baby,” he scoffed, trying to keep to his egotistic act, “no one beats this guy.” He said, pointing his thumbs towards himself before twirling, showing himself off. You laughed at his stupidity, shooting your gun at his direction causing his chest to get wet. His eyes widened, gasping as you continued to point your gun at him, threatening to pull the trigger once more.

“What was that Jungkook? No one beats who?” a cheeky grin on your face. The water managed to drip down from his chest to his stomach, causing the thin material to stick onto his skin, out lining his defined chest and abs, and making it go see through. You bit your bottom lip, your eyes wandering too much for your liking. Jungkook smirked at you, causing you to gulp, averting your eyes elsewhere.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you Y/N,” He said, walking towards you, his eyes dark and his voice raspy. You stood up slowly from your knelt position, as his face was only inches from yours. You could feel his cold breath on your skin, your breath hitching as his water gun grazed your thigh. You quickly glanced at his eyes, his stare intimidating yet hot, before quickly looking back down at your feet. You licked your lips, regaining its moisture.

“O-or else what…” you managed to squeak out, refusing to look up. Suddenly, you felt two cold, but soft fingers lift your chin up, making you look into his eyes, glancing at his lips as he bit down on them.

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