stop with yer face

Inukag Week Day 4: family

well, it looks like i fell behind again. But here is something. 

@grapefruitwannabe proof that i don’t always torture our idiots.. sometimes i spread the torture to others…


The tiny, fervent cries pierced the cool night air, reaching the ears of those waiting patiently outside the hut for more information. Suddenly, the group was alive with cheers and hugs. A silent sigh of relief left them as the fear of stillbirth had been looming in the shadows. It was almost morning now, the early rising animals beginning their daily foraging. The labor had been a long and difficult one, spanning almost two whole days.

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A Pirate’s Life For Me

Pairings: Robb Stark x Reader

A/N: Pirate Robb would be hot. Oooooo I love pirate Robb. Someone tell Richard Madden to audition for Pirates of the Caribbean

Prompt; After the Red Wedding, Robb Stark has done the most un-Robb thing possible. He’s let his mother, wife, and unborn child die and instead of avenging them, he flees like a coward. Now, a couple years later, Robb’s turned himself into one of the few Pirate Lord’s left pillaging through the free cities of Essos. One day you find yourself aboard his ship and he realizes by the purple of your eyes that you’re the Targaryen everyone's been searching for. At first he wants to sell you to Daenerys Targaryen for an incredibly large amount of gold and jewels, but then the longer the two of you are on the ship together, the more fond he becomes of you.  

Today was not supposed to go like this. It was just supposed to be a simple get in, get out scenario and no one would’ve even noticed. You’d checked three different times and no one was supposed to be on the ship. They’d all gone up to the brothel an hour ago, even the captain. 

It’s not like you were going to take anything fancy; a few loaves of bread, some apples, maybe a small jewel or two that you could sell on the street. Whatever you took, they weren’t going to miss it. The ship had enough supplies to support the largest army in the world. 

The bottom line was, you weren’t supposed to get caught. But, here you were, tied to a wooden poll, feet bound, and watching a grimy pirate pace around in front of you. 

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People, us black and brown folks and or characters aren’t a costume, stop painting yer face it’s stupid

when a black or brown person cosplays as superman or naruto they don’t paint their faces white 

I mean if yer cosplaying as michonne i’m pretty sure her dreads, sword, and pants will do the trick. 

I mean it’s a popular show, people will know who you are.

pls stop, yer embarrassing yourself 

sorry about this but seriously get fucking educated 

oh and don’t use the whole “oh it’s not in my culture we have no history of black face hurr durr” excuse 


sorry guys this has been building up for awhile, I try to keep this blog as apolitical and neutral as possible…but I saw a cosplay today and I had to just post this.

thanks for reading this