stop wearing it

How to tell if your partner “who loves you so much” is racist:

  • Unwilling to learn the  basics of your language to speak with (typically older) members of your family. 
  • Reminds you constantly just how different you are from others of your race.
  • At the beginning of your relationship they question if the ‘rumors’ of people from your race are true. I don’t fucking know Deborah Anne because I am in fact human and don’t know what a jungle cat would be like in bed.
  • Makes excuses to not participate in events that are typical of your culture.
  • Speaks about how exotic and different you look compared to others. Listen here Charles, I am actually not a snake or a condiment, fuck off. 
  • Tries to stop your from wearing things that are associated with your race and culture “Come on baby why are you wearing hoops you know only chongas wear hoops” Pues clearly to wrap them around your neck and strangle you, Susan.
  • Constantly ask ignorant questions followed by “But I’m just trying to understand, baby” there’s a thing called the internet Christopher James, it’s not my job to reform you of all your nasty white habits. 

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Joanna, 24

“I stopped shopping retail years ago, so thrift stores, flea markets, and garage sales have largely shaped my personal style. I like for my looks to always have a playful twist, for them to be on the verge of ridiculous and costumey, but not quite there. I love dressing monochromatically and as of late cannot stop wearing all red. Here I’m wearing a thrifted kilt-like skirt paired with vintage booties I got at a vintage expo in LA, a faux-fur trim coat I found years ago at a thrift store in San Diego, and of course, my matching red wool hat and red sunglasses.”

Dec 4, 2016 ∙ Alameda

i can already tell from just the teasers they’re going to wear some disgusting doll dress thing. and you know what. i think it’s time to embrace it. red velvet will never stop wearing hideous clothes and we have to embrace it. 


Alexander Hamilton: Ace Attorney - Non-Stop

Over the holidays I played Ace Attorney for the first time and the fact that the game features lawyers in cravats got me thinking about these two lawyering rivals (even if they’re supposed to be on the same side of the courtroom.)

(Also Happy Birthday, @linmanuel!)


they look like a newly wed couple aww (x)

a small family of criminals in their early days before their demolition man, golden boy, or jack of all trades


If Ben & Sophie did a car commercial together, pt 2 (pt 1)

Person: *Asks about my avoidant tendencies*

Me: *Tries to figure out how I could have avoided this conversation*

It’s done~! Man…I really want to play a Mario game with these two in it—but ‘Mario bros’ style. So instead of Mario and Luigi, it’s Peach and Daisy!

…I also just wanted to give them different outfits. ProbablybecauseIcan’timaginefightinginanythinglongwithoutstumbling.


A big thanks to BTS for inventing shorts. 

I just realized, watching some clips of Civil War and thinking about what I saw when I went to the theatre, that Steve was wearing dress shoes whenever he wasn’t in costume.

I’m not kidding. Look! 

Look at these light brown suede shoes with a heel, which are questionably boots. So dress boots? But like, his outfit doe.

When is it cool to wear brown suede shoes/possibly boots with a too-tight grey shirt and indigo jeans? And that brown leather bomber jacket of his? I guess with the jacket it makes sense to wear brown suede, but JESUS STEVE, YOU’RE SO FUCKIN’ OLD FASHIONED THAT YOU STILL WEAR DRESS SHOES EVERYWHERE. God dammit, Steve. At least Bucky can actually wear proper shoes, which by the way are hiking-brand shoes. 

AND LOOK AT T’CHALLA’S SWEET SHOES! They make me think of hightops, or air Jordans.

Sorry, I just notice these things.