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 with  everything  going  on  i  think  i’m  gonna  have  to  move  every  muse  to  a  multi  :/    if  you  would  be  okay  with  following  a  multi  and  would  still  like  to  interact  please  like  this  post !!      i’ll  be  linking  the  blog  soon.

Lydia and Jackson had a better reunion than Lydia and Stiles and I don’t want to be insensitive to all you Stidia shiper out there but I am screaming with laughter

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Is there any way at all to get a hard copy of your non-fanfictiony stories? Besides just printing it out, I mean. I would just about kill to get a real-life bound copy of Game Theory.

Hiya anon!

There’s not, I’m afraid. For a few reasons, but the two biggest reasons are:

1. It’s not edited to a standard where I’d be happy releasing it to hard copy. And editing something that’s 4.5 standard books long is…a full-time job that I kind of don’t have time for at the moment. Boo. If only I had more hands. And brainspace!

2. It’s too long for most POD (Print on Demand) services anyway, and would need to be broken down into about three or four books (which would each still be longer than the standard sized novel, and therefore more expensive - it may end up costing $35-50 US just for Game Theory, for example - tbh, it may end up costing more, because it’s the need for extra pages etc. that ends up blowing out the costs for POD).

That being said, I am working on non-fanfictiony stories (this should be the official name :D) that are in book form. But they’ll be - at least initially - eBooks. I’m hoping to release the first in the next 3-6 months (it mostly depends on how fast a turnaround I can get from my primary beta, who is extremely heavily pregnant, lol). If there’s enough of a call for it, especially through Patreon and similar spaces, I’ll consider a POD outlet too like Lulu. (I’m already a member there, just in case).

(And I would just about kill to get a real-life bound copy of Game Theory too anon oh my god. Like trust me, if it happened, there’d probably be like, little internal illustrations and the cover would get the whole works and so on but it’d be such a vanity project. With my health and stuff, it’s hard to justify years of work when there’s so many other things to be working on.





FUCK Me ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) -leave the address and runs away-


//The Department Stores of each region can be seen as a haven for trainers. Various types of pokeballs, healing items, plushies for bases, drinks for their pokemon… however, they carry other things besides that. The Department Stores are basically like giant malls for the respective cities they’re placed in.

Popular brands of each region are sold there. Poketches would be sold in the Veilstone Store, for example. More well-known brands would be sold in all of them, however, like the Devon Corporation’s running shoes. Anyone can buy them anywhere. 

Clothes are an important part of the store. With changing seasons comes changing temperatures. Trainers who get caught in the winter may need to buy a new coat, or new gloves. Trainers who get caught in the summer may need new shorts, or sunglasses to combat the bright sun. With the seasons comes clothing rotations in the stores. Various brands and stores switch out their stock to match the season. At the start of fall, winter clothing is being put out. At the start of spring, summer clothing is being put out. 

Of course there’s food options that are sold too! Trainers who camp outside frequently can buy canned goods, camping supplies, drinks, etc. I imagine regular Pokemarts carry various clothes and supplies for trainers too, not just items for pokemon. It’s helpful in a pinch when a trainer can’t go home.

I just like to imagine the Department Store is more than just a bunch of floors that only specialize in one thing. Yes, the floors could specialize in one thing for humans and pokemon. Not just pokemon. One floor could specialize in pokeballs and gear for trainers. One floor could specialize in food and drink for pokemon and people. 

The Department Store is also really important for people who live in the city and surrounding areas year round too!!