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This has gotten to a sickening point. Do I really need to remind you fake ass koreaboos that you can’t stan KOREAN PEOPLE, KOREAN GROUPS, AND KOREAN MUSIC and in the very same breathe degrade and insult their KOREAN recognition, KOREAN culture, and KOREAN pride?

Like some of you guys are here shitting on the ideals and importance of the very country your faves call HOME just so you can elevate their “Western importance” For the last time, Western recognition isn’t SHIT KPOP GROUPS DON’T NEED IT so ifans get your head out of your ass and respect their heritage or go back to stanning your Western groups this is getting ridiculous

on their way to get some alien sighting

will stop by the bubble tea shop if they come across it

Adulting 105

This week I’m giving a shoutout to my fav person ever @poorpersonsgiude. You go girl! Also @stormfallss for lighting up my phone for over two hours the other night. Thanks for the love.

1. Keep paper bills. Bills such as internet, rent, and utility for up to five months. These help prove residency, which will be useful when applying for Medicaid, in-state tuition, and for some jobs. If you’re not receiving any sort of paper bills, keep pay stubs with your address on them instead.

2. Cheap salt. Never spend more than a dollar on salt. Seriously. Chain supermarkets and dollar stores will sell large quantities of it to you for 99 cents. You’re not the Queen of Sheba- you don’t need $5 salt.

3. Wooden floors. If any part of you apartment/dorm room has a wooden floor, consider buying Bona Hardwood Cleaner. It’s a little pricey, but my last squeeze bottle lasted me just short of a year. It’s the best wood cleaner around.

4. Postage stamps. You don’t have to go to your local post office to buy stamps (which is great because sometimes it’s not “local” at all). You can purchase them at pharmacy centers like CVS or Rite Aid, as well as large chain supermarkets such as Stop & Shop and Walmart. 

5. Moisturizers. Pick up at least one moisturizer to save your hands during these long winter months. If you’re a newbie just buy Gold Bond, it’s cheap and good for everything except your face. 

6. Shower heads. If you have a terrible apartment shower head with no water pressure buy yourself a better one. There a color changing shower heads on Amazon that I personally swear by. Just be sure to keep the original shower head and to replace it when you move out.

7. Keep your student ID card. Even after you stop attending school. You’ll still be able to receive student discounts at places like museums and cinemas. They have no way of knowing if you’re still a student. What are they gonna do- call your school? I do this all the time! 

8. Yankee Candle. Is so expensive, but it’s the only candle really worth buying. I’ve tried all sorts of discount candles from dollar stores and even from Target, but none of them smell even half as good as Yankee Candle.

9. Reminders. Forgetting important things such as bill payments, birthdays, or contraceptives? Set alarms and reminders on your Iphone to help you stay on top. I personally hate the Iphone calendar app so I downloaded Cozi (it’s free) and I use that instead.

10. Clean that fridge. Try to purge your fridge out at least once a month. There’s nothing more disgusting than food so decomposed that you can’t discern what it once was. The general rule of thumb about leftovers is if you don’t eat it within the next two days you won’t ever eat it. Try to give your fridge a sponge bath every three months, the shelves are easy to remove and I just wash them in my sink.

Don’t Resent Me

This is the sequel to Forgive me, which was written for the forgiveness challenge. You have to read that first cause it picks up right where that one ended. I’m not sure it *really* fits with this week’s resentment challenge, but let’s say it does. Also, I used one of the prompts from my inbox for this:

@ladymegg asked for: 43. “I swear to god if you touch me…” This is probably not quite what you imagined? I’m so sorry!

Now on with the actual story which got so long you’re getting a read more.

The woman, William’s new mother, clings to the boy she considers her son. When her arms tighten around him instinctively, Will starts to squirm. Mulder wants to see it as a sign that Will recognizes him, which is silly, or Scully, which seems likely; but in the end, he doesn’t know. Mulder has to stop himself from sprinting over there and grabbing his son out of the woman’s clutch. This is his son, he thinks, but this woman, this Mrs. Van de Kamp, she loves the child, too. And, as much as even the thought burns him, Will must love her as well. Mulder glances at Scully, quickly, before he turns away again. Her face is pale, ashen almost, and fixated on their son. Both her hands are on the car door; she’s ready to run away, to flee. Leave their son here and never talk about it ever again. They’re good at that, after all. He’s brought her here without any warning; he couldn’t have told her, he reasons, because she would never have come had she known. When her knuckles turn white from grabbing the door, Mulder winces and averts his eyes. Forgive me, he thinks again; his forever mantra now. Maybe one day she will. Maybe one day his son will as well.

The thing is that Mulder doesn’t know if he can do this without her. He knows he doesn’t want to. What he’s not sure about, though, is whether or not he’d do it anyway.

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“I had a fun time with you“

(A/N): FYI (Y/I) stands for (Your/Initials), Enjoy x also, i have not proofread this yet i apologise 

Words: 1,845

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“The anonymous street artist (Y/I) strikes once again…“

As soon as the familiar name is mentioned his attention is immediately drawn to the television. Apparently the mysterious person, who has been leaving several paintings all over the city, has almost been caught yesterday during the process of creating another masterpiece. Since the cops were incapable of catching hold of them, the anonymous artist has once again slipped through their fingers. 

Josh has been fascinated by their work from day one. Even though each portrait has its own individual interpretation, all of them hold the same message, which could be defined as diverse, observant, equaled and human. The country itself has been taken over by republicans, after being governed democratically for eight years. A lot of insurrections and turmoils have surfaced ever since the new president has been elected. (Y/I) paintings are often responses to countrywide but also citywide political occurrences, representing their own personal opinion, which should frankly speak to every person who has a slightly sense of humanity. In the eye of publicity their performance is seen as some act of rebellion, since the art pieces are mostly against the decisions and choices made by the new government. 

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walmart gothic
  • you have walked through every aisle twice, but you are certain you have never seen this particular set of disney juice glasses before.
  • you wonder if anyone truly needs this many american flags. you wonder if perhaps YOU need this many american flags, and begin to fill your cart
  • aisle four is entirely mayonnaise. you know better than to question it.
  •  you are in the center of the store now. your phone does not have service. you are not sure if it ever did
  • wherever you go, elsa is always watching. you cannot, no matter how hard you try, let it go.
  • rollback. roll what back? you decide to investigate, but are distracted by another aisle of oddly specific kitchen appliances before you can
  • NEW RELEASES, the sign above the dvds reads. you are sure several of these came out when you were a child. you are no longer sure what year it is
  • you pass a screaming child. you pass another screaming child. the children are always screaming. where are their parents?
  • a woman walks past you, holding a knife covered in something dark and red and dripping. knives and blood are both in aisle three, next to the food processors.
  • the doors are always letting people in. you are not sure you have ever seen them let someone out.
  • the gun aisle seems smaller this winter. perhaps the locals have been stocking up again. you continue into the liquor aisle. the guns are none of your concern.

anonymous asked:

What's a fact about Norway that most people would be surprised to hear?

-lollipop is called love on a stick
-Norway introduced the Japanese to salmon sushi
-Norway stopped funding Walmart cause they employ minors and force employees to work overtime and pays women less
-it’s illegal to die in one of our towns (Longyearbyen)
-we are one of the top oil producers in the world but one of the most expensive places to buy gas
-it costs between 2500-3500$ to get the drivers license and you have to be 18
-speeding is often harder punished than drug possession
-we have a bee highway
-our reindeers have to be tested for radioactivity after the Chernobyl disaster and if they’re too radioactive they get released into da wild
-snow days? What snow days? There are no snow days. Once a bus to my school crashed cause of snow and ice and half the students that were in that bus still came to school.
-income tax returns are public so everyone can see what you earn
-Andres Behring breivik (you might’ve heard of the guy? Murdered 69 teens) got his ps2 replaced by a PS3 cause he threatened to stave himself if not
-we have channels who air 24/7 programs minute by minute like knitting, ferry rides and train rides
-the butter crisis. It was fucking ridiculous. We literally ran out of butter cause everyone got hooked on the high fat diet. People were caught smuggling tons of butter in from Denmark and Sweden and there were online auctions
-it’s not unusual for the Norwegian police to go months without firing a gun. Not one police officer but like, no shots fired by police at all
-transgender kids down to the age of six can legally change their gender

Malec Parenting: Language barriers

Slightly after the last Malec Parenitng, which is here

Alec loved to spend time with Rafael, he really did. It was just hard when each spoke so little of the other’s native tongue. Each was receiving lessons from Magnus, and though Rafael was improving rapidly, there were still things he did not know how to say. It had been a couple months since they had adopted Rafael, and while the two of them could communicate more, Rafael, or Rafe, as they were beginning to call him, got frustrated often when they talked, and would often prefer to sit silent rather than try to communicate.

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Knight (Single Dad! Calum Hood AU) 4

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A/N: IM SORRY ITS BEEN SO LONG! This always happens I start off strong then my inspo dies cause I can’t seem to get to where I want. I’ve had this scene in my head since I started this and I hope this does it justice. This one might be extra long so watch out. Message me if you all want me to continue or not, please anything helps.

Parts: 1 2 3

“(Y/N)!” ‘Rora’s voice took you out of your slumber. The past couple of days you had slowly fallen ill with what you hope is just a small bug, and you were told by the tour doctor to make sure you got plenty of sleep and take a couple of medications for the next couple of days. You slowly opened your eyes seeing a concerned toddler with her new favorite stuffed lion cub toy clutched in her arms. You had gotten her that toy from a claw machine when you all stopped at a Dave and Busters for lunch, ‘Rora’s choice of course, and she hasn’t let it go for anything.

“Whats up little one?” You asked, your voice heavy with sleep and sickness.

“It’s almost lunch time and you haven’t eaten today. Are you okay?” She asked swaying a bit side to side as the bus hit another random bump in the road somewhere near Hershey, where the next stop would be for this leg in the U.S.

“Aurora! I told you (Y/N) isn’t feeling well. The doctor told her to get lots of sleeps. Sorry, she’s just been really worried, do you need anything (Y/N)?” Calum asked picking up Aurora.

“No, I’m okay ‘Rora, just need to sleep like a bear so I can be strong again.” You said looking up at the father daughter pair, the same look on their faces. “I’ll be fine.” You said giving them a small smile, before Calum nodded and closed the curtain to your bunk, hoping to block the noise he and the boys were making.

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I don’t usually post things like this, but this is the condition of the fish at my local Walmart. I remember seeing this as a child and crying to my mom to save them all. After a while this inhumane treatment of fish was normalized for me.

I implore you to make a rating or comment to your local Walmart if you see these conditions. I’m making complaints to corporate and would love support for this issue. If you do comment or make a rating please do so with the hashtag #fishmatter

Please share this message, let’s stop this!!!

Saw this prompt on @dailyau  (created by anon) and decided to WinterHawk it up. Enjoy.

“I finally found you, you asshole! Just because you grew few inches and packed on some muscles doesn’t mean you can suddenly out run me, you… you’re not Steve.”

Clint blinked. His best friend and roommate Natasha was standing across from him in the canned food aisle of Target, slightly wide-eyed.

Clint couldn’t really blame her. Some stranger had pounced on his back out of nowhere and currently had Clint in a headlock.

Clint sighed, this is why he had stopped shopping at Walmart. He thought there’d be less loonies at the more expensive, albeit still cheap, store.

Clint cleared his throat and patted the arm around his neck. He took a moment to appreciate the muscles in the arm before speaking. “Now that we have established that I am not Steve, can I have my head back? I’m still using it.”

His assailant backpedaled, his shoes squeaking on the floor in his hurry to give Clint space.

Clint rubbed his neck and turned to see the man who had attacked him.

Okay, if the loonies at Target all looked like supermodels then Clint was going to continue to shop at the store.

The guy was tall and broad shouldered. Shoulder length brown hair combined with a hint of facial hair gave the man a a rugged-look that appealed to Clint.  

“S-sorry,” the guy stuttered out, his attitude a contradiction to what Clint had anticipated from him based on looks.

A rugged cutie with a bashful side; Clint was interested. Very interested.

Clint put on his most friendly smiled and patted the guy on the shoulder. “Hey, it’s okay. Easy mistake, right? Besides, I certainly didn’t mind the bear hug.”

The guy seemed thrown.

Clint persisted. “What’s your name?”

“Bucky,” he said, still stunned it seemed.

“I’m Clint, not Steve.” Clint winked at Bucky, trying to get his flirting across.

Something flashed in Bucky’s eyes, and slowly a smile spread across his face. His eyes slid up and down Clint’s body before returning to Clint’s face. “Clearly.” Bucky thrust his hand out at Clint. “Nice to meet you, and I’m glad you enjoyed the hug.”

“One of the best I’ve had in a while.”

Natasha sighed in exasperation, grabbed the cart Clint and her had been using, and wheeled it away from the scene.

“Girlfriend?” Bucky asked.

Clint grinned. “Single.”

Bucky smirked. “Maybe we can change that.”

Legends + Christmas

Ok, so this was inspired by a post where someone said, “Imagine a Legends of Tomorrow Christmas episode”, and it spiralled down from there.

  • There’s a very clear divide in the team between those who are absolutely ecstatic and go all out for Christmas (Jax, Ray, Kendra and, surprisingly enough, Stein, though he celebrates Hanukkah rather than Christmas, but still helps the others with their Christmas plans), and those who couldn’t care less and wish the others would leave them alone (Sara, Mick, Len, Carter and Rip).
  • Kendra, Ray and Jax set about adorning the ship in every piece of Christmas-related piece of décor they can get their hands on. They even hijack the ship and make a special stop at Walmart and some sketchy-looking Christmas tree place, just so that they can get the tinsel, a pack of baubles and the tree. They also stock up on baking ingredients, which Rip pulls a face at. (The last time the Legends tried to make cookies, it ended up with black smoke pouring out of the oven, and Snart using his gun to extinguish the oven. And the fridge. And the dining table. It was a pretty big fire. Rip banned them from baking unsupervised after that).
  • Mick, while not entirely on board with the whole Christmas celebration thing, helps Jax to pick out the best, biggest tree, and he and Len subtly intimidate the tree guy into giving them a discount on the incredibly over-priced tree. Cue Len, Rip and Mick struggling to move the tree while Kendra tries to make up her mind where it would look best. (“Kendra, just make up your mind, already. This thing is heavy.” “It has to look perfect, Rip. A little bit more to the left.”)
  • Kendra, Ray, Jax and Stein all making their own home-made ornaments, and getting the others to join in. Mick just tosses them a spare lighter with a picture of Santa on it that he ‘liberated’ from Walmart; Sara draws a white bird on a black bauble and passes it to them with a wink; Rip just hands them a random piece of tat off his desk and declares the whole thing pointless; Carter carves a little wooden symbol from a piece of pine wood, but won’t tell anyone what it means; Len actually goes all out for it and makes a little snowman with a pirate’s hat on it; Jax makes a little snow dog because he remembers watching ‘The Snowman and the Snowdog’ with his mum a few days before the accident, and he thinks it’s cute (so does the rest of the team when they see a cute little white terrier with sock ears); Ray makes high-tech mini devices with moving, Christmas-themed holographics (Rip is angry when he learns where Ray got the extra parts from. Hint: Futuristic phone); Kendra makes little angels and it brings back memories of Christmas with Carter and Aldus; Stein decides to get Carter’s help carving a Jewish star as his decoration, and makes Rip stop off and buy menorah when they next land somewhere that isn’t a desolate futuristic city ruled by maniacs and motorcycle gangs.
  • Kendra, Ray and Jax getting very excited each day when they get to open their advent calendar doors, and then Ray and Jax getting very sick after gorging themselves on the entire calendar because they just couldn’t wait, and asking for new ones, which the others say no to because, “you threw up on Mick’s shoes, guys. He’ll probably shoot you both if you get another calendar.”
  • Stein being the only one allowed to bake because 1) he’s the only person who won’t poison the rest of them with his cooking (Ray can’t cook to save his life. He lives on microwave dinners for a reason), 2) his food is actually edible and not burnt to a crisp like Mick’s were that one time, and 3) he’s actually sensible when he’s in the kitchen and doesn’t forget that something is in the oven and then set fire to the entire kitchen. He also happens to bake the best latkes and Sufganiyah ever.
  • While half of the team isn’t really into Christmas, they all agree to do Secret Santa (though Mick and Len do so grudgingly). Ray gets Sara, Sara gets Len, Len gets Jax, Jax gets Mick, Mick gets Kendra, Kendra gets Rip, Rip gets Carter, and Carter gets Ray.
  • Tinsel + pine needles + bare feet = not so fun times for the Legends. (Mick wants to burn the tree down. Carter threatens to use his axe on it. Rip threatens to airlock it. Ray points out that Rip doesn’t have an airlock which leads to him being slapped upside the head. Everyone forgets about destroying the tree when they see Jax’s sad face).
  • Christmas day, while incredibly insane, is also incredibly fun. Everyone is thrilled with their presents, Christmas lunch is edible and actually rather nice, and they end up watching cheesy Christmas movies together in the lounge. It’s a very enjoyable day overall.

TL;DR – A Christmas day special would be awesome, and I need it to happen, even if it’s a one-off special or another season or something, it would just be incredible.

Edit: I’m so sorry. I forgot that Stein was Jewish, it’s been a while since I’ve watched the Flash episodes with Stein in, and it completely slipped my mind, so I’ve edited this with Stein in mind.