stop walmart

on their way to get some alien sighting

will stop by the bubble tea shop if they come across it

I have been involved in an occurrence so blatantly racist that I’m just so sick right now. I was heading across the local Walmart when I noticed a young black kid, couldn’t be more than 15 surrounded by three white men and a woman in a Walmart vest. There was a Playstation 4 on the ground among them. I did not like how they all stood around him, I didn’t get a good feeling at all so I slowed down and got closer. 

From what I heard, it appeared that when he left Walmart with the Playstation, the alarm went off and he was stopped by the Walmart employee and surrounded by the men. I kept hearing him say that he had the receipt right here in his pocket but they wouldn’t let him reach into his pocket. They said keep your hands where they could see them. 

They men were just getting closer and closer to him and I did not like it at all. So I just pushed past them and stood next to this poor kid and held my hands out in front of me and said I’d appreciate it if you stood back. They looked shocked to see me doing this. They said this didn’t concern you. I said it does, I didn’t like their demeanor and they need to stand back from us. They backed up a bit but didn’t relent in blocking any exit. During this time, I can feel this poor kid shaking. I just grabbed a hold of his arm and squeezed. 

So they must have called the cops because two police cruisers showed up. TWO. I think I must have said something like it was ridiculous or something but not only was this kid surrounded by four people but FOUR COPS! I was outraged, to be honest, but I didn’t want to cause this ridiculous situation to escalate any further then it was so I just pulled the kids arm so that he was closer to me. I really wanted to pull him behind me but I thought about how that would look to ignorant people, that it could look like he was holding me from behind, even though if they took one look at this kids face they’d see he was terrified. So I just held his wrist tight and stood next to him. 

The cops asked everyone to back up and they did immediately - when I had to all but shove them back. They asked the situation and the woman explained the alarm went off when he went through the security scan and she stopped him with the “help” from the men there. One of the cops asked the obvious did he have a receipt and the woman had the gall to say she asked for it but he wouldn’t show her. I said bullshit. The cops asked who I was and I told them when I got here, I saw them surround this kid and I did not like how it looked and feared what could happen. They said that I could go now, and I refused. Eight against one kid, are you kidding me? I just said no. And told them that he was trying to show him the damn receipt but they wouldn’t let him reach into his pocket. 

One of the cops asked the woman if she believed he was armed and she said she wasn’t sure. I couldn’t believe this shit, that this woman was covering up her racists response and reaction but actually suggesting that he was armed. I couldn’t believe it. I was so glad I didn’t leave because I wouldn’t have believed that what happened next was that the cops made him hold his arms up and they searched him. Not just the pocket that he was trying to get the receipt out of by they searched his whole body completely. 

The cop found the receipt and didn’t apologize or finished this whole bullshit, he actually asked him where he got the money to pay for the Playstation. I think I actually said Seriously!? They made the kid tell them where he worked, his bosses name, and asked for a fucking paystub. I was livid, beyond pissed at this point. 

After ten minutes of questioning this kid, they finally said he could leave. Well, that wasn’t enough for me. I asked for the Walmart employee’s name, all four of the cops name and badge numbers. Before I left - I was not going to give Walmart my services - I told the Walmart employee that I was never shopping there again. 

I gave the kid a ride home, because he was walking to his house about three streets over and who knows what could have happened, someone seeing a black kid carrying a Playstation home after buying it with his own fucking money. His name was David and I felt ashamed about what happened to him. I met his mother, too, when she came out after seeing me pull up with her kid. 

Tomorrow, I’m filing a complain at the police station against those four cops. I’m also speaking to that woman’s manager. Its sad because it’s probably the only way the situation is going to be taken seriously, that a white girl complains. 

I’m sad, sick and sad, and is this really going to happen any longer? In 2016? 

It always crosses my mind, what would I do if I woke up one morning and I was the only person on earth. Right after stopping by Walmart and stocking up on twinkies and survival gear; I think I’d immediately take the closest four door jeep and start heading straight for Alaska. I’ve been yearning to see the northern lights. The mountains and nights of the North would keep me company. What would you do if you were the last person on earth? 

Stay Adventurous Dear Friends!!

The entire Walmart stopped what it was doing, from the shop-lifters to the white trash buying their no-name brand beers, to even the little old lady that occasionally forgets ‘the coloreds’ isn’t acceptable language any more. They rallied around the 6 month old, not out of surprise that it could talk, because #BlackGirlMagic permits it; no, they rallied around her because everyone knew, everyone has always known, 


They all cheered and clapped, raising the second coming of black-baby-female-Jesus to the sky, cheering profusely at her melinated greatness. As they did, rays from the heavens themselves pierced the roof of the Walmart, illuminating her in the royal glow she now reflected on the outside, as well as within. 

The child then gave a dissertation on how the evil scientist Yukab created the race of white Devils on an island off the coast of greece, and these white devils destroyed the advanced black civilizations (this is actually something radical black nationalists and Nation of Islam members believe, not fucking shitting you), toppling the proud black empires. At the end she called for the extermination of the white devil creatures….

and the whole Walmart clapped.

That moment when you search tumblr to see if you can find somewhere legit to buy henna from, because you really want to learn how to do it, and everything in the tag says that white people wearing/doing henna is cultural appropriation. 

I had always been taught that doing henna was okay regardless of race/culture, so long as you didn’t do dumb shit and you respect the meaning behind it. 

walmart gothic
  • you have walked through every aisle twice, but you are certain you have never seen this particular set of disney juice glasses before.
  • you wonder if anyone truly needs this many american flags. you wonder if perhaps YOU need this many american flags, and begin to fill your cart
  • aisle four is entirely mayonnaise. you know better than to question it.
  •  you are in the center of the store now. your phone does not have service. you are not sure if it ever did
  • wherever you go, elsa is always watching. you cannot, no matter how hard you try, let it go.
  • rollback. roll what back? you decide to investigate, but are distracted by another aisle of oddly specific kitchen appliances before you can
  • NEW RELEASES, the sign above the dvds reads. you are sure several of these came out when you were a child. you are no longer sure what year it is
  • you pass a screaming child. you pass another screaming child. the children are always screaming. where are their parents?
  • a woman walks past you, holding a knife covered in something dark and red and dripping. knives and blood are both in aisle three, next to the food processors.
  • the doors are always letting people in. you are not sure you have ever seen them let someone out.
  • the gun aisle seems smaller this winter. perhaps the locals have been stocking up again. you continue into the liquor aisle. the guns are none of your concern.

Saw this prompt on @dailyau  (created by anon) and decided to WinterHawk it up. Enjoy.

“I finally found you, you asshole! Just because you grew few inches and packed on some muscles doesn’t mean you can suddenly out run me, you… you’re not Steve.”

Clint blinked. His best friend and roommate Natasha was standing across from him in the canned food aisle of Target, slightly wide-eyed.

Clint couldn’t really blame her. Some stranger had pounced on his back out of nowhere and currently had Clint in a headlock.

Clint sighed, this is why he had stopped shopping at Walmart. He thought there’d be less loonies at the more expensive, albeit still cheap, store.

Clint cleared his throat and patted the arm around his neck. He took a moment to appreciate the muscles in the arm before speaking. “Now that we have established that I am not Steve, can I have my head back? I’m still using it.”

His assailant backpedaled, his shoes squeaking on the floor in his hurry to give Clint space.

Clint rubbed his neck and turned to see the man who had attacked him.

Okay, if the loonies at Target all looked like supermodels then Clint was going to continue to shop at the store.

The guy was tall and broad shouldered. Shoulder length brown hair combined with a hint of facial hair gave the man a a rugged-look that appealed to Clint.  

“S-sorry,” the guy stuttered out, his attitude a contradiction to what Clint had anticipated from him based on looks.

A rugged cutie with a bashful side; Clint was interested. Very interested.

Clint put on his most friendly smiled and patted the guy on the shoulder. “Hey, it’s okay. Easy mistake, right? Besides, I certainly didn’t mind the bear hug.”

The guy seemed thrown.

Clint persisted. “What’s your name?”

“Bucky,” he said, still stunned it seemed.

“I’m Clint, not Steve.” Clint winked at Bucky, trying to get his flirting across.

Something flashed in Bucky’s eyes, and slowly a smile spread across his face. His eyes slid up and down Clint’s body before returning to Clint’s face. “Clearly.” Bucky thrust his hand out at Clint. “Nice to meet you, and I’m glad you enjoyed the hug.”

“One of the best I’ve had in a while.”

Natasha sighed in exasperation, grabbed the cart Clint and her had been using, and wheeled it away from the scene.

“Girlfriend?” Bucky asked.

Clint grinned. “Single.”

Bucky smirked. “Maybe we can change that.”

someone asked me to finish the roadtrip AU

But it wont let me do it on the ask so here it is: 

  • When they leave Vegas they head to Denver.
  • Maya makes Lucas stop at another walmart somewhere in Utah (because she’s obsessed now) so that she can buy a new sketchbook since she used the rest of hers at the Grand Canyon.
  • She spends the car ride through the mountains drawing pictures of them all. 
  • Riley goes to google cool things to do in Denver and they end up going on some weird bike tour through the city.
  • Zay gets super excited because he remembers weed is legal there and he’s never tried it before.
  •  They buy edibles and convince Riley to eat one too.
  • Riley and Maya both get really paranoid and Lucas has to take care of them in the hotel room while Zay, Smackle, and Farkle go out to the pool.
  • Riley vows never to try weed ever again because she  thought she was for sure going to get arrested. Maya agrees. 
  • They stay a night in Omaha because no one wants to drive the rest of the way to Chicago. 
  • Riley convinces everyone to go cow tipping but once they get out to a random field of cows she decides that it’s really mean and that they shouldn’t do it.
  • Instead they spend the night hanging out in a corn field until Maya and Zay convince them that the children of the corn is real and they make Lucas take them back to the hotel.
  • They spend two days in Chicago. The first thing Maya does is take a picture of her flipping off the Trump tower.
  • Zay goes straight to the hotel on the cover of the Wilco album then they go to the Dick’s last resort that’s located under the House of Blues.
  • No one tells Riley or Smackle that at Dicks they’re mean to you on purpose and they both get super offended about how rude their waitress is.
  • When they get their hats that say dirty things, Riley’s is so embarrassing that she trades with Maya and their waitress yells at them.
  • Before they leave Dicks their waitress apologizes to Riley and Smackle for being mean and reminds them that it’s her job and she’s actually a really sweet girl.
  • They go out sight seeing in Chicago and stop at the bean. Farkle gets super excited about the bean and attempts to climb it with Zay’s help.
  • That obviously didn’t work and they get yelled at by park security for being idiot boys.
  • Maya gets lost in the art exhibits with Lucas for an hour and Riley gets super worried at first but they take her to the duck pond and she feeds the ducks while they wait for Lucas and Maya to come back.
  • Farkle pays Zay twenty dollars to go to the top of the Willis Tower and sit on the glass window that looks out over the city.
  • He’s super afraid of heights and crawls to the edge. 
  • Zay ends up having to throw up twice before they go back down to the bottom of the tower.
  • When they get to the pier they all go off into their respective pairings and ride the rides.
  • Lucas gives Maya a promise ring at the top of the ferris wheel overlooking the city. 
  • They go and get Jamba Juice and Maya tricks them all into taking a shot of Ginger Root. All of them do it because she doesn’t tell them how much it burns going down.
  • About an hour after the ginger root kicks in they’re all super hyped on natural caffeine and Riley convinces them to go on a segway tour. 
  • They leave Chicago and drive to Cleveland.
  • Lucas books them a hotel right on the Lake Erie coast and they spend the night crashing a wedding party in the hotel ballroom.
  • Maya catches the bouquet and quickly tosses it to Riley before anyone thinks her and Lucas are going to get married anytime soon.
  • After they leave Cleveland they drive straight to Pittsburgh. As they’re going through the tunnel from Perks of being a Wallflower, Maya stands up and hangs herself out of the Sunroof. Riley quickly joins her and they reenact the scene from the book/movie. 
  • They stop at the Abby Lee Dance Company per Zay’s request and he goes in looking for Abby Lee Miller, who isn’t there. Zay ends up buying a shirt and complaining for an hour about how much he doesn’t like that woman.
  • “Well, why did you buy a shirt?” “I may not like her but she gave the world Maddie Ziegler and I have to give her respect for that.” 
  • They make a final stop in Newark New Jersey for gas and out of nowhere Smackle points to a small lake and says, “There’s probably a hundred bodies in that lake. Cause you know… Mobsters.” 
  • They quickly jump in the car and drive straight over the George Washington bridge to get home. 
  • Once they get home they start planning a trip to Florida to go to Disney. Because one road trip was definitely not enough. 

Walmart employees wages are so low that many of them need food stamps and Medicaid to survive. #stopcorporatewelfare

I finally went for a lengthy walk around Huizhou- well, within walking distance anyways. I saw this dead fish in the canal and decided it was a portent of my fate if I didn’t buy a water filter pronto, so on the way back I stopped at Walmart again. I found one of those pitcher filters on display, which was what I wanted because I don’t feel the need to invest in an entire machine if I’m only going to be here for 5 months. The sales assistants had been avoiding me like the plague, but I finally corralled one and asked if I could buy “this thing” (I should have looked up “water filter” in Mandarin but I’m not a planner, if you can’t tell). Nope. They were out of them. I asked if I could buy the display model. Nope, there’s no box. Where can I get one, then? I was told to go downstairs to another store, which I eventually found after a lot of searching because there were several floors “downstairs”. I wandered around this store, also being given a wide berth by the salespeople, until I just couldn’t find the darn thing. I made eye contact with one guy and we gave each other the look of two people who know they’re soon going to be awkwardly trying to breach a language barrier. I patted the filter machine and said “I want this thing, but small”. He tried to give me an electric kettle. “I don’t want to make tea, I don’t want hot water, I want to…wash my water,” I tried to explain, the only word I knew for cleaning something being 洗 like 洗澡 or 洗手間. This did not go over well (understandably), so he summoned a comrade with some minimal English, and between him and me drawing a picture of the thing (I should have taken a photograph in Walmart but I didn’t anticipate this problem) it turned out they just didn’t have water filter pitchers, only machines. I’m going to ask one of my coworkers if they can’t just order me one online. Otherwise it looks like my fate is with the canal fish. 


“What I ate today” - February 13, 2017

I failed to plan, so breakfast and lunch were both convenience items from the cafeteria at work. At least they were somewhat healthy.

Started PMSing REAL BAD after PT today so I did stop and have two double cheeseburgers from mcdonalds for dinner. Idk why, they always seem the best thing ever to me during that time of the month…although the picture makes it look a lot less appealing.

I spent about 90+ minutes training in taekwondo today, and Grandmaster decided it was leg day. Well everyday in tkd is leg day, but today was so much more so. I will for sure feel that in the morning!

On the way home, I stopped at Walmart because we’re having a potluck at work tomorrow and I needed to grab a couple things. Also, it’s a BAD IDEA to go to Walmart the night before a holiday. I waited like 30 minutes in line to just buy some tortillas and meat and cheese. Yikes.

Came home, mom had been baking. The thought is super nice, but ahhhhh stop showing me love through food. Mom recently learned she has diabetes, so she eats predominately sugar free, so she won’t be eating the giant cookie cakes (yeah, she made TWO). There’s only three of us in the house - her, me, and my stepdad. I’ll probably end up taking it to tomorrow’s potluck.

Overall, my eating was not the best today, but I was within my desired calorie deficit.


I don’t usually post things like this, but this is the condition of the fish at my local Walmart. I remember seeing this as a child and crying to my mom to save them all. After a while this inhumane treatment of fish was normalized for me.

I implore you to make a rating or comment to your local Walmart if you see these conditions. I’m making complaints to corporate and would love support for this issue. If you do comment or make a rating please do so with the hashtag #fishmatter

Please share this message, let’s stop this!!!

Legends + Christmas

Ok, so this was inspired by a post where someone said, “Imagine a Legends of Tomorrow Christmas episode”, and it spiralled down from there.

  • There’s a very clear divide in the team between those who are absolutely ecstatic and go all out for Christmas (Jax, Ray, Kendra and, surprisingly enough, Stein, though he celebrates Hanukkah rather than Christmas, but still helps the others with their Christmas plans), and those who couldn’t care less and wish the others would leave them alone (Sara, Mick, Len, Carter and Rip).
  • Kendra, Ray and Jax set about adorning the ship in every piece of Christmas-related piece of décor they can get their hands on. They even hijack the ship and make a special stop at Walmart and some sketchy-looking Christmas tree place, just so that they can get the tinsel, a pack of baubles and the tree. They also stock up on baking ingredients, which Rip pulls a face at. (The last time the Legends tried to make cookies, it ended up with black smoke pouring out of the oven, and Snart using his gun to extinguish the oven. And the fridge. And the dining table. It was a pretty big fire. Rip banned them from baking unsupervised after that).
  • Mick, while not entirely on board with the whole Christmas celebration thing, helps Jax to pick out the best, biggest tree, and he and Len subtly intimidate the tree guy into giving them a discount on the incredibly over-priced tree. Cue Len, Rip and Mick struggling to move the tree while Kendra tries to make up her mind where it would look best. (“Kendra, just make up your mind, already. This thing is heavy.” “It has to look perfect, Rip. A little bit more to the left.”)
  • Kendra, Ray, Jax and Stein all making their own home-made ornaments, and getting the others to join in. Mick just tosses them a spare lighter with a picture of Santa on it that he ‘liberated’ from Walmart; Sara draws a white bird on a black bauble and passes it to them with a wink; Rip just hands them a random piece of tat off his desk and declares the whole thing pointless; Carter carves a little wooden symbol from a piece of pine wood, but won’t tell anyone what it means; Len actually goes all out for it and makes a little snowman with a pirate’s hat on it; Jax makes a little snow dog because he remembers watching ‘The Snowman and the Snowdog’ with his mum a few days before the accident, and he thinks it’s cute (so does the rest of the team when they see a cute little white terrier with sock ears); Ray makes high-tech mini devices with moving, Christmas-themed holographics (Rip is angry when he learns where Ray got the extra parts from. Hint: Futuristic phone); Kendra makes little angels and it brings back memories of Christmas with Carter and Aldus; Stein decides to get Carter’s help carving a Jewish star as his decoration, and makes Rip stop off and buy menorah when they next land somewhere that isn’t a desolate futuristic city ruled by maniacs and motorcycle gangs.
  • Kendra, Ray and Jax getting very excited each day when they get to open their advent calendar doors, and then Ray and Jax getting very sick after gorging themselves on the entire calendar because they just couldn’t wait, and asking for new ones, which the others say no to because, “you threw up on Mick’s shoes, guys. He’ll probably shoot you both if you get another calendar.”
  • Stein being the only one allowed to bake because 1) he’s the only person who won’t poison the rest of them with his cooking (Ray can’t cook to save his life. He lives on microwave dinners for a reason), 2) his food is actually edible and not burnt to a crisp like Mick’s were that one time, and 3) he’s actually sensible when he’s in the kitchen and doesn’t forget that something is in the oven and then set fire to the entire kitchen. He also happens to bake the best latkes and Sufganiyah ever.
  • While half of the team isn’t really into Christmas, they all agree to do Secret Santa (though Mick and Len do so grudgingly). Ray gets Sara, Sara gets Len, Len gets Jax, Jax gets Mick, Mick gets Kendra, Kendra gets Rip, Rip gets Carter, and Carter gets Ray.
  • Tinsel + pine needles + bare feet = not so fun times for the Legends. (Mick wants to burn the tree down. Carter threatens to use his axe on it. Rip threatens to airlock it. Ray points out that Rip doesn’t have an airlock which leads to him being slapped upside the head. Everyone forgets about destroying the tree when they see Jax’s sad face).
  • Christmas day, while incredibly insane, is also incredibly fun. Everyone is thrilled with their presents, Christmas lunch is edible and actually rather nice, and they end up watching cheesy Christmas movies together in the lounge. It’s a very enjoyable day overall.

TL;DR – A Christmas day special would be awesome, and I need it to happen, even if it’s a one-off special or another season or something, it would just be incredible.

Edit: I’m so sorry. I forgot that Stein was Jewish, it’s been a while since I’ve watched the Flash episodes with Stein in, and it completely slipped my mind, so I’ve edited this with Stein in mind.

Cute Shawn imagine

Okay sorry for the wait here is the first of 2 imagines for you mendesarmyforlife


Shawn’s POV

“Babe which ones do I get” I ask my girlfriend y/n on the phone, she’s on her period and I stopped by walmart to get her a few things before heading to her place. “Any and can you get me some chocolate and some ice cream as well as the tampons” I sigh “babe everyone is staring at me” “I don’t care just get the stuff and come to mine I need cuddles” I chuckle “sure thing babe be about 20 minutes” I say before hanging up the phone.

I arrive at y/n’s house and she’s stood in the doorway frowning at me, “thank god your here” I hug her and then we both walk into the house and I shut the door. “Take this bag upstairs I’ll get you a hot water bottle and a spoon for your ice cream” she smiles before heading upstairs.

Once I have the hot water bottle and the spoon I head upstairs to join her. “Here you go” I hand both the water bottle and the spoon to her. She automatically begins to eat the ice cream. I get up and put pretty little liars on for her then I get back onto the bed. I put my arm around her and she rests her head on my shoulder. She puts the ice cream on the bedside table and then she eats a bit of the chocolate.

“You picked the right show” she giggles and I smirk “well it’s your fave and I thought what else would you wanna do whilst your on your period other than watch your fave show from the beginning” she looks up at me and she connects her lips to mine. “This is why your my boyfriend” I smile “I love you babe” “I love you too y/n” we kiss again before then returning to watch PLL.

(A/N sorry it’s not long and not that detailed I’ll try and make the Cam one a lot better)