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I hope Theresa May wins the election. To stop this vawe of antieuropeanism we need an hard brexit )so the importance of the Union can be proved), and the EU can't press for that because they can't be seen as the bad guys. On the contrary May is full of herself, she thinks she has the USA supoort (when actually she only has Trump's words, and they mean nothing, expecially with the new visa program) and she will end up crippled in the negotiations.

on one side you’re right on the other I’d like a solution that benefits everyone especially us because like I’d still enjoy not having to ask for a visa if I want to go to fucking london -___- that said I doubt she won’t win given that she’s planned the election ONE MONTH IN ADVANCE JUST WHEN SHE HAS MAJORITY IN POLLS blergh she looks like thatcher reborn

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I'd just like to add that sexism has been proven so many times that the burden of proof now lays with those who wish to refute this claim.

Major TW for violence against women

You’re 100% right. I only responded to Trolly because I thought the links might be useful to readers.

For anyone who still needs convincing #WhyWeNeedFeminism: