stop using these pronouns

What a lovely day to remember that

1. Trans people’s pronouns are not optional

2. Trans people don’t have to earn your respect for you to use the correct pronouns

and 3. If you stop using trans people’s pronouns because they’re annoying or you don’t respect them it just shows you never wanted to use them in the first place and jumped at an excuse to stop so congrats on being transphobic

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I came out as trans to a coworker and the next day she kept calling me "she" and i was getting really upset about it so i corrected her like twice. She stopped using pronouns for me after that. Just call me a boy pls. My manager does this same shit. I told him in a transboy and he still calls me "lady" like???? Fuckkkkkkk

Moving Away from Ownership

I’ve been an animist for nearly as long as I’ve been a witch. But believing something has spirit and experiencing it are two very separate things. I knew the seeds of these plants had spirit, but it wasn’t until I saw them sprout that I knew it to be true. It wasn’t until they grew, they matured, they reacted to my praise that I experienced how alive they truly are, and how full of spirit. And once I realized that, I found that my vocabulary around them changed. They are no longer “plants.” That’s far too simple a term. Instead, I’ve begun to call them the Verdant Ones. I’ve stopped “it” when referring the them, instead finding myself using pronouns which for, be that he/him, she/her, or they/them. But most importantly of all, I’ve found myself steering away from saying things like “my Mandrake,” or “my Calendula.” I’ve stopped claiming ownership of these magnificent creatures. I may have given these beings the care they needed to grow, but I do not own them. I may have worked with them to find out what they needed to survive, but that does not make them mine. I am not an owner, but a caregiver, and nurturer.

Changing my vocabulary with these beautiful babies has been a direct result of the way my experience and understanding has changed. And as I’ve come to deeper understand them, I’ve found that the change in my vocabulary is expanding to just about everything. I don’t “own” anything. As an animist, this should be something I realized long ago. Now some things I have a little more right to claim. My broom, for example, which I made myself by hunting down an appropriate sized stick, all the bristles, and bound together with twine. I created it, and gave it my blood to bring it to life. And even so, do God’s creatures not have free will? I may have created my broom, but I am not it’s owner. I am simply it’s creator.

As witches, claiming ownership for our actions is incredibly important. But, claiming ownership of objects, especially those objects most highly enspirited, does not do us justice. To claim ownership of the Verdant Ones I’ve helped grow takes away from their sovereignty, and that is unacceptable. Especially for plants such as Henbane, which will grow anywhere the seeds land so long as they go through a winter, and even then they can grow without if they’re annuals. Henbane is not owned. It is tended to, helped to grow if help is needed, and nurtured, but it is not owned. None of them are.

We need to be willing to move away from the concept of ownership of things in witchcraft, as it’s nothing but a result of a capitalist society which tells us that the more we have, the more important we are in this world. The entire idea only sets us up for failure, extending to the belief that one must have all the “tools” to do the witchery. Even further than this though, and perhaps even more arrogantly, comes the idea of ownership of the land upon which we live and work. The land itself is not owned by anyone. The land exists, and allows us to exist upon it. To try and claim ownership of any land is an insult to the spirits and powers which have existed, and will continue to exist there longer than you. Claiming ownership of the land also begins to fall into colonialism, especially here in the United States where people like me (white people) have absolutely no right to the land we try to claim. There’s more that could be said here, but that’s a post in and of itself.

We are witches. Our value is not determined by the things we own, the aesthetic of our craft, or who has the biggest herb cabinet, something I am guilty of myself. Moving away from the concept of ownership stops us from becoming trapped in…well the trappings of materialism. Plus, it helps us destroy the failing capitalist system while simultaneously helping us grow.

Just some thoughts.

ME!ME!ME! English Translation + Analysis

Ever since Me!Me!Me!’s music video (yes, the highly questionable one) came out in 2014, there have been only a few English translations of the song floating around the internet - and unfortunately, many of these are either very wrong (google translate, using the wrong kanji and thus obtaining a very wrong translation, made pre-official lyrics release) or far too literal for any meaning to be obtained from them. I decided to create a translation from scratch that I believe captures the essence that the song is attempting to convey - loneliness, anger, betrayal, heartbreak. Please click read more!

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the character i made recently for dungeons and dragons~ their name is altimer, they’re a warlock hexblade half-elf (the other half is orc) from the slums who is out on a journey to stop the drought plaguing the land. they’re nonbinary and use only they/them pronouns! feel free to ask any questions, theyre pretty developed by now haha!

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Let me present to you: trans girl pidge. Uses she/her pronouns, still can be headcanon'd as trans. Everyone go home and stop fighting about her gender all y'all win.

It’s the fact that nobody is saying people can’t HC her as trans I personally love trans Pidge HC’s it was the fact people were hellbent at misgendering her in canon after she said she’s a girl and this has just proven the point that she should be given she/ her pronouns in canon and everyone who yelled at you saying you were being transphobic for doing so needs to quit. Her using female pronouns could mean she’s cis or trans all it means is people don’t need to fucking misgender her and people need to stop yelling at people who use female pronouns bc it’s deadass canon. Whether she’s cis or trans is irrelevant all it means is use female pronouns for her in canon bc that’s what she wants

Yo, can we stop labeling Angelina Jolie’s kid as transgender based solely on the fact that she prefers typically ~masculine~ clothes and an off-handed quote from Brad Pitt about something silly his child said that’s like 5 fucking years old?

Especially when in recent interviews Angelina herself has called Shiloh Shiloh and refers to her with female pronouns?

Stop picking a gender identity for an 8 year old that you don’t even fucking know.

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How do I ask my friends to stop using my deadname and stop using she/her pronouns? I've come out to them but they still don't call me by my actual name or use they/them I don't want to be rude but I'm sick of not feeling valid at all around the people I'm closest to....

Andy: It sounds like they’re the ones being rude, love. Tell them.

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You're probably getting tons of submissions but I really don't have someone to talk about this with. I'm trans (FTM) and I told my parents. My mom is trying to stop calling me a girl, but she hasn't used a male pronoun for me once. I mean, I know my parents are trying their hardest and are supportive, but it still feels awful when we're in public and I'm passing as male (or at least I think), and then my mom drops the 'she' bomb. I'm not sure if I should correct them or just give it more time.

Absolutely correct your parents, but be kind and polite about it. Your parents are trying, but it’s difficult to transition, both for the person transitioning and the people around them. Tell your parents exactly what your just told me. I’m sure they’ll understand if you’re just honest about how you’re feeling. It may also motivate them to be more conscious of their pronoun usage if they know how uncomfortable being misgendered makes you.

We believe in you, kiddo. You’re making us proud, son.

-Dad Steven

unpopular opinion but lesbians are allowed to use whatever pronouns they want. i’ve seen people say “stop gendering pronouns!!!” since i joined this site in 2012 and as much as y’all like to demonize lesbians they aren’t the fucking exception leave them alone

if you try to make me angry by going “my pronouns are "attack helicopter/attack helicopters/attack helicopterself!!!!!!!” its not gonna work cause im gonna use those pronouns until you tell me to stop. if i wanna talk about you to someone ill use those pronouns until you say otherwise

i literally dont care what pronouns you use so like..have fun with your new pronouns i guess

Why do some people feel so bad for misgendering someone else’s pet yet constantly misgender loved ones?

How can you be that way? No matter the species you should always feel bad for misgendering someone -whether human or not. Then you should take the proper steps to correct your mistake and not blow the whole thing out of proportion. Don’t get overly apologetic about misgendering them because now you’re making it about yourself. And don’t refuse to use their pronouns because that’s just rude and stop it.

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How do I get people to actually use my proper pronouns and name no one will listen no matter how often and much I correct them. I can't take it anymore I've put up with it for too long and I have no idea what to do

Andy: Stop responding to them. Don’t acknowledge them until they know use your proper pronouns

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Guy's right, they and them aren't used as gender pronouns. Just stop lmao.

Then how am I using them as pronouns???
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