stop using it seriously it was a dick joke

How Damian stans view the other Robins stans:

(Warning: I’m just joking)

On Dick stans: Your fav only exist in our eyes only to be our own fav’s older brother.

On Jason stans: We have so much in common??? Why don’t you talk to us??

On Tim stans: Would you cry babies stop blaming everything on Damian!?

On Stephanie stans: Who are these people and why are they under the impression that Damian & Stephanie are friends?

anonymous asked:

I’m sorry but if you weren’t born in the USA or haven’t lived here legally, you don’t get to say how you think things should work. Yes we need a better system in place when it comes to obtaining firearms, there’s no denying that. But for you to say we should ban ALL guns, is bull. If some fucker comes on my property to harm my family I’m shooting him first in the face then next in the dick. People use guns here to feed their families by hunting.

You’re an absolute joke. What percentage of people use their guns to feed their families? Bet it’s a lot less than the people who use their guns for murder. How many times has a “good guy with a gun” stopped this type of crime. Seriously, if you can’t come up with a reasonable argument, don’t bother speaking. You make yourself look stupid. And I’ll say what I like, thanks.

the signs as shit kt says in group chat
  • aries: "excuse me" there is no excuse for you
  • taurus: i could joke about me FUCKIN a banana. But I won't
  • gemini: i could buy two and use one to shove up my asshole for that price
  • cancer: mace windu my ass (out a window)
  • leo: i love everyone more than everyone loves everyone so eat my asshole
  • virgo: it's time to go to bed and stop being the way that you are
  • libra: "i'm sure it was very stimulating" much like the penetration
  • saggitarius: i mean, i'm not saying i wouldn't let him do me, i'm just cross-stitching right now
  • capricorn: [palpatine voice] dew it
  • aquarius: i don’t joke about space. i take space very seriously.
  • pisces: Everyone off the bed. Sonic sleeps with me