stop using autism as an insult

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How does it feel to have autism?

Interesting question!

I was diagnosed with autism for the first time when I was about 5 years old. After that, I was diagnosed again 2 times, by 2 different doctors.

To me, being autistic has always been something I love and am proud of. It has brought me a few problems during the course of my life, such as bullying, but those were other people’s fault and not mine, so I don’t dislike being autistic because of them.

My autism makes me see myself and others in a unique way and I like to think that every autistic person is different, which makes me even more unique.

One of the things I like the most about my autism is the excitement it gives me over the things I like. We call it having “special interests” because they really are so special to us, autistic people. I’m someone who has been dealing with severe depression (+ other things) since a very young age (4-years old), and one of the things that kept me on the road of recovery was having special interests. They give me joy like nothing else and I want to be alive to feel that joy.

Of course there are other things I could mention but right now I feel like those are more relevant.

I hope this helped.


{{OKAY LISTEN UP BECAUSE I AM GOING TO ADDRESS THIS AND ONLY ADDRESS IT ONCE BECAUSE THIS HAS ME LIVID. Do not tell a person who has ADHD, AUTISM, OR ANY MENTAL DISORDER TO STOP USING IT AS AN EXCUSE. Do you think we actually wanted to be born with the disorders we were given? Do you think it’s fun to have to explain what we have to others? Do you think it makes us happy to be looked at and treated differently? Because we don’t like it and we sure as hell don’t want depression, anxiety, autism, and other things. Who are you to call us names and use AUTISTIC as an insult? Do you even understand how it makes us feel? Can you stop and take a second to walk in our shoes?

We are still people and I can tell you people with disabilities are just as wonderful as you all are so don’t you DARE put someone down for something they CANNOT HELP. Especially when coming online to roleplay can be difficult yet we all still do it and fight with our disabilities. I respect everyone who has a disability and still stands tall, tries to roleplay, interact, and make friends. So if you agree like or reblog. Let’s spread this and educate people on this stuff. IT’S NOT FREAKING COOL}}

Special Snowflake and It's Origins

Why saying special snowflake is bad and y'all should stop calling people that.

1) It’s ableist… seriously it originated as an insult to people with “invisible” mental illnesses/disorders that weren’t easily diagnosed such as autism, depression, DID, PTSD etc… it’s used to tell these people that they are faking their illness for attention. It’s also used to basically say Sit Down Shut Up and Quit Asking for Accommodations to help make your life easier and more accessible

2) It’s Transphobic: it’s often used as a way to shut trans people down whenever they try to discuss discrimination and transphobia.

3) It’s Enbyphobic: it’s used to basically tell Non Binary people that their identities are fake and made up. This is also heavily linked to racism in that Non Binary Identities have existed in POC cultures for eons. Europeans forced their system of binary gender upon these cultures thus forcing them to conform to white Binarism.

So yeah, quit saying special snowflake and think about the effect your words have on people. Thanks :/

Helpful Tip

The anti-SJW/Gamergate insult “Hugbox” is most likely derived from the name of an autistic coping device. Users of the term and apologists will insist it’s too obscure to be the source. It’s not. It’s the first four results on Google Image Search and the second result on Google. Plus, this is coming from a community that uses autism-related terms as insults like their hearts will suddenly stop beating if they stop. What’s the chance that this one time it’s an innocent misunderstanding?

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ableist feminism is when certain feminists will use autism as an insult and make man-baby jokes and when you tell them to stop because as an autistic person, it hurts you, they just laugh it off.