stop trying to please people

If you haven't guessed yet I'm pro-curse

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   People please stop trying to police others and their craft. How they do magic is not how you do magic, and that’s okay. You don’t need to recite the 3 fold law to others because you come off as pretentious. What does it matter if someone else curses? What they choose to do is none of your business anyways. one of the best parts about witchcraft is that you can choose how/what you do. Like sure there are guidelines and books that people have written, but sometimes those methods don’t work well for everyone so they venture away from it to do what feels right to them; Hence why its called a guideline. It is not your job to be the Path Police™ 

 Like, hell, I used to believe the threefold law. But then it didn’t feel right to be fearful of the powers of the universe when magic was what was helping me harness it in the first place. There are good/bad aspects to everything in life, just like everyone’s moral compass don’t always line up the same. Everyone is different. Everyone’s path is different. It’s not your job to tell people what is best for them or their path as only THEY can decide that. If you disagree that’s fine, but curse shaming isn’t going to get you anywhere fast and acting like you’re above someone because you choose to not curse just makes you a dick.

 So don’t be a dick, don’t police others or their practice. You do what is best for YOU and they will do what’s best for THEM. 

PSA for the neurotypical people in my life:

When I say I can’t do something because of my neurodivergencies, it’s not being presented as an excuse. It’s being presented as an explanation, to help you better contextualize why I can’t do it. It is not my ‘get out of jail free’ card, it’s not so that I can hear myself talk about it, it’s so that you understand and don’t get hurt by something neither of us can help.

So please, stop getting upset at neurodivergent people for trying to help you. It’s not for us, we don’t need excuses for the way we survive. We could just as easily say ‘no’ and leave it at that.

They’re explanations, not excuses.

Can everyone stop with the “Dumbledore never found love after Grindlewald, therefore JKR is homophobic” stuff? Dumbledore was heartbroken and never felt the same. That happens. That is a real thing. It happens to straight women, lesbians, bi women, straight men, bi men, gay men, nonbinary people. It happens. Some recover. Some don’t. If someone I was in love with turned out to be pretty much Hitler (which is pretty much what Grindlewald was) I don’t think I would ever try the whole romance thing again. Please stop insisting that queer people have to be in relationships to be valid.

The Spider-Man: Homecoming trailer has been out for less than 12 hours and I get on Tumblr to see endless posts of people complaining about Tony Stark, a post comparing Tony Stark fans to Donald Trump supporters, and anonymous hate mail in my inbox because I’m excited about Tony being in Spider-Man.

Like honestly let us like what we like guys, I’m so tired of this fandom. It’s okay if you don’t like Tony Stark, you don’t have to, but please stop trying to bring down and hate on the people who do. It’s like some people think we’re genuinely fundamentally bad people for liking a specific fictional character, and I don’t get it.

Stop looking for the negative side in people. Please try to accept their mistakes and be patient with them. Strive for a clean heart and see the good in them. Thats the way to have healthy relationships with the people around you and have a happy life

Congrats to Arrow for being renewed for a 6th season. Here's to:

1- adding more poc- particularly woc. like srsly. woc. who aren’t villains. actual visible woc.

2- actually focusing on the characters you have had since day one

3- female friendship and solidarity. bicht i wanna see felicity x more ladies!!!!!!!!!

4- stop trying to focus on pleasing certain groups of people actually give a wholesome organic story that doesn’t sacrifice pre established canon of your tv show

5- give felicity her throne back

6- by throne i mean give her back her company or give her a new one. remove curtis from felicity’s position in the bunker pls and thx.

7- more women (did i say that already? 🙊)

8- more diggle and felicity. they had a wholesome relationship in the earlier seasons that y'all abandoned for some odd reason. and more ota, actually GO back to the basics and commit to it

9- canon ownership and acknowledgement of oliver’s mental illness

10- more diggle storylines because reasons

11- more acknowledgement of felicity’s jewishness/judaism/jewish heritage

12-let felicity wear her natural curls again

13- individual felicity storylines that do not revolve around men (😒) and more felicity backstory

14- actual olicity

15- stop letting wendy mericle give interviews

16- a freaking ota and olicity photoshoot u fricks

17- no more rushed character storylines

18- stop bringing ppl back from the dead

19-🗣bring roy harper back

20- and this is a stretch but bring baby sara back and make her alt future green arrow. why have conner hawke when we coulda had connie hawke or cornelia hawke.

List of people Sara Lance has been IN LOVE with.

      -Nyssa Al Ghul. Love of her life. 

           Honorable mention:

                 -Oliver Queen.  Because at some point in the YEARS that she has known him I really think she did love him, in some form. 

End of list.  

People need to please stop trying to make that other thing happen. One kiss when a man is about to die for you does not equal being in love with him. Because I would have kissed him too at that point, because why the fuck not. He was her friend and he was dying in order for their team to live, why not give him a thank you kiss. He was NOT the greatest love she ever had, he was NOT the most important person in her life and she was NOT broken because of his death. And if you think he was, then you truly do not understand her character or his character for that matter so fucking stop. It’s ruining both of their characters.


How can he ignore me like this?

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I'm glad that you chosed Tomedd because it needs more love also lots of people usually used tomtord/tordtom for their asks blogs, too many times I have seen also I don't hate the ship,I like it but too much of it everywhere so I'm glad also tomedd is my otp, also people STOP TRYING TO MAKE TOMTORD A THING PLEASE, IM NOT TRYING TO BE RUDE BUT DON'T TRY TO CHANGE A SOMEONE'S MIND TO YOUR SHIP,please just ship what you like..~ an anon

THANK YOU AN ANON! now really quick im gonna delve into some tomtord feels real fast

tomtord is a good ship (and i think most of the eddsworld ships are good) but after I started hinting at it just for fun like “lmao look there maayyy be tomtord like a really really small chance hahah that should entertain the shippers” but then asks just fuckin’ POURED IN about tomtord. im not even exaggerating there were so many. jesus christ. that’s when i realized, holy shit, the tomtord fandom is big and it’s insistent. after about a month I decided firmly, yeah. tomedd is going to be the ship. not tomtord. not mattedd. not mattord, tommatt, eddtord, etc etc. TOMEDD is the ship. because there’s just so little, I only know of ONE OTHER ASKBLOG with tomedd in it! why??? it is such a nice, fluffy ship! and no one is even giving a damn about the paultryck which does surprise me a bit, but atleast it isnt incessant insisting that nO NON NO, TOMTORD SHOULD BE THE SHIP!

I don’t get that many asks about tomtord anymore, it’s quieting down, but hot damn. Hot DaMn. the asks i get. again, i do like tomtord. but I honestly just like tomedd better. its really a personal opinion, and its getting just a tad annoying how some people (mostly anons, but, whatever) are still trying to make tomtord canon. the ships aren’t even the main plot! They’re just kinda there to add a little something else. the ships of this blog has so little effect on the plot actually. like. you don’t even understand how little the plot revolves around ships. if you took out the ships only one little tiny bit would probably slightly change but thats it. pls i know you like tomtord but cmon guys your really pullin my dick here

-Mod Wolf

just a bit of advice; not everyone will like you and that’s okay. stop caring what those people think and be happy with yourself. stop trying to please people who will never be happy with something you do. do things for you.

Advices for the signs

Aries: stop pretending you don’t care. You’re only hurting yourself.

Taurus: eat your vegetables. You need them in your veins. Yes. You need them.

Gemini: shut up when you have to. Sometimes, saying too much can be dangerous.

Cancer: don’t hide your feelings to the ones you trust. You’re hiding them from the wrong people, and they will probably help you.

Leo: thinking you’re the best doesn’t make anyone a loser or a pathetic piece of shit. They’re still people, and probably better than you on a lot of things.

Virgo: you should stop thinking too much. I’m sure that the 99% of your problems aren’t even real.

Libra: you should stop trying to make yourself likable and pleasing people, and start trying to please yourself instead. You’re worth it, while they aren’t.

Scorpio: we all know it hurts you. We all know you care. Stop trying to hide your feelings, because you’re way more sensitive than anyone else, and you know it.

Sagittarius: you can work hard and get what you want and be happy with it. Happiness and procrastinating don’t go hand in hand like success does.

Capricorn: may I say you’re trusting the wrong people? Be careful with the company you keep!

Aquarius: sometimes you just can’t be different. Stop trying to be different all the time, because there are millions of people in this planet and you’ll always find someone like you.

Pisces: you don’t want to admit it, but sometimes you’re too stubborn. If you listen to the things that people has to say, you can get lucky!

honestly i have no problem with people being generally positive about nygmobblepot. i just wish that people would listen and understand the harmful implications that the writing has and that it’s adding to a history of homophobia in television and media. i don’t want people to hate everything about the show and they can even go on shipping if they want i don’t really care. just TRY to understand please. and most of all STOP getting mad at queer people who are mad??? like wtf be quiet we can react how we want to.

"You're too beautiful, you don't need to cover up with make up"

SHUT THE FUCK UP, When the hell did makeup become something you use to cover yourself, or something you use because you’re “not pretty enough”? Makeup is an art, a beautiful and complicated art, that’s why professionals are called makeup artist, a lot of people use it because they actually love it and enjoy it, it is a way of expressing yourself, sure some do use things like foundation to cover some flaws in their skin but makeup is so much more than that, I personally don’t use it but i highly appreciate it and the people who do use it and enjoy it, i find myself watching makeup tutorials online because i find them really entertaining and fascinating, it’s just like watching an artist painting, the colors the details the different looks it really says a lot about a persons personality.
“Why do you wear makeup you’re a man”
Please shut up, stop trying to fit people in your stupid social standards, everyone has the right to wear makeup if they want to and they should embrace it, everyone is beautiful with and without makeup, so please stop your stupid attempts at complimenting by telling a person they don’t need it, you’re more likely insulting them by telling them to give up something they love and are passionate about.

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WILL PEOPLE PLEASE STOP INTENTIONALLY TRYING TO TALK LIKE YOU?? it's like going into the danielfromsl subreddit and everyone in the comments just goes "ok?" "settle down ok?" "alright?" to LITERALLY EVERYTHING. dudes you don't have to talk like sean for him to like you. no matter what he will think you're terrible and also that he is terrible.

if this is happening then I want to cringe out my fucking shit

it’s just a fat saying half a sentence and breathing

what would you even imitate

listen i know this is like,, Dumb and Unreasonable or whatever but… when talking about a specific group of people, can we please try to stop using the phrase “brothers and sisters”? especially when talking about the LGBTQ+ community, a community where we are supposed to feel safe and welcomed. i don’t know, maybe it’s just me, maybe it’s stupid, but when i hear the phrase “my LGBTQ+ brothers and sisters” it’s a bit disheartening to know that nonbinary people are not part of this equation

How to have a more peaceful life

1. Recognise how much your thoughts affect your feelings – and work on changing your self-destructive thinking.
2. Stop trying to be someone you’re not meant to be.
3. Stop trying hard to please other people all the time.
4. Expect to meet hurdles and to experience disappointments.
5. Enjoy experimenting with your creativity.
6. See life as an adventure, full of possibilities.
7. Be grateful for the small things that brighten up your day.