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Preference: Ignoring (Marauders)

Warnings: No

Requested: Marauders Time Request #LuMaraudersTime

A/N: Something new from me!! Let me know what you guys think- I don’t know if this is quite right… If you have any suggestions (layout, style etc) let me know!! Enjoy my loves xx

Sirius would ignore you back. He would be so petty, making the other boys create situations that force you to be aware he’s ignoring you even though you were ignoring him in the first place (“James could you ask Y/N to pass the salt please” *heavy sigh* “Y/N could you pass the salt” *glare* “I’ll get it, no worries”). He’d also crack first. He’d miss your smile, laugh, sarcasm, and everything about you so would start showering you with hugs and kisses until you forgave him. Normally, a heartfelt apology would be all you need to forgive him (you’d be more than happy to stop ignoring him as well).

Remus would feel awful, he’d try so hard to not upset you so causing you to ignore him would ruin his life until it stopped. He’d keep asking you, your friends, and the boys what he’d done. You wouldn’t be able to last long with the silent treatment because he’d be so sad about it and you’d just miss his cute little face. Remus would still be there for you, close by when you were walking to class, sitting by you at meals etc. just to make sure you were ok. He’d apologise a lot too, probably knowing exactly what he did (“I didn’t tell her her haircut looked nice” “Mate, how do you even know that?” “I can just tell”), which made forgiving him easier.

James would act all cocky and try to re-impress you to stop you ignoring him. But you’d need an apology. You’d really rub the ‘ignoring James’ in his face by not cheering when he did something good in a quidditch match. James would try and get Remus to talk you out of it, which would annoy you even more, then he’d finally understand that he needed to talk to you himself. At first, he’d talk at you rather than trying to understand why you were mad but, the boys would tell him that maybe asking why you were mad would help (“she just won’t speak to me” “Have you apologised” “No, do you think that’ll work?” “Twat”). The apology would be meaningful and very apologetic (mixed with compliments “I miss hearing you cheer at quidditch matches”).

Peter would rat you out to Voldemort because he has NO BACKBONE. 

(If you’re someone who wants Peter imagines, I wouldn’t look for them here :))

Only Thing That Matters

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Words: 5.324 (I just don’t know how to stop, lol)

Request: “ I was wondering if you could do one where Bucky and the reader been dating, but Nat refuses to believe he loves her and makes a move on Bucky, the reader sees, but runs away before she sees Bucky pushing Nat off, the reader then leaves the tower with a note for Bucky telling him, but Bucky using his skills tracks her down, with lots of fluff at the end where he explains and tell reader how much he loves her.”

Warnings: The Avengers are a bunch of mean girls, just saying. Also I think I should mention it here, Nat is not nice in this one. Angst, fluff. 

A/N: This request was by the darling @melconnor2007 I hope I did you request justice. I freaking loved writing this one and it could’ve been muuch longer. Haha. Hope you love it, darling! 

Being part of the Avengers wasn’t always as glorious as people made it out to be. They were an established group, new members often chosen by themselves and outsiders weren’t as welcome as one might think they would be.

Nick Fury had chosen you for the Avengers. Being a former M16 agent, Fury had thought you to be a great addition to the Avengers and you had been ecstatic when he had come to you with the offer. You hadn’t even hesitated with saying yes and within a week you had moved into the Avengers facility and joined the team on missions.

Your dream of being an Avenger was quickly tarnished as you learned that you didn’t fit the team at all. It wasn’t that you couldn’t do your job properly, that you did, better than most of the team members, but there was just something that didn’t work out.

You weren’t always invited when the team went out, you weren’t always informed of all missions and more often than not, you found yourself feeling like a third wheel to the entire group.

It wasn’t that the team wasn’t nice, they were, you could speak to a lot of them, but they seemed more like acquaintances than friends and it made you feel left out. You knew they had been through a lot as a group, but it could often also seem like you were back in high school and you couldn’t sit with the popular kids no matter how hard you tried to impress them. So truth was, you had stopped trying.

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DJ Friends meeting Yuri hcs?

Yess I really love writing Otabek’s DJ friends, they’re so fun!

  • As soon as they first heard about Yuri from Otabek they immediately shipped them
  • So naturally they would have to make sure he’s worthy of their friend’s affections by meeting him??
  • They were all so impatient to meet their smol friend’s new crush so whenever they would be texting or talking on the phone at least one of them would try and hijack his phone and talk to Yuri themselves
  • Otabek would absolutely die every time they try and do this
  • Eventually much to Otabek’s embarrassment he let them meet him on Skype just to get them to s h u t  u p
  • They were so hyped to meet this guy that was making their friend so happy
    • But they were also ready to (verbally) kick his ass at any sign that he would possibly hurt their friend because they’re so damn protective
  • Yuri was absolutely terrified to meet Otabek’s friends like “What if they don’t like me? Will he not want to be friends with me anymore?”
  • The meeting went amazing
    • Otabek nearly cried from relief that they didn’t embarrass him too much
  • Yuri was practically adopted as an official member of the group that day and granted the seal of approval to date their friend
  • So obviously the first time Yuri visited Almaty they had to meet him in person
  • They took him to the club a few of them work at and Otabek always DJ’s at and showed him all the best places in the city
    • During all this, Otabek was just trying to get Yuri alone so he could hang out with his crush alone but nope, according to his friends that wasn’t happening
  • From that day on, Yuri was considered one of them even though he was countries away most of the time

-Mod Jess

The Fourth of Feelings

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May I request a Mark drabble where, being the only two Americans, decide to celebrate the Fourth of July together and he ends up confessing his feelings to you

Disclaimer: I don’t own the gifs/ images used.

This had been a bad idea from the beginning, and you knew it.

Jackson decided it would be a good idea, and alarm bells should have been ringing from that very moment because anything that Jackson classed as a ‘good idea’ is a curse from the very start.

Lights of red, white and blue lined the garden with various American flags and bunting hangs on the fences underneath the hot, summer sky that is starting to fall to dusk now time is ticking on.

You’d never been so saddened to call yourself American, because really, you didn’t want to celebrate this evening. Not when there would be fireworks exploding in the sky. It wasn’t that you hated fireworks because they’re beautiful, like sprinkles of glitter in the sky, but the noise - you can’t handle the noise.

“Feels like we’re back in America right now, right?” Mark speaks, and that’s when you realise he’d stepped up beside you at some point while you’d been lost in thought.

“It does, yeah.” You agree, “Jackson’s outdone himself this time.”

Mark laughed, and it sounded like angels descended. “Any excuse for a party, you know what he’s like.”

“Such a wild party with eight of us.” You replied sarcastically, but grinning playfully, your worries disappearing for the most part.

“Seven, actually. Yugyeom has gone home for the weekend.” Mark adds on, laughing at your remark.

“There almost no point, we should wait for him to come back.” You slip in, hoping Mark wouldn’t catch on that you feared the fireworks.

“Yeah but it won’t be the fourth then.” Mark smiled at you, “Anyway, it’ll be fun.”

“Yeah.” You reply, sliding your foot on the grass, lightly kicking it in a heart sinking feeling. How are you supposed to have a cool exterior in front of these guys and your crush when you can’t handle a few fireworks? You find yourself feeling anxious as your mind slips back into worrying about the fireworks.

“Are you alright, {y/n}, you’re looking a little bit pale.” Mark frowns, his hand resting on your back as he watches you with concern.

You look up, forcing a smile to your lips. “Yeah, I’m fine. Sorry, just a little tired, I suppose.”

Mark doesn’t seem entirely convinced, but he nods in response anyway. “Come on, I’ll get us something to drink.” He says, motioning for you to sit and wait for him.

Your heart didn’t stop racing until the sun had fully gone down, and as Jackson set up the fireworks, you felt your fists clenching harshly against your sides. Your knuckles had turned white from the pressure, and your nails were digging into your palms slightly more harshly than perhaps they should.

“Happy Fourth of July!” Jackson shouts, then the firework swooshes past him and into the sky, you brace yourself as it bangs, your ears begin to ring as your eyes squeeze shut.

“Are you alright {y/n}?” You vaguely hear Mark’s voice, but you’re frozen in fear, and tears are welling up in your eyes.

You don’t respond, but Mark grabs you from around the waist and lifts you into his arms, carrying you back into the house. No one else notices, not while they watch the bright colours in awe that explode in the sky. You don’t speak again until you’re back inside, your arms hugging Mark’s neck as tears spill onto his shirt.

He sits down on the sofa, cradling you in his lap as he hold your tight.  

“You should have said you didn’t like fireworks you muppet.” Mark says sweetly, rubbing your back as you pull away, just enough to look up at him.

“I’m sorry. I know I should have, now I just look pathetic.” You sighed, shaking your head.

“Hey, hey. Don’t worry about it.” He soothed, running his fingers through your hair to place the loose strands behind your ears. Then moving his thumbs across your face to remove the drops of sadness off your face, all the while looking calm and content. That was the best thing about Mark, he always had such a calming influence of you.

“I am though, because I spend so much time trying to impress you and now I’ve ruined-” You stopped, realising what words were tumbling from your mouth. Your eyes widened, your hand jumping to your mouth to cover it in astonishment.

Mark laughed, “Impress me? {y/n}, you don’t even need to try.”

“Shit, I wasn’t supposed- you weren’t- I shouldn’t have said-”

None of your words seemed to create a sentence, you trailed off, feeling more and more like you wanted to curl up in a ball and never emerge again. But Mark seemed happier than ever, his smile proved that.

He pulled you in closer, holding you close to his chest as he pressed a kiss to forehead.

“I’m taking that as a confession, so I suppose I should man up and tell you that I like you too.”

You, still shaken from the fireworks and the confession, held him tightly, hugging his chest, barely speaking but keeping him close to your heart.

You aren’t defined by what school you went to. You aren’t defined by what you got in your GCSEs’s. You aren’t defined by the college you attended and the number of A levels you achieved. You aren’t defined by the university or the 2:1 in the degree. You aren’t defined by your job, the car, the clothes you wear. You aren’t defined by your body, your smile, your hair, your walk, your handbag or your swag. Your aren’t defined by your wedding day, the honeymoon, the beauty of your spouse, the holidays or your children.

You are defined by your relationship with Allah. You are defined by your love for the Messenger. You are defined by your tears, your broken heart and your yearning soul. You are defined by your humility and your character. You are defined by your prostrations and your supplications when the world sleeps. Leave this rat race and stop trying to impress others. If you are loyal to Allah, he will magnify you in the sight of creation.

—  Shaykh Mohammad Aslam

The crowd was going wild. Jared was shaking it for his and Jensen’s entire panel to see. You started to get a tinge of jealousy when you saw some of the girls trying to reach up to him from their seats, acting like they were spanking what was truly yours.

Jared didn’t know you were at the panel. You told him you couldn’t make it, but the truth was you wanted to surprise him. Not only with your presence, but what a certain surprised that you thought you should tell just between the two of you, but they don’t call it the SPN Family for nothing. 

You came up behind Rob back stage. “Technically, that belongs to me.”

“Y/N Padalecki, what the hell are you doing here?”

“Came to surprise the special man in my life.” you showed him something, and winked at him. His eyes lit up as he handed you a mic.

Your voice boomed over the crowd from backstage. “Trying to impress someone, hon?”

Jared and Jensen immediately stopped what they were doing and looked all around, the crowd going quiet, then exploding into cheers and applause when you emerged from the curtain. You didn’t have to walk far before your loving husband embraced you and kissed you, making the crowd even more restless. 

“Get a room, you two!” Jensen said. You merely stuck your tongue at him, and he returned the gesture, before smiling and hugging you.

“Y/N what are you doing here?” Jared said into the mic.

“I know I said I couldn’t make it, but it would’ve spoiled the surprise. A surprise I wanted to share with everyone here. After all, we are all family here.” the crowd went wild again. 

You continued. “We both wanted to surprise you.”

It took Jared a second to realize what you said. “We?”

Yes, Jared. We.” That’s when you took out a slip of paper, revealing the tiny little blimp currently swimming inside your womb.

Jared lost it. He picked you up and spun you around. Then faced the crowd, showing everyone the ultrasound photo, holding it up high for everyone to see. Everyone suddenly forgot that 5 minutes ago Jared was practically twerking in front of them. 

It took a good minute or two for the clapping, hollering, and cheering to die down before a tearful Jared said “I’M GONNA BE A FATHER, Y’ALL!!!”


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  • Family is power, ___. Love, loyalty. That’s power! 
  • ___, in the name of our family, you might try to dial down your glee. 
  • To find out who’s making a move against our ____ And then I’ll either stop them… or I’ll help them, depending on my mood.
  • It’s a gift. It’s your chance… it’s our chance.
  • I’ll stop searching for his redemption when I believe there is none left to be found.
  • I’ve given up on giving up. It’s an affliction. 
  • I will fight for my family until my last breath. 
  • You know, difficulties aside, I value my family above everything. I am sorry that yours failed you. 
  • You don’t make it easy to love you 
  • Darling, we’ve got to stop meeting like this. This is how rumors begin. 
  • I’m not trying to impress the girl. 
  • Nobody hurts my family and lives. 
  • The definition of the word broken suggests that something can be fixed. 
  • I leave it to you to make the decision whether to trust me or not. 
  • You will always have a choice. 
  • I have denied every single impulse that I have ever had for that woman, out of some misbegotten respect for intentions that you don’t even have. 
  • I let this person in… I let her in… I don’t let people in… You knew this, you’ve taken her from me… I needed her and you’ve broken me… 
  • Yes, far better to practice your process of grief, ___. Denial, rage, and hoarding coffins in basements. 
  • Yes, well, when you put it that way it does sound a little reckless.
  • Well, that seems like the right thing to do. You know, I tried that myself. It didn’t work. 
  • You are a deranged and ridiculous child who cannot be left unsupervised.
  • Shhh! ____,  grown ups are talking.
  • How odd. Forever on Santa’s naughty list.
  • I rather enjoy Thanksgiving. The turkey, the cranberry sauce. The lies, the deceit, the betrayal.
  • _____, next time I ask you to take out the trash, try not to dally.
  • Watch your tongue. I am not the fun loving social butterfly you may recall.
  • I thought only of you. Every day I fought for your return, searching for a way. You were not forgotten.
  • I’m not in the habit of asking permission.
  • If we cannot trust one another, we cannot work together.
  • As a devout feminist, I refuse to say you hit like a girl.
  • You mobsters all suffer from such hubris.
  • Gentlemen, shall we?
  • I trust you can find your clothing and the door.
  • I always come back.
  • I believe that when you love someone and that person loves you in return you’re uniquely vulnerable. They have a power to hurt you that’s like nothing else.
  • Perhaps I’m not making myself clear here. This is a threat.
  • Please. You’ve never paid for anything in your life.
  • You do realize I don’t care. 

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[Not really a confession, but your recent posts made me think in how much I respect and am grateful for the DS9 actors. Be it Nana Visitor refusing to do the Kira/Dukat love storyline, Avery Brooks refusing to do Sisko abandoning forever his wife and unborn child or Alexander Siddig doing awful impressions of his lines until they stopped trying to change Julian’s personality, they seemed to be the ones to care the most about the characters and the fans, the ones wanting to do a good job in a way that most of the people in charge really didn’t care about doing.]
What I Love and Hate about the 16 Types

Sick idea of doing “Love” and “Hate” for each type, CREDIT to entj-girl! :)


ENTJ Hate: Remind me of human bulldozers (not always a bad thing…)

INTJ Love: Um obviously we’re the best. Like c’mon. Dignified, intelligent, strategically gifted, the works. The perfect package. *flips hair*

INTJ Hate: We are such assholes. Lol. And sometimes I wish I could stop myself from overthinking the absolute SHIT out of everything. Especially when it comes to dating.

ENTP Love: SO fun, SO energetic, SO many amazing ideas and exciting things happening! Your brain must be like a kaleidoscope. Amazing.


INTP Love: I can bring up, like, anything, and you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about and have already done an in-depth research report about it last week.

INTP Hate: At least try to make the handwriting semi-legible, if only so I can read your glorious work without you having to translate it for me.

ENFJ Love: You guys are amazing. You’re like the gooey stuff in a cinnamon roll; you’re ridiculously sweet and just want to hold everyone together.

ENFJ Hate: Sometimes your energy overwhelms me a bit. You might want to tone it down a notch if you see me leaning backward and blinking really fast.

INFJ Love: Mystical unicorns. Every one of you. I want more.


ENFP Love: Where do I even start? You guys are amazing. You can fall in love with literally anything from pet rocks to that cashier at the supermarket who smiled at you once like five months ago, and that’s pretty inspiring.

ENFP Hate: Two things. 1. Please try not to overwhelm both yourself and me with your own emotions. Please. 2. COMMIT TO A HUMAN BEING, I feel like all the ENFPs I know love flirting too much to ever stop and I wish this could change because you’re breaking INTJs’ hearts on the daily.

INFP Love: If the world was completely made up of INFPs, I truly believe the only issue the planet would EVER have would be running out of journals to write down feelings in.

INFP Hate: You guys are far too good to let people misuse your kindness, compassion, etc. Please try to set some boundaries so you don’t get shit on by lesser beings.

ESTJ Love: Such amazing dedication. I admire your stubborn-ness–when it’s applied in the right way.

ESTJ Hate: You could oh I don’t know maybe taKE SOME SUGGESTIONS FROM OTHER PEOPLE SOMETIMES???? (This is really just me being frustrated with being shut down in class by these 2 ESTJs who think they know everything)

ISTJ Love: Surprisingly super funny when they get into goofy moods. Strong-minded.

ISTJ Hate: Break some rules once in a while. Don’t make your bed. Stay up past 9 PM. Go wild.

ESTP Love: If I was forced leave my house and go do a social activity, I would pick you crazy f*ckers. I have never met an ESTP who has backed down from a dare. Number one type to pick for doing wack-ass shit that is probably illegal and/or deadly.

ESTP Hate: Stop. Trying. To. Impress. Everyone. All the time. It’s exhausting. Also: you should really try to weigh Risk vs Benefit more often. This ESTP right here, vroom-vroom-mothafucka, attempted to leap off of a two story balcony last summer…. to go meet up with some hot motocross boy racers… at midnight… and would have done it if I hadn’t locked her inside.

ISTP Love: It’s like God gifted you with the ability to fix all sorts of shit.

ISTP Hate: Sometimes I feel like I need to inject you with adrenaline or sugar or something to get a little more, ah yes, pizazz out of you guys. Yeah, that’s what I want, an ISTP on crack. Perfect.

ESFJ Love: I truly admire the way you seem to remember the birthday of every single person on the Earth AND find the time to make fully decorated, professional bakery level cupcakes for them.

ESFJ Hate: Don’t worry so much about social status. If some basic bitch didn’t like the afore mentioned cupcakes, don’t lose sleep.

ISFJ Love: You guys seem to usually be that one friend in the squad that is sort of everyone’s mom. Responsible and gentle.

ISFJ Hate: Stop taking everything so personally. It’s totally hypocritical for an INTJ to tell you this, but I’m gonna tell you anyway: loosen up a little.

ESFP Love: Like a human form of a golden retriever. Super fun and always everywhere at once, most likely dancing and singing and wearing the newest, cutest fashion trends.

ESFP Hate: Literally calm the f**ck down sometimes.

ISFP Love: Is EVERY single one of you a gifted artist? You guys are so damn creative it’s actually irritating. Stop that.

ISFP Hate: Sometimes I’m afraid I’ll stress you out if I sneeze too loud…

g o t 7 : meeting you

i’d thought i’d be more down with it and add gifs just so you can optimise the cuteness by looking at these sRSLY CUTE BOYS. dear parents, thanks for your bomb genetics. my masterist is here :)) enjoy

warnings: i mean the gifs are quite cute??
words: 1′231

재밤 J A E B U M
- Jaebum always had new makeup artists all the time at different events and it was just usual routine
- when he saw you enter the studio he was taken aback by your natural beauty and the positive vibe in the room 
- however you were selected to do BamBam’s look for the album promotion, and then Mark’s and then Jackson’s 
- he was desperate to talk to you and he thought he was going to lose his chance
- but when you came over to him with a brush in your hand, he instantly began to talk to you and make you chuckle
- he didn’t have long to impress you and ask you for your contacts since you kept hushing him so he’d be still for the makeup to be applied. but you were drawn to his hidden enthusiasm that made you want to know more about him

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마크 M A R K
- korean street markets are always such a crowded place where everyone just merges into a see of people trying to go about their day
- as soon as Mark would see you he’d be completely confused as to why he saw you among everyone else
- but then after he’s glimpsed at you Mark would know why. your aura and beauty to him was astounding
- he couldn’t care less about what’s on the stall you were buying from but he’d shuffle through the people to get close because he was so drawn to you 
- Mark would feel hypnotised until all he’d hear was “boong-uh-ppang?” he’s cheeks would heat up as he realised the store owner was offering him food but you tried to get his attention by saying it too
- from then on he’d still be flustered from hearing you laugh lightly at how spaced out Mark would be
- he’d buy two of whatever he saw first on the stall which was boong-uh-ppang so the stall owner would shut up. Mark would instantly be sweet to you and you bonded over Korean food with the business of Seoul’s streets beside you

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잭슨 J A C K S O N
- both jackson and you could never really explain how you started messaging, or how you found each other
- i feel like you’d have been talking long before debut and even when he was training heavily for fencing you’d be sure to support him
- Jackson would always feel this heaviness in the air when you video called because he’s never heard your laugh raw in person, he’s only seen you laugh in pixels ;( all you’d both want is to meet each other
- finally seeing him in person would be incredibly strange. all the boys would be there but Jackson and you would feel as if there was no one else in the room
- i don’t think everything would seem to move slowly, i’d think more the opposite. everything would happen so quickly as you sprang into his arms to finally feel his presence he’d probs smell really good too

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진영 J I N Y O U N G
- you were there outside JYPs building glancing from your phone to the various streets and signs around you
- Jinyoung would watch you in confusion has he came out of the building. everyone is always moving and so alive in Seoul, it was strange to see someone stood still for so still for so long especially in the dark
- “do you need help finding somewhere?”
- instantly you appreciated his kindness, although he didn’t really know where you were wanting to go was also. you admired Jinyoung’s determination and jokes as he tried to help you find your way
- eventually he asked if you wanted to come in to JYP where it wasn’t so dark, and where it was safe
- you became a friendly from then on Jinyoung always loved it when you passed JYP or went into Seoul with him

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영재 Y O U N G J A E
- you’d catch Youngjae’s eyes before you got on the plane since he adored your style even for a long flight and the way you walked breezily around the airport
- as he saw you get on the plane he’d wonder where you were heading, what your story was and why did you seem so appealing
- as he made it to his seat Youngjae would do a little skip as he saw you were right next to him and you’d low key see it from the corner of your eye wHY SO CUTE YOUNGJAE
- at first the air would be a little awkward because you both wanted to talk to one another so bad. Youngjae would probably turn the air con on and off or something stupid because he’d be hella nervous
- “do you mind not doing that? it’s making me cold”
- he’d be so sure he fucked up everything straight away by messing with the air con but when you keep talking to him he stops panicking about trying to impressing you
- his cute charms would keep you from falling into boredom throughout the whole flight. and as you stepped off the plane there was another contact on your phone and a date planned :))

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뱀뱀 B A M  B A M
- BamBam’s never the on to act shy in front of anyone
- he’s been aware of you for quite awhile now, being in one of the hugest girls groups and attending all the same award shows as him. you would definitely already know about BamBam’s charms, but to him he was certain he’d be inexistent to you
- through this award evening, BamBam’s eyes wouldn’t just be on the stage, but you too and the camera would definitely pick him up looking at you ;)
- for the 2354th time in the show because BamBam is so hard not to look at you would have found BamBam’s cloudy hair
- when he’d notice you looking directly at him he would instantaneously cover his face from you. being BamBam he usually wouldn’t mind someone like you gaping at him but his huge grin on his face would make it obvious how fond he was of you
- at some point in the evening, he finds the time to congratulate you formally about the awards you’d won and you’re groups successful performance before goofing around with you

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유겸 Y U G Y E O M
- when Yugyeom found himself practising dancing intensely, it was hard for someone to distracting him
- sure his hyungs would make him laugh but when he saw you out of the dance studio Yugyeom would find that he actually lost his footing and couldn’t find the beat of the song
- a colleague was giving you a tour of the entertainment company since you were a new worker and you found it amusing that Yugyeom (a dancing king btw) couldn’t find his feet
- you being highly involved in the entertainment company meant that Yugyeom became a familiar face to you and one day he would find the courage to make conversation with you
- talks at the JYP building became so frequent, the boy even started bringing you a drink some mornings most mornings

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I was requested to do undyne and alphys dancing but then I couldn’t stop.
I tried some animation techniques I never used before, I learned a couple things!  

Preference: At the Beginning of Your Relationship.


There was always a comfortable feeling being with Darry. Even from the first date there was never really a shyness to it or even a passionate ‘honeymoon phase’. You were his and he was yours and even after a week it felt like had been together for years and it was exactly what you wanted.


During the first couple weeks after you guys are officially dating he still rely’s on his looks and lets them do all the talking. He’ll act tough too and it isn’t until after you’ve stayed over at his house for the first time that he shows you the big goofball he is underneath. Once you’ve seen that side of him he’s like that all the time and you wouldn’t have it any other way.


Ponyboy always wanted to listen to you talk and to know more about you. He would act tough and never really say what his interests were in fear that because he wasn’t like most of the Greaser guys that it might turn you away. A few dates into your relationship you nervously showed him a short little poem you wrote and when he stayed silent after reading it you were incredibly embarrassed and tried to walk away from him. To stop you he finally opened up to you and you both talked about poetry for hours until Darry came searching for him at the park to tell him it was past curfew.


Surprisingly enough Dally isn’t one for games. He doesn’t like to beat around the bush in a relationship. He’ll ask you after one date saying ‘So you my girl now or what?’. Once you say yes he makes it a point to give you something of his to wear so everyone will know when he’s not around and if he is around you better bet that an arm is draped around your shoulder holding you close. Once it’s clear to everyone around that you’re his he’ll lay off a bit but mostly he does like to keep you close as much as he can.


It’ll take a while after you and Two-Bit get together for him to stop trying to impress you. He swipes you presents almost everyday, always makes excuses to show off his muscles, and he’ll pull even more pranks and jokes than usual if you’re around (if that’s even possible for him). Once that does wear off when you two are alone he is actually pretty silent, just being happy knowing that you’re his.


The first few dates Steve is shockingly an absolute gentleman. He insists on taking you out on real dates and does everything like holding doors and bringing you a flower. He even asks you before the first couple of kisses. Once you guys make it official he keeps up certain aspects of it but isn’t afraid to kiss you by surprise or let loose around you now.


Johnny for a weeks would only hang around with you when you were both with the gang. You didn’t mind but one day you asked him why and he replied that the gang kind of was who he was. You insisted that there was more to him than just them and so you both went out for some ice cream and talked about Johnny’s life. You two became closer than ever and Johnny became more confident around you knowing that you saw another side of him.

For @yawpkatsi….thank you for drawing Bucky Barnes with a service dog…As someone who has had a service dog, (my doggo is now retired and is currently asleep at my feet.) I love it more than words could ever describe. Thank you so so much. In an effort to show my appreciation, here is a little thing.

It had been a good day. Up until the point when his brain decided to stop being a properly functioning brain and instead try an impression of fried and scrambled eggs.

 He and Steve had gotten breakfast at a little diner that was nice and quiet, Steve made sure that Bucky got a corner seat so he could watch the room.  FUBAR had laid underneath the table, his head resting heavily on Bucky’s feet. Bucky had made sure to ask their waiter for a couple extra pieces of sausage that he put into a doggy bag so that he could give them to FUBAR once they were home and he was “off duty”.

Technically speaking, FUBAR was always on duty in some form or manner. His training meant that he had to be ready to help Bucky at any time. Even in the middle of the night, like after Bucky had had a bad nightmare. That didn’t mean he didn’t get to be a regular dog and get to enjoy regular dog things, it just meant that people would askance at Bucky if he started to feed his service dog table scraps while they were in a restaurant.

 After breakfast they’d gone on a long walk and then Bucky had spent a little while sparring with Natasha, whenever they were able to spar together it automatically became a good day in Bucky’s book. Then he and Sam had gone for coffee at a tiny little cafe that Sam loved. Bucky was fine with cheap bitter black coffee that resembled tar more than something that was supposed be consumed by human beings. But he had to admit that the caramel, Irish cream and white chocolate monstrosity that Sam had gotten was really nice. Especially because he got to tease Sam about the whip cream on his nose.

 Sam laughed, and moved to swipe Bucky’s handkerchief out of his pocket when FUBAR emerged from under the table and placed a large paw on Bucky’s lap, whining and nudging him gently with his nose.

 “What? Now?” Bucky asked, recognizing the trained signal that FUBAR used to alert him when he was about to have a seizure. He felt a yawning pit of icy fear open up inside his stomach at the familiar gesture from the dog.

 He hated this moment so much, when he felt fine, but FUBAR was alerting him to a seizure. Sometimes he hated knowing that he was about to have a seizure even more than he hated actually having a seizure. And he really, really hated having a seizure.

 He hated the loss of control and the way people would stare at him afterwards. Speaking of people, his gaze darted around the little coffee shop, body tensing when he noticed the few patrons at the counter staring at him and FUBAR. He could hear them whispering about the giant dog and how cute he was but he wanted them to go away. His head was starting to spin and he was feeling a bit nauseous and he just wanted to be left alone for the embarrassing thing he knew his body was about to go through.

 “James, hey, Bucky, look at me alright?” Bucky wrenched his gaze away from the teenagers when FUBAR nudged him with a cold nose again. “Why don’t we go to the bathroom, alright? You can have some privacy in there.” Sam suggested.

 Bucky’s gaze flicked towards the counter again, when he saw who was working the register he let out a sigh of relief.

 “We can go to the employees lounge. Dylan’s working today so it should be okay. She knows about my seizures, she has a deaf and epileptic little sister.” Bucky said nodding towards the back of the employee who happened to glance over. Bucky raised a hand and quickly signed that he wasn’t feeling well, she nodded and signed back that Bucky should go lay down.

 “Alright, if you’re sure.” Sam said, noticing the exchange and rising to his feet, watching closely as Bucky did the same, his hand placed behind FUBAR’s shoulders for balance as he stood.

 “Yeah, they try and keep the bathroom floors clean but I still don’t want to do this in a bathroom. Gross.” He muttered as they walked through the door, the employees lounge was pretty cramped, but it was brightly lit and the floor was thickly carpeted. There was a couch with thick cushions, as well as a small table that was already pushed off to one side of the room, so it was small but almost in a cozy sort of way.

 “You did good buddy. Such a good boy.” Bucky whispered to FUBAR as he laid himself down on the floor, the ovcharka positioned himself so that he was laying curled protectively around Bucky’s head.

 “You got anything other than your psychic puppy there to say what’s going on?”

 “Sam, he ain’t psychic and you know it. It’s like neurochemistry or something. I don’t know my scent changes, I think.  And yeah my tongue feels weird.” Bucky said sticking his tongue out of his mouth and scraping it against his teeth in an effort to dispel the weird feeling.

 Recognizing one of Bucky’s more familiar auras, Sam double checked that the area was clear of anything that he might hit if this turned out to be a bad seizure. Then he grabbed a cushion off the couch and moved to put it under Bucky’s head, only to realize that FUBAR had already taken up the job of being a cushion for Bucky.

 “Alright, you’re doing great buddy. You’re in a safe place.” Sam murmured when he noticed Bucky looking around confused, he startled at Sam’s voice and started moving as if he was going to sit up, only to be stopped by FUBAR laying his head down on his shoulder and pinning him to the floor. “Me and FUBAR will look after you. You just relax alright. We gotcha.”

 Bucky’s eyes started to flutter open and closed rapidly and Sam gently rubbed a hand up and down his arm, calling his name softly. When Bucky didn’t respond, Sam took this to mean that the seizure had started, so he glanced at his watch and noted the time so he could keep track of how long the seizure lasted. FUBAR had medications that they could use to help stop a seizure in a small pocked of his vest, but they were only to be used if a seizure lasted more than five minutes. After that, the medicine would have to administered and an ambulance would have to be called.

 Bucky’s head jerked back and his throat spasmed, making several painful sounding clicks. His right arm was practically vibrating with how hard it was shaking and every muscle seemed to be pulled tight, his back arching off the floor.

 FUBAR licked Bucky’s face and mouth through the whole seizure, whining softly because his handler was hurt and there wasn’t any way that he could help him.

 Sam knew that FUBAR hated it when Bucky had a seizure more than any of the other things that happened to him because it was the one time that the dog really couldn’t do much. If Bucky was having trouble talking, FUBAR knew over fifty different hand signals. If Bucky had a panic attack or was in the middle of a flashback, FUBAR was able to help him get to a safe place and calm down. Before a seizure he could lead him somewhere safe and make sure he didn’t hurt himself or others if he got confused. He could even help Bucky after a seizure, but during one, the only thing he could do was cushion Bucky’s head and it seemed that in the dogs opinion this was not nearly enough to be able to help.

 Sam continued to talk to Bucky gently reassuring him that he and FUBAR were there and that they would keep him safe, all while keeping careful track of the time as well as Buckys pallor and breathing.

 Three minutes after the seizure started, Bucky relaxed with a long sigh and went still. Sam waited a moment, carefully  watching to make sure that the seizure was over before he gently rolled Bucky into the recovery position.

 Almost immediately after he’d gotten Bucky moved into what he hoped was a comfortable position Bucky’s hand shot out and snagged Sam’s wrist, squeezing hard enough to make him wince. FUBAR boofed, both happy to see Bucky moving and also warning him not to try and attack Sam.

 Bucky’s eyes flickered open briefly then slid closed, “FU-BAR?” He murmured weakly, releasing Sam’s sleeve to try and clumsily wipe drool off his cheek from where FUBAR had been licking him. The move was made redundant when FUBAR licked him again, delighted to hear Bucky saying his name he wiggled a little closer and then settled down beside him with his head on Bucky’s side, sighing loudly.

 “Yeah, your boy’s okay.” Sam said, the statement addressed to both of the figures lying on the floor. “You just had a seizure James. So just lay still for a little bit me and FUBAR will watch out for you.”

 Bucky nodded and relaxed with a quiet sigh, burying his face in FUBAR’s fur to the point where Sam worried about whether or not he could breathe before he heard Bucky snore quietly.

 At that moment, Dylan opened the door, smiling nervously.

 “Is he okay?” She asked, keeping her voice soft so as not to disturb Bucky.

 “Yeah, he’s sleeping now. As seizures go, at least for him and the fact that it was a tonic clonic, this was pretty mild.” Sam said smiling in reassurance.

 “Would you like me to call a cab?”

“Yeah, that would be great.” Dylan noddded and slipped out of the room. Sam waited until she poked her head back into the room before he even tried to wake Bucky.

 “Whhhyyy?” Bucky moaned shoving his face further into FUBAR’s fur.

 “Because if you get up, you can go home and get some sleep in a bed that’s comfortable instead of sleeping on the floor.” Sam suggested. This seemed to be the right thing to say because Bucky started struggling to his feet. He wound up having to stand braced against FUBAR waiting for a dizzy spell to pass for a couple minutes before they were able to head out to the cab. On the ride home, Bucky dozed and FUBAR sat on his lap and turned so he could pant into Sam’s face.

 “Gross.” Sam muttered, trying to pull away from the caucasian ovcharka, which was practically impossible with how much space he took up in the cab.

 When they finally pulled up the curb Sam practically flew out of the car so he could get away from the dog’s breath.

 “Hey James, get up we’re home.” Sam called as bent down to pay the driver.

 “I know.” Bucky said, from right behind him, causing him to startle.

 “Don’t do that!” Sam gasped, whirling around to glare at him.

 “Do what?” Bucky asked, yawning widely as he twined FUBAR’s leash around his fingers.

 “Never mind. It’s not even worth it. Let’s get you inside.” Sam grumbled, moving to open doors for the pair. Once they made it upstairs to their apartment Bucky made a beeline for the bed, not even bothering to greet Steve and Natasha who were hanging out in the kitchen, FUBAR trailing along behind him.

 “Hey, is he okay?”  Steve asked sotto voce.

 “Yeah, he’s fine, probably really tired though so let him rest. He had a seizure while we were out. Three minutes, tonic clonic, he came out of it pretty fast though and didn’t lose control of his bladder either. He did get a little confused for a second there and tried to grab me but FUBAR got his attention. Hey, did you guys make cookies while we were out?” Sam asked eyeing a tray of chocolate chip cookies that were on a plate. Natasha snickered softly.

 “Make cookies? Sam you know Steve can’t cook to save his life, and none of you appreciate my cooking skills. That job falls to you and Bucky. We got these out of a package and we were going to sit down and watch a movie and enjoy them but now…” She glanced at the bedroom. “Now I think they can keep for little bit. We should go make sure he’s doing okay.”

 They all crept into the room and smiled down at Bucky and FUBAR who were twined around each other in the middle of the bed. Bucky’s head was resting on FUBAR’s side and FUBAR’s head was resting on Bucky’s side.

 “Pretzles.” Steve muttered, kicking his shoes off and sliding into bed next to Bucky. “Don’t know about you two, but a nap sounds great right about now.” Sam and Natasha glanced at each other and shrugged before they too sidled into the giant bed.

 Bucky peeked through his lashes at the group around him and smiled.

 Later they would eat cookies and watch a movie together. They would argue about what pizza to get for supper, “Pineapple does not belong on pizza!” Sam would grumble for the thousandth time, and they’d fight over whose turn it was to wash the dishes “Not me!” Bucky would declare, pressing a finger to his nose, the move quickly followed by Sam and Nat, and when they finally settled into bed again for the night, Bucky would think to himself, that it hadn’t been bad day, even if his brain had turned to fried eggs there for a little bit. He’d press his face a little deeper into FUBAR’s fur and decided that it had actually been a pretty fantastic day.

But for now, he closed his eyes and let the peace and the knowledge of being surrounded by people who cared about him wash over him and lull him into sleep.

Looking Back

Wishing my absolutely adored @sugarplum-senpai the happiest of birthdays - again ;D I happen to actually be RIIIIGHT on time in my timezone, somehow. Thank you for being so loving, kind and inspiring everyday. This is for you~ 

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This was ridiculous.

The sun shone brightly above them, its light glistening across the dark waters crashing against the shores down below, and the air had absolutely no business being this cold.

The wind had been less aggressive back at the settlement. Seeing the clear skies so early in the morning, he’d thought – naively, in hindsight – that the temperatures would climb as they’d ride to the northern coast. Waiting under the sun should have been… Possibly not comfortable, but certainly not this ridiculously unbearable.

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🎸We Will Rock You🎸

Warnings: Fluffy, fluff

Words: 2216

Author’s Note: This is been sitting done and waiting to be published for MONTHS. Time, work, and other things got in the way of posting this. But I finally have a new Saturday Morning Guitar Sessions story out. I wanna thank @theycallmebecca for being my beta AND for @heather-lynn for letting me borrow some people you might recognize. If you have any ideas for Sammie and Chris for this series or in general, feel free to send an ask or a message! 

“Dad! We’re gonna be late. C’mon.” Andrew yelled at Chris before stomping out of the kitchen and into the mudroom to put on his shoes.

“Yeah, Dad. Momma said we have to pick up Coop and Jack at three and it’s almost three.” Madison grabbed his hand trying to pull him.

Sammie came into the kitchen from the living room holding Emma, the newest member of the Evans’ family.

“Looks like you’re gonna be late there, Evans.” Sammie bit her lip trying to not laugh.

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Imagine: Joining the McCall pack and the boys unprovoked trying to get your attention, because they like you, but you secretly like Allison.

Pairing: Allison Argent x Reader
Word count: 1 526
A/N: All credit to @pissheadofficial for the idea, and her help with the grammar. ♥

”I was thinking-” Scott began as he sat down beside you in the cafeteria, you had a free period before lunch and had decided to take an early lunch before the other students arrived. ”-do you want to come to my place a few hours earlier before the pack meeting tonight?” Scott asked sweetly, earning something like a mix of a smile and a frown from you. 

”Of course Scott, has something happened?” you wondered, not knowing why he would invite you earlier than the others, he never had before. Scott pursed his lips and now you could smell the anxiety reeking from him. ”N-no, no reason.” he stuttered and scratched the back of his head, a typical sign of being nervous. 

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amazingmrcinema007  asked:

Fallout 3 companions react to LW performing a magic trick with a grenade for a raider holding them at gunpoint. It disappears from their hands and goes off seconds later in the raider's pants.

Star Paladin Cross -

She was irritated at first. Lone had prevented her from ending this miserable raider’s life just to show them some trick meant for a child’s amusement.

Her stoic expression was able to hide her distaste well as she watched the scene unfold before her.

Cross’ eyebrow cocked curiously when the grenade disappeared, where had they managed to hide it that quickly? The possibilities wandered about her mind, and she had to admit that she had grown confused as the moments passed by.

The second the explosion occurred, she took a step back, eyes wide in shock. Bits and pieces of body scattered about at her feet and the paladin gave a small gasp.

“Dear god.. It’s everywhere!”

Lone was proud that the trick went so well, but they were even happier to know that they had even managed to impress the most impassive woman in D.C.

Butch DeLoria -

“Lone! This is stupid, just lemme shank this bastard!

Butch had become annoyed with the situation rather quickly, but he was much more expressive about it. Toe tapping and small huffs could be heard from the sidelines as the show went on.

He didn’t want to waste time with shit like this, he had important Tunnel Snake business to attend to. It was a bit surprising to him when the wanderer pulled out a grenade and showed it to the audience of one. Where the hell did they get that?

Maybe this wouldn’t be as boring as he thought. The raider seemed a bit suspicious of it, and if they were to walk away from Lone, Butch would take care of them himself for hurting his friend.

When it disappeared, he gave more of a reaction than the man/woman it was meant for. What?! How did they manage to do that?! They had to tell him their secret. His expression similar to that of a small child at the circus, he wanted to know where it went.

“Hey! Where the hell did the–” He wasn’t able to finish the sentence. Interrupted by the sound of an explosion, the raider before him ballooned into a wave of blood and body parts. “Holy shit! Lone that was amazing! You have to show me how you did that!”

Clover -

Was this really happening? Yes, yes it really was. For some odd reason, the man/woman she had been traveling with suddenly had a change of heart. Instead of murdering the raider before them, like usual, they pulled out a grenade from their pocket with the intentions of performing a magic trick.

Clover had to admit that she was a sucker for this sort of thing, for tricks, but the lack of bloodshed was disappointing. She wondered what they were even planning to do with that item inside their hand.  

Standing next to Lone, she kept a close eye on both bodies’ movements. It was a miracle that the raider hadn’t tried to kill them yet, so she kept ready just in case. No one was going to interrupt her companion while they were gracious enough to provide such entertainment.

When the grenade vanished out of Lone’s hands, she couldn’t help but gasp softly. Where did it go? She could’ve sworn that she was watching them the entire time. Where would you even hide something like that?

The raider seemed confused too, and in turn, pissed them off. Pulling a gun on Lone, they began to exclaim that the trick was stupid, pointless, and a waste of time. The insults angered Clover, but before she was able to do something, they imploded into a bloody mess. Splattering across her dress, it earned a scowl from the woman, nevertheless, her negative emotions turned into excitement.

“That was amazing! And here I was worried you’d gone soft on me.”

Sergeant RL-3 -

They had the gall to stop him from engaging the hostilities. It was his duty as a Mister Gutsy to take care of those who would do harm to innocent people. The fact that Lone had stopped him for this was extremely ridiculous.

The fact that they had a grenade in the first place did not surprise him. He was used to being around weaponry like that all the time, it was also unlikely that he could feel surprise at all.

That was why when the bomb disappeared, he had no external or internal reaction to it. Was the wanderer stupid enough to drop it? Hopefully they didn’t pull the pin or they would have little to no time to avoid the damage.

The moment he was about to bring the issue up, stating that they needed to get the hell out, the man/woman the trick was performed for exploded. Moving a few feet back to avoid the wreck of human innards, RL-3 grew silent for a long while.

Due to this, Lone assumed that they had done a great job in giving the robot a good shock.

“Did I get ya this time?”

“Negative, soldier. Stop trying to impress me with a child’s game.”

Jericho -

It would be a surprise if this ex-raider actually let Lone go on with the trick. He didn’t want to waste time on foolish activities like this, there were much better things to do.

Lone had to beg him to not kill, and he reluctantly gave in, putting his gun back into the holster. The raider seemed relieved, but that would not last long the moment the man/woman pulled out a grenade.

To avoid any sort of escape, Jericho kept close to the audience. The last thing he needed was to deal with an upset companion if the trick failed or the raider got away.

He hadn’t been paying attention throughout the duration of the trick. Something off in the distance appeared more interesting, and while it annoyed Lone, they did not bring it up. Making the grenade vanish, they hoped that the finale of this show would earn some respect from the man.

Upon explosion, Jericho snapped out of his train of thought and looked to the now grisly corpse of the raider. Holy shit, what happened? He actually sort of regretted looking away, he had missed what had occurred and knew that Lone would more than likely leave him in the dark for being so rude.

It must’ve been something and Lone was happy that their plan had actually worked. It was hard enough to catch Jericho’s attention, even if they traveled together all the time.

“Yeah, yeah… You can think whatever you want, but I’m still not impressed, alright?”

Fawkes -

After all that time spent within the vault, he had not been exposed to “magic tricks.” Lone had attempted to explain it to him, however, he always had some sort of scientific explanation behind it. How can someone be cut in half inside a box? There must be some sort of false set up in one of the halves…

For this very reason, Lone tried to avoid doing such things around him. Nonetheless, when the prime occasion rose, they had to take it by the horns. This raider was absolutely clueless and they just had to take advantage of it.

Fawkes did not mind taking a break from the fighting, it was nice to rest every now and then. He was interested in what the wanderer had planned anyway and with the appearance of the grenade, it had to be something worth while.

Similar to Butch, he behaved like a small child the moment the trick took place. He was more well mannered about it, which is a bit ironic considering he is a super mutant.

“Where did it go? It’s impossible to just have vanished.”

He yelped in surprise at the sound of the grenade going off. Showered in blood, Fawkes gawked at his companion. Out of all their adventures in the Wasteland, this had been a first for him. They eventually explained the trick to him, how they managed to slip the bomb inside their clothing, so on and so forth to relieve any unnecessary frustration.

Dogmeat -

The pup growled towards the raider, heeled back at the command of his owner. If he had the opportunity, he would not hesitate to sink his teeth into the leg of someone who had tried to hurt Lone. The only scent he detected at the moment was a mixture of hostility, fear, and impatience.

He was confused as to what Lone was doing. They were taking a long time in killing this man/woman. It made him worry that something was wrong and a soft whimper escaped towards his owner.

Reassured by a friendly pat on the head, relief washed over the dog only to be replaced with anxiety at the sight of the grenade. What were they going to do?!

Watching the magic trick take place, he took a seat and stared up intently. He seemed more interested than the raider was. It caused him to tilt his head when the object was gone from Lone’s hand. The other was puzzled as well, but the bewilderment turned to horror as a soft beeping echoed from their pocket.

Before they had the chance to fully react, they were killed in a sudden explosion. Dogmeat jumped back and barked at the noise, his companion trying to calm him down. Eventually, when he did, he received another series of pats before continuing on down the road, no longer phased by lingering danger.

Charon -

The boss was up to their usual antics, he was used to this by now. They were always doing something odd, even for the Wasteland. The current position they were in was no different, Lone preparing some sort of presentation involving a grenade they borrowed off his person.

It would be much quicker to just take care of the damned raider ahead of them, but Charon had no choice but to play along with whatever Lone wanted to do. It was in his contract, and since they were the current holder of said agreement, they were in control of him. Luckily, they didn’t necessarily abuse the privilege, they just pulled ridiculous stunts like this every now and then.

Lone gave him a friendly nudge with their elbow. He guessed that they wanted him to pay attention as well, so he turned his attention to their hands and let out a silent sigh. He really hoped that this would be over soon.

“Come on, boss.. We haven’t got all day.”

His companion ignored him and continued to “dazzle” the raider that was on the verge of attacking them both. Taking the borrowed grenade, they held it up for everyone to see. A few fancy hand tricks later, it was gone, causing Charon to grow baffled.

Much like Paladin Cross, he hid it well behind his stoic demeanor and even when the raider exploded, he showed no emotion towards it. It happened every day in a world like this, minus all of the magic nonsense. People blew up all the time, and this would’ve been the sixth or seventh time he saw it himself. The one thing he was impressed about is the fact that Lone got such a hostile monster of a person to sit still for so long.