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Always be Here

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Charachters: Jughead x Reader

Word Count: 1,200

Warnings: Angst, Fluff, ABUSE - if you are at all uncomfortable with this then I highly suggest you do not read.

Request: an imagine with jughead comforting a reader with nightmares pls <3<3

A/N: Here you go sweet anon! I hope you enjoy ;-*


Your past was rough. But everyone knew that. Your dad beat your mother and sometimes you until the age of 9 when a neighbor filed a police report after hearing the terrible sounds one night. Your father was currently in jail serving a life sentence and your mom had packed all of your things and moved you both back to her hometown of Riverdale. 

You kept to yourself mostly, until a raven haired boy by the name of Jughead Jones approached you. He had been intrigued with you the moment his eyes landed on you, he noticed all of your behaviors but never pried, trying to make sure you were never uncomfortable.  

Eventually, your past made its way past your lips a couple years after meeting him and all he could do was hug you as you told him detail after detail accompanied with a load of tears. But he never minded, in his eyes you were strong and beautiful and he could never see you otherwise. After that, you both were closer than ever, and you were always there for each other, especially when a good rant just need to leave your systems. 

Your mother on the other hand never really did recover. She was always in and out of rehab every few months, claiming she was going through yet another problem. Because of this, she was never really there to parent you, you practically raised yourself. Without Jughead you would’ve truly been alone.
Your past plagued you with nightmares. Your mom’s screams for help, your father yelling at her to shut up. And then he would come after you. Night after night the torment continued and each morning you would lock it all away and wait until the next one that evening.

You never let anyone now about the nightmares. They were your own little secret. Jughead had his suspicions when he would continuously see the bags under your eyes, but said nothing.

Now it was another normal Friday night. You and Jughead were both at your house finishing homework so that you wouldn’t be stressed about it the rest of the weekend. He usually would accompany you on Friday nights so that you wouldn’t be lonely. (Your mom had checked herself into another rehab because of ‘attempted drug use”, but you knew it was just another excuse.)  

On that night, you had ordered takeout from Pop’s as you both worked on homework for Algebra 2. After you had finished an hour later, you realized just how late it was. “I can’t believe it’s already 10:00.” Jughead quickly looked at the clock to confirm your statement. “Wow.” He commented. 

“You turned to him with a look of worry. “Jug, I don’t want you walking home this late, especially with Jason’s death. I don’t know what I’d do with myself if you-.” He quickly cut you off. “Nothing’s going to happen to me, don’t worry. I’ll sleep on the couch here or something.” He assured you. You nodded and went to grab him a few blankets and a pillow so that he wouldn’t be too uncomfortable. He thanked you and then went to situate them in a way that would suit his tall figure.

“I’m go gonna go to bed then, Goodnight, I’ll see you in the morning Jug.” You said as you kissed him on the cheek and then headed off to your room. You brushed your teeth and washed your face quickly before changing into some pj’s and climbing into bed. You sighed softly knowing what was to come when you closed your eyes but persuaded yourself to do so anyway. A few minutes later, you were asleep.

“You lying slut!” your father roared as your mother flinched in her seat. “You know you aren’t supposed to talk to other men! What the hell were you thinking!?” Your mother looked at him confused. “I was talking to my cousin. I haven’t seen him in 5 ye-.” She was interrupted with a loud slap. She gripped her cheek as hot tears ran down her face.

“Don’t talk back to me! You should know not to by now.” He took another swig of what seemed to be his fifth beer. “I don’t fucking care if he was your cousin, you’re mine.” He took another drink. “You and little y/n over there.” He turned to you as you tried to avoid his stare. “Look at me when I’m speaking to you.” He growled as you quickly looked up at him. “I-I’m sorry daddy.” He grinned, “That’s better. “Now,” he walked over to your small trembling frame and came to stop with his arms crossed.

“Any news about school? How are your grades? He opened another beer as he waited for you to answer. ‘Well, we had a spelling test but I…” you trailed off knowing you’d be in trouble. “But what?” He snarled. “I-I-I didn’t d-do so well.” You finished quietly as you looked down. Your father was enraged.

You felt a burning pain on your cheek and shrieked in response. “Why the fuck are we putting you in a damn school if you never learn anything you fucking idiot!!?” he shouted as another strike came down. All you could do was scream when-

You were shaken awake as blue worried eyes peered down at you. His rustled black hair fell in his face as he called your name trying to get a response.
“Y/n?” you sat up breathing hard as you gripped the sheets, trying to gain some control over your movements. Stray tears fell down your face as Jughead pulled you into his body trying his best to calm you down. “Shh y/n… It’s ok… I’m here…” You only heard small bits of what he was saying as you tried to calm down.

“Hey, can you hear me? Good. Now listen to my voice. I want you to breathe in and out with me, understood?” you nodded as you listened to his soothing voice and inhaled. “Good job, you’re doing so good, I’m here y/n, I’m here.” You continued to deep breathe and eventually the tears stopped. But Jughead continued to hold you, slightly rocking you back and forth.

“How long?” he finally asked after a moment of silence. “How long what?” “How long have you been having nightmares?” he clarified. You finally detached yourself from him and immediately regretted it when his comforting arms disappeared. “Since I moved here.” You replied quietly.

“What” you cowered and bowed your head immediately muttering a sorry. “No.” he lifted your head up with his pointer finger. “Don’t you ever be sorry. I’m just upset that you never told me about this within the longevity of our friendship.” He looked into your deep e/c eyes and sighed. 

“Were they about your dad?” you nodded slowly. He silently cursed to under his breath. “Y/n, I can’t pretend I know what you’re going through because I don’t. But I will ALWAYS be here for you, ok? Always. Even if its 2 am and you’ve woken up with another nightmare call me, and I will come for you. I promise.” Your lip trembled as he pulled you into another embrace. “I’ll always be here…”

Drunken Problems//Carl Gallagher pt3

Teen wolf/shameless crossover pt3

A/N: this didn’t come out like I was hoping, hopefully you guys like it.

Warnings: mentions rape, a lot of swearing, protective Liam, fluff with carl and reader, fluffy ending with Liam and reader

Word count: 682

(Y/N)’s p.o.v

“(y/n) i think we should go back”

i looked at carl like he had two heads. “what why? don’t be a party pooper”

he sighed, “(y/n) I care about you and we’re not safe out here without protection and you being on the deadpool list”

“scott probably said that to try and get me to stay home i’m not even su-”

“(y/n)?” i turned my head around and saw liam stalking towards carl and i.

i rolled my eyes “what do you want?”

“i want you to come home, i’m sorry ok? your my little sister and it’s my job to take care of you-”

“trust me, you did a shit job at that so you can stop trying”

“(y/n) you have to see that i’m trying, when dad left you shut down on me and built your walls so high and i couldn’t get through with you so-”

“so what? so you chose to give up on me? well liam if you really did care, you would have kept trying and realized that all I wanted was for you to hold me and tell me that everything will be okay and that nothing is going to happen and that we’re going to be just fine without dad!”

by now i had tears running down my face. i hated crying but it seamed to be a thing i did a lot after almost being rapped.

“maybe you should leave her alone and let her calm down” carl said to liam.

liam only rolled his eyes “shut up gallagher if it weren’t for you, this wouldn’t be happening”

“shut up liam! ok? just shut up. i love carl and you can’t do anything about it and if you really do want to save whatever relationship we have left, then you’ll except that he is the only person that i will ever love”

liam and carl just stared at me mouth a gap.

“you don’t mean that” liam said

“you love me?” carl asked

i then realized that i had let it slip, carl and i messed around with the word when we would say it we knew it was a joke, but this time i had a serious tone and it was obvious that i meant it.

carl had been in multiple relationships before me all the girls used him, trying to get in his pants, or just use him for popularity and his money.

I knew the pain of having your heartbroken or to be used by someone you love. in my past relationships all the guys wanted the same thing-sex.

but carl was different. he didn’t want that, he wanted me. he wanted me for who i am. not just because I have a big butt or breast (which i don’t) he saw something in me and chose me. not my looks, but who I am as a person.

“you don’t have to say it back” i whispered afraid of my own voice.

carl gave me a small smile “i love you too (y/n)”

“i told you so” i turned my head in the direction of the new voice and saw malia who was smirking at liam.

“malia, i don’t have time for your shit-”

“liam whatever’s going on between you and (y/n) is none of our business so please put a sock in it and let the girl live” stiles said while slowly making his way to malia

“you guys don’t understand she’s my little sister, i care about her that’s why I’m so overprotective, it’s because i love her and I don’t want her to get hurt again”

i sniffed. maybe I should let go of he past and start a new with liam, he only had good intentions.

i walked over to him and wrapped my arms around his neck in an awkward manner, I hadn’t hugged him in over five months.

he slowly pulled me in closer and rested his chin on my head.

maybe giving him another chance was a step in the right direction.

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Yeah I'll come off anon. I'm just wondering why you're saying we're the ones in the Shaladin tags when we're obviously trying to stay away from it.

oh my god, i cant with you nigga, you’re something else.

1. stop. stop defending your dumpster diving buddies ok. most posts about anti shaladin come up in the shaladin tags. wanna know why? because, we share the same name which is

shaladin (ex: anti shaladin, shaladin discourse, pro shaladin, anti sheith, pro sheith, sheith in general.)

2. you can be doing a good job staying away from the tags. but once you mention the words in your posts, they show up regardless. this is why we have BLACKLISTS. if my posts show up in the tags by accident, and trust me i don’t want to get near the dry ass anti tags anyways, there’s blacklisting for a reason. 

3. i think you’re mentioned it before, tumblr having a horrible tagging system. if you didn’t well look at #2 again.

4. you guys don’t stay away from it, you curve it. dont play victim in this shit. you guys like to poke the bear then run instantly when it targets you. you make posts about shaladins, it gets tossed into our tags no matter how much you try to censor it then we reply, you guys flip shit then blame it on us. so tell me, how much are you really avoiding? you must love to fuel fire since yall have been making lists, saying shit and more.

5. to end this off, just lurk before you speak. you’re embarrassing yourself even more. just like how we “end up in the anti tags! oh no!”, you ended up here. why am i not even blocked by you? what was the legit point of this anyways? yes its to defend the post about how posts get mixed up but tell me, what was the worth of this? to make yourself look like a bigger dumbass than before?

dude, im done. go run and beat off to your klance nsfw, complain or do something. i have work to do before my ass has to take more courses next year. yallah.

💜💀Love is all that matters.💀💜

I love my boyfriend, and nothing is going to change that, bullshit opinions about religion aren’t going to stop me and hold me back from loving who I want. I don’t care if you think it’s a choice, it’s still none of your business who I love. It’s not your job to tell me what to do with my life, it never has been and never will be your job. Stop trying to push your views onto other people and stop expecting people to bend over backwards and agree with you because it’s not going to happen, no one is going to agree with you. The only thing I want from you is to say “ok.” And move on with your life that’s it. I don’t need compassion, I need understanding, justice, and acceptance. If you can’t accept the fact that not everyone believes in your “God” then you’ve got another thing coming, if you can accept the fact that not everyone agrees with your opinion or is straight then your delusional.

Not everyone is going to agree with you, I am gay, I like my boyfriends dick, deal with it.

My english teacher was making fun of people with down syndrome

He was trying to be funny but I had to stop his ‘fun’. Making fun of someone is already wrong. Bad. Bad. Bad. But making fun of people because they were born different?? As a sister of a girl who has autism, I was outraged. This guy was a teacher. Someone with such a respected job shouldn’t be saying these things to students! They would think its ok. They would think that its not wrong and they would do the same thing. You know how painful it was to see my sister come home from school to tell me that the girls at her school ISOLATE her. Treat her like she was some kind of idiot when she was 2nd in her class?! Its idiots like him that mock people with mental disability to make them feel better.

Word Count: 1175

Triggers: None

A/N guess who makes a surprise appearance!

Requested by Anonymous

You met Nate when he was still in the legal business. He was Mr. Ford back then. You hadn’t seen him in a while, not since you were eleven, but you couldn’t forget a man like that. He was always trying to do the right thing, no matter what. So when you grew up and moved to Boston to get away from your nagging father, it was fitting that you ran into the one and only Mr. Ford whom you had admired for all those years.

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Rough Waters Pt. 2

Request: Can you do a second part to rough waters, where Hotch finds out and all the fluff :3

 A/N: This didn’t turn out as great as I thought it would… I hope you guys like it though!

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BTS reaction to finding their g/f crying

Since this took so long, I’m only going to do BTS right now, but if you really want a Got7 one, feel free to request it again. Also, I hope you don’t mind but I made this into a written reaction instead (but I added gifs still. It’s not written as well as a fic since I had to keep it short). I couldn’t express the same thing with just the normal gif reaction format.

Rap Monster:

Namjoon sat in front of you, his face a mix of concern and anger. You were quiet and he was waiting for you to speak, each minute making him more and more angry. You could tell he was thinking the worst; someone hurt you and you were too scared to tell him, but that wasn’t it. You really just didn’t know what to say. You were so frustrated with yourself, so upset and you had no idea why. You guessed it was just the stress and feeling weak. You felt like you weren’t as strong as you thought you were, your feelings were getting the best of you. And that’s how Namjoon found you today. You had been crying and throwing things when he walked into your apartment. He came home early from the tour, his bags in his hands and a bright smile on his face, excited to finally be spending time with you. And there you were, face red from crying and fear over being caught. He had calmed you down enough to get you to sit and he was waiting for you to open up to him.

When you finally found the courage to speak, your voice was weak and threatening to break again. You cleared your throat, threw on your strongest face, and looked up at him. “I’m ok. I just had a bad couple days. It’s nothing to worry about.” You lied. You were good at playing down your feelings. You didn’t want to bother Namjoon again. He was tired, it was obvious. He wanted to spend his day off resting with you like he always did. However, because you did it so often, he could see through your lie.

“Bullshit! Y/N, have you been struggling that much? Why won’t you talk to me anymore?”

“I… I don’t want to both you with it. And I wasn’t keeping it from you. You just had enough to deal with. I can handle it.”

The anger in Namjoon’s face vanished and was replaced with guilt. “You mean you felt like you were bothering me?” He sighed and put his face in his hands. “I knew something was wrong when you wouldn’t return my calls. I thought you were mad at me. I couldn’t even tell when my girlfriend needed me. I suck.”

“You didn’t do anything wrong! I said I can handle it, Namjoon. I promise!” You reached out to him but he caught your hand and pulled you into his body. He put your head on his chest and held you tight.

“I know you can, but you don’t need to deal with it yourself. I’m here now, Y/N” He kissed the top of your head as you curled into his lap. “You can rely on me.”


Jin called you to the kitchen, it was the middle of the night and he had woken up to you crying again. This time, instead of hovering over you, he had left the room. You didn’t follow him, thinking that he was just sick of you. But that wasn’t it. When you walked into the kitchen, your favorite meal was sitting on the table and Jin was smiling brightly at you. Confusion was evident on your face so he began to explain the special occasion. “I’ve missed you. I know we’ve both been busy so I wanted to surprise you since you look like you haven’t been eating well lately.”

You look at the ground in shame. He was right; you hadn’t been taking care of yourself. The stress from school and work was getting to you and making sure you were fed and taken care of hadn’t been a priority. Nothing had and now that your exams were done, it finally caught up to you. Even you had to admit you didn’t look so well. Tears welled up in your eyes as you looked at your feet and Jin was next to you in a second. “I’m sorry.” You cried, rubbing your eyes roughly, trying to get them to stop. “I’ve just been busy. Do I really look that bad?”

Jin grabbed your hands and smiled at you kindly. “Of course not. You’re always very pretty. But I know when exams come around, you barely eat anything and you always feel sick after. It’s my job to make you feel better and harassing you to open up to me clearly wasn’t helping you. I thought maybe some good food could,” He lead you to the table and sat next to you, grabbing the spoon and holding it up to you.

“I’m ok. I can feed myself.” You said, feeling awkward and trying to take the spoon from him.

“I said it was my job, Y/N. You worked hard. Now it’s my turn.”  

Although you didn’t want to bother him, having someone take care of you did make you feel better. The combination of relief and feeling loved made tears continue to fall, but you could feel yourself already feeling better. Jin’s job wasn’t to take care of you, it was to make you feel loved, and he did that every single day.


You try to suppress your tears as you try and get out of bed without disturbing Suga who’s sleeping next to you, but before you’re able to get up, he grabs your wrist gently. You look at him with wide eyes, afraid he caught you crying. He turns his head, still resting on the pillow and smiles at you. “Y/N… Don’t leave. Come back here.”

“N-no. I’ll be right back.” You try to pull away but his grip tightens but not enough to really stop you if you tried to leave. When you meet his eyes again you can feel his seriousness. He doesn’t say anything and just watches as you make the decision to stay or run away again. You had been doing that a lot lately when ever you began to get overwhelmed. Suga had been trying his best to pretend like he hadn’t noticed, believing you would come to him when you needed him. However, he wasn’t as good of a bluffer as he’d like to think and you could feel his eyes on you when you weren’t looking the past couple days.

You knew you had to face him so you laid down, back facing him as you still tried to keep that wall between you. He wrapped his arms around you, pulling flat against him, and buried his face in your neck. “What’s wrong?” He mumbled, lips moving against your skin.

His warmth and quiet support is enough to let you relax against his body. That final wall breaks down as you let yourself cry in his arms. The rest of the night is spent in his arms as he mumbles comforting words into your skin, only falling asleep after you finally cry yourself to sleep.


You turned and looked at the clock. It was already three in the morning and Hoseok just got home about an hour ago. He was sleeping next to you, his arm thrown over your waist. You were surprised he wasn’t holding you tightly against like he usually did when he was gone a lot. You understood though, he had been practicing all day and he had fallen asleep the moment his head hit the pillow. The boys, Hoseok especially, had been working extra hard recently for their comeback. That included late night dance practices and recording sessions. You barely saw him lately, which only added onto your stress.

You could feel the tears threatening to fall as you laid in bed and stared at his face. You were having a rough time recently with your own work and life. It wasn’t that you couldn’t talk to Hoseok about it, he always put your feelings first, but you didn’t want to. He was so busy already, you didn’t want to cause him more stress. He was always so bright even when it was hard, so you felt that you had to do the same for him. Not wanting to be caught, you slowly escaped from underneath his arm and snuck out of the bedroom. You rubbed the tears out of your eyes as you sat on the couch.

You shook with silent tears and curled in on yourself on the couch. It didn’t take long before Hoseok was next to you and pulling you into his chest. “There you are.” He said warmly. “I woke up and you weren’t next to me.”

“Sorry. Couldn’t sleep.” You said trying to stop yourself from crying.

“You should be. How am I supposed to sleep without my beautiful girlfriend next to me?” He kissed the top of your head. “And here she is, having a hard time by herself, and trying to hide it.”

“Hoseok… Sorry.” You look up at him and he smiled brightly at you, wiping your tears away.

“Hey, don’t worry about it. Turn on your favorite movie, I’ll go get blankets. We’ll cuddle and watch sad movies so you can cry as much as you want. And if you feel like talking about it later, or until you’re able to fall asleep, I’ll be right here… Okay?” He starts to get up and you grab his wrist.

“You only slept for an hour. You look so tired. Just sleep. I’ll come back to bed.”

“Oh no. You’re not getting out of this. I want to cuddle now, Y/N. I’m not going to let you go for a second. You’re doomed now.”

You had to admit, his late night movie marathon was a great idea in theory. It really did help. He, however, didn’t make it through the first movie. Hoseok fell asleep with his head on your chest half way through the movie. You ended up watching him again instead of the movie. It was better that he fell asleep than stayed up with you like he tried, you didn’t feel guilty. Instead you fell asleep feeling warm and loved, all those bad feelings could be dealt with later.


Jimin felt around the bed, trying to find you, and only found that your spot was cold. He sat up and rubbed his eyes. “Y/N?” No answer. “Y/N, What are you doing?” He asked, getting out of bed and trying to find you. He looked all over the apartment and couldn’t find you. You had been distant recently which only made him worry more. Did you leave in the middle of the night? Had he done something wrong? Were you sick of him? Did you not love him anymore? It was silly, but he couldn’t help but think those things with the way you had been acting. You were unusually cold and never wanted to talk to him, especially when he would ask what was wrong.

He dialed your number in a hurry and was surprised when you answered on the second ring. “Hello?”

“Y/N!” Jimin yelled. “Where the hell are you? Do you know what time it is?”

“I’m outside, Jimin. Calm down. I wanted fresh air.” You laughed quietly at his sigh of relief. You could hear him shuffling around through the phone. “Sorry, I made you worry.” Your voice shook as you wiped away tears. Your phone lit up, telling you the call had ended. “Jimin-“

“It’s raining.” He said from behind you. His arms wrapped around you and pulled you close. “You’re freezing, Y/N. How long were you out here for?” His chin rested on your shoulder as he pulled his coat around both of you.

“About an hour.”

“You going to tell me what’s wrong?”

You sighed and wiped your eyes one last time. “Eventually. Not now though.” You said softly. You meant it. You’d open up to him soon, you just weren’t ready yet. You wanted a better grasp over your feelings so you didn’t burst into tears when talking to him.

“Then what do you want me to do? I don’t know how to help, Y/N…” He desperate. Jimin understood your reasoning for not wanting to talk, so he didn’t push it and make you feel guilty for not talking. He did, however, insist on trying to make you smile and comfort you when you needed it.

“I want you to hold me as we enjoy the rain, okay?”

“I can do that.” He smiled and kissed your neck softly. “I love you.”

“I love you too, Jimin.”


Taehyung opened the door to your apartment and threw his bags down. “Honey~ I’m Home~” He calls excitedly as he ran through the house. It was late but he had seen your light on so he didn’t worry about waking you. He had a late practice and he thought you already went to bed when you didn’t answer his texts.

When he walked into your bedroom he saw you quickly rubbing your eyes, trying to hide the fact that you were crying. His smile faltered for a second but he got even brighter when you made eye contact with him. “Did you have fun at practice today?” You asked, clearing your throat to keep your voice steady. Taehyung was in old clothes, his hair wet from his shower, but with a bright smile on his face. Your face was red from crying, you were in his old tshirt, and your smile couldn’t reach your eyes. You both looked like you had a rough day.

“It would have been better if my girlfriend answered my phone calls.” He sighed dramatically. “Since you’re my best friend, I have to ask your advice. Either she’s playing hard to get, or she’s mad at me, Y/N. What should I do?” He threw himself on the bed and covered his face.

When you didn’t answer, he peeked through his fingers and found you staring at him. “What?” He asked seriously.

“As your best friend, I have to say: ‘She sucks. Dump her.’”

“Nonsense. She’s the greatest, most beautiful girl in the whole world.” He wrapped his arms around your waist, pulling you down on the bed with him. Your smile is finally real as he squishes your face. “What’s wrong, Y/N?” He asks seriously.

You cuddle into his chest and sigh. “Nothing now that you’re here. Thank you, Taehyung.”

“For what?”

“For always making me smile.”

“Anytime.” He says softly. “In fact, you should dump that dumb boyfriend of yours and date me.” He wiggles his eyebrow at you.

“You’re right. He is dumb.”


You laugh against his chest and hug him tightly. With Taehyung there, your problems may not disappear, but you have the strength to face them knowing that someone cares about you. Sometimes all you need is him.


When Jungkook woke up and felt you weren’t on your side of the bed, he slowly made his way from the warmth of the blankets towards the living room. He leaned against the door frame as he saw you curled up on the couch with your back to him. “Y/N, come back to bed. It’s cold.” He yawned as he scratched his head, eyes half closed and voice rough with sleep.

“S-sure. I’ll be there in a minute.” You said, voice cracking from his sudden appearance. You hadn’t been able to steady yourself and he caught on to it instantly.

His arms wrapped around you, making you feel worse for making him worry. “What’’s wrong, Y/N? Are you okay?”

“Yes, don’t worry. I’m ok. Just stupid stuff.” You hid your face in your knees, trying your best to escape from him.

“Stop hiding from me. It’d clearly not stupid if it’s upsetting you. Look at me.” He tapped your cheek and you reluctantly met his eyes. Your beautiful eyes were red from crying and you sniffed hard, making him smile fondly at you. “I’m here for you, Y/N.” Surprisingly those simple words did make you feel better. Although he was awkward at expressing himself, he always made you understand his love for you, and sometimes, that was enough.

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not gona lie i spent most of that job trying not to notice how fucking cute my manager was but it was awkward bc she was my best friend in elementary school and did the passive ditching thing bc her new friends didnt think i was cool and i hadnt seen her in 7 years

shes cute as fuck really cute but man she sucks at her job! she got me fired! bc she said everything i was doing was okay every time i asked her if it was ok and then she told me it wasnt ok too late bc the fired me the same day! Still passively dismissive huh *legal name*!!!! choke on my sperm!!!


Busy, busy, busy. A job, opening up a medical office to help for emergencies, teaching his apprentice and doing midnight research. It was all bearing down on him, his energy constantly at a terrible low. He was falling asleep at random places as well during trips outside in public, and unfortunately… he just missed the train.


The sound of the train taking off after making it’s stop at the destination stirred him from his so called peaceful slumber against the bench, and it was too late, he couldn’t stop the driver.

This was the second time in the span of a week and he was downright frustrated, so much that the anger consumed him and he found himself smashing his foot against a sign, the bench, anything– until he realized someone was gaping at him.

“Uh. What are you… looking at?” Words weren’t spoken in his usual biting attitude, he sounded more confused if anything. Last time he remembered, he was the only one at this stop…

Mama Bear

chinesespiders asked:

Could you write on where the boys go off on a hunt and the reader who just joined them and is not a hunter doesn’t know. So when they get back all bloody and tired. She mothers them and hugs them and doesn’t want to let go. Thanks so much!!!

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fuck-it-all-to-hell  asked:

Will I have the energy and (for lack of a better phrasing) non- depression to do everything tomorrow?

Hey lovely, I’m so sorry I got to this too late to help with today! I asked what you can do this evening to feel better and reward yourself for getting through today. I used my sweet Botanical Inspirations deck, and it gave me Magnolia. “There is nothing Noble in being superior to your fellow men. True nobility lies in being superior to your former self.” Ernest Hemmingway. The cards are reminding you that you don’t have to try so hard this evening. Be proud of any accomplishments, and stop comparing yourself to others. As long as you are working hard, you are doing good. It’s ok if what’s hard for you isn’t hard for someone else. You did a good job today, and I hope you truly feel that way.

Revelations (Peter Parker x Reader)

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You started falling from the roof of the high skyscraper after the bad guy had delivered a kick to your ribs.

You felt tears pricking your eyes as you fell. You weren’t like these superheroes that could fly or swing around with web strings. You were falling to your death and it was too late for anyone to save you.

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Sit Down, Shut Up, and Listen Up: advice for ur sign pt 1

Aries: Dude, you don’t gotta act like such a tough ass bitch. We get it, you’re strong and not to be fucked with. Stop looking at people like you’re judging them. Also you need to stop getting so angry over mundane shit. Chill.

Taurus: You are one boring motherfucker. Fix it, live a little. That is all.

Gemini: You give off the vibe that you aren’t really listening or give a shit bout what other people have to say. I think its a lil tru, I think you think its a lil tru. Don’t lie, u do. Pay attention in conversations ok, or at least do a better job of pretending to. 

Cancer: Stop getting pissed off when u don’t get your way, also if you have a problem with someone don’t be an immature brat and act like everything fine while talking shit behind their back, tell that person whats up. Learn to keep ur mouth shut and not spill everyone else’s secrets when they tell u something. 

Leo: Oh my god shut the fuck up, not everything is about you. Listen for once, stop trying to dominate everything holy shit. Also you don’t know everything, and when you proudly shout out incorrect shit don’t get mad when someone proves you wrong.

Virgo: Stop being afraid of personal relationships, learn to trust ppl for christ sake. Also you gotta relax and stop trying to make everything perfect, you are starting to worry us. Are you ok?

Libra: Dude, stop taking things so personally all the time. Not everything other ppl do is to spite you, that strange expression on their face wasn’t them staring at you it was them squinting in the sun.

Scorpio: Stop being so controlling over the people you care about. People are unique and they will be their own person, they can’t all be you (or whatever your idea of perfect is). You set your shit up for failure when you do that yo.

Sagittarius: Not everything is a competition. Also you don’t need to correct everyone and shove their errors in their face. That makes you look like an asshole and ultimately pisses everyone off.

Capricorn: Stop trying to organize and control everyone. You aren’t the law, dude you are like a strict dad. Ease off.

Aquarius: Chill the fuck out with that ego bitch. You may be smart but that doesn’t make you the fuckin expert on everything. Also you aren’t god, sorry ur a fuckin human being like the rest of us.

Pisces: Can you be loyal and not flirt/cheat with other ppl for like, one second? Also move out of your parent’s fuckin house and grow a spine. Stand up for urself and don’t let people manipulate you so fucking much.

Cast Iron: Part 9

Because Ruffnut.  

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8

“And oh my god, the third one?”  Astrid sorts through the paper plate of precious cheese scraps for the right chunk of dairy gold.  “Here,” she sets it in the other woman’s hand, taking a sip of wine.  “It’s—I can’t even describe it.  It’s amazing.”

 “I’ve never seen anybody this excited about cheese,” Ruffnut smiles, “are you sure you’re not just excited about cheese guy?” 

 “Taste it.” 

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Dave Strider

do daves
give such boring,

John Egbert

there is no in between
only assholes
and shotas
dwell in this character tag

Rose Lalonde

please see dirk strider

Jade Harley

she is not dumb
she is not boring
she is not a 2 dimensional character
please stop

Dirk Strider

when you use no punctuation
or syntax
i cry
its even worse when people turn you into
this stereotypical homosexual
who just wants to be fucked by you
i just want regular, sassy dirk

Jane Crocker


that is all

Roxy Lalonde

shes not stupid either
shes a highly intelligent hacker chick
thats a strong character
and is super awesome
stop oversexualizing her
and using her drunkenness as an excuse for dubcon sex

Jake English

has anyone seen dirk???
dirk i wanna suck your dick
im sorry im totes in love with you
pip pip cheerio
i have a ridiculously english accent despite the fact that i live in the middle of the pacific ocean”

Beta Bro

why does no one understand
that bro strider
speaks without color
and with no capital letters
only punctuation

Everyone does an ok job on the other guardians

but they should be played more often

Do not assume

you know what my character looks like
or godmod
or refuse to understand that no means no
also do not get angry
when the situation doesnt fit the exact thing you want to fap to
its a dick move


please stop making [insert character here]
into a ridiculously attractive sex symbol

stop trying to hop on my dick
im not into you like that

this is way too gay for me

Everyone again

research the quirk of the character youre playing
before you play them
this is very important
id rather rp with someone who’s subpar but knows the quirk
than someone who doesnt
thank you

Time Constraints

especially do not
reply to something
and give me 6 seconds to reply
before ditching me
or say you have to go to bed
because you dont like my reply
sometimes i run into you later
and i know its you


do not click the box
if you do not want to rp with the character
i search for an hour to find you
and you ditch me
5 times
and i want to scream

This has been a PSA

Hey guys

I think it should go without saying at this point but don’t repost people’s work and remove attribution. I’m not even going to preface this with a “please,” because I’m a little done with being polite about it.

I’ve sent more DMCA takedown notices in the past month than in my entire career as an artist. I don’t know if ‘tis the season for people misunderstanding the seriousness of removing art from its context, but come on. There are no excuses, especially if the work already exists on the platform you’re reposting it to.

Chill with the reposting. If you have enough energy to save every picture to your computer, re-upload it, and strip my name from it, you’ve got enough energy to just click reblog and not piss everyone (ie me) off. 

If you’ve got any respect for me or other artists who are out here trying to do our own thing, please stop robbing us of opportunities. You may not think a re-upload without attribution is doing that, but it is. I’ve gotten jobs from here before because people have seen my work spread around with my name attached to it. Removing that is removing my ability to further my career and pay my bills.

Thanks to all of you who have been sending me messages with links to re-uploads, there’s no way I could possibly keep tabs on all of this stuff. I appreciate it so much.

So thanks, thanks. Just be cool, ok?

Just listen

You see, I don’t see you as you do
For me, you are perfect
You should start seeing it too

Your art is amazing and your writing is flawless
Your posts are the best in a world full of darkness

And you have bad days, but those turn into weeks
And then into months and from there in years

And you’re so used to not believe in yourself
And you’re so used to never be enough

You lost all the joy doing the things you loved
Forget about how those made you feel proud

And time goes by and you forget everything
About your love for drawing and how you used to sing

About your silly stories or your poetry
And you built up walls, you built them up slowly

To protect yourself from everything that hurts
Without realizing, you just made it worse

Now take a deep breath, start counting to ten
Grab that old guitar, find your favorite pen

Start doing again everything you loved
Bring back to life your lost inner child

Promise you’ll do that, or at least you’ll try
Believe in yourself, because so do I.