stop trying to crush my hopes and dreams

the night circus quote memes

  • ❝ The future is never set in stone, remember that. ❞
  • ❝ I am tired of trying to hold things together that cannot be held. ❞
  • ❝ I have tried to let you go and I cannot. I cannot stop thinking of you. I cannot stop dreaming about you. ❞
  • ❝ What did you wish for? ❞
  • ❝ You are breaking my heart. ❞
  • ❝ you built me dreams instead. ❞
  • ❝ I believe you have my umbrella. ❞
  • ❝ Well, fuck. ❞
  • ❝ You need to understand your limitations so you can overcome them. ❞
  • ❝ Do me a favor and marry someone who will take decent care of the sheep. ❞
  • ❝ I am already married .❞
  • ❝ Is magic not enough to live for? ❞
  • ❝ I worry hope will crush me, the way love has so many times before. ❞
  • ❝ You don’t need to understand the rules. You need to follow them. ❞
  • ❝ Have you ever thought about it, about simply leaving? ❞
  • ❝ Don’t you want to know my name? ❞
My expectations often outshine my reality. It used to really bother me. In fact, it still bothers me, but I’m learning to love it. I love that I imagine scenarios in my head and hope for the best. I love that I hope and dream even after I meet disappointment after disappointment. It is not forever. One day I will live out my dreams and fulfill my hopes and wishes.
—  12:12am thoughts// I can’t stop trying

Guess who’s come back just in time to gatecrash auditions for your precious musical? Although I have to admit that RENT is pretty badass, we all know that getting Mimi is gonna be a bloodsport, and your dreams are all gonna be crushed. Try not to throw a BF when you get rejected, dolls. I hope you didn’t miss me too much. If you did, feel free to stop by my dorm for a bowl and brownies.