stop trying to chain him up

What if this is actually true?

I was thinking yesterday and I realised I never questioned how well Moriarty was able to sell his fake actor persona. Sherlock thought it was because of the key that’s able to break into every computer, but we know that that key doesn’t exist, so how was moriarty able to do it?

I definitely hated the reporter chick, but are you telling me she didn’t at least check out these shows and see if he was actually in them? And it took the police over two years to prove Moriarty was actually real. If all of these were fake I’m sure it would only have took them a couple of days. Or what Moriarty was actually an actor on the side in case this situation ever came up? 

No, I think Richard Brooke got the same deal as the cabbie. Maybe he was dying as well and in exchange for money he took up the persona of Moriarty.

So, who’s behind Moriarty? Mary, of course. She’s been orchestrating all of this from the beginning. Remember in the blind banker just before Shan was killed, she got a message from M and we assumed it meant Moriarty? Well, what if it was actually Mary?

It was Mary all along who wanted to burn Sherlock’s heart out. She made him into a fake and got him to take his own life. I do think that for a while there she actually believed that he was dead, but if Anderson could figure out he wasn’t dead then so could she. She called Mycroft and got him to tell the police and media that Moriarty was real and Sherlock is innocent, so he could come back.

So, I think she realised that killing him wasn’t the best idea anyway and decided to take something way more important from him, John. And boy did she try to break them up. Marrying him, then getting pregnant all that just to chain John to herself. 

Shooting Sherlock in HLV was a mistake, because she didn’t plan on him interrupting her. What Magnussen knew could have blown her whole operation apart and she had to stop him, but also couldn’t let Sherlock stop her.

And then in s4 we really saw her evil side. Saving Sherlock from a bullet and making John lash out at him trying to drive a wedge between them. Sending Sherlock to hell was just a little bonus.

This is it though. She ruined him and the possibility of John and Sherlock ever getting together. I mean look at her evil face. This was her plan all along.

But yet again she underestimated the love John and Sherlock have for each other and that they can always find their way back to one another. 

So, I think she was done waiting and just ended up shooting John. There’s no Eurus, it’s always been her and she put a bullet through John’s eye and Sherlock is the only one who can save him.

So yeah this is my theory, on the one hand i hate it cause it would mean moriarty is not real but i love him so much, but on the other hand it would reveal mary to be even more of despicable human being than we could have ever anticipated. 

Sorry if this has been talked about before, please do link me to other metas on this if you have any.

Tags under the cut (if you want me to untag you please let me know, i just don’t have too many followers but am excited about this)

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the hypocrisy of this episode really bothered me so much because it just shows that after all this time, after murphy saved everyone (clarke and abby firsthand), they’re still willing to let him be in pain, still willing to cast him out, to treat him like they don’t care about him.

when they were gonna sacrifice emori and murphy spoke out, he got a gun pointed in his face and a knife to his throat. but when abby literally starts DESTROYING things, everyone just yells. “abby, no!” “abby, stop!” “please, abby!”

where was the gun in her face? where was the knife pointed at her throat? where were the people attacking her?

when abby was trying to protect the person she loved, everyone stood idly by and sympathized with her. when murphy was trying to protect the person he loves, he gets chained up and threatened.

it’s just really unfair how badly murphy is treated after all he’s grown and i’m seriously so over it.

Cirque du Bangtan : A Carnival of Souls (Taegi/BTS)

Genre: Smut - Vampire!AU, Circus!AU, Detective!AU

Words: 14.5K+

Author: Admin Kaycie & Admin JP

Summary: Staring BTS as the exclusive circus troupe behind the nation’s biggest unsolved mystery. In the height of their fame, can Detective Kim Taehyung find the connection between the thousands of corpses turning up suddenly and tie it to the ethereal beings of the bangtan troupe- or will he fall as yet another victim claimed by Cirque du Bangtan, the carnival of souls?

Tags: Smut, Blood Play, Dirty Talk, Double Penetration, Oral Sex, Bukake, Pet Kink, Vampire!AU, etc.

Originally posted by iamyoonseoktrash

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anonymous asked:

You're my fav fic writer here <3 so I wanted to ask if you also take prompts that are not from the list? If yes, please please please could you write a fic in which lola kidnaps andrew along with neil to baltimore? (or he just somehow ends up there)

(i lov u thank you sm, also this prompt is fucked up I had FUN)

Neil’s face is so sunken with grief that he’s barely recognizable. Andrew watches cooly as Nicky jokes with him, the energy of the team cascading down and off of Neil, water off an indifferent umbrella. This is not the same man who was buoyant with a fresh win half an hour ago, who holds exy in higher regard than his own life, some days.

Andrew crosses to him, siphoning Neil’s attention away from the action of the room to him, just him, their eyes hooked together.

“Thank you,” Neil says, his mouth trembling. “You were amazing.”

Andrew searches his face, waiting for more. The room around them feels hazily separate, his attention is pulled to every flicker of Neil’s eyes, every shape his mouth makes. Something is giving out like a rotting support beam, Andrew can feel the collapse as if it were happening in his own body.

He catches Wymack gesturing from the corner of his eye, and the foxes fall into line. Neil keeps holding Andrew’s gaze the way someone might watch their home disappear on the horizon as they drive away.

He turns on command, though, body held too casually to be genuinely at ease, walking in tandem with the men bracketing him.

Andrew levels Wymack with a dismissive look and turns on his heel to follow Neil to the parking lot, his heartbeat out-pacing his footsteps.

He watches the bobbing heads of the man in the reflective vest and his colleague guiding the team through a simmering crowd. A bottle careens past Aaron’s head and Andrew looks blackly out in the direction it was thrown from. His eyes return to Neil, and because he’s watching, he sees the moment the crowd swells and Neil is grabbed hard by the wrist.

Andrew starts running immediately, pushing his way through a crowd that feels more like the tumultuous surface of an angry ocean. He trips over a slippery bottle and clips a 6 foot tall Bearcats fan, who tries to punch Andrew and gets his hand ripped at the seam of his fingers for his trouble. The crowd is a firing squad pointed at him, but Andrew braves it without hesitation.

He loses sight of the shiny vest and Neil’s flaming hair, almost tripping again on a duffel bag upended in the street. He kicks viciously at it before realizing it’s Neil’s, his racquet dropped two feet away. It’s like a crime scene, like the gunpowder left in the wake of a ripping bullet.

Andrew scoops the racquet up and breaks into a flat-out sprint with it held in front of him, using its length to rake the crowd out of the way. They break, more interested in self-preservation than the spirit of revenge. Andrew gets a clear view of Neil’s shoulder being wrenched around, his face contorting with anger as he’s stuffed into the back of a highway patrol car.

“Stop,” Andrew calls, voice raised. He skids into the parking lot just as the door is closing on Neil, and four sets of eyes swing towards Andrew. He sees Neil mouth ‘no’ as a woman with an unhinged grin cranes around Neil, sizing Andrew up.

“Who’s this, Junior?”

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Hair - Jughead Jones

if ur requests r open could u write an imagine where the reader has loose (black) curly hair and she’s insecure about it after archie makes a joke intended remark and jughead comforts her? just a lot of fluff and cheese ahah x ~🐻

could you write a one shot where the reader has loose (black) curly hair (like mine) and archie dumped her for veronica and when the reader goes to jughead he admits he’s been waiting and hinting how he really feels about the reader and they go out? just basically really fluffy sorry for the long request

Originally posted by juptern

I went with the friend route (in regards to Archie) on this one, sorry if you don’t like!

It was a bright Sunday afternoon and you were spending it with your two best friends, Archie Andrews and Jughead Jones. The three of you were hanging out in the diner, eating and cracking jokes. You made a joke basically saying that Archie was a boy-next-door heartbreaker from any teen movie ever and, apparently, you struck a nerve. Archie gave you a sour look and said, “your hair is as straight as Kevin, and just as messy as his love life.” The table suddenly grew very quiet, even Jughead remained silent. After a moment he finally spoke up, “Well, this has been fun, but we should get going.” You looked at him with confusion as he pulled gently on your sleeve. “Huh,” you asked, but he just threw his hands up in the air dramatically. “I need help on my Biology project and you said that you would help me Y/N, remember?”

It hit you that he was trying to get you out of this uncomfortable situation with Archie, so you nodded and played along. “Oh yeah,” you said, faking surprise, “Sorry Jug, I totally forgot about it.” He nodded as you slid out of the booth and he waved goodbye to Archie. You walked out of Pop’s and you took a long breath of the cool air to calm down. “So where are we headed?” You turned to face Jughead and you shrugged. “The park it is,” he said with a childish smile.

The walk to the nearest park was short and the conversation between you and Jughead focused on the stresses of school, rather than what happened at Pop’s. “Who,” Jughead started, “who do you think killed Jason?” As you walked, you faced him and gave him a serious look. “It could be anyone, Jug. I just try not to think about it,” he nodded and you both walked in silence for a little while. You reached the park and you let out a dry laugh, “this is not what I remember this park looking like.”

The metal bars on the slide had rusted, the wood encasing the park had been eaten away by bugs, and the plants around it had overgrown immensely. “The forgotten park of Riverdale….” Jughead said dramatically and you laughed. You walked towards the old looking swing set and sat on one of the seats. You looked up at Jughead with a childish grin, “push me?” He rolled his eyes, but walked behind the swing and pushed you. “You suck,” you said, trying to kick your legs to go higher. He laughed, and wrapped his hands around the chains, pulling the swing back as far as he could. You were so close to him, you could feel his body heat and his breath when he spoke. “Archie was just kidding ya know,” he whispered and let you go. You swung high into the air, but when you were close to the ground, you dug your heels into the dirt to stop the swing. When it stilled, you got up and faced Jughead.

“Ya know, I’m insecure about my hair, and that joke just made it worse.” You reached up towards your head and played with one of the curly, dark strands in between your fingers. He just shook his head and stepped towards you. “Y/N, your hair is amazing, plus,” he said with the startings of a smile, “have you seen Archie’s hair? He has no room to judge.” You let out a laugh, and smiled up at Jughead. He took another step forward and reached out a tentative hand to stroke your hair. His fingers slid soothing through your curls and wave of affection washed over you. The hand that was in your hair was now on your cheek, stroking your skin. “You’re always amazing,” he murmured and his eyes met with yours, “can I?” His voice was barely above of whisper when he spoke. “Please,” you begged and Jughead leaned forward.   

His lips brushed against your softly at first, but almost like he couldn’t take it any longer, he kissed you with a passion that you thought Jughead could never have. You pulled away slowly, wanting the moment to last as long as it could. He wrapped a curl around his finger, gently tugging it. “I’ve always loved your hair,” you let out a giggle and wrapped your arms around his shoulders and neck. “That’s why you kissed me, because of my hair?” He smiled softly, “I mean, you’re pretty cool too, I guess.” You gave him a grin and slapped him softly on the back of his head. He smiled brightly, “just being honest.” You laughed, “I expect no less from Jughead Jones.”

Kyoutani headcanons
  • Vegetarian 
  • Has a really cute laugh 
  • Dimples
  • Low key the puppy that just sits in the corner sadly but when you call them over they go crazy happy and just want pats 
  • You think oikawa is big with skin care but he has nothing on kyoutani 
  • Kyoutani and oikawa bump into each other at training camp after all the smelly boys just go to bed with not even splashing some water on their face and in comfortable silence do their night time skin care regimen (then later on they swap some tips) 
  • They also get mad at how good iwaizumi and yahaba’s skin is without even doing anything (oikawa gets iwaizumi to moisturise and sometimes face masks when they sleep over) 
  • Kyoutani has a little sister who he lets paint his nails for him and every morning he does her hair just because 
  • Has a small dog with only three legs and two chickens
  • Perpetual glare probably just actually him squinting because he low key need glasses 
  • He once let yahaba win in an arm wrestling contest and doesn’t regret it even though yahabe brings it up every chance he gets because of the surprises smile yahaba threw his away over he won 
  • The type of person who will just sit and watch people talk because whenever he finally thinks of something to contribute the conversation ends up changing or he just doesn’t get a chance to speak (watari is the beautiful soul who notices when someone is trying to say something and stops the conversation to make sure they can talk)
  • His favourite everything is chocolate 
  • His backpack contains a protein/granola bar or three, deodorant (either like old spice or lynx), bandaids, a flip phone with a little dog on a chain that his sister gave him, dog treats (he always has treats on him they are in the pockets of all his clothes), a lanyard with his one house key, a really old iPod shuffle with tangled headphones, that tape they use for their fingers, pens and pencils with all the ends really badly chewed on (there is an ink stain on his bag from one pen he bit too hard and ended up leaking), and notebooks with doodles everywhere between his notes
  • Always fidgets, taps his fingers or pens, has a ring he fiddles with sometimes 
  • Went through a period where he ran like naruto 
  • Is not very good at other sports but still gets super competitive
  • Shoves 54 mints in mouth and chews loudly 
  • Favourite subjects are literature and biology and pe

Originally posted by chriswoods

The entire place was sort of remembrance to the heretic, there he sat in a chair with chains all over his body keeping him still and trapped. ”I’m back in hell ” kai muttered sarcastically trying to break free but failed. His eyes gazed around the bar, everything was bare, but there stood Bonnie Bennett behind the lights in the dark. She walked slowly into the light carrying the new ascendant. “Where is everyone” kai asked lowly starring bonnie straight into her eyes darkly.

”There is no one else, just you and your insecure little mind, and a song you hate on a jukebox forever ” Bonnie spoke playing around with the ascendant, kai’s face became still this couldn’t be happening. 

The ascendant was the only thing keeping him once again isolated, he was all alone. His head hangs low staring at the tiled floor, his mind wandered off thinking about y/n. “Bonnie, where’s y/n” kai asked lifting his head up looking at her. There was silence in the atmosphere, nothing was coming out. 

“Bonnie, where is she”

“Where, is she”  he asked again with his tone a little louder. Bonnie walked closer towards him, “She’s far away, from you”.

 Kai began to feel a lot of pain, the love of his life is back in mystic falls still under the spell, one day y/n will wake from the spell, and kai wouldn’t be there to see it happen. He wouldn’t be there to hold her or to see her face when she wakes, the pain got stronger in his chest. He closed he eyes to focus on a memory, the first time they met. She smiled so brightly at the heretic, “I’m y/n" the human girl said pulling back a strand of hair from her face. That action the human girl did made his dead heart beat fast, she was so beautiful. He didn’t want to forget about the first person who never gave up on him and gave him a chance, y/n believed that there was still good in him. The love he felt for this girl was strong, it was extraordinary. He tried to focus more, but bonnie stopped him. The bennett witch turned around walking away from the heretic, kai kept pulling hard against the chains needing to break free. 

“Wait, wait, wait “

“Please, please bonnie. You can’t do this, y/n needs me” kai pleaded once again trying to get out of the chains, he tried chanting spells from left to right but nothing was happening. What was going to happen when y/n wakes up, she’s not going to remember him. He could just imagine her waking up, she would ask so many questions about him, but nobody would answer. She would be in a lot of pain, tears streaming down her face. His mind came back to reality.






The bennett witch was nowhere to be seen. She left him alone. Kai’s eyes watered, the worst fear wasn’t being back in the prison world it was the fact of never seeing y/n ever again. Kai screamed and screamed, y/n will never get a chance to see him, he couldn’t be with her .This was it, she was gone forever. Kai parker was alone for eternity, the love of his life was also alone. The heretic cried nonstop more and more until the pain went away, but the pain didn’t vanish it stayed. Y/n was far out of his reach forever. She was gone .


You should of known not to trust Kai Parker, he gave the devil a run for his money that’s for sure. The two of you had a deal to help each other get out of the prison world. However the first chance he got to be set free, Kai took it without even blinking. Not at all thinking about bringing you along.

Now that you managed to get free on your own, tracking Kai was the first thing on your list. Funnily enough he wasn’t hard to locate, now sitting in an empty bar after compelling everyone to leave, you were waiting for Kai who was chained to a chair, to wake up.

He groaned and adjusted his eyes to the sharp lights, attempting to get up he laughed at the predicament he was in. Stepping out from the shadows, Kai greeted you with a smirk.

“Aw, are you here to punish me? Cause that’s kinda hot”.

Typical Kai, always running his mouth.

Unfolding your arms, you stood in front of him. Placing both hands onto the chair, you leaned down staring him straight in the eyes. “Only you would think getting tortured is hot. You broke our deal Kai, so yeah I am here to punish you”.

“Imagine all the fun we could be having if you just untied me, after all me sitting here isn’t a fair fight”. He replied, trying to charm his way free.

“Leaving me stuck in the awful prison world after we struck a deal wasn’t fair either. Consider this my payback”. You whispered harshly.

Licking his bottom lip, he mumbled a few incoherent words and the chains around him started to loosen. You backed up a few steps.

Stepping down from the stage, Kai used his magic to move your body against the wall. “I like you Y/N, that’s why I’m not going to hurt you. Maybe if you stopped fighting me, you’ll see what a great team we can be. If you want an apology for leaving you back in the prison world, then fine. Here it is, I’m sorry for breaking our deal. Does that make us all good?”.

Just like Kai, you had your own powers. Sending him flying across the room, you walked on over, boots clicking against the floor. Bending down, he groaned.

“You can take that apology Kai and shove it. Because there is no way I’m forgiving you for what you did”.

Turning on your heels, you left the bar. Kai slowly sat up and mumbled. “Nice catching up with you too”. Dusting the dirt off his suit, he walked over to the bar and poured himself a drink. “She so likes me”, he uttered before smirking and finishing the drink and exiting the bar.


Hope [Rick Grimes x Reader]

Hi, I have to say your blog is purely fantastic and I was looking for fics like this for so long xD And I’d like to request something: reader comes to Alexandria after escaping from some guys who used to do terrible things to her but she had to remain with them to survive. She doesn’t tell anyone, but one day she opens up to Rick. He gets really angry and goes after them and when he returns he makes her understand that no one will ever touch her again(except for him).I hope I’m not asking much ;)

Here you go @whyso-se-ri0us! I hope you like it! 💘

Words: 2,161

Warnings: Violence, Implied Sexual Assault, PTSD, Panic attack

A/N: I’m baaaaccccckkkkk! And NO SMUT! Are you surprised? Sorry I’ve been MIA for the past couple of days. I have been so exhausted and needed the rest.You’ve all been so wonderful and understanding! I truly have the best followers around! Okay, okay, enough with my babbling.

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Loving you was a honor|| Stiles stilinski

Plot:Hello could I request an angsty Stiles imagine where the reader has feelings for Stiles and he doesn’t feel the same, he likes Lydia. So the Nogitsune takes advantage of the readers feelings to get more powerful (sense he feeds off pain) and when the Nogitsune is dead Stiles feels bad for not feeling the same about the reader but she forgives him saying something like “I love you so much, and I want you to be happy….even if I’m not the one causing that happiness” if that makes sense thanks:3

The room grew darker and darker for each moment passing. She had lost count of days since the Nogitsune brought her here. The silence of the room was comforting , way more comforting than the nogitsunes taunts, everyday had been a constrant reminder of stiles lack of love for her. Every moment he kept reminding her , she tried staying strong and showing no pain cause she knew that she was nothing but food for him. It’s proved to be harder than she thought , his face, the face of the boy she had loved for so many years telling her there is no way he could love her , reminding her of all the reasons why Lydia Martin was so much better than her.

“Honestly , I dont even need to do anything , i can smell your pain from miles away’‘The nogitsune walked in leaning against a walk a small distance from where she was chained to the bed post.

She couldn’t even bring herself to look at him, each gaze meant pain for her and power for him.

’'It’s funny , don’t you think?” The nogitsune said walking to the bed and sitting down “They found Lydia in less than a day, and you’ve been here for days already”

“They are trying to find a way to stop you, and when they do. They will kill you and save me” she replied in a shaky voice looking out the small window.

“ are you trying to convince me or yourself?” the nogitsune laughed standing up and sitting right in front of her “But than again how can i blame them, you aren’t Lydia Martin so why would stiles even care”

“They care” she mumbled.

“Pathetic little girl , you think Stiles actually cared about you ” the nogitsune said , she felt his breath on her neck and it felt different when stiles hugged her his breath was warm and calming but the nogitsunes breath was cold and smelled of death “ how long have you loved him , 10? 12 years? Wasted so many years”

She suddenly broke out in a bitter laughter shaking her head.

“What?” The nogitsune barked close to her ear before getting up from the bed pacing in front of her “what’s that feeling?” He asked more to himself.

“Pity” she replied smirking feeling the lack of food and sleep already taking the tool on her “ i didn’t waste any of my life loving. Ive made mistakes and one of them. Being letting you with your bullshit words putting doubt about my friends in me”

The last she remembered before her world went black from either lack of food or water or just the mental exhaustion.
It could’ve been hours or days but when she woke up her nose filled with the smell of hospital that she was a little too well known with and the beeping of a heart monitor but besides that it was not quite. Not physically , the hospital were fully of nurses yelling , out the window there was an ongoing traffic and people laughing loudly, but mentally. There were no trace of the nogitsune , for the first time in weeks it was quite. She opened her eyes and tried looking around for her friends , from the window on the door she could see Lydia , Scott and stiles standing there talking. The moment stiles eyes caught her , all there teenagers ran into the room all departe to hug her and tell her how much they missed her.

“We looked for days , y/n ” Scott assured her gripping her hand a tad tighter to make sure she was actually there “ we never stopped”

“ i know” she made out with a sore voice and a small smile on the corner of her lips “ i would never doubt you guys”

“We missed your so much , we could bare loosing you too” Lydia said pulling the girl in another bone crushing hug.

All eyes turned to stiles waiting for him ton say something , Scott must\ve gotten the memo that something was bothering stiles cause he and Lydia legit the room giving them the free space to talk after assuring her that they were right outside.


“He told us, he told us how he used u for for so many days. He told what he put you through, y/n trust me i never thought i could bring you so much pain”

“Hey hey , its not your fault ” she said gripping a hold of his hand giving it a gentle squeeze “ you didn’t bring me any pain stiles , i promise”

“ I never knew you loved me , and or 12 years that’s almost as long as I’ve-” stiles rambled before she cut him off.

“Almost as long as you’ve loved Lydia” she said a small sad laugh escaping her lips as both their eyes caught the strawberry blond outside the room talking to Scott .

“I’m sorry” stiles sighted looking down at their hands.

“Never apologize for loving someone” she said as she brought a hand to his face making him look at her “ hey, i get it. And stiles you might never understand but I love you so much the only thing I want for you is happiness even if I’m not the cause of it”

Sorry for this huge break I’ve been taking but eyy I’m guess who’s not dead and back at you with new one shots , its this bitch!!

Untitled Sangbum ficlet

What’s this? I actually wrote a ficlet? Must be hiatus madness. Post Chapter 19: disposing of the body. Sangwoo is only somewhat of an asshole. 

Sangwoo had made this trip dozens of times. Until recently, he’d never imagined someone would accompany him. In the cold midmorning, the sunlight that peeked through the gray autumn clouds filled him with a strange euphoria. He’d always assumed he would go through life completely alone. Or rather, he would go through the parts of life that actually mattered to him completely alone. But now he had someone with him. 

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anonymous asked:

Hi! I was wondering (if you get a chance) if you knew of any or if you could write a fic based off of when echo took Clarke out of the prison in Bellamys pov and when they meet up again after Clarke talks to Roan. Thank You

Thought They Would Kill You

I don’t know who you’re anon but please, get out og my head. This is like the first idea I wanted to write after 4x01. I already had it written tbh, so here it is :) (Ignore the shit title please. It’s really hard to find a right one)
Also s/o to @asavelveteen for beta’ing this

Bellamy is sitting on the stone floor, a hand suspended by the cuffs above his head to the right, the other resting on his knees that are pulled up to his chest. He has his head hanging too, staring at nothing at all, tired from trying to break free for the past half hour. All he can think about is Clarke, how one moment she thanked him for saving her life and the next she was taken away from his again and there was nothing he could do about it.

He pulls at his chains again in frustration, as if this time it might magically work, making it the only noise in the room. He pulls again and this time he groans, the aching in his shoulder throbbing, but he doesn’t care. He can’t stand doing nothing, waiting for the inevitable Grounder to walk in and tell him that Wanheda is dead and now it was his time, too. The thought terrifies him.

After some moments of thinking too much (and maybe too loudly, if you ask the others), he pushes himself up off the floor and grabs the short chain with both hands.

Marcus turns his gaze from Abby to Bellamy when he hears him moving next to him and he watches as the young man starts pulling at the chain with force again. He pulls and pulls and pulls but nothing changed, the chain is strongly attached to the wall. Marcus only stops him when he sees Bellamy punching the wall with free hand.

“Bellamy!” he says loudly, standing up to face the other man. “Stop. You won’t get anything out of hurting yourself.”

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Brawling Love Part 2

Summary: Bucky and the reader get handcuffed together to “work out their differences” according to Natasha and Clint.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: angst, swearing

A/N: I’m soooo glad you guys are already liking this :)

“I’m going on that date.” Bucky said as he pushed his hair back with his hands. Natasha unlocked Bucky so that he could get ready and of course the both of you had to stay in the room. She had to make sure neither one of you would run off. When Bucky was done she locked him back up.

“Well tough luck cause I’m not leaving this spot.” you reply. Bucky rolled his eyes.

“Come on, I’m gonna be late.” he ignores what you said and walks to the door. You stay put, causing him to stop moving. “Let’s go.” he tugs at the handcuffs but you don’t budge.

With a sigh Bucky walks back to you, throwing you over his shoulder. “Put me down, James.” you snap.

“No.” he huffs. He walks you both out the door, bumping into Steve and Wanda in the process.

“I’m going out.” Bucky tells them but they just stare at the sight in front of them.

“Put me down.” you groan, flailing your legs around in attempts for him to put you down.

“Stop that.” he enters the elevator and both Wanda and Steve stare at him. You continue to kick your feet around but stop when Bucky’s hand comes down harshly on your ass. You gasp while Steve and Wanda go wide eyed. “I told you to stop.”

The elevator doors close and let me tell you, it was quite the awkward ride down to the lobby.

“He just smacked her ass.” Steve says, staring at the now closed elevator.

“She’s going to kill him.” Wanda adds.

He finally puts you down when he reached his car. Bucky opens the drivers side door and nods at you. “Climb over to the other side.” not wanting to argue any further, you climb over and sit down in the passenger seat. Bucky gets in after you and starts the car as you let out a puff of air.

You’ll be lucky if you make it to the restaurant before you literally throw yourself out the car.

You walk in with Bucky, his eyes scanned the building until they stopped on a blonde sitting alone at a table. A smile spreads across his lips and he pulls you with him to her.

You roll your eyes but follow him. Suddenly, you get an idea and a smirk forms on your lips. Bucky may hate you even more but like you said, you didn’t want to go anywhere in the first place.

“Hey, sorry I’m late.” he smiles once you both reached the table. The blonde looks up and smiles at Bucky but once she sees you, she frowns.

“Hey.. I thought this was a date?” she responds, glancing between you and Bucky.

“It is! It’s just.. Our friends thought it’d be funny to handcuff us so.. Yeah.” Bucky nods and you roll your eyes.

“Well I’m starving.” you say, reaching over to another table and pulling a chair over. You sit down and smile at the girl while Bucky sits down next to you. The air was awkward between the three of you and you sigh. “Pretend I’m not even here. You’re only on a date with my boyfriend, nothing special.” you grin and the blonde’s eyes widen as do Bucky’s.

“Boyfriend?” the blonde questions, looking at Bucky for an answer.

“No! She just - she loves to joke around, don’t you, Y/N.” Bucky chuckles, bumping shoulders with you.

“You think our relationship is a joke? We’ve been dating for two years Bucky and I’m barely finding out that you think it’s a joke?” you say, sounding hurt. The blonde sits there, mortified.

“Y/N, stop.” Bucky grits, his right hand reaching over to pinch your thigh. You let out a small gasp and kick him under the table.

Before anything else could happen, the waiter comes to the table. “Would you like to start off with some drinks?”

“Yes.” you answer with a smile. “Blondie would you like to go first?”

“Uh.. Sure.” she muttered. “I’ll just have a water.” the waiter writes it down and looks at Bucky.

“Ice tea.” Bucky mutters and the waiter nods then turns to you.

“I’ll have your most expensive wine.” you say and Bucky tugs at the handcuffs, making you look over at him. He gives you a death glare and you smile. “Oh, that’s right. Make that two bottles of your most expensive wine.” you say as you turn back to the waiter.

“Coming right up.” he smiles with a nod to his head before walking away.

“I have to go to the bathroom.” the blonde says as she stood up from her seat.

“Don’t be gone too long! We’ll miss you!” you say as she walked towards the bathrooms. You wave to her once before she entered the girls bathroom. Bucky suddenly tugs hard at the chain, causing you to turn to him.

“What the fuck, Y/N.” he grits.

“What?” you question, a smirk displayed on your face.

“Are you trying to ruin this goddamn date?” he snaps, getting angrier at you by the second.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about, James. I’m just trying to enjoy myself the best I can.” you shrug, smiling when the waiter comes back with your drinks. He placed them on the table before getting out a notepad.

“Would you like to order now?” he asks politely and you nod.

“Yes. I’ll have the Chicken Alfredo please.” you smile as he writes your order down.

“And for you sir?” he questions. Bucky sighs heavily, rubbing his face with his heads.

“A steak, well done.” he replied.

“What would you like for the sides?” the waiter asks.

“Fries.” Bucky muttered. The waiter nods and writes everything down before looking at the seat where the blonde sat.

“And the girl?” he questions, pointing his pencil at the spot.

“Oh she went to the restroom but I’m sure she’d like a salad. Bucky always dates girls who eat salads, right Buck?” you smile, turning to Bucky who had his head on the table. “Yeah, she’ll have a salad.”

“Which kind? We have-”

“Surprise her.” you cut him off. The waiter nods yet again before leaving the table.

“You’re fucking annoying, stop.” Bucky snaps as he lifts his head from the table.

“I told you I didn’t want to come yet you still brought me so this is what you get.” you respond. “Next time listen to me.”

Before he could respond to you, the blonde walks out of the bathroom and comes back to the table, only to collect her things. “I’m sorry Bucky, my friend is going through a bad break up and I want to be there for her.” she obviously lies. You let out a laugh and both their attention were on you.

“Listen, if you want to leave then leave, don’t make up some dumbass excuse because you don’t want to hurt Bucky’s ego. I’m pretty sure he’ll forget all about this date and ask another girl out.” you tell her and if Bucky didn’t want to murder you before, he sure as hell wanted to now.

“I thought you two were dating?” she says, confused.

“Oh we are.” you smile at her before wrapping your uncuffed arm around Bucky. “It’s complicated. Isn’t that right baby?” you coo, pressing a kiss to his cheek.

“I’m gonna go.” the blonde says.

“I’ll call you later!” Bucky exclaimed and she shakes her head.

“It’s fine. I’ll probably be busy.” she says. “Bye.” and with that she turns and walks out of the restaurant. Bucky slams his fists on the table and you roll your eyes.

“Stop being dramatic, you’re not the hulk.” you say and he tugs the chain, making you lean over to him harshly.

“We’re going home. Now.” he grits, trying his best not to lose his shit.

“But we haven’t even got our food!” you pout and Bucky groans.

“Fine. We’ll fucking wait till the food comes but we’re getting to-go boxes. We’re not staying here.” he sighs, leaning back in his chair.

“Yay.” you smile, sitting up in the chair as you waited for the food to arrive.

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Watch Me (m)

Pairing: Wonwoo x Reader

Genre: Smut

Warning: kinda… sub!Wonwoo? , handcuffs

Request: Can i request a Seventeen smut. Where Wonwoo is tied up and watches you please yourself. Thank you :)  

A/N: Sometimes I think I should feel ashamed but I don’t so heey, enjoy. I have to add I’m not good with titles

This wasn’t exactly what he was expecting. Actually, he hoped it was you who was in bed with handcuffed hands at the headboard and not him.

Just a few weeks ago, he’d brought some handcuffs to include them in your sex life, however, he hoped it was you who wore them while you begged for him and not him.

It had’t been planned, you simply took advantage of the chance that he was asleep to tie him.

You had been working hard for days, so you could hardly stay home despite he was having a break, so you wanted to make up for it in a different way when you finished.

This was the last day, things at work finally returned to their normal course so you arrived earlier than you thought back home. What you did not expect was to find your boyfriend asleep.

It was normal, you had not warned him that he would return before and he should also go with the boys to practice.

You sighed, taking off your shoes and sat on the bed staring at him until an idea crossed your mind.

You searched the drawer for the handcuffs he brought in a few weeks ago, just as things at work began to become a mess and occupied much of your time.

Careful not to wake him, you handcuffed his hands to the head of the bed and licked your lips. More than compensation for him, this was going to be a reward for you for all the work you had done.

You leaned over him, kissing his jawline, down to his neck where you bit and sucked his sensitive skin, causing him to move. You kept going down, unbuttoning his shirt to kiss the skin on his chest.

Y/N?” he murmured, his eyes still closed.

I’m home, Wonwoo.” you said with a smile, getting up, waiting for him to realize the situation he was in.

Hey, y/n, open this.” he said when he realized he couldn’t kiss you because the short chain stopped him.

I don’t think so.” you said smiling, returning to kiss the skin of his chest, to the edge of his pants.

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Imagine Shiva being protective of you, thus making Ezekiel fall for you

(Hope I got this request right and you all like it :D I know it’s a really new request but I just felt inspired to write it and just had to do it! :3 It’s really fluffy!!! Gif not mine/Found it on google/Credit to the original owner.)

After your gun had run out of bullets, you had no other choice but to start running away from the hoard of walkers behind you.

You were exhausted and tired at this point and could only hope for a miracle to happen to come and get them away from you.

You tripped on a branch and fell to the ground. The walkers came closer and you tried to get up but suddenly you heard the sound of horses coming closer and as you turned you saw some men and women riding them in bike gear.

They were attacking the walkers and one of them ran to stop in front of you.

“Are you alright?” The man asked, getting off from his horse.

You looked at your leg and noticed the few scrapes and bruises. You tried to take a breath and as you shook your head, he came to help you on your feet.

He looked at you injuries and said “How about we help you get better…”

As you looked at him and the others, you nodded and felt like you could trust them.

They took you to their place and revealed along the way that they called it “The Kingdom” and how it work there.

By the time you arrived, it had been late and they set you in a room to patch you up and you ended up falling asleep.


You woke up to the sound of people chattering and children laughing outside. As you stirred in the bed, you turned to face the wall only to notice a furry tail laying on the floor.

From the size and it’s color you knew it wasn’t a simple cat and you couldn’t help but freeze for an instant.

You wondered what was going on and slowly approached to peek at it. Your hunch turned out right, it was a tiger, a real big one.

As you inspected it with your eyes, it suddenly sat up and turned to look at you.

You froze and felt yourself sweating even more.

It approach its head closer to the bed and out of reflex, you reached your hand out and tried to “calm” it.

“Nice kitty…Nice kitty…don’t hurt me…”

It gently approached your hand and licked it and soon let itself being pet by you. It stunned you to see a tiger so calm and docile but slowly you grew to enjoy its company.

Your gentle petting slowly turned into you playing with it and scratching behind its ear and such.

“Oh…you’re just a really nice kitty, aren’t you!? You just like being petted right…How could you be so cute?!”


As you petted it, you heard a name being called from down the hallway and wondered who it might be.

“Shiva? Shiva, where are you? Shiva?”

The sound of the voice was a sweet and calm tone and it made you get up from your bed. You walked towards the door frame and looked to see who it was.

The tiger had gotten up and followed you, you felt its fur under your hand once again and noticed it rubbing against your leg.

You chuckled looking over at it and you then looked back out the door, to see an unfamiliar man.

His eyes were wide open and his mouth ajar, you could tell he was shocked. You smiled and chuckled at him.

He stared at you from head to toe, for a moment and turned to see Shiva. It was a strange yet incredible moment for him.

Since he had Shiva never once in his life ever has he seen her leaving his sight to keep someone else company and be so friendly with.

But now her she was, making herself at home with a stranger.

As he looked back into your eyes for a moment, you started to slowly get flustered and you just had to clear your throat.

It woke him up from his thought and he instantly smiled.

“I see you have met Shiva here…How kind of her to keep you company…”

You looked at the tiger, realizing what he meant and nodded as you smiled.

“Yes! She is! Well actually…I woke up to her next to my bed…”

You petted her again and it made him laugh to see you so friendly. You jumped hearing him and as he noticed your sudden nervousness, he felt himself at ease.

“You must be Y/N, I have heard from my people about your coming about a few nights ago…”

As he reminded you, you looked at your bandages and remembered what the people who saved you said about their leader.

You looked back at him with wide eyes and gasp.

“Y-you must be King Ezekiel! Goodness…I-I…”

He put a hand up to stop you and chuckling said “Don’t worry…Just Ezekiel is enough…”

You slightly bowed and nodded to him, making him smile even more.

“Still…thank you for letting me stay…”

“Of course…Alright Shiva, Y/N here needs some rest…”

He tried to get her over to him but she wouldn’t budge. He approached to try and get her chain but she shied away from him and laid right next to your leg.

Her behavior made you laugh and as you looked at him, you said “She can stay, sir…Of course only if you want her to…but I’m just saying that I don’t mind her presence at all…”

He took a step back and looking at you two together, he just couldn’t tell you no.

“Not at all. As long as she behaves! So please take a rest and you, Shiva, no keeping the young lady too busy!”

You chuckled and he turned to walk back to his business. As he did, he realized you called him “Sir” and it made him laugh and smile even more.


As days passed, you had decided to stay among the people there and help them with whatever was needed.

Ezekiel was more than happy to welcome you among them and so was Shiva.

Since your arrival, she rarely ever left you alone and was always somewhere near you.

She’d keep an eye out for you and always seem to know when to interfere when you weren’t safe. She would also give you her company late at night until you fell asleep. Because of it, you grew to love playing with her and taking care of her like your own cat.

Because of her, you grew to know Ezekiel more and soon you saw him as a good and truly kindhearted man.


One night, as you were in your room, you sat on the floor playing with a laser pointer as Shiva would slowly try and catch it.

Your laughter resonated within the rooms and as Ezekiel heard you, he couldn’t stop himself from getting up to go see you.

As usual, your door was opened and as got closer, he looked in to see you and her.

Thinking about you, he realized he liked your demeanor and how he loved it that you made other’s around laugh and smile.

While seeing how Shiva just seeming to not want to ever leave your side and keeping you safe, made his heart skip beat.

He leaned in the door frame, arms crossed and whispered “Shouldn’t the young lady be sleeping at this hour?”

You finally noticed him and stood up as you were startled.

“Well, yes…but I-I just wasn’t ready to tell her goodnight yet!”

He chuckled and said, “I guess she feels the same…I’m glad she feels that way…”

Feeling comfortable with him, you decided to sit back on the floor and started to pet Shiva.

“So you noticed it too…”

Hearing your comment made him laugh and he just couldn’t stop from smiling.

“Yes, I’ve noticed it!”

He approached you and her and went to sit beside you. He petted her as well and slowly your hand and his touched.

He turned to you and you both ended up looking into one another’s eyes. He knew in that moment, what he wanted.

He grabbed your hand and smiled at you. It made you look away from him but just as him, you were smiling.


He scooted closer and slowly grabbed your chin to make you turn to him.

“Since you have been here…Did you know I have been able to smile much more often…Just seeing you and Shiva so close to one another it makes me happy…And to see her want to keep you safe, I understand how she feels…”

You felt yourself getting warmer and swallowed hard, knowing exactly what he meant.

He inched closer and you just felt the need to do the same to press you lips to his.

I Can’t Wait to Hear You Scream PT. 24

Summary: Negan vows to track you down.

Notes: Sorry it has taken a couple days to get this out there, but here it is! Hope you enjoy! 💘💘

Warnings: Violence, mentions of rape.


“And eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. A burn for a burn. A life for a life. That’s how all this got started, and that’s how it’s going to end.” - Jenny Han

“Revenge may be wicked, but it’s natural.” - William Thackeray


You spent the majority of your time in the room either staring off into space, thinking about how much you wanted to be out of this situation and the other half trying your best to get some sleep.
But the uncomfortableness of the chain around you, combined with being stuck in a dark room, knowing that this isn’t where you belonged prevented you from getting any sort of decent rest.

You were truly exhausted and in pain from the amount of attacks you had received.
The anger and frustration you felt against Negan - even the fight you had seemed like years ago now and you’d give anything to just be back at sanctuary.
Hell, you’d even be happy to hear him berate you again and get mad and then give him back some attitude, which he secretly loved.
You missed him and you could only hope that he missed you too, or that he would atleast try to go out and look for you.
But you weren’t sure whether or not he would care.

You wanted so much to cry, but you didnt. You held back all of your emotions.
You didn’t want to show any kind of weakness and you definitely didn’t need Randy seeing that Negan was your weakness.
But sadness wasn’t the only thing you felt, you felt a lot of fucking anger too.
Randy wasn’t dumb by any means, he kept you in the chains because he knew that you wouldn’t stop trying to attack anyone that tried to come into this room.
He knew you would do whatever it took to get try get out of here and that’s why he had you so restrained.
You could be killing him right now, but he would never tell you that he seemed to be just a bit scared of you when you weren’t chained up.

You could see sunlight shining through the cracks in the door, and you gave a sigh, “Someone please get the the hell out of here.”

*Negan’s persepctive*

He had Lucille tightly in his grip as he made his way out to the men who were all gathered around trucks waiting for his word.
He stood in front of everyone, the anger radiating off of him.

“I’m sure Dwight fuckin’ filled most of you in on the goddamn situation. This is without a fuckin’ doubt a search and destroy mission. No fuckin’ negotiating, no fuckin’ crying, not a fuckin’ thing. You shoot to kill every fuckin’ person if they are the ones that have (Y/N). We’ve been looking for Randy for quite a fuckin’ while after the goddamn shit storm he caused here. If you find him, you fuckin’ restrain him. You leave fuckin’ killing him up to me, and if you don’t.. Well, Lucille will have her fuckin’ way with you, too.” Negan said loudly to the crowd of men that were gathered around him, hanging on every single word he said.

“What the fuck are you waiting for?” Negan growled to them as they still stood there looking at him.

All the men suddenly started moving around and all going the their own vehicles as Negan looked around to them with his eyes narrowed.
As Negan got in the truck his blood rushed through his body and his adrenaline began to pick up, he was ready for you to be back and he was ready to kick some fucking ass.

‘Please fuckin’ be alive, (Y/N).’ He thought as the truck pulled through the gates and left the sanctuary behind.

*(Y/N)’s perspective*

The light to the room burned your eyes again as the door was swung open by someone.
When your eyes adjusted, you saw that it was Mark and Randy entering, one Mark’s eyes were black and swollen and he still had a red marks around his neck from where you had choked him.

You stared at them as they came closer, Mark had a displeased look on his face.

“What do you want?” You said to them, adjusting the chain around your waist.

Randy cleared his throat, “Well, Mark here is pretty damn upset about what you did too him.”

“You’ve gotta be fucking kidding me?” You scoffed pointing to Mark.

He glared back at you, “Look what you did to my eye, you cunt.”

“Yeah, and if I had just five more minutes I would have snapped your neck with your own belt, you sick fuck.” You growled back.

“Shutup.” Randy said in a dangerous tone as he glared back at you, prowling towards you.

You kept your eyes on both of them as they stared you down, you were beginning to get an eerie feeling and you didn’t like it.

“Now, it’s eye for an eye around here. So, Mark is entitled to a little revenge.” Randy said smiling.

You stood up slowly ,readying yourself for a fight. “Come on then, if you think I’m just gonna back down, you’re fucking crazy.”

“I don’t wanna fight you.” Mark said, biting his lip.

“Looks like you’re gonna have to fight regardless. Because I’m not giving you what you think I’m gonna give you.” You growled back to him, balling up your fists.

“If that’s how you want it. I like it when you girls fight back.” Mark said back.

He and Randy both ran forward at once, holding you back against the wall, with you kicking at them and screaming before Randy covered your mouth with a hand.

“Bitch, if you keep up this fighting, I swear this whole situation is gonna be really bad for you.” He growled, yanking you down onto the floor.

You tried to worm your way out of his grip, but he pulled the length of chain that was behind you around your neck, making it tighter each time you moved, you had no choice but to lay there to keep from being choked to death.
With Randy at your shoulders pinning you to the ground Mark forced all his weight down top of you as he pulled out his knife that he had tried to use last time, taking it to your chest, cutting into your shirt, ripping it off.

You let out a huff as you tried your best to fight back without choking yourself, but it was nearly impossible, you were already feeling some of your oxygen being cut off as it wrapped around you tighter.

“You must not like us as much as Negan.” Randy said with a chuckle.

You glared up at him as he looked back down to you.

“Fuck off.” You growled back.

“Fuck is the right word. I wanna know what all the fuss is about. Negan always gets the pretty wives. Well, now I’ve got you.” He said, digging his fingers into your shoulders.

The thought of either of them doing anything to you sent you into a rage and you put all your energy into fighting back in the moment, you pushed your body up as hard as you could, trying to throw them both off.
You head butted Randy hard as he slumped back holding his head.
Your grabbed at Mark’s head, clawing at his eyes as he grunted in pain, you had forgotten about the knife in his hand and he plunged it deep into your thigh.
you cried out in pain, trying to pull it out.

“Goddamn you!” He said as he punched you hard in the face.

“You stupid fucking whore!” Randy yelled back grabbing you again, slamming you back onto the ground.

Mark punched you again and you coukd feel the blood as it began running out of your nose is a large amount.

“Kill me! Just fucking kill me!” You screamed out, spitting blood in Mark’s face.

He pulled the knife out of your leg roughly and you screamed again at the burning pain as you began to bleed all over the floor.
He took the knife and cut into your pants, tearing and ripping the down before throwing them across the room.

“You brought this on your own self!” Randy yelled back.

Mark kicked your legs apart from eachother, unzipping his jeans.
You tried fighting back with your good leg, even with the amount of adrenaline you had, it still hurt to try to move the injured one.
You tried kicking at him as much as you could, but it was no use.
Both of them had the upper hand and you were growing weary and fighting only made you lose more blood.
Mark pushed himself down onto you, putting his face near yours, you spit more blood into his face and he licked his lips.

“God, you are one fiesty bitch aren’t you?” He growled, as he put his lips near yours.

*Negan’s perspective*

They had finally gotten close to the supposed warehouse that Randy was hold up in, Negan had ordered the vehicles to stop a little ways from the actual entrance, he figured a sneak attack would be best.
He gathered all the men around him again, Lucille propped on his leather shoulder as usual and his rage growing with each second that passed.

“When we get in there, start fuckin’ shooting, take no fuckin’ prisoners. I don’t give a shit who you hit, but also fuckin’ keep in mind that (Y/N) and Randy better not be shot, especially (Y/N). I don’t want Randy dying easy. You fuckin’ got it?” He growled, looking over the crowd of men and he was met with a bunch of nods.

Negan nodded back, “Alright, clear the fuck out.”

All of the men began making their way to the entrance of the gates to the warehouse, with their guns out.
The men inside didn’t even see it coming when the place was lit up with the surprise gunfire.
Negan came into the gates last, firing also.
He had pistol his his hand, shooting anyone that was still alive, with Lucille still resting on his other shoulder.
Anyone that was laying on the ground that still seemed to be alive gt to meet Lucille though.
He holstered the gun, walking up the one of the men that was laying on the ground, rolling around in pain.

“Damn, that looks like it fuckin’ hurt like hell.” He said with an evil smile, lifting Lucille above his head before bringing her down with forceful impact on the man’s head.

There was a bunch of gunfire back and forth between the groups of men, but Negan’s men heavily outweighed the number of men that were here.
Negan showed no emotion as he walked through the gunfire, he didn’t give a shit and he wasn’t scared, the only thing on his mind was ripping this place apart looking for you.

*(Y/N)’s perspective*

“What the hell is that?” Mark said suddenly, lifting himself up from you.

You coukd hear the nonstop gunfire from outside and your heart began to race, maybe another group was attacking the place. Maybe you’d get drug off to another God forsaken compund, you didn’t care anymore, you wanted tgis fucker off of you.
Randy got up and walked to the door, cracking it open.

You took your chance to knee Mark, making him fall back as you stomped him repeatedly in the chest, making him heave.
Randy closed the door, running back to you and slamming you back down to the ground, tightening the chain around your neck.

“Maybe I will fucking kill you after I try you out.” Mark growled, getting back up.

“People are fucking attacking the building.” Randy huffed.

“Her people?” Mark asked, pointing to you.

“Fuck if I know. We’ll lay low in here.” Randy said back, glancing towards the door and back to you, “I hope Negan’s here. We can end all of this bullshit once and for all.” He smiled wickedly.

Mark forced himself down onto of you again and you tried screaming as loud as you coukd so someone outside coukd hear you, but Randy pulled the chain again, contracting your breatheing.
You coughed as he tightened the chain more and more, your vision started to go blurry as Mark all you could see was Mark’s face above you, at this point you were hoping you wouldn’t live through it.
you were never gonna a see Negan again and if this is what your were in store for, you didn’t wanna live.
You lifted you head as much as you could, pulling your neck against the chain, feeling it cut off your air.

*Negan’s perspective*

After few of Negan’s men had died, but they had taken out the majority of men at the warehouse, only a few Remington now which were being taken out with ease.
His men were inside of the building now, tearing apart every room, looking for you.

Negan paced around the grounds, growing angry that you hadn’t been found and that there was no sign of Randy.
“Where the fuck is she?” Negan growled quietly to himself, slinging Lucille around in his hand before taking her to one of the heads of the dead men out of anger.
Blood splattered back onto his face.
He grunted as he leaned back up, letting out a sigh.

He was beginning to give up hope when he heard a scream.

He turned his head quickly and squinted at a small building nobody had been in yet.

“Jesus fuckin’ Christ.” He growled as he began walking over to the door, “Dwight!”

Dwight who had kept close to Negan, came running over towards him with a gun in his hand, “Yeah, boss?”

Negan pointed to the door and he began kicking it in, with Dwight’s help.
The door finally gave way as it was flung open to reveal the people that were inside.

Negan’s stomach churned inside him and his anger grew out of control at what he saw inside the room.
He saw you, bloody, beaten and beneath some motherfucker on top of you, he charged at the guy as Dwight held his gun out to Randy, backing him up roughly into the wall.

“You sick son of a fuckin’ bitch!” Negan roared as he slung the man into the wall, punching him hard in the head, he didn’t have time to waste on speeches or telling him why he was gonna die.
The guy gasped as he quickly held Lucille up and brought it down on the man’s head repeatedly and furiously, grunting roughly each time he brought her down on his head.
It didn’t take long for the man’s head to be beaten to a pulp.

But to Negan, it still wasn’t good enough for what he had done to you.
Negan had never in his life felt anger like what he was feeling now, the thought of this fucking prick forcing himself onto you sent him into another rage and he didn’t stop with Lucille, the skull and brain matter began to fly around everywhere and the blood ran all over Negan’s shoes and pooled all over the floor.
He was covered in his blood.

Dwight finally had to run up and yell to get Negan’s attention, “Negan… Negan!”

He finally stopped, lowering Lucille.
He breathed hard, his grip still tight on her as he glared down at the man on the ground.
Negan backed away slowly, spitting onto the body before he turned around to meet Randy’s eyes, furrowing his brows.
Negan didn’t have any type of fucking wise cracks for him, his anger had taken over his whole being at once.

Randy had talked a lot of shit, but now he looked like he was seconds from pissing his pants.

Negan turned his head to you and dropped down on a knee beside you, your breathing was shallow and labored. Between the blood loss, you had choked yourself unconscious.
He set Lucille down and quickly began working on getting the chained unwrapped around your neck.
He pulled it off to sling in to the ground, and took his jacket off to cover your half naked body.

“Where’s the fuckin’ key to this shit?” Negan growled furiously, looking back to Randy.

Randy pointed to the body of the man that Negan had just killed.
Negan kept his eyes glued to Randy’s as he got up, quickly going over to the body to rummage through pants pockets until he found the key to the padlock on the chain.
He dropped back beside you, and unlocked it, letting the chains slide off of you.
Negan looked down to you and felt a happiness that you were found, but his anger and worry had overridden him.

He looked down at your battered body, your pretty face was now all bruised and swollen again, and he could see the stab wound in your leg and the cuts to your chest.
He shook his head and let out an angry grunt as he pulled you to him, gritting his teeth sound hard you could hear it.
You were out cold and he needed to get you back to the sanctuary as soon as he could.

“What happens next?” Dwight asked.

Negan picked you up off the floor, holding you in his arms wedding style and glared at Dwight, “We have to get the fuck back now. She needs to see the fuckin’ doc. Bring him with us, if anyone needs to see him die, it’s her. Now fuckin’ grab Lucille for me.”

He carried you off back to the trucks to get you back to the sanctuary.
It was a bittersweet victory.
Randy was finally gonna get what he deserved, but Negan knew that this wasn’t the cost he wanted to pay for it to happen.
He sat in back of the truck with you in his arms, doing his best to try to keep you warm, because your skin was growing cold.
You were still bleeding and it had soaked through his pants, but he didn’t care.
He wiped the blood off of your face with a towel that was laying nearby.

“Just fuckin’ hang on, darlin’. You’ve survived all this, just fuckin’ hang on a little longer. I know you fuckin’ can.” He whispered into your ear, pulling you towards him, listening to your breathing nervously.

He was scared of losing you, for once he was fucking scared.

*Y/N’s perspective*

You could feel yourself coming back, like you had been away for years in some far off place.
You could feel the pain in your leg start stinging again as you began to regain your consciousness, if only momentarily and you could hear whispering.
Your fighting instinct kicked in again and you began to fight back as you could feel arms around you, you began pushing and kicking, it must be Mark still holding you.

“Whoa! Easy! Fuckin’ easy, babydoll!” A deep voice said, restraining you as you kept trying to fight.
Your eyes opened weakly, and you could barely make out the face of Negan.
You head really began to spin now, you didn’t know if you were dreaming, or if you really we’re dead after all.

“Negan..?” You breathed out, your vision still blurry and weak.

“I’m here, darlin’. It’s me, you’re okay. Just try to stay fuckin’ calm. I’m taking you home.” His deep, comforting voice said back to you.

You felt a hand brush through your hair.

You let out a small breath as your vision went black again. The loss of blood had made you too weak to stay awake any longer.

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Send Me a Character: Sasuke Uchiha

  • First impression
    • OH- I LOVED SASUKE. Sasuke used to be my favorite character.
  • Impression now
    • I have very mixed feeling about him now. He’s not my favorite, but I enjoy writing, reading, and analyzing his character. He’s super interesting to me. I’ve said this before, even though he’s not my favorite and I have a lot of issues with his characterization, if Sasuke had been killed in the series, I probably would have stopped reading it. 
  • Favorite moment
    • When he found out the truth about Itachi
  • Idea for a story
    • You know that scene right after the war where he’s chained up and his eyes are covered? Yeah that, but someone’s actually trying to get him some mental help. 
  • Unpopular opinion
    • Sasuke should have stayed single.
  • Favorite relationship
    • Broship? SasuNaru
  • Favorite headcanon
    • Sasuke’s a lowkey baby and someone needs to take care of his poor damaged soul. 
The chronicles of the winter || Part VI

Part II || Part III || Part IV || Part V
continuation of imagine

Summary: Bucky and Steve fight together against Hydra’s agents, but unfortunately not everything is going right…

Word Count: 1379


“Behind you! Bucky!” Steve yelled.

Bucky saw them then. Silent as beetles, two men scuttled toward him.
More followed, slipping from behind the trees. Under cover of the snow and fog, the pack had stalked in, unseen, converging from three directions. They were from Hydra. They carried knives, chains and guns.

They’d sent the girl as a honey pot to hold Steve and Bucky in place while the gang closed in. She’d smiled at them while she was planning to watch them die.

“More of them down that way” Steve dropped out of the fog, into his usual place, taking the left. They were two against that many…

Bucky quickly reached to his pocket, pulling out a little knife. He picked a target - one of men in front, where his friends would see him die - and threw his weapon. The man collapsed with a sucking, bubbling neck wound. The familiar stink of death rose in the alley. Bucky pulled his second knife.
The thugs hesitated, sending glances back and forth, fingering blade and cudgel. Attack or retreat. It could go either way.
If this lasts long, they’ll get killed.

“Mine on the right” Bucky threw and his blade hit badly and glanced off a collar bone of another enemy soldier. One man down. One wounded. “Waste of a knife, damn” Bucky growled in a low voice, looking briefly at Steve.

Steve nodded and ran straight at another Hydra’s soldier, after a second they both were tussling on the snow. Rogers straddled man, pinning him down as his fists were aiming blows in man’s face. He stopped only, when he felt a strong thwack in the back of his head.

Bucky’s last knife was in his boot. Not for throwing. This one was for killing up close.
He forced his mind to the pattern the attackers wove, trying to spot the leader. Kill the leader and the others might scatter. And in a flash he realized. SHE WAS A LEADER OF THE PACK.

There was no way to get the woman. She stayed in their shadow, using Hydra’s soldiers as a shield.
Then he didn’t think about her at all. Chain whistled past him. Bucky turned around and grabbed it and jerked the man off balance and drove his knife through a gap in the leather waistcoat, up under the breastbone, to the heart.

For an instant Bucky stood locked, face to face, with the man he’d just killed - a thickset red-head with pale skin and vicious, gleeful, mad blue eyes. Outrage and disbelief pulsed out at him and drained away. Man’s eyes went blank.
Then the dead bastard thrashed, rolled with the knife, and took it down with him as he fell.
There was no time to get it back. A crowbar cracked down on his shoulder with a bright, sour, copper pain. Bucky fell, dodged a boot, and rolled away as Steve took down his attacker.

The woman screamed.
“Take ‘em alive! THEY want them alive! Move your fucking fat asses, suckers!”

Up. He had to get up.
Bucky got back on his feet, shaking his head, trying to see through a black haze. The girl was standing between two men, aiming her gun in them.
The Soldier staggered through madness and confusion, fog and pain. Steve was swearing a blue streak.

Suddenly more agents appeared from different sides.

“FUCK” Bucky cursed aloud, looking at Steve. “There’s too many of them! Call for a support, Steve.”
“I did” Rogers quickly looked around. He ran to the nearest bench and ripped off its back. He was going to use it to the defence.

Redhead woman was observing all that scene with a restlessness. She briefly looked at her watch.
10:12 PM.
She was belated and she knew she’s gonna be punished by her leaders. If they ordered her to be back in base at 10:10 PM, she was just obligated to do so, no matter with costs.
She threw a cold glance at the man on her left.
“Agent 3, we can’t allow it to lasts. Use the Alsatian.”
Man nodded slightly and whistled loudly.

Bucky and Steve were fighting still, when they heard a mighty roar nearby.
Agents, which were attacking them, moved away apace.
Bucky helped Steve to rise up from the ground. He suddenly noticed, that Steve’s face was changing. His friend paled, looking above Bucky’s shoulder with a horror on his face.

Bucky turned his head back gradually.
Bucky instinctively took a step back, allignig with Steve.

In front of them, few meters away, was standing something he saw for the first time in his life.

From the shadows came a huge wolf or something similar, much more bigger than a normal wolf, yet he was no an ordinary predator. He moved to block them, staring with almost human eyes at them. The wolf had a huge scar across a right side of his face, the green eyes were glowing in a dim light of lanterns in the park. The black-grey fur was ruffled by each wind blow. The only sound was his breathing, his flaring nostrils as he took in Bucky’s scent. He curled up his gums to reveal yellow stained teeth and then let out a low rumbling growl.

Bucky slowly turned his head to face Steve.
“What now, Mr Know-It-All?” Bucky asked quietly.
Steve started to move backward as slowly as he could, still with hia eyes on the animal.
“Slowly, Buck. Don’t make any chaotic movements…”
So Bucky did as Steve said. It was until the Soldier stepped on the branch, which cracked under pressure of his boots.

But animal didn’t attack. The wolf slowly stepped back, disappearing in the shadow.

Redhead’s lips curled up into a wry smile when agents attacked Rogers and Barnes once again.
The two men seemed to be tired of the fight and she knew it won’t be long.

Bucky managed to take down 3 of the agents rather easily, Steve with all his strength was fighting against the biggest of the men.

Bucky wanted to help his friend, so he walked at the attacker, but suddenly he heard something behind.

Through the darkness came the glow of two green eyes, like sallow lamplight eight feet off the ground. They moved with a slight sway, as if the unseen body prowled like a big cat. But it definelty wasn’t a cat.
Bucky stopped. The eyes did not, with rapid acceleration and a more bounding motion they came right for him. In less than two seconds he was on his back gasping for air.
The first strike was with a poisoned claw to slow the reaction time of the victim, after that it was play time.
The monster sank his teeth into Bucky’s neck, not too deep, but deep enough to weaken brunette’s strengths with a blood loss.
Bucky let out a vicious scream, with his metal hand he grasped the throat of the huge animal and squeezed it as hard as he only could. With all his strength he pushed animal back, turning quickly at his knees. Man crawled aside, pressing his wound on neck with his hand.
He could easily heard that wolf was preparing himself to the second attack, but suddenly another sound appeared. A chopper. That probably was a reason he hasn’t been attacked again.

Bucky lifted his head, seeing how Steve has been pinned down to the ground by two agents, one of them used an inhibitor to make sure Steve won’t fight again.
The electricity ran quickly throughout whole Rogers’ body, causing a loud yell of pain.

Bucky yelled too, from anger and helplessness.
Now, when everything seemed to be coming back to normal, Hydra stepped into their lives again. In the most cruel way.

Bucky felt, how heavy his eyelids were becoming with every second. He laid himself back on the snow, on his back, looking at the dark night sky.
With a corner of his eye he noticed a black military chopper landed on the small meadow behind the trees.
The last thing he saw was the redhead woman, she crouched next to him.
“You see, Barnes, Hydra always receives everything she wants” her voice began to fade out, blurring to nothingness as all around him.

Author: Beast

The Joker x Reader “Frenemy”

Brace yourselves, you’re not in Arkham anymore. What the hell is this place anyway? And why didn’t your men find you yet? Unless…they can’t.

You and J were at Arkham for 3 weeks. At least you assume he was there because after the two of you got caught you were separated. About four nights ago they came into your cell, covered your head with a hood and after you felt the sting from the injection in your arm you passed out and woke up…here.

It’s a strange place, different than any other prison you’ve been incarcerated before. You have chains on your arms and legs, bolted to the floor but long enough so you can move around. The cell’s bars are not electrified, but heated. It gets so hot that you have to stay in the corner of your room and you still feel like you’re melting. From time to time they turn off that accursed heat and you can actually come closer towards the hallway and look around, just like now.

Your eyes move left and right, trying to see if you can spot anything at all. Suddenly, you hear steps approaching. Your heart stops and you let out a deep sigh of relief when you notice two guards walking alongside the Joker. He has a straitjacket on and seems deep in thought, intensely staring at the floor.

“J !!!! J!!!” you shout, reaching out your left hand through the bars. His eyes widen with surprise and that smirk you missed so much creeps up on his face.

“Princess, you’re here!”

Out of the blue, he pushes himself into the guards, making them fall on their knees and rushes to kiss your hand.

“Muah, hi baby doll,” he grins, purring when you stroke his cheek. “Where’s your ring?”

“They took it back at Arkham,” you pout, upset you don’t have it anymore. In the meantime, the wards picked themselves up, cussing up a storm and are already pulling the Joker away, kicking him a few times while he just laughs.

“You insane son of a bitch, you’ll pay for this!” one of them threatens, annoyed.

“Byyyyee Princess! Don’t worry, I’ll get you another ring,” it’s the last thing you hear before he’s gone.

For the first time in so long you sleep through the night. If he’s here with you, nothing else truly matters.


They turned on the heat in your bars again. It’s so hot but you stay close to the corridor for hours anyway, wanting to see the Joker again. You’re starting to lose hope when you observe he’s coming towards your confinement, this time guarded by four men, probably to make sure that what he did yesterday won’t happen again.

You feel your body on fire from the warmth you were so near by all day, but you don’t care. J sees you and winks, abruptly stopping in front of your cell:

“I want to talk to my wife!” he demands, cracking his neck.

“Move it, you bastard!!!” one of the guards violently pushes him so he will start walking again. “You don’t get to make any demands, this is not Arkham. Move it I said!”

The Joker struggles in his jacket and tries to step back towards you again.

“I said I want to talk to my wife!” For his rebellion he gets punched in the face so hard you hear the bone crack. You gasp.

“Auch, that hurt,” he snickers, moving his jaw sideways so he can readjust it.

“Baby, are you ok?” you ask, concerned, even if you know he had so much worse before. He doesn’t get to answer; the guy that hit him yells at you, irritated:

“Shut up, you bitch!”

You see the Joker’s expression changing from smug to blind rage and he charges at the ward, knocking him down and stumping on his chest a few times before the others stop him.

“Don’t talk to my woman like that!” he growls, still trying to fight. The damage he inflicted is not too severe because the guards wear heavy gear, but the guy is pissed beyond limits now.

“Hold him still!” he grunts. “You psychotic freak, I’m gonna…”

“Darren, stop it! What the hell are you doing?” the guy that seems to be in charge inquires.

“But Jo, we can’t let him…”

“You mean to call me sir? We really don’t go by ranks here but I am still your superior. Let’s stop this nonsense and get back to our business.”

“Yes, Sir! “ he mutters, grinding his teeth, unhappy he can’t get revenge for the moment. “Let’s go, you God damn crazy lunatic!” Darren yells and they drag J away while he squirms, trying to look back at you.

You fall asleep on your mattress, thinking about the Joker, wondering what they might do to him for that transgression.


The sound of the heavy gate of your cell sliding to the side wakes you up.

“Don’t try anything funny, I‘m not in the mood today,” one of the three guards hisses at you while unlocking your chains, wanting to place you in the straitjacket. Like you care he’s not in the mood. You try to claw their faces and slap them, not wanting to let them do what they want. They forcefully push you back and pin you to the wall, finally managing to strap you inside the garment. You keep on screaming and struggling like a caged animal, which prompts the tallest guy to squeeze you against the wall with all his strength. He grabs your chin and makes you look at him:

“Hey, hey, listen to me: you’ll be able to see him where I take you, so calm the fuck down, ok?”

“You’re wasting your time Jo, she doesn’t know how to play nice.”

“Shut up, I’m talking to her! And you guys better get used to call me Sir!!” His attention turns towards you again. “What do you, say, hmm? Be good and you’ll see him…yes?”

You take a few deep breaths and you shake your head in approval.

“Good girl,” he smiles, satisfied of his little victory, releasing you from his hold. “I got her, boys; you can go back to your stations. Shall we, Misses J?”


You are taken to a place that resembles a medical ward. You enter a small room full of medical equipment and gulp when you realize the Joker’s unconscious body is lying on a stretcher behind the glass panel separating the two chambers.

“What did you do to him?!!!” you shout, rushing at the large window. “J !!! J !!” Of course he can’t hear you.

“What the hell happened, Darren? He was fine when I left,” the tall guy inquires, exasperated.

“Well, Jo -sorry, I meant Sir-” he sarcastically replies, “we are here to punish them, not to try and cure them. We are not Arkham. You know that we are sent all the hopeless cases, the worse of the worse out there. Nobody cares what happens to them after they get to us. This is their last stop and we are Gods here. NO RULES! And let me tell you, sweetheart,” he suddenly comes and whispers in your ear,” that crazy nutjob of yours can take a loooottttt of voltage. Jeez Louise, I had to turn it really high to mess him up.” Your vision blackens with indignation.

Before you attempt to rip his throat with your teeth, Jo grabs Darren and smashes him to the floor, panting.

“You have no clearance to do such things, we are not Gods and this is not your playground!!! You guys are really getting out of hand and I’m sick of it! I didn’t go through hell and back in the army just to end up dealing with the likes of you. We DO have rules even if we are off the grid. Stop your shit!”

You watch the commotion with big eyes, not really knowing what to make out of it. Since they are not paying attention to you for the moment, you take advantage of the situation and fastly lean over the table to your left, grabbing the small razor blade on top of it with your lips. You hide it under your tongue and you feel the nip of its edge cutting your gum. So sharp.

“Fine, fine, got it! Jeez, Jo, you are no fun!” Darren complains and Jo gets off him. “We were just messing around, all right?” Jo rolls his eyes and helps the jerk up.

“Just stop your shit you guys, that’s all I ask. I am responsible for your actions, don’t forget that!”

“Yes, sir!” Darren grins. “What about his woman? Can we have some fun with her at least? I’ll let you go first.”

Jo puckers his lips, feeling he hates his job more with every second that passes:

“We are not rapists! Did you flippin’ hear anything I said so far?!”

“Who said anything about rape? She’s gonna like it, won’t you Misses J? I mean, come on, sweetheart, you didn’t have any since you got captured and it’s been a while. The green haired bastard won’t mind, he’s out cold. Lemme see that Property of J  tattoo above your…” he pulls down on your sweatpants and you kick him in the balls, snarling, taking him by surprise. But with his gear on, he doesn’t feel a thing.

“You stupid slut, how dare you?!”

He wants to punch you but Jo’s gun clicking to his temple stops him.


Darren raises his hands in surrender, sulking.

“I was just joking; don’t you know a joke when you hear it?! Come on, man, I was just messing around.”

“Take her back to her cell,” the tall guy commands, lowering his gun. “I have some things to take care of in block H, will you people behave while I’m gone?”

“Of course, sir!” Darren salutes, suddenly very serious.

Jo leaves and Darren knocks you out unconscious as soon as he’s alone with you.


“Y/N, hey, Princess, wake up! Wake up!” you hear J’s familiar voice as you struggle to come back to your senses. You blink a few times before you open your eyes and realize you are back in your jail, the Joker chained up in his jacket on the opposite wall from yours.

“Hi, Doll,” he smirks, “I was afraid you won’t wake up. Can you get over here? My neck is chained to the wall.”

“Oh my God, baby, are you ok?” you ask him, whimpering, and you shakily get up on your feet to walk towards him. Dammit, you still have the jacket on also.

“I have such a splitting headache, Kitten,” he groans, scrunching up his face in a grimace. It must be really bad because he never complains about pain. He realizes you’re upset because of what he said. Your chains rattle as you softly  kick his ankles so he can move them aside and make room for you. You drop on your knees between his legs and cuddle to his chest. How you wish you could hug him.

“Say, Y/N, what do you say we get some of these chains for ourselves when we get out of here? You’re such a turn on, they look…ravishing on you.”

“Shut up, J, I know what you’re trying to do,” you sniffle, lifting your head to kiss his neck above the chain. You feel him really tense. “I was really worried about you, my…beautiful fallen angel,” you gently peck his cheek now, trying to lighten the mood.

“U-hummm,” he agrees, smiling.

“My handsome Prince of Crime,” you giggle, kissing his cheek again.

“Go on,” he squirms in his jacket, shoving himself more into you.

“My sexy daddy,” you whisper in his ear, “I missed you so much…” Your tone changed and he knows why.

“Don’t cry on me, Princess, you know I freak out when you do it,” he mutters, hating to know you’re distressed. “Hey, I have an itch, help me scratch it.”

“Where?” you back out for a few moments to look at him, not being able to stop a few tears.

“I have an itch that only you can scratch,” he winks at you and you start laughing through tears.

“Stop it, J ” you elbow him and then you reach for his face, resting your cheek on his. “Baby, you’re burning up!” You touch his other cheek with your face and it feels so hot.

“I’m good, don’t worry, it will go away, hmm? Stop crying? Please?” he begs when he notices the tears in your eyes again.

You take a deep breath and try to shake away the heavy feeling that overcomes you. You hate it yourself; you’re usually not like this. But it’s all because he’s your only weakness and if he’s not safe, you feel defeated.

“I have something for you,” you tell him, kissing him roughly.

“That’s a good something,” he purrs, savoring the kiss. You use your tongue to push the blade in his mouth and his eyes widen as he realizes what you’re giving him.

“Baby doll, don’t you need it? Keep it for yourself,” he breaths on your mouth, panting.

“No, you might need it more,” you bite his upper lip, staring in his blue eyes.

You are being watched from the control room.

Some of the guards gathered there after Darren put the two of you in your cell. He thinks it should be fun because nothing ever happens and it’s boring.

“We’re going to get in trouble for this, under no circumstances are there supposed to be two prisoners in the same room.”

“Yeah, whatever, who cares? I wanted to see what these freaks will do. I am so tempted to go and take them out of their jackets just to see if they get it on. I bet they are into some kinky shit, am I right?” Darren smacks his lips, excited.

A few guys snort, some burst out laughing.

“Man, that’s bad idea. I wouldn’t set those lunatics free,” a guard sighs, instinctively touching his gun.  

“We can get in trouble for this, Darren,” another one snickers. “Our Boss…,” he whines in a high pitch voice, making the others laugh again, “…wants to have rules where there are really none. What the hell is wrong with him, guys? He’s been here 6 months and still wants to play by the book.”

“We don’t though so fuck him,” Darren hums. “Since he’s going to be in block H for a while, why don’t we have some more fun and implement the sterilization procedure on these two?”

“Darren, don’t push it, you need level 70 authorization level to perform the procedure. Even if you’re a surgeon, you’re only level 58,” someone reminds him.

“Close enough,” he lifts his shoulders, amused. “I am just performing an act here for the greater good. If they by some miracle ever get out of here, (which they won’t), we don’t want them to reproduce. We don’t need more crazy assholes around, am I right? I’m gonna start with her, ladies first. Who wants to help out?”


Jo was messing around with his paperwork in block H, keeping an eye on the surveillance cameras all around the prison. That’s when he noticed Darren and 8 more guards rushing in your cell and dragging you and the Joker out of there.

“Wha…what the hell is he doing in her cell?” his first thought is, then as you are being taken to the medical unit, he starts to get restless.

“What in the name of the Almighty are they doing now? They have no authorization to do anything like that,” he growls to himself, rushing out of the office and starting to run back to block A where you are kept.


You are tight up to the hospital bed and J is restrained in a chair, still spitting up blood after he bit a ward’s neck with his teeth on your way there, using the blade you gave him for sure. You don’t know if that’s his blood also. He wouldn’t care if he cut himself in the process anyway.

Darren is fumbling around with a bunch of medical supplies, grunting with annoyance.
“You two think you are still in control? Like you were in Gotham? You’re not! Your henchmen will never find you. Ever! After I’m done with you you’ll beg for mercy, you crazy sons of bitches. Hey, Mister J” he ironically smiles, “your woman will never be able to bear a child. And you’ll get to watch. Fun, ha? And then she’ll get to watch while I make sure you never get a chance to…Boys, why are you still here?” he snaps at the other wards. “I wanna be alone with them now, I don’t need help anymore. Chop-chop, back to your business, let’s not waste time.”

“Are you sure, Darren? I’m not completely certain we should be involved in this. Jo will get us all in trouble, mark my words.”

“Just go, I got it! I’ll take full responsibility if needed, ok? Pussies! Nobody will do anything because these are not prisoners in a normal prison. This is our kingdom.”

You and the Joker don’t make a sound; you just look at each other, breathing erratically. J is fighting to lose his chains, but there’s no point: he can’t escape. And you can’t move at all, they made sure of it. You don’t want to say anything, but the frustration and fear building inside of you makes you cry out:

“J, don’t let him!! Please!!! Don’t let him!”

Not being able to help you drives him insane. He starts to see red spots in front of his eyes and that only happens when he’s pushed to the limit.

The door being kicked makes you jump and you see the tall guy they call Jo rushing in with his pistol pointed towards Darren.

“Step aside, Darren! Get away from that bed! What are you doing now, hm? Sterilization? On whose authority? You need level 70 clearance for it!”

Darren just bites the inside of his cheek, not answering.

“I really hate this job, you know that? I’m starting to think you guys are worse than all of them. I didn’t sign up for this kind of crap.” Jo takes the safety off his gun.

“You wouldn’t dare, sir,” Darren mocks, tilting his head to the side. “You always play by the rules.”

Jo’s eyes brighten with content:

“There are no rules here, right? We don’t exist. WE ARE GODS! And here is my resignation!” the gun shut and the body thudding to the ground makes you exhale deeply and you feel your muscles relaxing a little bit. Jo looks at you and the Joker, debating on what to do. The weird silence and exchange of looks between the three of you lasts for a few good seconds until Jo pulls out his knife and cuts your ropes, then he gets the keys from Darren’s dead body and frees the Joker.

You run into J’s arms and hug him tight; you sure thought you’ll never get to touch him again. He growls and kisses your forehead, barely realizing his mouth is still bleeding. He swallows with difficulty, it sure hurts like hell.

“Follow me,” Jo signals you with his hand and the Joker grabs your arm, pulling you as you try to walk as fast as you can.

“Can we trust him?” you whisper so J can hear you.

“I don’t know, but what do we have to loose Princess?” the Joker whispers back, not really wanting to talk because of the pain.

You walk a lot of dark, lonely corridors and go up and down so many stairs; it’s a real maze in here.

“Hey,” you shout at the soldier.

“Stttt, keep your voice down and walk faster,” he advices, signaling you to come closer as you wait at a corner to see if anybody’s coming. “I think it’s clear but let’s wait a few more seconds,” he demands.

“Your name is Jo, right?” you ask in low voice while J is protectively hugging you from behind, waiting for the signal to start moving again.

“Yes, I go by Jo, but my name is Jonny, Jonny Frost.

You barely can contain your giggle.

“Frost, Frost, Frost… Frosty!” you repeat, “what a cool name, isn’t baby?” you address the Joker and he just smiles,pleased something made you happy so fast after your ordeal.

Jonny is absent minded, watching the pathway and signals you again to follow him. He gets you in an elevator that keeps on going up and up. No words are spoken. You just hold on really tight to the Joker’s hand, analyzing Jonny. After about 30 minutes the ascension stops and you get off on a small ramp.
“Help me with this!” he grunts, trying to open the hatch in front of him and you and J aid. The hissing sound lets you know you’re almost out of there. A strong hit wave washes all over you as you step outside in the sand.

“Welcome to Sahara,” Frost finally utters, stopping in his tracks, trying to adjust to the debilitating temperature. ”We are almost out of this place, let’s go!” he encourages you to follow him yet one more time.

As you walk behind him shielding your eyes from the scorching sun with one hand and holding J with the other, you pull him close and mumble:

“Can we keep him?”

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