stop trying to chain him up

What if this is actually true?

I was thinking yesterday and I realised I never questioned how well Moriarty was able to sell his fake actor persona. Sherlock thought it was because of the key that’s able to break into every computer, but we know that that key doesn’t exist, so how was moriarty able to do it?

I definitely hated the reporter chick, but are you telling me she didn’t at least check out these shows and see if he was actually in them? And it took the police over two years to prove Moriarty was actually real. If all of these were fake I’m sure it would only have took them a couple of days. Or what Moriarty was actually an actor on the side in case this situation ever came up? 

No, I think Richard Brooke got the same deal as the cabbie. Maybe he was dying as well and in exchange for money he took up the persona of Moriarty.

So, who’s behind Moriarty? Mary, of course. She’s been orchestrating all of this from the beginning. Remember in the blind banker just before Shan was killed, she got a message from M and we assumed it meant Moriarty? Well, what if it was actually Mary?

It was Mary all along who wanted to burn Sherlock’s heart out. She made him into a fake and got him to take his own life. I do think that for a while there she actually believed that he was dead, but if Anderson could figure out he wasn’t dead then so could she. She called Mycroft and got him to tell the police and media that Moriarty was real and Sherlock is innocent, so he could come back.

So, I think she realised that killing him wasn’t the best idea anyway and decided to take something way more important from him, John. And boy did she try to break them up. Marrying him, then getting pregnant all that just to chain John to herself. 

Shooting Sherlock in HLV was a mistake, because she didn’t plan on him interrupting her. What Magnussen knew could have blown her whole operation apart and she had to stop him, but also couldn’t let Sherlock stop her.

And then in s4 we really saw her evil side. Saving Sherlock from a bullet and making John lash out at him trying to drive a wedge between them. Sending Sherlock to hell was just a little bonus.

This is it though. She ruined him and the possibility of John and Sherlock ever getting together. I mean look at her evil face. This was her plan all along.

But yet again she underestimated the love John and Sherlock have for each other and that they can always find their way back to one another. 

So, I think she was done waiting and just ended up shooting John. There’s no Eurus, it’s always been her and she put a bullet through John’s eye and Sherlock is the only one who can save him.

So yeah this is my theory, on the one hand i hate it cause it would mean moriarty is not real but i love him so much, but on the other hand it would reveal mary to be even more of despicable human being than we could have ever anticipated. 

Sorry if this has been talked about before, please do link me to other metas on this if you have any.

Tags under the cut (if you want me to untag you please let me know, i just don’t have too many followers but am excited about this)

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The Surprise

Fandom: Marvel
Pairing: Loki x reader
Words: 2641
Warnings: SMUT and fluff
A/N: So here it is, guys! I saw that a lot of you wanted a fic inspired by this gif, so I decided to write something. 
If it’s your birthday when you’re reading this, have a very happy birthday! 
Please forgive all the grammar/spelling mistakes I’ve made. 
Hope you enjoy!

Tagging: @tearstainedashes , @pastapizzacheesedragon , @madman-with-a-snogbox , @fn-xo , @itsfangirlharu 

You were reading your favorite book while lying in the sweet embrace of your boyfriend, the God of Mischief, Loki.

Too caught in the story of the book you ignored Loki’s words. That was until he shook you gently and looked down at you.

“Just because that book is more interesting than me holding you in my arms, doesn’t mean that you should ignore me, love” he chuckled and you smiled back at him after you put the book down and turned around so you can look at him.

“Did you say something… I’m sorry, I did not hear you” you apologized and kissed the corner of his lips, softly.

“Yes. Just a reminder that your birthday is in two days, so I wanted to know if there is anything you want for your special day?” he asked while caressing your cheeks.

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bringingyaoiback  asked:

How about Phoenix Wright hatches a plan to "seduce" Edgeworth in order to get some info on the case and it's painfully awkward but somehow Edgeworth goes along with it?

“Soooo, Edgeworth. Miles. Miles Edgeworth.”

The man in question looked flatly at Phoenix, peering at him over the rim of his glasses. “That is my name, yes.”

Phoenix leaned on Edgeworth’s desk, casual, closer than most people considered friendly but not so close as to make him uncomfortable. “Did you do something with your hair? It looks silkier than usual today.”

Edgeworth gave him a scrutinizing look, squinting at his face before turning back to his paperwork. Phoenix could never decide if he liked it when Edgeworth did that or not. With his piercing gaze it almost seemed like he was looking into Phoenix’s very soul, but there was never anything malicious about it. At least never when he did it to Phoenix. “Thank you.” The thanks was clipped, professional, like everything else about him. “I would ask the same of you, but your hair is just as unruly as usual.”

Phoenix scowled. His hair was not unruly. He had it ruled exactly how he wanted it. But if he got angry he’d blow his whole plan. “I mean it,” he said softly, sliding a few inches closer. “It looks nice. You always look nice, but today there’s just…something about you, you know?”

To his great surprise, the tips of Edgeworth’s ears turned the same colour as his coat. Holy shit, that worked? “Th-thank you.” Edgeworth cleared his throat and avoided Phoenix’s eyes. His face was steadfastly turned away from Phoenix, looking down at the work on his desk instead.

“Hey, Edgeworth? Miles? Is it okay if I call you Miles?” Phoenix reached out and put a hand on Edgeworth’s shoulder. Edgeworth nodded, still focused on his work. “Miles, then.” Phoenix leaned down a little closer. “Miles, we’ve known each other too long to beat around the bush like this. We both know what I want.”

Miles finally turned to face him, staring up at him with an open wariness in his eyes. His lips were slightly parted and his whole face was scarlet. Phoenix bit back a grin. The Chief Prosecutor, blushing like a schoolgirl. “And what would that be?” Miles asked, and to his credit his voice never wavered once.

Phoenix leaned in, bracing his hands on the arms of Miles’s chair, grinning from ear to ear. “I want the updated autopsy report.”

Miles’s face darkened and he shoved Phoenix back. “Get out of my office.”

“Aw, Edgeworth, come on!” Phoenix was not whining. “It’s not fair that you guys always get to have the important information and my kids are scrambling around to get any little lead they can. Just a little peek? Please? For old time’s sake?”

“Everything’s always ‘for old time’s sake’ with you,” Edgeworth grumbled. He turned back to his desk and pointed at an envelope without looking. “Take it and get out. And to think, for a moment there I actually thought you–” He clammed up before he could finish his sentence.

“You thought what?” Edgeworth remained silent, signing a document with an almost violent scrawl and slamming it onto a pile. “Miles, what’s wrong? I was just teasing.”

“Nothing is wrong.”

Everything went dark for a moment and chains lashed around Edgeworth, a large red lock slamming into the middle of it all. Phoenix took an involuntary step back, eyes widening. Whatever was bothering Edgeworth, he didn’t want Phoenix to know about it. “Miles,” he said warningly. “Talk to me.”

Edgeworth glared up at him. “It’s always teasing with you. I’m sick of it.”

Phoenix gave a wry grin, trying to diffuse some of the tension. “What, you want me to stop teasing and just kiss you already, is that it?”

Edgeworth said nothing, just stared intently at him. Phoenix’s grin wavered and fell off his face entirely. “Wait, is that it?” Edgeworth shrugged and Phoenix sighed. “Well you should’ve just said something. For a genius, you’re kind of an idiot.”

Before Edgeworth could open his mouth to reply, Phoenix’s lips were on his. And as he felt Edgeworth’s hands grab at his lapels to pull him closer, he heard the unmistakable sound of a psyche-lock shattering.

anonymous asked:

You're my fav fic writer here <3 so I wanted to ask if you also take prompts that are not from the list? If yes, please please please could you write a fic in which lola kidnaps andrew along with neil to baltimore? (or he just somehow ends up there)

(i lov u thank you sm, also this prompt is fucked up I had FUN)

Neil’s face is so sunken with grief that he’s barely recognizable. Andrew watches cooly as Nicky jokes with him, the energy of the team cascading down and off of Neil, water off an indifferent umbrella. This is not the same man who was buoyant with a fresh win half an hour ago, who holds exy in higher regard than his own life, some days.

Andrew crosses to him, siphoning Neil’s attention away from the action of the room to him, just him, their eyes hooked together.

“Thank you,” Neil says, his mouth trembling. “You were amazing.”

Andrew searches his face, waiting for more. The room around them feels hazily separate, his attention is pulled to every flicker of Neil’s eyes, every shape his mouth makes. Something is giving out like a rotting support beam, Andrew can feel the collapse as if it were happening in his own body.

He catches Wymack gesturing from the corner of his eye, and the foxes fall into line. Neil keeps holding Andrew’s gaze the way someone might watch their home disappear on the horizon as they drive away.

He turns on command, though, body held too casually to be genuinely at ease, walking in tandem with the men bracketing him.

Andrew levels Wymack with a dismissive look and turns on his heel to follow Neil to the parking lot, his heartbeat out-pacing his footsteps.

He watches the bobbing heads of the man in the reflective vest and his colleague guiding the team through a simmering crowd. A bottle careens past Aaron’s head and Andrew looks blackly out in the direction it was thrown from. His eyes return to Neil, and because he’s watching, he sees the moment the crowd swells and Neil is grabbed hard by the wrist.

Andrew starts running immediately, pushing his way through a crowd that feels more like the tumultuous surface of an angry ocean. He trips over a slippery bottle and clips a 6 foot tall Bearcats fan, who tries to punch Andrew and gets his hand ripped at the seam of his fingers for his trouble. The crowd is a firing squad pointed at him, but Andrew braves it without hesitation.

He loses sight of the shiny vest and Neil’s flaming hair, almost tripping again on a duffel bag upended in the street. He kicks viciously at it before realizing it’s Neil’s, his racquet dropped two feet away. It’s like a crime scene, like the gunpowder left in the wake of a ripping bullet.

Andrew scoops the racquet up and breaks into a flat-out sprint with it held in front of him, using its length to rake the crowd out of the way. They break, more interested in self-preservation than the spirit of revenge. Andrew gets a clear view of Neil’s shoulder being wrenched around, his face contorting with anger as he’s stuffed into the back of a highway patrol car.

“Stop,” Andrew calls, voice raised. He skids into the parking lot just as the door is closing on Neil, and four sets of eyes swing towards Andrew. He sees Neil mouth ‘no’ as a woman with an unhinged grin cranes around Neil, sizing Andrew up.

“Who’s this, Junior?”

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Cirque du Bangtan : A Carnival of Souls (Taegi/BTS)

Genre: Smut - Vampire!AU, Circus!AU, Detective!AU

Words: 14.5K+

Author: Admin Kaycie & Admin JP

Summary: Staring BTS as the exclusive circus troupe behind the nation’s biggest unsolved mystery. In the height of their fame, can Detective Kim Taehyung find the connection between the thousands of corpses turning up suddenly and tie it to the ethereal beings of the bangtan troupe- or will he fall as yet another victim claimed by Cirque du Bangtan, the carnival of souls?

Tags: Smut, Blood Play, Dirty Talk, Double Penetration, Oral Sex, Bukake, Pet Kink, Vampire!AU, etc.

Originally posted by iamyoonseoktrash

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the hypocrisy of this episode really bothered me so much because it just shows that after all this time, after murphy saved everyone (clarke and abby firsthand), they’re still willing to let him be in pain, still willing to cast him out, to treat him like they don’t care about him.

when they were gonna sacrifice emori and murphy spoke out, he got a gun pointed in his face and a knife to his throat. but when abby literally starts DESTROYING things, everyone just yells. “abby, no!” “abby, stop!” “please, abby!”

where was the gun in her face? where was the knife pointed at her throat? where were the people attacking her?

when abby was trying to protect the person she loved, everyone stood idly by and sympathized with her. when murphy was trying to protect the person he loves, he gets chained up and threatened.

it’s just really unfair how badly murphy is treated after all he’s grown and i’m seriously so over it.

Hair - Jughead Jones

if ur requests r open could u write an imagine where the reader has loose (black) curly hair and she’s insecure about it after archie makes a joke intended remark and jughead comforts her? just a lot of fluff and cheese ahah x ~🐻

could you write a one shot where the reader has loose (black) curly hair (like mine) and archie dumped her for veronica and when the reader goes to jughead he admits he’s been waiting and hinting how he really feels about the reader and they go out? just basically really fluffy sorry for the long request

Originally posted by juptern

I went with the friend route (in regards to Archie) on this one, sorry if you don’t like!

It was a bright Sunday afternoon and you were spending it with your two best friends, Archie Andrews and Jughead Jones. The three of you were hanging out in the diner, eating and cracking jokes. You made a joke basically saying that Archie was a boy-next-door heartbreaker from any teen movie ever and, apparently, you struck a nerve. Archie gave you a sour look and said, “your hair is as straight as Kevin, and just as messy as his love life.” The table suddenly grew very quiet, even Jughead remained silent. After a moment he finally spoke up, “Well, this has been fun, but we should get going.” You looked at him with confusion as he pulled gently on your sleeve. “Huh,” you asked, but he just threw his hands up in the air dramatically. “I need help on my Biology project and you said that you would help me Y/N, remember?”

It hit you that he was trying to get you out of this uncomfortable situation with Archie, so you nodded and played along. “Oh yeah,” you said, faking surprise, “Sorry Jug, I totally forgot about it.” He nodded as you slid out of the booth and he waved goodbye to Archie. You walked out of Pop’s and you took a long breath of the cool air to calm down. “So where are we headed?” You turned to face Jughead and you shrugged. “The park it is,” he said with a childish smile.

The walk to the nearest park was short and the conversation between you and Jughead focused on the stresses of school, rather than what happened at Pop’s. “Who,” Jughead started, “who do you think killed Jason?” As you walked, you faced him and gave him a serious look. “It could be anyone, Jug. I just try not to think about it,” he nodded and you both walked in silence for a little while. You reached the park and you let out a dry laugh, “this is not what I remember this park looking like.”

The metal bars on the slide had rusted, the wood encasing the park had been eaten away by bugs, and the plants around it had overgrown immensely. “The forgotten park of Riverdale….” Jughead said dramatically and you laughed. You walked towards the old looking swing set and sat on one of the seats. You looked up at Jughead with a childish grin, “push me?” He rolled his eyes, but walked behind the swing and pushed you. “You suck,” you said, trying to kick your legs to go higher. He laughed, and wrapped his hands around the chains, pulling the swing back as far as he could. You were so close to him, you could feel his body heat and his breath when he spoke. “Archie was just kidding ya know,” he whispered and let you go. You swung high into the air, but when you were close to the ground, you dug your heels into the dirt to stop the swing. When it stilled, you got up and faced Jughead.

“Ya know, I’m insecure about my hair, and that joke just made it worse.” You reached up towards your head and played with one of the curly, dark strands in between your fingers. He just shook his head and stepped towards you. “Y/N, your hair is amazing, plus,” he said with the startings of a smile, “have you seen Archie’s hair? He has no room to judge.” You let out a laugh, and smiled up at Jughead. He took another step forward and reached out a tentative hand to stroke your hair. His fingers slid soothing through your curls and wave of affection washed over you. The hand that was in your hair was now on your cheek, stroking your skin. “You’re always amazing,” he murmured and his eyes met with yours, “can I?” His voice was barely above of whisper when he spoke. “Please,” you begged and Jughead leaned forward.   

His lips brushed against your softly at first, but almost like he couldn’t take it any longer, he kissed you with a passion that you thought Jughead could never have. You pulled away slowly, wanting the moment to last as long as it could. He wrapped a curl around his finger, gently tugging it. “I’ve always loved your hair,” you let out a giggle and wrapped your arms around his shoulders and neck. “That’s why you kissed me, because of my hair?” He smiled softly, “I mean, you’re pretty cool too, I guess.” You gave him a grin and slapped him softly on the back of his head. He smiled brightly, “just being honest.” You laughed, “I expect no less from Jughead Jones.”

Kyoutani headcanons
  • Vegetarian 
  • Has a really cute laugh 
  • Dimples
  • Low key the puppy that just sits in the corner sadly but when you call them over they go crazy happy and just want pats 
  • You think oikawa is big with skin care but he has nothing on kyoutani 
  • Kyoutani and oikawa bump into each other at training camp after all the smelly boys just go to bed with not even splashing some water on their face and in comfortable silence do their night time skin care regimen (then later on they swap some tips) 
  • They also get mad at how good iwaizumi and yahaba’s skin is without even doing anything (oikawa gets iwaizumi to moisturise and sometimes face masks when they sleep over) 
  • Kyoutani has a little sister who he lets paint his nails for him and every morning he does her hair just because 
  • Has a small dog with only three legs and two chickens
  • Perpetual glare probably just actually him squinting because he low key need glasses 
  • He once let yahaba win in an arm wrestling contest and doesn’t regret it even though yahabe brings it up every chance he gets because of the surprises smile yahaba threw his away over he won 
  • The type of person who will just sit and watch people talk because whenever he finally thinks of something to contribute the conversation ends up changing or he just doesn’t get a chance to speak (watari is the beautiful soul who notices when someone is trying to say something and stops the conversation to make sure they can talk)
  • His favourite everything is chocolate 
  • His backpack contains a protein/granola bar or three, deodorant (either like old spice or lynx), bandaids, a flip phone with a little dog on a chain that his sister gave him, dog treats (he always has treats on him they are in the pockets of all his clothes), a lanyard with his one house key, a really old iPod shuffle with tangled headphones, that tape they use for their fingers, pens and pencils with all the ends really badly chewed on (there is an ink stain on his bag from one pen he bit too hard and ended up leaking), and notebooks with doodles everywhere between his notes
  • Always fidgets, taps his fingers or pens, has a ring he fiddles with sometimes 
  • Went through a period where he ran like naruto 
  • Is not very good at other sports but still gets super competitive
  • Shoves 54 mints in mouth and chews loudly 
  • Favourite subjects are literature and biology and pe

Words: 6,985
Sam x Reader
Warnings: language (Umm, ya, I wrote it so obviously there’s swearing… you should just take this warning as a given always for my fics), mentions of blood and injury, anxiety and fear
Summary: Sam tries to get to Y/N and wake her while Dean, Cas, and Crowley wait for their showdown with Rowena.
A/N: Alas, all good things must come to an end, and so it is with this story. I hope you enjoy reading this conclusion as much as I enjoyed writing it. This is the final part of our Mess Is Mine series.
This is part of a series! Read the other parts here! 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16

Your name: submit What is this?

Dean was watching the flames and smoke rise higher and higher beyond the point where Sam had disappeared into the tangled mass of thorns. He paced in his fiftieth frantic circle and stopped in front of Cas.

”I don’t like this,” he said. His green eyes were wide and frantic, and his stomach was twisting.

The angel nodded. “I know. But give him time.”

”How much time?” Dean asked. “There’s no way for us to know if something goes wrong. We can’t see shit in there!” Dean turned again to face the crumbling, smoking ruins feeling helpless and sick.

Suddenly, Crowley’s voice behind them snapped their attention elsewhere.

”We’re about to be otherwise engaged,” he said. “Hello, Mother.”

The angel and Dean whipped around to see Rowena standing just beyond Crowley, a fierce and wild light in her eyes, her red lips pressed together in a thin line. “Fergus,” she said through her teeth. “Have you not yet learned your lesson about meddling in things that don’t concern you?”

“It’s not that I don’t learn,” Crowley said. “It’s just that the thought of torturing you forever and having you at my complete and utter mercy after your betrayal is much too appealing.” He raised a hand and pressed his middle finger and thumb together.

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Originally posted by chriswoods

The entire place was sort of remembrance to the heretic, there he sat in a chair with chains all over his body keeping him still and trapped. ”I’m back in hell ” kai muttered sarcastically trying to break free but failed. His eyes gazed around the bar, everything was bare, but there stood Bonnie Bennett behind the lights in the dark. She walked slowly into the light carrying the new ascendant. “Where is everyone” kai asked lowly starring bonnie straight into her eyes darkly.

”There is no one else, just you and your insecure little mind, and a song you hate on a jukebox forever ” Bonnie spoke playing around with the ascendant, kai’s face became still this couldn’t be happening. 

The ascendant was the only thing keeping him once again isolated, he was all alone. His head hangs low staring at the tiled floor, his mind wandered off thinking about y/n. “Bonnie, where’s y/n” kai asked lifting his head up looking at her. There was silence in the atmosphere, nothing was coming out. 

“Bonnie, where is she”

“Where, is she”  he asked again with his tone a little louder. Bonnie walked closer towards him, “She’s far away, from you”.

 Kai began to feel a lot of pain, the love of his life is back in mystic falls still under the spell, one day y/n will wake from the spell, and kai wouldn’t be there to see it happen. He wouldn’t be there to hold her or to see her face when she wakes, the pain got stronger in his chest. He closed he eyes to focus on a memory, the first time they met. She smiled so brightly at the heretic, “I’m y/n" the human girl said pulling back a strand of hair from her face. That action the human girl did made his dead heart beat fast, she was so beautiful. He didn’t want to forget about the first person who never gave up on him and gave him a chance, y/n believed that there was still good in him. The love he felt for this girl was strong, it was extraordinary. He tried to focus more, but bonnie stopped him. The bennett witch turned around walking away from the heretic, kai kept pulling hard against the chains needing to break free. 

“Wait, wait, wait “

“Please, please bonnie. You can’t do this, y/n needs me” kai pleaded once again trying to get out of the chains, he tried chanting spells from left to right but nothing was happening. What was going to happen when y/n wakes up, she’s not going to remember him. He could just imagine her waking up, she would ask so many questions about him, but nobody would answer. She would be in a lot of pain, tears streaming down her face. His mind came back to reality.






The bennett witch was nowhere to be seen. She left him alone. Kai’s eyes watered, the worst fear wasn’t being back in the prison world it was the fact of never seeing y/n ever again. Kai screamed and screamed, y/n will never get a chance to see him, he couldn’t be with her .This was it, she was gone forever. Kai parker was alone for eternity, the love of his life was also alone. The heretic cried nonstop more and more until the pain went away, but the pain didn’t vanish it stayed. Y/n was far out of his reach forever. She was gone .

Hope [Rick Grimes x Reader]

Hi, I have to say your blog is purely fantastic and I was looking for fics like this for so long xD And I’d like to request something: reader comes to Alexandria after escaping from some guys who used to do terrible things to her but she had to remain with them to survive. She doesn’t tell anyone, but one day she opens up to Rick. He gets really angry and goes after them and when he returns he makes her understand that no one will ever touch her again(except for him).I hope I’m not asking much ;)

Here you go @whyso-se-ri0us! I hope you like it! 💘

Words: 2,161

Warnings: Violence, Implied Sexual Assault, PTSD, Panic attack

A/N: I’m baaaaccccckkkkk! And NO SMUT! Are you surprised? Sorry I’ve been MIA for the past couple of days. I have been so exhausted and needed the rest.You’ve all been so wonderful and understanding! I truly have the best followers around! Okay, okay, enough with my babbling.

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BTS reaction to finding handcuffs in your draw

You asked him to grab a pen from your draw forgetting the handcuffs you’d thrown in there to stop him from seeing them when he arrived. So when he opened it and stared for a few minutes it confused you. After asking him what’s wrong he’d just turn around slowly, the handcuffs dangling from his finger with a smirk on his face and you knew you were in trouble.

Originally posted by itsrapmonster

Jin would open the draw to look for your planner not being prepared for the sight that met his eyes. He’d immediately start laughing as he takes them out to question you. After hearing you say you wanted to try them but didn’t know how to approach the topic he stopped laughing, stating he didn’t know why you’d need them but he’d be happy to give it a go if you wanted to.

Originally posted by bwiseoks

Lets be honest he probably already bought you a pair and you guys use them on a daily basis. Although seeing the chain and collar that you had hidden with a new pair of leather handcuffs got him excited for what you had planned. He didn’t say anything knowing that you’d rather bring it up yourself when you’re comfortable and ready than him bringing it up.

Originally posted by nnochu

You had a fluffy pair that you always used when you were a “bad girl” and needed punishing. So seeing the new pair wasn’t all that surprising for him. It shocked him later on when you asked if you could use them on him as it was a new request but he can’t say no to his princess so he happily goes along with it, only regretting it when he realises just how much he relies on his hands for power.

Originally posted by trash-for-bangtan

I feel like tae would love role playing, anything that lets him pleasure you as well as show off his acting is a win win situation. So when he finds the handcuffs in your draw he just smirks to himself knowing he’d be taking on the role of a police officer soon.

Originally posted by holdmettightbts

This boy doesn’t know what to do or say when he spots them. He tries to conceal his hard on by adjusting his jumper but all it did was bring your attention to it. When you asked what got him excited he tries to shrug it off saying he didn’t know you were into that kinda thing, acting like it isn’t a big deal but hoping inside that you’d want to try them out right then and there.

Originally posted by nnochu

Jimin can either be the cutest cutie pie or down right a kinky fucker. When he finds the handcuffs he’s not sure how to react at first realising he doesn’t know much about your kinks. I feel like he’d want to sit down to asses the situation by taking to you, finding out what plans you had for them and if you had any other kinks you wanted to tell him about in that moment. He’d also be down for switching who’s locked up in them, you or him, enjoying both situations throughly.

Originally posted by kpopidolaegyooo

Hope you enjoyed it! Sorry I’ve been away for so long I’ve had a lot going on in my life but things are calming down a bit so i can post more now! :) 

Does everyone realize that Lance's birthstone is a ruby?

Lance offhandedly mentions that he loves rubies and Keith goes nuts bc isn’t that HIS stone? He’s the red Paladin, so if not he’s claiming it right now. And Lance has aimed the remark in his direction that he doesn’t like the color red more than once so what is this about?? Does it have something to do with Keith?

Lance owns a ring, a small but elegant gold band with a rhombus cut ruby in the middle that was a gift from his mother on his 16th birthday. He hardly ever took it off on Earth but he tucks it away for safe keeping while he’s stuck in space. He gets it out to wear when he’s missing his mom the most and Keith is even more confused. Where did that come from? Why is lance wearing his color?

He asks lance about it one day when they’re eating together and the light is hitting the stone and Keith can’t stop looking at it. Lance, the asshole, just smirks and says he’ll never know.

He does find out eventually, from Pidge because she’s annoyed that Keith is distracted thinking about it and would be hard pressed to care any less about the rivalry shtick Lance and Keith have going on. She doesn’t care why lance didn’t want to tell him, it’s really not a big deal. Lance had shown her his present proudly when he got it, so he’s probably just doing it to piss Keith off.

Keith is satisfied with that explanation but of course he’s going to confront Lance about it. He can’t miss an opportunity to take lance down a peg. He’s accusatory when he tells Lance he didn’t have to drive him crazy acting like it was a secret.

But lance looks like a few seconds and his pride are all thats in the way of him breaking down in tears. Shocked, Keith stutters an apology.
“You know, we don’t have to share everything. Sometimes I just want to have something of home to myself. Is it too much to ask for me to think about my mama without the rest of you having to get involved in it?”
Keith reiterates that he’s sorry, he understands, of course he does, he shouldn’t have assumed that Lance didnt need privacy on the matter. After all, Lance isn’t the only one carrying around something from home he’d rather not discuss.
Lance goes on bitingly, “You want to know why it’s important to me? We were poor. My mama saved up all year to buy me this because she thought it would mean a lot to me. She could have gotten me a $30 video game but she didn’t. And it’s the last thing she gave me before we left Earth, so if that stuff hurts too much to talk about… Yeah. It does. There you go. That’s it.”

Keith gives him a long hug and spends a week doing nice things for him to try to make up for the mistake that led to a trembling voice and big red eyes. Lance stops wearing his ring. Keith decides not to ask why.

Keith acquires a ruby at an Earth shop on a hub similar to the space mall and has it set on a long and durable chain lance can tuck into his shirt. He chooses the day of rest and recoup after a mission where Lance saved his life to give it to him. “Now you have something you can love without being sad about it. And,” he dares to go on, “a peice of me. So uh, that makes it doubly cool?”

Lance laughs in place of crying and wears his necklace constantly, on the outside of his clothing for everyone to see. Keith hasn’t expected him to wear it openly, but he likes it so much better that way.


You should of known not to trust Kai Parker, he gave the devil a run for his money that’s for sure. The two of you had a deal to help each other get out of the prison world. However the first chance he got to be set free, Kai took it without even blinking. Not at all thinking about bringing you along.

Now that you managed to get free on your own, tracking Kai was the first thing on your list. Funnily enough he wasn’t hard to locate, now sitting in an empty bar after compelling everyone to leave, you were waiting for Kai who was chained to a chair, to wake up.

He groaned and adjusted his eyes to the sharp lights, attempting to get up he laughed at the predicament he was in. Stepping out from the shadows, Kai greeted you with a smirk.

“Aw, are you here to punish me? Cause that’s kinda hot”.

Typical Kai, always running his mouth.

Unfolding your arms, you stood in front of him. Placing both hands onto the chair, you leaned down staring him straight in the eyes. “Only you would think getting tortured is hot. You broke our deal Kai, so yeah I am here to punish you”.

“Imagine all the fun we could be having if you just untied me, after all me sitting here isn’t a fair fight”. He replied, trying to charm his way free.

“Leaving me stuck in the awful prison world after we struck a deal wasn’t fair either. Consider this my payback”. You whispered harshly.

Licking his bottom lip, he mumbled a few incoherent words and the chains around him started to loosen. You backed up a few steps.

Stepping down from the stage, Kai used his magic to move your body against the wall. “I like you Y/N, that’s why I’m not going to hurt you. Maybe if you stopped fighting me, you’ll see what a great team we can be. If you want an apology for leaving you back in the prison world, then fine. Here it is, I’m sorry for breaking our deal. Does that make us all good?”.

Just like Kai, you had your own powers. Sending him flying across the room, you walked on over, boots clicking against the floor. Bending down, he groaned.

“You can take that apology Kai and shove it. Because there is no way I’m forgiving you for what you did”.

Turning on your heels, you left the bar. Kai slowly sat up and mumbled. “Nice catching up with you too”. Dusting the dirt off his suit, he walked over to the bar and poured himself a drink. “She so likes me”, he uttered before smirking and finishing the drink and exiting the bar.


Dating the Joker’s Daughter Would Include...

Request: (anonymous) Im not sure if this is allowed but would you do something from the perspective of the guy this time and dating CP?

  • Being warned by your girlfriend that her parents aren’t like anyone else and that you have to be careful, laughing it off until you pull up to her house and realize she wasn’t exaggerating.
  • Feeling the color wash from your face when you see the king of gotham for the first time and trying not to faint.
  • Joker sneaking up behind you while you wait for the clown princess and slamming his hands on your shoulders making you gasp.
  • Debating whether or not to bring a knife to meet them, knowing if he attacks you’ll have something to defend yourself but he could take the fact you brought it as a threat.
  • Having to look into your girlfriend’s eyes for reassurance every few minutes only for it to piss off Joker that you’re looking at her at all.
  • Sitting in his booth with him burning holes through your skull looking at you, jumping slightly when he get’s up.
  • The Joker circling you like you’re his prey and you trying to stand your ground and not look weak.
  • Her introducing you to a life of crime and loving the thrill of it and the cockiness it gives you.
  • The high testosterone and the unspoken struggle and between you and her father, him wanting to protect her and get you out of the picture and you being in love and wanting to be free of his influence.
  • The clown princess and you having time together to go over what you’ll say to her parents, her practicing what might occur and how you should react but you can’t help yourself and it always turns into a make-out session.
  • Driving around gotham with her in the car and always checking around and at the other cars to make sure they’re not her father’s henchmen.
  • You and her testing the limits to see what you can get away with. Dropping her off at home at 10:01 when her curfew is 10 then running to your car for the escape.
  • Her taking you to Ace Chemicals to tell you how her parents came to be. When she cries explaining it you see her vulnerable side for the first time and fall in love with her more.
  • Gifting her with a ring that she can wear every day, loving the fact that you know it’ll piss Joker off but he can’t do anything about it.
  • Being less and less scared of the clown king when you see how he is with his daughter, but never letting him know it.
  • Sneaking over when her parents are out and you guys play dress up in their closets. Putting on the Joker’s chain and trying out his guns makes you think twice about joining the lifestyle yourself.
  • For morning dates you always make sure to stop and get her mom Harley a cappuccino because you know they’re her favorite and not being on her good side is even more dangerous than Joker.
  • Seeing the rage in Joker’s eyes when you realize you didn’t wipe off your girlfriend’s lipstick from your face and it’s physical proof you two were fooling around.  
  • Being at the club and seeing other guys hit on your girl, and getting in the middle of it and fighting him.
  • Being terrified that Joker will kill you for messing up his club but he’s glad you defended her and almost smiles at you.
  • Giving her your jacket to stay warm on a date and then almost shitting your pants when you realize she was still wearing it when she went in the house and Joker will not like that.
  • Following Frost into the house to pick up the clown princess for a date but it was a trick for Joker to get you into his torture room. He puts you through psychological mind games to see if you are tough enough and when your girlfriend finds out she comes to your rescue.
  • Coming back the next night to pick her up and take her out, showing Joker that you’re not afraid to put up with it for her.
  • Always being aware that the clown king and queen have eyes on their daughter, so the two of you make an escape plan to go to your secret spot. Where you can be totally alone and forget the world.
  • The awkward ten minutes you’re sitting on the couch waiting for her to get ready and Joker is inches away from you waiting for you to crack. Your gulp when you see his gun inside the jacket is easy to hear.
  • Knowing Joker’s eyes are on the two of you at the club, you lean in and whisper to her ear feeling Joker’s jealousy and rage from across the room.
  • Joker and Harley taking you and the clown princess to Ace Chemicals themselves, and given you an ultimatum. You either take the oath and jump in the vat to prove yourself or you leave her forever.
  • His smile haunts you every time you see it, never being able to predict if he will hug you or slit your throat so you squeeze your girlfriends hand for reassurance.

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The blue spirit in the gaang age swap au?

1. Sixteen year old Aang is slightly smoother and more circumspect about the whole getting medicine for his sick friends, but only barely, and he is still captured by Zhao with the frozen frogs melting an hopping away.  This is a disaster!  Not only are his friends sick, and the medicine to help them is escaping down the hall, but one of his friends is a kid, seriously, there’s a twelve year old boy feverish and hallucinating, who could die, and he has to escape!  Meanwhile there’s Zhao telling him all about how he will be kept chained up, drugged, and barely alive for the rest of his life, and this is all just very much not good.  Then the Blue Spirit shows up.

2. Aang knows it’s Zuko as soon as he sees him.  It’s pretty obviously a kid behind that mask, and Aang only knows of two kids that age boneheaded enough to try something like this.  And since Sokka is sick…  Yeah, it’s got to be that twerpy Fire Prince who has never once let the fact that he’s about eight inches shorter than Aang stop him from trying to capture him and bring him home to daddy.

3. Aang lets the Blue Spirit break him out anyway.  I may have mentioned that Aang kind of thinks Zuko is adorable, and Zuko all done up in a mask to break into the big bad Fire Nation fortress is just too funny for words.  Aang just wants to pat him on the head and tell him how cute he is.  They fight their way out of the fortress together, and when Zuko is knocked unconscious, he slings the kid over his shoulder and carries him off.

4. Meanwhile Iroh is worrying himself sick.  Did you think about that, Zuko?  Huh?

5. Zuko comes to as Aang is collecting more frozen frogs.  Aang has been talking to him the whole time he was out about his friends in the Fire Nation, and how Zuko is just a little kid, and he’s taking him back with him to his friends, and they can take care of him, because obviously he needs someone to, and Zuko realizes his kidnapping attempt has kind of been upended, and the Avatar is kidnapping him.  Zuko wriggles free and bolts, scrambling his way through the swamp until Aang gives up the chase, and then makes his way back to the ship.

(This is not in fact the last time the Gaang tries to kidnap Zuko.  It happens a few times, culminating in their successful kidnap of him and his uncle in the ghost town after Azula attacks Iroh.)

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So we all know Keith had a go at Pidge when she wanted to leave the team to find her family. And now the closest person he has to family is gone. Some people think Keith is going to want the team to focus on finding Shiro and that's going to cause some tension in the team because the others think they should focus on ending the galra for good. What do you think?

I talked about this in an older post but really what I think is…

I feel like the team is going to be pretty united on trying to find Shiro. Especially because his disappearance is so sudden, and they have no idea how.

For Hunk and Pidge, people who part of their self-identity is being smart, is knowing what’s going on, is understanding- it would hit both of them very hard if they can’t immediately find a culprit or a lead. And furthermore, Pidge started this looking for her family. One of the major people who’s reassured her and stood by her and helped her through this? Has been Shiro. As of s1e5 she really talks about how the team feels like family. So for Pidge- it would feel like as far as she’s come, as much as she’s learned, the empire can still just reach into her life and pluck people away from her. She’d be mad.

Hunk? Hunk is a caretaker and a protector. He’d feel awful about it- he’d feel like there should be some way he saw this coming, he’s the usual voice of caution in the team, right? Did Shiro try to warn them, did he try to call for help? What’s happening to him now? It’d be really stressful for Hunk and I wouldn’t be surprised if he buries himself in trying to take care of the rest of the team because he just has to drown out his head in this situation.

Lance, I think that it’d be hard for Lance because Shiro is his personal hero, but I also think he’d be the quickest rebound, because- when Lance is hurt, he takes time, he feels that hurt, and then he comes back and can move forwards. Outside of his struggles with insecurity- it’s unlike Lance for things to stay under his skin for long periods of time, and even the insecurity is something that ebbs and flows. It isn’t as if it’d stop bothering him but I feel like Lance would be the one most able to focus.

Allura would be there with Lance, but, less because she’s okay and more because she’s very practiced at putting her own doubts and insecurities separate. Losing Shiro shakes up the chain of command, leaving her pretty much alone at the top- so I could see her doubling down on resolve and determination to try and be there for her team where she can.

I wonder if for Coran we might explore the realization of… Coran is a rather parental individual and he talked about how he couldn’t lose Allura in s1e10- I wonder if this might come with the idea that he’s really warmed to all of the paladins and losing any of them is an incredibly hard prospect.

But with Keith, I have to wonder if Keith might not be as driven as the fandom imagines. I feel like his first response might be to give up, or break down about it- because for Keith, he knows what this looks like and every other time someone’s disappeared it means they’re gone, forever, and nothing he does will be able to bring them back. I feel like while the rest of the team might be engaging with it in a “we don’t know what happened or what might be happening to him now- he might be fine, he might be in trouble, we’re trying to find him and figure out what happened,” Keith might lock into the mindset of “You don’t get it. He’s gone. People don’t disappear like this if they’re going to come back. He knew he was going to go, this is what he was talking about, this is why he kept bothering me about the Black Lion, he knew he was going to disappear and that means he’s gone forever,”

A lot of Keith’s history can be inferred, or read from his official bio, but this might be the incident that pulls it into the team’s awareness, which is… really necessary. It’s important for all of the team to really understand where they’re coming from and at this point we’ve only gotten that kind of openness from Pidge and Allura, really.

That aside, there could definitely be conflicts in the team if something major happens that forces them to put the search for Shiro on the back burner- if maybe they have a lead but what I’ve been suspecting, that the empire is going to attack Earth, happens and the team has to choose between chasing their lead on Shiro and going to defend Earth. But I don’t know what side of that debate Keith would be on, or if that’s a given.

Loving you was a honor|| Stiles stilinski

Plot:Hello could I request an angsty Stiles imagine where the reader has feelings for Stiles and he doesn’t feel the same, he likes Lydia. So the Nogitsune takes advantage of the readers feelings to get more powerful (sense he feeds off pain) and when the Nogitsune is dead Stiles feels bad for not feeling the same about the reader but she forgives him saying something like “I love you so much, and I want you to be happy….even if I’m not the one causing that happiness” if that makes sense thanks:3

The room grew darker and darker for each moment passing. She had lost count of days since the Nogitsune brought her here. The silence of the room was comforting , way more comforting than the nogitsunes taunts, everyday had been a constrant reminder of stiles lack of love for her. Every moment he kept reminding her , she tried staying strong and showing no pain cause she knew that she was nothing but food for him. It’s proved to be harder than she thought , his face, the face of the boy she had loved for so many years telling her there is no way he could love her , reminding her of all the reasons why Lydia Martin was so much better than her.

“Honestly , I dont even need to do anything , i can smell your pain from miles away’‘The nogitsune walked in leaning against a walk a small distance from where she was chained to the bed post.

She couldn’t even bring herself to look at him, each gaze meant pain for her and power for him.

’'It’s funny , don’t you think?” The nogitsune said walking to the bed and sitting down “They found Lydia in less than a day, and you’ve been here for days already”

“They are trying to find a way to stop you, and when they do. They will kill you and save me” she replied in a shaky voice looking out the small window.

“ are you trying to convince me or yourself?” the nogitsune laughed standing up and sitting right in front of her “But than again how can i blame them, you aren’t Lydia Martin so why would stiles even care”

“They care” she mumbled.

“Pathetic little girl , you think Stiles actually cared about you ” the nogitsune said , she felt his breath on her neck and it felt different when stiles hugged her his breath was warm and calming but the nogitsunes breath was cold and smelled of death “ how long have you loved him , 10? 12 years? Wasted so many years”

She suddenly broke out in a bitter laughter shaking her head.

“What?” The nogitsune barked close to her ear before getting up from the bed pacing in front of her “what’s that feeling?” He asked more to himself.

“Pity” she replied smirking feeling the lack of food and sleep already taking the tool on her “ i didn’t waste any of my life loving. Ive made mistakes and one of them. Being letting you with your bullshit words putting doubt about my friends in me”

The last she remembered before her world went black from either lack of food or water or just the mental exhaustion.
It could’ve been hours or days but when she woke up her nose filled with the smell of hospital that she was a little too well known with and the beeping of a heart monitor but besides that it was not quite. Not physically , the hospital were fully of nurses yelling , out the window there was an ongoing traffic and people laughing loudly, but mentally. There were no trace of the nogitsune , for the first time in weeks it was quite. She opened her eyes and tried looking around for her friends , from the window on the door she could see Lydia , Scott and stiles standing there talking. The moment stiles eyes caught her , all there teenagers ran into the room all departe to hug her and tell her how much they missed her.

“We looked for days , y/n ” Scott assured her gripping her hand a tad tighter to make sure she was actually there “ we never stopped”

“ i know” she made out with a sore voice and a small smile on the corner of her lips “ i would never doubt you guys”

“We missed your so much , we could bare loosing you too” Lydia said pulling the girl in another bone crushing hug.

All eyes turned to stiles waiting for him ton say something , Scott must\ve gotten the memo that something was bothering stiles cause he and Lydia legit the room giving them the free space to talk after assuring her that they were right outside.


“He told us, he told us how he used u for for so many days. He told what he put you through, y/n trust me i never thought i could bring you so much pain”

“Hey hey , its not your fault ” she said gripping a hold of his hand giving it a gentle squeeze “ you didn’t bring me any pain stiles , i promise”

“ I never knew you loved me , and or 12 years that’s almost as long as I’ve-” stiles rambled before she cut him off.

“Almost as long as you’ve loved Lydia” she said a small sad laugh escaping her lips as both their eyes caught the strawberry blond outside the room talking to Scott .

“I’m sorry” stiles sighted looking down at their hands.

“Never apologize for loving someone” she said as she brought a hand to his face making him look at her “ hey, i get it. And stiles you might never understand but I love you so much the only thing I want for you is happiness even if I’m not the cause of it”

Sorry for this huge break I’ve been taking but eyy I’m guess who’s not dead and back at you with new one shots , its this bitch!!

Charlie’s Death

Characters: Dean x Reader, Sam, Charlie, Stynes (mentioned), Rowena (mentioned), Dick Roman (mentioned)

Word Count: 2,418

Warnings: This is angsty from the beginning, spoilers for Season 10 about Dean and Charlie and about what happened to her, MoC!Dean, 

Request: Hey can i request a Dean x Reader where she goes with boys and find out Charlie is dead and that was her best friend and at first she acts fine but the boys know shes not (especially dean) and then she justs has this breakdown full of tears and sadness and dean comforts her

Author’s Note:  I have reached 1,000 followers and I have hosted a writing challenge is you want to take a look at it. Whether you’re a beginner writer and want to practice or a writer that has been writing for a long time, then this is for you. I give feedback to all the fics.

If you want to be tagged, leave an ask or message and I’ll add you! Same goes for my Series Rewrite! If you want to request a fic, please send them in! I love writing what you guys want!

Feedback is always appreciated

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There was only so much time you could get before Dean had gone dark side.


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Imagine Halfdan seeing you as a goddess (Part 2)

Summary: Arriving in Paris you think battles will be fought in your favor, but with Ragnar a little out of his mind and Halfdan breathing down on your neck things tend to get turned around. 
Warning: Violence, little smut, dominant Halfdan
Words: 3151

Update Tag: @wonderland-royalty @sixsixsixpickupsticks @samantha24015 @rubyquartzshades @burningsunshin3 @rockyrascal @sliceofparadise

You thought Björn being back would settle Ragnar his soul a little, but going to Paris only made it worse after he saw Rollo standing there, betraying him. In some way you wanted to kill his pet, the slave he had but who were you to challenge your own father. So you stood in the back, looking how he messed up things by acting unusual, bringing Ubbe and Hvitserk, walking over the camp with his head somewhere else. You sat on the table, playing your knife while Björn was drinking aside you when Ragnar came in. Rollo betrayed his gods, his family, you knew him, you admired him and now all you wanted to do was kill him. You pulled the knife out of the wood, looking up to your father who was followed by King Harald and his brother. Halfdan looked at you for a moment, nothing ever changed. Since your interaction the day of his arrival he placed a mark on you, claiming the princess of Kattegat for he wanted you to become the queen. But Ragnar decided to go to Paris and you hardly spoke Halfdan since then. He looked over your body, you only pointed the tip of your knife towards him, causing him to give you that kind of smile … a wicked one, one that helped you remember all the details of that night. ‘What is your plan of attack?’ King Harald asked after stating the obvious about Rollo. You turned a little, looked how your father crouched, laying out the battleplanes, ships sailing in between the towers while a part attacked by land.
‘Any objections?’ Björn asked. Nobody really trusted Ragnar his instinct anymore, not since he came back from Paris all injured. When you looked up Halfdan was looking at you, questioning, you only nodded softly before the both brothers agreed with the plan. And in that way you were the spy in your fathers own business, for what was nothing more than heated desire between you and Halfdan. ‘We attack tomorrow.’ You brother announced. The brothers nodded and walked away, Halfdan threw you a dominant look and you only gave one back before turning to your mother.
‘You should be aware that he only wants you for your name.’ She advised you, looking over her shoulder towards Halfdan. Offcourse she knew, she saw the details in even the smallest things.
‘Keep your enemies close, isn’t that what they say?’
‘Be careful, go with your father tomorrow.’ Lagertha followed. You nodded and walked out, Ragnar almost jumped from behind a tent into your path.
‘You need to go with your mother tomorrow, she shouldn’t fight in her condition, with the pregnancy.’ He insisted, thoughts hardly on the subject.
‘Too late, she commanded me to go with you. And she can handle herself, it is her choose.’ You shrugged. Ragnar revealed his teeth before he started to look around, walking off. You looked at him, all distract and impatient, your father needed to get his head straight, before another king would take over.

You stood in the darkness, looking over the ships while you tried to get a clear head about tomorrow. In the footsteps of your father, mother and brother you hadn’t a change to be different; you needed to be like them, fierce, a leader. You felt the tip of a blade piercing in your back, followed by the pressure of his lips against your neck. You tilted your head, giving him a clear path to the rest of it. He wrapped the arm which held the knife over your chest, pushing your back against his body. ‘I hardly see you.’ He whispered. The sharp edges of that blade pushed against your throat, leaving you no other choose than to stay still. You closed your eyes, absorbing the longing he pushed through your body.
‘It is not that we are bound to each other Halfdan.’ You pulled the dagger out of his hands and turned around to him, pointing it on his chest. You slowly looked up to him, giving him a warning look before pushing the knife back in his belt.
‘We are, you are my princess that shall become the queen of all.’
‘And you are looking to much to your brother.’ You fired right back. Halfdan was in some cases worse than Harald, but were you scared … no. You didn’t believe stories until you had actually witnessed it. You knew he wanted you to badly to do something stupid. He grabbed your body at your waist, pushing you harshly against a tree. His dominance poured down on you from his eyes. You looked at him before he place his lips on yours and started to kiss you again. You grabbed for his leather armor, trying to not let his body push in on yours. You knew what it would do with you and you weren’t planning doing it here. But the longer he kissed you, the weaker you felt inside, the more dominant he go.
‘I want you.’ He insisted, breaking that barrier you put up by pushing his body against yours. You caught your breath, looking up to him.
‘Is there something you don’t want my future King?’ You mocked him. He grabbed your chin while his other hand went looking for some bare skin to touch.
‘You have the tongue of your mother.’
‘The temper to, be careful Halfdan, I may like you on certain levels, but loyalty doesn’t shift easily.’ You warned him with a stern look. He looked down on you, still with his grip tight, looking into your eyes for something he could not take serious, but there wasn’t something. His grip softened while his other hand found his way to your ribs, counting them up. He kissed you again, less dominant, more enjoyable while his hand caressed your skin, leaving certain desires behind with you. ‘If we conquer,’ you began, catching your breath while you looked for his eyes that laid part hidden behind the strains of hair. ‘you can have me.’ You whispered, stroking your fingertips over the bald part of his hair. ‘If I don’t kill you first.’ You smiled. He chuckled, giving you a long kiss you hardly could withstand.
‘I’m looking forward to it.’ He whispered into your ear before admitting his defeat in this and walking away. Would you ever have the nerve to challenge Halfdan the Black? Probably not but you would do anything for your own family, so if  that meant killing him, so be it.

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