stop trying to act cool you so fail

IKON reaction to you doing aegyo

B.I: When you call him he’d look at you shyly and smile but wouldn’t be able to make eye contact. 

“hihi babe you’re cute”

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Jinhwan: This little fluffball would really like your aegyo. I can see him doing some as well if he’s in a really good mood.

“Gimme a kiss you little cutie~”

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Yunhyeong: This angel would be happy and act silly with you. Just look at his adorable face, he’s loving it too much.

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Bobby: Bunny Bobby would do this little happy dance while you’re doing it. I can see him taking a video of you so he can brag about how cute you are to everyone.

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Donghyuk: He wouldn’t be able to look at you for long because he’d find you too cute.

“Baby stop it! Don’t do this to me~~ hahah”

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Junhoe: The cool guyHe’d act as if he’s not affected by your aegyo and would try to hide his smile, but he’d fail.

“pff babe please…”

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Chanwoo: I think he would break out into a big smile and would tell you to do it again, and again… aand again.

“ahh so cute haha do it again please!!”

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