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All Night, No Sleep - Jack Maynard Imagine

“Come on, Y/N, just come to the club with us” your best friend Jack whined. He had a pout on his face and looked at you with his blue puppy eyes. Those piercing blue eyes you could never say no to. And he knew it.

“Stop pulling that trick on me!” You said with a smile, trying to get out of it. All he did was coming closer and pouting more, locking your eyes with his. Every single step he took made your heart beat a little bit faster, almost as if you were afraid he’d get to close. At a certain point he comes so close that your noses are almost touching, and it’s all you needed to be pushed over the edge.

“Fine, I’ll come.” You blurted out with a sigh.

“Yes, I knew it’d work! It’ll be fun!” Of course it’d be fun. For him, not so much for you. In the two years you had known him, you had never really seen him as just a friend. From the moment you met him, he had given you butterflies and every time you two hung out, you fell for him even more. Mainly because you got to know all of Jack, not just the man in front of the camera. You had seen him at his best and at his worst, you got to know his sensitive side. That was what made you fall for him in every possible way. Two years long already you were successful in hiding it, and you were not planning on giving it up any time soon, because you were one hundred percent sure he did not feel the same way.

Going clubbing with Jack and the boys was never really a pleasure, at least not after an hour or two. In the beginning it always went down well: you were just a group of friends enjoying yourselves, dancing to the music and singing along to all of the songs. Nonetheless, after a while the boys would get distracted by the attractive girls surrounding them and their attention would shift from their friends to them. Especially Jack was very good at this, doing honour to his reputation. Not all of them were searching for girls all the time, it were usually only two or three of them, Jack of course being part of it mostly. And it broke your heart every single time. That’s why you mostly refused going with them, but you just couldn’t say no to Jack.

Arriving at the club, you tried to put your feelings aside and enjoy yourself. The night was still young and who knows, it could be different. Maybe Jack would have his eyes on you for once… You were proven wrong soon after, as a very attractive girl approached him and he gladly took his chance. Although you were kind of enjoying yourself before, your mood quickly changed and all you wanted is to go home. Yet you couldn’t, because you promised Jack you’d take him home. If that would be necessary after all…

“You know, it’d be a whole lot easier if you’d just tell him.” Mikey sat down next to you, ripping you out of your thought bubble.

“Tell him what?”

“It’s kind of obvious that he’s more than just a friend to you, Y/N. The way you look at him… You’re also staring at him the whole time.”

“No, I’m not.”

“You are.”

“Just buy me another drink, Mikey.” You didn’t mean to be rude to him, but it just hurt to know that he had noticed. That meant that Jack probably had noticed as well, proving once more that he did not feel the same way.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it like that.” You apologised. You knew he was only trying to be nice and do the right thing.

“Come on, let’s join the others and dance. It would be a waste of the night to sit here and do nothing.” You let Mikey drag you back to the group, and you decided you would be enjoying yourself. Luckily the boys were already drunk enough to make a fool out of themselves and for the first time that night you actually enjoyed yourself. After a while you noticed that Jack had joined the group again, without the girl. He was dead drunk, which was probably also the reason why the girl had left him.

“Come on, Jack, I’m taking you home.” You said, while supporting the boy as he could barely stand on his legs.

Getting him back to his apartment wasn’t exactly an easy task. As the rest of the group had decided to stay a little longer at the club, you were on your own and as he was almost incapable of walking himself, you had to use everything in your power to get him there. Once in his apartment, you headed straight for the bedroom, where he just dropped himself on the bed and closed his eyes. After taking of his shoes, you made your way out of the bedroom.

“Y/N?” You heard him mumble.


“You’re the best.” You cracked a little smile, before turning off the lights and closing the door behind you, the tears burning in your eyes. You cursed yourself for being so weak, for having feelings for someone that would never feel the same.

As it was already too late to return to your own apartment, you tried making yourself comfortable on his couch, like you’d always do after a night out. Normally you’d fall asleep almost immediately, but this time was different. Mikey’s words kept spooking around through your mind. You knew he was right, you had to tell him, it would be so much easier. But wouldn’t it ruin your friendship as well? These demons kept you up all night and it tore you apart. You eventually decided that you would tell him, because you could no longer bear with constantly seeing him with others.

Sunk deep in your thoughts, you stared out of his living room window for hours and hours without having a second of sleep. You kept repeating in your head what you would say. You saw the sun rise and heard birds singing their song, you saw the city of London get back to life. You were so caught up in your thoughts that you didn’t hear Jack coming in the living room.

“Wow, you look like you’ve been hit by a truck.” He chuckled at the side of you.

“I’ve been up all night, I’ve had no sleep at all.” You tried to avoid looking into his eyes, or just looking at him. Morning after Jack had always been your week spot.

“Why not?” He asked.

“Because…” you sighed and plucked your courage to tell him. “Because I’m sick of hiding. I’m sick of constantly pretending like I don’t care when you hook up with yet another girl. Because I do. I do care and it simply hurts to see the one you’ve been having a thing for, for roughly two years, hook up with others that are way prettier than you, knowing you will never have a chance with him. I can’t do this anymore, Jack, I’m sorry. You’re a really good person and I love being around you. You really are one of my best friends, but I wish it could be more. And I know that you don’t feel the same way, so I’m just going to make it easy for both of us and leave.”

A stunned Jack was looking at you with a confused look on his face. The tears burning in your eyes, you made your way to the door, not caring to look back.

“Y/N, wait! You’re just going to walk out on me, just like that? Throwing away two years of an amazing friendship? Just because you’re jealous of other girls?” You were shocked by his words, not expecting them to be this harsh.

“Yes, Jack, that’s exactly what I’m doing. I knew this was a mistake…” You hissed through your teeth, slightly agitated by the way he had answered. You started walking again, further to the door, when he grabbed your wrist and turned you back around.

“I wasn’t finished yet.” He let out a sigh before continuing to talk. “I’m not allowing you to do that. You’re not going to walk out of my life just like that. There is one thing I want to make clear to you for once and for all: these girls mean nothing to me, just like I mean nothing to them. The only girl that really matters to me is you. You’re the only one that cared to look further than that guy in front of the camera. You’ve seen me at my worst, you showed me how to find myself when I needed it the most. You’ve come into my life and I seriously can’t imagine it without you. Hooking up with all of these people was just a way for me to forget about the one thing I thought I could never have: You.”

Now it was your turn to be confused. He actually felt the same way all along? You didn’t have much time to think as he came closer to lock his lips with yours. On this very moment you wished you had told him a long time ago, but none of that really mattered, as you had finally got what you wanted.


A/N: Another imagine online, whoop whoop! It’’s a rather long one, but I really hope that you all like it! My requests are open for those who want me to write one :)

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Nothing a little magic can’t fix.

How high can you count on your fingers?

How high can you count on your fingers? It seems like a question with an obvious answer. After all, most of us have ten fingers, or to be more precise, eight fingers and two thumbs. This gives us a total of ten digits on our two hands, which we use to count to ten. 

It’s no coincidence that the ten symbols we use in our modern numbering system are called digits as well. But that’s not the only way to count. In some places, it’s customary to go up to twelve on just one hand. How? Well, each finger is divided into three sections, and we have a natural pointer to indicate each one, the thumb. That gives us an easy to way to count to twelve on one hand. 

And if we want to count higher, we can use the digits on our other hand to keep track of each time we get to twelve, up to five groups of twelve, or 60.

Better yet, let’s use the sections on the second hand to count twelve groups of twelve, up to 144.

That’s a pretty big improvement, but we can go higher by finding more countable parts on each hand. For example, each finger has three sections and three creases for a total of six things to count. Now we’re up to 24 on each hand. 

And using our other hand to mark groups of 24 gets us all the way to 576. Can we go any higher? It looks like we’ve reached the limit of how many different finger parts we can count with any precision. So let’s think of something different.

One of our greatest mathematical inventions is the system of positional notation, where the placement of symbols allows for different magnitudes of value, as in the number 999. Even though the same symbol is used three times, each position indicates a different order of magnitude. So we can use positional value on our fingers to beat our previous record. Let’s forget about finger sections for a moment and look at the simplest case of having just two options per finger, up and down. This won’t allow us to represent powers of ten, but it’s perfect for the counting system that uses powers of two, otherwise known as ‘binary’. 

In binary, each position has double the value of the previous one, so we can assign our fingers values of 1, 2, 4, 8…all the way up to 512. And any positive integer, up to a certain limit, can be expressed as a sum of these numbers. For example, the number seven is 4+2+1. So we can represent it by having just these three fingers raised. How high an we go now? That would be the number with all ten fingers raised, or 1,023. Is it possible to go even higher? It depends on how dexterous you feel! If you can bend each finger just halfway, that gives us three different states -down, half bent, and raised. Now, we can count using a base-three positional system, up to 59,048. And if you can bend your fingers into four different states or more, you can get even higher. That limit is up to you, and your own flexibility and ingenuity.

Even with our fingers in just two possible states, we’re already working pretty efficiently. In fact, our computers are based on the same principle. Each microchip consists of tiny electrical switches that can be either on or off, meaning that base-two is the default way they represent numbers. And just as we can use this system to count past 1,000 using only our fingers, computers can perform billions of operations just by counting off 1’s and 0’s.

From the TED-Ed Lesson How high can you count on your fingers? (Spoiler: much higher than 10) - James Tanton

Animation by TED-Ed


Patrick Kane talks about his hat trick and the first line (x)

Keith: guys I-I’m feeling something… I think my lion is trying to talk to me
Pidge: woah
Hunk: dude omg
Lance: wtf how?????
Coran: a lion has never attempted to speak with their paladin this early!!!
Allura: Keith, listen very carefully to what your lion has to say. It could be very important.
Red lion: Keith…
Red lion: I swear to god if you don’t stop getting your ass in danger I’m going to bite you myself. Do you know how hard it is being a fucking robot lion tasked with defending the universe without me having to save your as from the cold vacuum of space every five minutes. Is it me????? Am I doing something to drive my child away??? Please tell me because I would really appreciate it if you would fucking stop it and sit down for TEN FUCKING MIN-

Hamilton's thoughts on Hamilton​.
  • Hamilton: what? Why are they using stuff dumb language?
  • Eliza: It's so others can understand it better.
  • Hamilton: what now there saying I was always writing!!
  • Angelica: you still write all the time.
  • Jefferson: *smirking* you should see what the fans say about you
  • Hamilton: I'm not dating John!
  • John: yes you were and are
  • Hamilton: ... Wait what's BurrHamlemmon *clicks*
  • Hamilton: I need to make a call...
  • *Down on earth Lin's phone rings*
  • Lin: hello who is it?
  • *10 hours later*
  • AND WHY...
  • *Too long to count*
  • But we'll done u did succeed at the task...
  • Hello?...
  • LIN!
  • Lin: *waking up* what?
  • Hamilton: were u listening?
  • Lin: burr and Jefferson just said that John, Eliza and angelica should dump u... U should talk to them..
  • *Everyone else having a a calm conversation*
  • Hamilton: *busting though door* what have you been saying about me!
  • Phillip: *whispering* he should stop falling for that trick
  • Angelica: *whispering* he won't he used to fall for in when we weren't dead

黒子のバスケ 〜扉の向こう〜 special tip-off act

Amelia (Part 1 of 3)


Pairing: Lin-Manuel x Reader

Summary: You technically met Amy first.

Note: Untitled Garbage Mystery Fic is no longer Untitled or a Mystery!

Okay, so this was initially gonna be a small thing and then it kinda got away from me so it’s a slightly less small thing? I basically needed to write something that wasn’t academic for once in my life and then this happened (with a great deal of help from @fragmentofmymind who is the greatest and listens to me every time I hit a metaphorical writing speed bump)

It’s far from the best thing I’ve ever written but I’ve had fun in this universe so far (and hope you do too). Thanks for being patient with me, my dudes. I LOVE YOU LOTS.

Word Count: 11,336 (shout out to slow burn lmao)

There’s a quiet power in wielding a camera, a strength in the ability to either capture the world in its purest truth or manipulate it into something brand new. You had learned this at a young age, stealing your grandmother’s Polaroid camera and discovering how different the image you could create would look in different types of light and more or less motion, even if you didn’t fully understand why it worked the way that it did.

It became a part of you, filling your heart with a curiosity for telling stories through images. The photo you caught of your mother as she laughed quietly to herself in the kitchen, a snapshot of your best friend right at the moment she caught you taking it, a poorly framed photo you accidentally took of yourself while trying to change the roll of film.

It was all magical to you, and it never really stopped feeling like you’d tricked the universe into allowing such beauty to exist every time you snapped a one-of-a-kind photograph.

A camera is built out of complicated technology. The mechanics of focus and aperture, f-stops and shutter speed were more than science and math to you–they were your doorway into a new world, the look of which you got to decide.

Your hands felt most comfortable when stabilizing a camera, your eye most at home behind a viewfinder, your fingers their most graceful as you pulled focus to a new subject–

“Are you even listening to me?”

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so i was going through nodding my head at the cherik-ness of this list until i saw the real slim shady and now the image of rapper!charles will not leave my mind lol

oM G

(here’s the song)


My 91 year old English great-grandmother told my half Native-half white mom recently “we thought we were better than everyone else.” She spent the last few years reading books about Natives and would not ever speak over us. You can teach an old dog new tricks. Stop making excuses.

[miraculous ladybug]: anonymous bug

a little ladrien ficlet for @fangirl-with-a-shippers-heart as a warm welcome to the fandom~

(eh. not sure if this turned out how you wanted but… I ended up just kinda taking the idea and running with it 😅)

“I’m telling you, this is a dumb idea.”

With little effort, Adrien ignores the voice coming out of his shirt’s pocket as he runs along Rue de Passy. He’s used to it by now. No matter how much Camembert he gives to appease his kwami, Plagg has proven time and time again that nothing will ever stop him from voicing his bluntly worded opinions.

Taking a left turn at an intersection, Adrien continues on as though no one had spoken. Despite the loud whirs of cars passing, his shallow huffs of air and pounding heart are the only sounds he can focus on as he dashes towards their agreed meeting place up ahead.

To avoid setting an easy pattern for the paparazzi to follow, the locations for the start of their patrols never repeat themselves more than once over a sequence of five. His Lady always had the best ideas.

“Why do I even bother with you humans?” Plagg laments to himself, sliding further down into Adrien’s pocket.

“It’s not like you ever take other people’s advice either,” Adrien hisses out of the corner of his mouth.

“It’s no wonder you were chosen for me,” the creature sighs. “Nature likes playing cruel tricks.”

“Stop being overdramatic,” he says, rolling his eyes.

“Another shared trait,” Plagg says. Yawning, he adds, “Well, good luck. It’s not like I can stop you anyways.”

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-always being his partner in class.

-“go away stiles” replied with “you love me Y/N.

-matching his sarcastic comments with equally sarcastic comments.

-"have you eaten today Y/N?”.

-stealing his flannels and him secretly loving it.

-“I just wanna hug stiles…please?”.

-him sending you mugshots of himself.

-“kiss me…*you kiss*… Again”.

-him leaving you funny voice messages when your ignoring him.

-“Loooooooove youuuuuu Y/N”.

-lots of PDA and everyone finding it cute.

-“Zip it stiles”.

-him treating you like his queen.

-“stop playing tricks on meeeeeeee”.

-him winking at you when he knows your secretly looking at him.

-“can you get me some ….uh…. Lady stuff” replied with “ohhhhhhh that’s why your cranky *laughing* of course princess”.

-always going on exciting trips to places where he thinks you’ll like.

-“stop videoing me!!!!” Replied with “but your too cute Y/N”.

-reading his favourite books and having inside jokes about them.

-“bring some spare clothes to school with you…your sleeping over”.

-treating each other to random things that each other talked about ages ago and forgot.

-“no Y/N you can’t just steal all my clothes like that”.

-him yelling your name across the hall and waving when he sees you.

-“Mmmmm you look hot today Y/N”.

-he always tucks you under the covers and pinning you down when your grumpy.

-“marry me?” Replied with “no stiles were too young….wait a few years”.

-doing impressions of each other to make the pack laugh.

-“you make me so happy”.

-him opening up to you and only you.

-“I can’t sleep” replied with “it’s okay I’m coming over right now”.

-he’ll print if any photos that you take together because you make each other so happy.

-“stop making me laugh!!!”.

-constantly being asked to go over his house.

-“thank you mr.stillinski,see you tomorrow”.

-sleeping over each others house because your parents love him and mr.stillinski loves you .

-“does this look okay?” Replied with"I think you’d look better with no clothes on at all" replied with “shut up stiles!”.

-doing movie marathons and him making you watch Star Wars even though you secretly hate it.

-“1…2…3… I swear to god if you don’t come give me a kiss by 5 your gonna get it”.

-fighting over stupid little things but then ending up with stiles fussing over you making sure your okay.

fersaurio  asked:

Can I make a request? How about an MC+RFA+V+SAERAN going for the first time to ice-skating? It's okay if you can't answer it. BTW I LIKE YOUR BLOG!!! ≥3≤ ≧∇≦

You do? WOW i feel happy now! This request is a good one, thank you! And i put some gifs in there…Sorry, but…I couldn’t help it! 

I HOPE YOU LIKE IT (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧


  • “This will be so good M–”
  • He already falls.
  • He says he’s fine…While his nose is bleeding…
  • “Yoosung…Your nose is…Bleeding!”
  • “W-WHAT?” And he goes running to the bathroom…But he forgets he’s trying to run…ON ICE
  • He falls again
  • You two get out of the skating rink slowly
  • You take care of him ~
  • But after some time…HE’S ENCOURAGED AGAIN!
  • He’s a man! He can do this!
  • So HERE WE GO!
  • He’s calm, he knows the secret!
  • He’ll not fall again!
  • 10 seconds later.
  • Ok , gives up.
  • He’ll be watching you and all your grace!
  • He’ll practice this…Alone!
  • After 1 week he’ll call you again, but this time, you’re so surprised!
  • He wants to spin with you or something…But he’s scared that he might hurt you.. .
  • But he’ll never tell you what he did this week…
  • His training will be secret!
  • You’ll think this is a natural ability!
  • But he still falls sometimes…


  • “Don’t you think i’ll look good on ice?”
  • “Of course, Elza”
  • He’s prepared, he’ll be flawless here.
  • And this is so romantic!
  • He falls.
  • Why? Because he thinks it’s “easy”
  • He’s so embarrassed by it…But now he feels inspired.
  • He’ll make those people love him and don’t laugh about it
  • He’ll make you proud!
  • And when Zen’s determined, he’ll make everything
  • He’s  a fast learner.
  • He’s trying his hard and you’re like…Calm.
  • After some minutes he looks like a pro, he looks like a dream!
  • He even hit his hair in some people face by accident, but those people feel blessed by it!
  • Sometimes he holds your hand and goes skating with you, sometimes he lifts you, not so much because he hates when people look to you.
  • When you start to skating a little more, with a little more practice, he’s just looking, admiring you.
  • After seeing you like that, he hugs you tightly “Honey…Let’s get out of here…Or this ice will melt!”
  • He’ll lie on the ice, he cannot let the beast come out of this place!


  • She’s not sure of it…But if this is calming she’ll go.
  • Jaehee isn’t in a hurry.
  • And she’ll advise you so you don’t have to.
  • You two will train separately sometimes, sometimes together holding hands.
  • Her energy is just too relaxing, she got this.
  • And you too.
  • Jaehee is a fast learner, so she’ll learn faster than you.
  • But she’ll  help you, you can count on that!
  • After some time, you two are skating together, smiling, making everybody be jealous!
  • Jaehee liked it!
  • This’ll be a new activity for both of you!
  • You two only will get better and better at it!
  • This is relaxing, and this time she spends with you…
  • She wouldn’t trade for anything.


  • He already saw a show of this peculiar thing
  • He’s not happy with going with you…But he’ll go.
  • He demands guards that can skate by the way.
  • He hates how you two got a lot of attention when you go there for the first time, you two didn’t even skate because of that.
  • So he pays for a day at the skating rink, only for you.
  • He’ll be calm about skating.
  • You can be a little faster than him because he’ll be veeery slow.
  • He needs to know his enemy.
  • When he realizes that he’ll not be so good at it alone, he’ll hire a coach.
  • He’ll help you and Jumin out, but if this man touches you even for a little help, he’ll cut his hands.
  • So, when he’s feeling confident about it, he’ll start to ice skating with you.
  • He’ll like to lift you, or hugs you, or just skating while he’s holding your hands.
  • He’ll treasure all these moments, and by the way, he’ll buy you some clothes, he saw some on that show, you can try it!
  • You’ll be beautiful!
  • He tries to put Elizabeth on the skating rink for her to learn too, she scratches him.
  • He’ll have to hire a coach for her now.


  • He’s so happy about it!
  • And he’ll be flawless about it too!
  • He’ll drag you, he’ll lift you, smiling and laughing!
  • He’ll spin with you.
  • You’re so dizzy now, but you’ll not fall!
  • He’ll always catch you, he can be so away from you, but he’ll always come in time!
  • “Maybe i should let you fall, love?You know BREAK THE ICE?!” 
  • You start to skate away from him
  • He goes near you “PLEASE LOVE…!I’ll be slower! I’ll have calm!” 
  • You’re still angry, he holds your hand, “You can be my Yuuri, i’ll be your Viktor” You smile and nod at him.
  • Now you two will go together, holding hands.
  • He’ll give you some kisses sometimes, but he’ll always look at you
  • Wondering…What he did to deserve you?


  • Well, you’ll be his support.
  • He’ll be always holding your hand, and you’ll be very calm with him.
  • Everybody in that skating rink will understand his debilitations and will find you two too cute!
  • If you need help, people will help you!
  • V always says that he’s fine, but you know when he needs helps.
  • You two will be skating together the rest of the day.
  • He liked it! He wants to go back!
  • So both of you will go to the ice skating together. Always as a duo.
  • He’s pretty good at it now, he has more balance, you’re really proud…
  • And you too, you’re good at it too!
  • He can’t thank you enough for your patience…Really.
  • He’ll never let go of your hand.


  • He just came because you promised to give him ice cream after this!
  • And if you think he’ll fall, you’re wrong!
  • He’ll be soooooo slow, very…very slow…
  • Like this
  • Imagine, Saeran, like that, with his grumpy face like that
  • People will not laugh at him, they’re too scared.
  • You’ll try it too, sometimes you fell and he’s so worried, but after that he’s just “SEE, DO IT LIKE ME, SLOWLY”
  • He’ll be slow for the rest of his life.
  • “Saeran, you’re not the punk? You’re not the badass?”
  • “Of course!”
  • “Then…Do a trick!Stop being a coward!”
  • He’s angry.
  • “OK”
  • This is his trick…
  • You sigh.
  • “If you can catch me, i’ll give you, even more, ice cream!”
  • You laugh, he’s so slow, he’ll never catch you…
  • You can’t even think, he jumps on you, looking at your eyes
  • “Guess who will give me more ice cream?!”
  • This kid needs it, a motivation.
  • But he’ll never come back again, give him his ice cream.
  • When he starts to eat all those ice cream, while you were with a grumpy face and your pockets empty, he’s thinking…
  • That was worth it.
  • Lelouch: I'm going to cheat, Suzaku, and tell you that the probability of me returning your feelings is a rare 100%. You have absolutely nothing to lose by taking a gamble on me.
  • Suzaku: You rigged the outcome, didn't you?
  • Lelouch: Even I can't trick matters of the heart. You're just lucky.
  • Suzaku: *kisses a very-willing Lelouch* JACKPOT!
My younger sister just asked me who my least favorite power ranger is ...

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