stop touching each other it makes me jealous


Summary: You know the thing Jungkook does with his tongue when he gets jealous.
Word Count: 739
Genre: Angst, smut (very implied)
A/N: First fic that has at least a bit of smut in it, yikes, how do people manage to write smut, I admire you tbh…. I wrote this in like 30 minutes rip.

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Stay Here

Pairing: EXO Jongdae (Chen) X Reader

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 1,068

47: “You’re cute when you’re angry.”

77: “Are you jealous?”

79: “Stop hogging all the blankets!”

98: “Don’t touch me.”

143: “Just how stupid do you think I am?”

send me a number + an idol

A/N damn fitting five prompts into one scenario was more difficult than I thought lol


It was clear Jongdae and you were going to become more than friends. You’d known each other for a while, constantly throwing flirtatious comments and teases back and forth between each other. Both your feelings were obvious. Your relationship was built up over sarcasm, jokes and making fun of one another; you were rarely serious.

Jongdae’s friends always teased the both of you about it, asking over and over when you’d finally get together. While you’d both turn away in flustered, embarrassed messes, you couldn’t help but wonder the answer to the question. Was Jongdae going to make a move? Or did it depend on you? You couldn’t help but think about it all the time.

The two of you had frequent movie nights, taking it in turns on where you’d spend it. Today, it was Jongdae’s turn to host the occasion. You’d walked over to his apartment, carrying a bag full of snacks which you’d bought along the way.

It had been a humid summer’s night, thick with heat. It wasn’t a short trip, the walk taking about 40 minutes, but you didn’t mind. You enjoyed strolling through the city while it was quieter. You’d been so hot when you’d arrived, Jongdae had supplied you with one of his own t-shirts so you could change out of your uncomfortably warm jacket.

You’d built a sort of fort on the sofa – blankets and cushions splayed all round the living room. It looked childish; Jongdae’s energy never failed to bring out your playful side. You were nearing the end of ‘Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire’, a bowl of popcorn in your lap and legs tangled with Jongdae’s.

“You know,” you began, “I can’t help but find Draco Malfoy pretty attractive,” you commented.

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Polyamorous KiriBakuDeku headcanons:

-Kirishima and Midoriya were utterly in love with Bakugou before the relationship started and the damn kid knew it. He was there, provoking them just because he really enjoyed to have those two back on his heels… But then they started spending time together and what the fuck? They started to fall for each other too and began to make out instead of fantasizing about him and Bakugou was not amused.

-Bakugou likes to think that he’s the center of “the thing” and because of this, Kirishima and Midoriya are there, just and only for him. He’s too prideful to think otherwise and despite Midoriya tries to tell him that he and Kirishima love each other too, Kirishima just let this go because “It’s fine, he’s happy like this!”

-Kirishima and Midoriya are in first name basis; they call the other “Eiji” and “Izuku” and Bakugou doesn’t know when the fuck that happened.

-The two of them are cinnamon rolls and are all loveydovey when the three of them go out on dates and Bakugou sometimes is like “You two are fucking gay” and sometimes is more like “STOP KISSING EACH OTHER AND KISS ME”.

-When Bakugou is irritated, they go and hug him and they begin to tell him how amazing he is just because they know that makes Bakugou happy again (and he let them be affectionate with him so, yey!)

-Bakugou is possessive as fuck with the two of them and becomes jealous easily when Kirishima wants to kiss Midoriya or Midoriya wants to touch Kirishima. Just because he wants to be the center of their whole attention.

-Midoriya is the cutest when he confess to them that he loves his two boyfriends and Kirishima can’t stand that because “Ahh Izuku is so cute ♡” and Bakugo turns all red and is like “Stupid and cute Deku!”

-One time Midoriya and Kirishima told Bakugou that “We are been talking about this and decided that we want to be just the two of us” as a joke, because they were a little tired about his centered behavior. They were almost killed by an agressive and mostly sad Bakugou.

-When Kirishima is sad, Midoriya becomes to be sad too (he doesn’t know why, but he hates see Eiji like that), so Bakugou hugs them both tightly and begins to be protective and a little soft with them.

-Sometimes Midoriya and Bakugou start to argue about silly things because they’re really different and they find difficult to understand the other. Bakugou has little patience and Midoriya becomes nervous because he can’t reach Bakugou with his words, but then Kirishima hold their hands in a tender way and starts to talk with them in a soft voice and fixes the situation nobody knows how. Kirishima is amazing.

-They had no way to know before, but in fact they’re really happy staying the three of them in a relationship like that, because Bakugou and Midoriya couldn’t resolve their feelings for each other until Kirishima entered their lives and helped them. They love Kirishima so much they wouldn’t know what to do without him. And Kirishima finds himself to attached to that adorable duo.

-Plus, keep in mind KiriBakuDeku sex sessions.

Dating the stark children would include:


- he learns you how to swing the sword *cough cough both ways*
- kissing under the snow
- he can’t stop talking about you
- being protected by Grey wind
- being covered from gift (he offered you one of lyanna’s favorite necklace)
- he calls you “my beautiful queen”
- catelyn hates you


- long walk talking about life
- she has only one word to the mouth “wedding”
- fighting in tournament to impress her
- stealing some lemon cake in the kitchen to please her
- she hold you close everytime she is sad or after an argument
- matching clothes
- arya hates you
- being invited to eat with ned ( and what an honnor)


- she insults you very often
- getting mad when you beat her at horse race
- whispering to each other about the guests during feast
- travel anonymously around westeros
- sansa finds you stupid
- night escape on horses
- you are the only one who contain this girl
- wild kiss + bite your lips


- order hodor to protect you in first place
- all his body is cold except his lips when he kiss you
- try to write poems for you
- always apologizing
- meera hates you
- you feel when he is bad as he does for you
- he loves your hair can’t stop touching them
- Summer listen to you
- sleeping holding each other hand


- hiding in the crypt of winterfell
- you are the only one who can approach shaggydog
- making stupid jokes to each other
- osha hates you
- he learns you how to whistle with two fingers
- after an argument you are able not to talk to one an other during one week
- he sings à lot and has à very nice voice
- tickling you when you are mad

Bonus Jon “ you are a stark to me”

- kissing on the forehead
- jealous of every man who dare talk to you
- he is able to kill twenty man on his own to protect you
- robb is your bestfriend but god you hate theon
- making love as well in the middle of the forest than in a luxuous bed
- he calls you my lady even if you are not highborn
- you are the only de who can make him smile
- always ask your opinion before taking à decision

AU Masterlist

Wake Up - What if Jude had been in the car crash?

I’m a Goner - Connor Stevens is infamous at Anchor Beach. Usually partying, screwing over girls, and rarely seen in class. He has no friends and never lets anyone in, until the school gets new vice principal and Jude Adams Foster enters his life.

Definitely Not A Cliché High School Love Story - Connor Stevens enjoys his junior year at Anchor Beach, when one day, he gets paired up on a biology project with the weird hipster kid, Jude Adams Foster. They piss each other off, but feel drawn to each other, so they slowly start developing a relationship.

You Touched Me And Suddenly I Was A Lilac Sky - 17 year olds Jude and Connor meet by chance at Coachella, all because of a flower crown.

Are You For Real? - “Now all he can hear is screaming and he just wants it to stop, he wants everything to stop. The voices slowly fade and he starts to think he’s safe, but safe from what?” Sense8 AU

Jude’s The Man - Connor wants Taylor, who likes Hayden [Jude’s twin brother], who is really Jude, whose brother, Hayden, is dating Daria, so Daria hates Taylor, who’s dating Connor to make Hayden jealous, who is really Jude, who’s crushing on Connor, who thinks he’s straight.

Never Say Goodbye - After seeing Connor for the first time in years, Jude decides to break his years long silence and plunge headfirst into a relationship with his best friend. The course of true love never did run smooth, however, and the life of an Adams-Foster is never without a touch of chaos. When devastating news comes to Jude and Connor once more, there’s nothing they can do to resist fate.

Baby Steps - After a car accident, Jude is unsure if he’ll ever walk again, but while he’s in physical therapy, he may as well request that Connor, a cute volunteer, to help him.

We Found Love

Pairing: 1940s!Bucky Barnes x Reader

Prompt: If you don’t mind, can you write about how the reader is in love with bucky and got into an arranged marriage with him? At first he hates her for ruining his life and treats her bad, but something happens and he gets jealous and starts to develop feelings for her, happy ending please. I have been wanting to read this type of imagine about bucky (@iamshe-95)

Warning(s): There’s more angst than there is fluff… Oops. (I’m thinking it’ll need a part 2, because yes…)

A clear glass finds it’s way to my lips, only to have burning liquid course through my veins moments later. The feeling of disappointment and hate refusing to go away, even after completing this act several times before. I look to the gold and silver ring around my finger, wondering if my parents had the right idea long ago. 

Sighing, I find myself looking from the now heavy weighted band to the handsome brunette across the bar, watching him flirt with another dame. All of my muscles tense, the feeling of jealousy taking it’s turn. My heart tells me to keep watching, wanting to go over and ruin his night, while my head fights to do the opposite and keep drinking by my lonesome. 

“I will rise above,” I whisper, reminding myself that I’m just another body to him, no matter how much it hurts. Or, how much the ring emphasizes that we’re more, despite it only being that way on a technicality. 

The bar tender walks up to me, his eyes making quick glances from my empty shot glass to me. I nod, understanding what he’s asking. He pulls out a bottle containing clear liquid and pours it. 

“What’s the matter, doll?” he asks, setting the bottle down in plain sight. 

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Home is where you’re happy (1/?) Harry/Louis/Nick

Here is some fucked up Harry/Nick/Louis (sort of) fic that I wrote in an email today for one of my best friends who needed a distraction. I don’t even know what this is, but she wanted fucked up Harry and Nick and Louis, so here’s some of that. I haven’t written anything in what seems like forever, so that’s also a massive win. 

Home Is Where You’re Happy (~2,300 words)

Harry/Nick, Harry/Louis, Louis/Nick, Harry/Louis/Nick

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