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Commissioned the fabulously amazingly wonderful @laskulls and honestly? I could not be happier??


Imagine your OTP- Things I've said to my SO
  • "Why the fuck are there three different rolls of paper towels??"
  • "Do we need lessons on how ziplock bags work?"
  • "Taking off my clothes takes effort. I'm sleeping on the futon."
  • "At what point if any did it cross your mind that this might be a bad idea?"
  • "Wake me up if you want something!! Seriously! Sleepy sex is awesome!"
  • "Please kill it. Preferably with fire."
  • "See, this is why we're together. No one else could handle our terrible puns."
  • "I love you. but I swear to you if you keep leaving lunch containers in the sink without putting soapy water in them I will kill you slowly."
  • "Dude, we're old... your brother just left with a 24-pack of bud ready to party, and we're sitting in front of the TV with Netflix and fancy cheese."
  • "These potatoes in the fridge are starting to flower... can I toss them?"
  • "Sleep is for those that haven't been struck with inspiration."
  • "I'll sleep when I'm dead."
  • "Sweetie, I appreciate the thought, but I meant A 50c PACKAGE of reeses, I didn't need the whole candy aisle."
  • "Goddamn it why are you so sweet."
  • "I just got out from babysitting and I am having my tubes tied immediately."
  • "Let me rephrase, I'm getting mongolian. if you'd like, you can come along, but if not, that's cool too. but I want mongolian."
  • "You bought WHAT for HOW MUCH?"
  • "I love your mother, but I almost reached across the table and wrapped my hands around her throat."
  • "Why do we even NEED more bass?"
  • "You may want to hide the alcohol because I may die from how much and how badly I want to drink right now."
  • "Aaaack that freaks me out when you do that!!"
  • "Everything hurts and I'm dying, but I'm not pregnant this month so that's nice."

Help. I just can’t stop drawing him. How to stop loving this stuff? It’s impossible, I know :”) 
Just a few doodles that I was drawing a week ago. Geez, I really thought I’d make them in digital.. Uh, well, whatever :D Maybe. One day. Not now. Need more pencil doodles and fluff stuff. 

Can’t stop adoring the way Buster could interact with Rosita’s children, it’s too adorable. Especially love the way they make him laugh. Really need more this in my life *____* My personal fetish, can’t help it.

Okay, I’m done now :D 
Hope you like it ^^ 

She’s stubborn and hard headed but god knows I love her. There’s days when she’s grumpy for no apparent reason other than the fact that she’s grumpy. When she’s sick, she’s helpless and all you can really do is hold her in your arms and comfort her till she falls asleep. There’s days when she’ll complain about everything like the weather, people, music, or even you and you’ll just have to deal with it. She’ll complain about the room being too hot, to only result in closing the windows in the middle of the night because she’s too cold. There are days when she shuts the world out, she’ll ignore everyone because she just wants to sit in silence. Sometimes, she’ll claim she can eat an entire cow because that’s just how hungry she is. So we’ll make dinner plans and I’ll pick her up just to have her say, “I ate already, I was too hungry but I’ll still eat a little something.” There are days when she suffocates me with love. She’ll kiss and kiss and kiss, till I beg her to stop. She’ll tickle me until my insides hurt and hold my hand till it’s sweaty. There are days when she’ll claim every part of my body with her lips. And there are days when she’ll need her space and I’ll have to pull a chair up alongside the bed because she just needs her own space. There are days when her hair is messy and all over the place. Days when she’ll cry and you don’t know why but you won’t ask you’ll just let her cry. Days when she’s nervous and jumpy about everything. Days when she yells at me for no reason just to apologize two seconds later. Days when she’s a pain in the ass and pushes my buttons just to settle it with kisses. Days when I’m listening to my favorite song and she’ll talk over it because talking is more important than music. There are days when I need her to make decisions, to do the littlest things like pick a place to eat. She’ll refuse and say “I don’t know” until I give up and decide myself. Sometimes she’ll swear like a sailor and make jokes during times when she should probably be serious. There are days when it’s 3 in the morning and she won’t let me sleep and days when she’s too tired and fast asleep by 10pm. Sometimes she’s clumsy and sometimes she’s a walking contradiction; but she is everything I’ve ever wanted. I’d do everything to have her bad days, her grumpy days, her “I need space days,” her love me days, her laughing days, her clumsy days, and her happy days, because she is everything I’ve ever wanted and I wouldn’t dare trade her for anything in this world.
—  This probably means I love you
Same Time Tomorrow? - Seth Rollins x Reader

Request by @heavenlytheshield - hope you enjoy it!

Summary:- You are in NXT and have been training extra hard. One night, you accidentally let ‘daddy’ slip while Seth is playfully tickling you. You get up and run away, going into the showers - but Seth follows you in there. 

Warnings:- Smut, Swearing, Daddy Kink

Word Count- 1,304

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Writing is Hard, Pt. 2: Description

Summary: Dean wants to write a second story.

Read Part 1

Warning: Smut, dirty talk, use of a vibrator, all kinds of fan fiction clichés

Word Count: 4000ish

A/N: This is all written with love for fan fic. I’m teasing, not putting it down in any way. Hope you enjoy! XOXO

Your laptop is screaming at you from its spot on the motel table.

You ignore it.

It’s not like you’ve been waiting all day to check it. It’s not like you were impatiently stomping around as you folded clothes with Sam and Dean in the laundromat, as they took their sweet time at the grocery, as Dean dragged you to some fucking hardware store because he needed a specific type of wrench (the six identical wrenches he already owns just aren’t enough).

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fuck-it2017  asked:

Can I make a request? If so, can I request a imagine of Stan being super fluffy with his girlfriend?

Sure thing hun!

“No, babe, don’t do that” Stan laughed in between words as you attempted to braid his curls.

The warm morning light peaked through the blinds of the Uris house and reflected onto the two teens on the sofa, laughing so hard that they were out of breath. You crawled upwards Stan’s legs and was now sat with knees on either side of his torso trying your hardest to reach his hair. Different shades of soft orange filled the living room with small particles of dust floating through the air. Blankets and pillows were spread lazily across the couch that the two were now on boarder line wrestling on.

Your tongue was poking out at the side of your mouth and your eyebrows were knitted as you tried your best to get your hands on his hair which didn’t go to well on your part as Stan grabbed your shoulders and flipped you two over. Suddenly his fingers were attacking your sides in a (if you were to say so yourself) very unfair and mercy less tickle fit. You squirmed from underneath him and giggled wildly when he moved up to tickle your neck as you begged for mercy between fits of laughter.
The night before that you and Stan had decided to have a sleepover at his place since his parents were out of town for the weekend and with all that was happening with IT he refused to stay at home alone. As expected you agreed happily and packed your stuff in your backpack, and of you went.
“Okay, okay, I’ll stop. IF you stop trying to braid my hair.” Stan proposed as he smiled through every word.

“Fine” you were still being tickled which made it pretty hard to breath “FINE URIS” and at that he stopped. With a shit eating grin he plopped down beside you on the sofa and pulled you close. You were still out of breath but you still cuddled into Stan’s side.

“Are you sure you’re okay? You sound like you’ve just run a marathon and a half.” Stan says with a slight chuckle as you look at him with a slight pout on your lips.

“No, because my bully of a boyfriend didn’t stop tickling me.” You put your finger on his chest with a playful smile on your lips.

You poked just above his heart and looked up into his eyes, the orange glow reflected on his chocolate brown eyes that now looked warmer than usual. You trailed your finger upwards on his neck and the contours of his jaw and up behind his ear. Then your hand started running through his curly locks, while still looking into his soft eyes.

When you laid in Stan’s arms all you could feel was at home, with his arm slung around your waist and his steady heartbeat sounding throughout your ears a sense of comfort spread within yourself. This might be one of your personal favorite things to do with Stanley, legs tangled together and your body pressed against his in a very innocent manner. God you loved him.

A small yawn left his lips as you continued to play with his hair and soon enough he was starting to doze of but just as he was about to close his eyes he pulled you closer and snuggled into you a little more. His body heat was radiating onto you and it was becoming harder and harder to keep your eyelids from closing you decided that even if it was 8 in the morning a little nap couldn’t hurt, right? And at that you fell asleep along with Stanley.


You groggily balled your hands into fists and rubbed over your eyes with a slight groan as you shifted a little to find that you were now alone and the pillows and blankets that was previously carelessly thrown over the sofa and the floor were now neatly placed onto the couch and your popcorn bowl from last night was not in the living room table anymore. The blinds were not drawn and the clear, blue sky could be seen as the bright sun shone and spread light into the room.

You sat up and pushed yourself of the couch with a slight huff as a lock of your hair fell in your face. The wooden floor was cold against your bare feet but you walked towards the kitchen anyway just to find Stanley pouring cereal into your bowls that were already filled with milk. Leaning against the door frame you watched as Stan hummed along to ‘Everybody wants to rule the world’ which was played on the radio that he probably turned on just to keep himself company. Then he turned around with the bowls in hand and he almost tripped over his own feet when he saw you slightly smirking with a little lock of hair hanging in front of your face.

After Stan’s little jump scare he gently put the cereal onto the dining table and walked over to you. His sleepy form walked over to you, gently he ran his hand through your hair and pulled you into a warm hug. You gladly accepted and put your arms around his waist an placed your head in the crook of his neck. Stan started to run his hands up and down your back.

The kitchen window was letting light in and it softly captured the scene of you two standing together in the Uris’ house just enjoying the moment.

“Babe, I want breakfast we can cuddle later.” You said slightly muffled since your cheek was still pressed against his neck.

“Way to ruin the moment Y/N” Stan bickered but you just laughed as he pulled away. He rustled his hand through your hair with a small smile playing on his lips.

“Yeah, but you love me” you mocked dragging out the o in love while leaning upwards so that you were all up in his face while resting your armes around his neck loosely.

“Unfortunately so” Stan almost whispered while leaning downwards to press his lips against yours lightly. The kiss was a little bit longer than usual but none of the losers or your parents were the to catch the two of you.

“Come on let’s eat some breakfast”


The day was spent along with the losers at the arcade playing various games and actually beating Richie once at pack man which soon was followed by a string of curse words on the boy’s side.

The day was absolutely perfect, no run ins with Bowers, no sign of IT or anything else that could make it bad. As you and Stan rode your bikes towards your house since he insisted on keeping you company on your way home, all you could feel was the joy inside of your body. It rushed through you almost like adrenaline but in a lot more pleasant way, like a slight buzz.

With Stanley by your side, you could feel nothing but but but love and safety. With your friends by your side all you could feel was courage, and a bond that couldn’t be broken. With all of you gathered, you were truly unstoppable.


Sorry that this wasn’t that long, I don’t write fluff that much so this was pretty new to me!

See ya!

The Home

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Request:  can you do a platonic avengers fic where the reader is 15 and she gets put into care but she doesn’t let the other avengers find out (she’s never lived w the avengers) but when peter visits the orphanage (with his school for like work experience/charity work or something like that) he finds her and then idk what could happen next u decide lmao thank you!!

Pairing: Tony x Dad!reader, Peter Parker x reader

Word Count: 2,596

Genre: fluff

Notes: the reader has powers very similar to kitty pride! This morphed into a Tony fic without me actually realizing it? Anyways I hope you like it:)

“Are you sure you don’t want to stay for dinner kid?” Tony asks as you both stand next to the front doors of the stark towers.

“Yeah, I’m sure. Thanks for the offer though!” You say feigning cheerfulness. Tony ruffles your hair one more time and says goodbye, before leaving you in the lobby by yourself.

You exit the building and get fully around the block before letting you happy facade drop. Suddenly the weight of the world was back onto your shoulders and you sluggishly made your way to the place you have called home for the last two months. Your parents were never the greatest people, your father was addicted to gambling and your mother found her happy ending at the bottom of a bottle, leaving you in an unhealthy and unstable environment. You found your silver lining in the Avengers Initiative, you had been dropped on their radar when you saved a little girl from getting hit by a bus almost a year ago now. The buses brakes went out and it had no way of stopping. Without thinking you ran to her and pulled her to you tightly as to lessen the blow on her but you somehow phase through the blow and the bus runs through the both of you without causing any injuries. Obviously there was people who recorded it without actually helping and the video went viral.

Within a week of the video being released, you came home to a Mr. Tony Stark sitting on your ragged couch. Thankfully your mother wasn’t home yet from her latest bender and and Stark were making polite conversation. That night he offered you a spot in the program and you accepted quickly before your father had time to ask any questions and you were soon swooped into the world of the avengers. You had the best team you could ever dream of, you thought joining the team would be an intimidating and scary thing but they were so accepting of you. You spent most of your time in the labs with Tony and Bruce as they studied your mutation but you spent your free time in the gym with Steve and Nat, sometime Sam and Bucky would stop by and you’d hang with them as well. You would go to school and go directly to the tower afterwards and stay as long as you possibly could before heading home, but that was before the accident.

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My brother’s best friend 4 || D.H.

A/N: I hope this turned out alright. There is not much action/ drama but it’s still cute  (I hope so at least). This is the last part.

Word Count: 1.4K

3rd and first perspective


Originally posted by shinyphan

A short silence followed. The two of them just breathed into the phone.

“What do you mean ‘she is not at my place’?” Phil eventually asked his best friend, trying to remain calm.

“Well, she just isn’t. Why is she not at home?” Dan wanted to know, confusion noticeable in his voice.

“I don’t know, okay? I thought she’d be at yours. Do you think she just left?” Phil was by now enormously worried and Dan could tell.

“Let’s find her.”

After Phil had hung up he immediately called his sister. It rang a few times and then it went to voice mail. He didn’t leave a message instead he just tried to ring her again. Once again no luck.

Y/N would have probably picked up if she weren’t cuddled up on the sofa in her best friend’s living room. The two of them always have girl’s nights whenever one of them feels down. So they watched a Zac Efron movie while eating ice cream at nearly 1 am. Shortly before they turned on the TV, Y/N told Sam everything that had happened and she ensured her that the whole dating Dan thing will surely work out in the end. Meanwhile her phone was in her bag in Sam’s room, out of reach and unable to hear.

“Dan, I called her like 5 times and she didn’t pick up!”

Phil didn’t have the time to even say hello. His sister had never done something like that before.

“Okay, I’ll be at your house in 10 minutes.”

Just like Sam earlier that night, Dan came to rescue his best friend. Phil was already waiting in the drive way although it was freezing outside. He immediately jumped into the car when it arrived.

“We should drive through the neighbourhood.” Phil suggested, again without greeting his best friend, there wasn’t enough time for that.

So Dan started driving while Phil hectically stared out of the window and got excited whenever he thought to see somebody move in the dark, but the shadows he saw were just cats.

“This is all your fault” Phil mumbled and Dan couldn’t believe his ears.

“What?! I just kissed her.”

“I know.” Phil breathed in frustration. “It’s not your fault at all.” He then added sounding devastated.

It was silent again in the car, both of them weren’t in the mood to listen to music in a situation like this.

“I’m sorry.”

Phil’s voice was so quiet that it was barely audible.

“I was way too rude to you and Y/N. I don’t know why I overreacted like that.” he admitted and could feel a little part of the weight on his shoulders vanish.

“She’s your little sister it’s completely normal to feel the need to protect her.” Dan tried to cheer his best friend up, he was just glad that he was insightful.

“I think I was just shocked to see you two like that. I know that you are not a bad guy but I- I still got so angry at you. I thought you were just sneaking around with her behind my back for fun, but I noticed that she means a lot to you.” Phil couldn’t stop explaining himself and apologizing.

It was all his fault that they had to drive through the whole neighbourhood to search for his sister and he knew that and it crushed him. At first, he thought Dan was the bad guy in this story, but it was actually him. The awareness of that put his stomach in a twist and he fiddled with his hands out of worry.

“Phil, I really like Y/N.” Dan calmly declared and he meant it.

“I know.”

“I should have told you about my feelings for her earlier.”

“I shouldn’t have freaked out.”

After driving around the block for more than half an hour Phil had nearly lost all his hope. He leaned his head against the cold class of the car window. His eyes still didn’t leave the pavement.

“Dan?” Phil asked carefully.

“Yes?” his best friend answered. One could tell that Dan was curious by now.

“When you and my sister start dating, promise me to not forget about me.”

At first, Dan thought he was joking but he realized that Phil was being serious.

“Phiiilll, why would we ever do that?”

“I don’t know, I’m gonna be the third wheel and you two will only hang out with each other. Without me.”

Phil was afraid to finally put his fear into words. It was true, he was afraid of losing both his sister and his best friend and they were the two most important people in his life.

“Nothing is gonna change, we could just hang out together. It’s not like we are just gonna forget you, Phil.”

Phil took a deep breath and felt that he had calmed down a bit now and he felt a lot lighter.

“Do you think we should give up and drive-“ before he was able to finish his sentence he got interrupted by the sound of his phone ringing. It was so loud that it nearly made him jump.

“Hello!” he nearly shouted when he saw the caller ID and immediately picked up.

“Hi, why are you not sleeping?” Y/n asked she sounded confused and tired.

“Sleeping? How am I supposed to sleep when you just ran away?”

“Ran away? I am at Sam’s house.”

Sam’s house. Of course! Phil felt stupid for not thinking about that earlier, she’d always go there for girl’s nights.

“I was so worried about you.” Phil admitted instead of being angry at her. He had already caused enough trouble today and it was not her fault for needing a nice chat with her best friend after all the horrible things he had said.

Phil and I had a long talk after all that happened that night. He sincerely apologized for the way he acted and we went back to normal.

*5 months later*

“Prepare to lose Howell!” I shouted as I pressed play on my controller and started the game.

We were sat in the living room in front of the TV and played video games. At first Dan, Phil and I all played against each other and the best two got into the finale. Dan wasn’t wrong when he said that I’m better at this game than my brother.

“Never in a million years, Little Lester.”

I rolled my eyes at the nickname but had to grin like a fool anyway.

After a few minutes, it turned out that I was clearly the better player.

“I will never understand how you can be so good at this?” Dan sighed, annoyed that he was going to bitterly lose against me.

“Well, I had the best teacher.” I explained while high fiving my elder brother.

Phil had a huge smile on his face while Dan fake pouted.

“I wouldn’t be that confident of your victory, baby.”

“You are so far behind, it is nearly impossible for you to win.” I grinned amused.

“I wouldn’t be so sure about that either.” Dan said with a smirk and I knew something was off.

In the matter of a second he had taken the controller out of my hand and started tickling me with his huge hands.

I immediately started laughing so hard that I didn’t make a sound anymore. I tried to push him away from me put he had lifted me onto his lap and wouldn’t let go no matter how hard I kicked him with my feet.

“ST-OP” I manged to croak in between heavy breaths in desperate need of air.

“Say I am the best boyfriend in the world and also the best at any video game.” Dan suggested grinning widely. He stopped tickling me for a second so I could take a breath.

I shook my head no, teasing him.

Dan immediately attacked me with his large hands again, tickling my sides. I squirmed under his touch and felt how my face got red because of the lack of oxygen.

“OKAy! I- I’ll say it. Anything just please stop!” I squealed, giving in.

Dan seemed satisfied and actually stopped. “Let me hear it then.” He said cockily.

“I am the best boyfriend in the world and also the best at any video game.” I giggled and Phil who had to witness the whole scene started cracking up.

“Dad jokes? Really, Y/N?” Dan sighed annoyed but he was still smiling.

“Don’t act like you don’t love them, Dan.” I chuckled proud of myself.

“I really do love you.”

I couldn’t help but blush at his words. He was just too cheesy and cute.

We both leaned in for a kiss. Our lips met. They slowly moved against each other. I ran my hands though his brown hair as his tongue brushed my –

“GUYS! Not when I am here.” Phil complained and acted like he had to cover his eyes.

anonymous asked:

Malec and Jace + "Alec! Stay still please"

Alec really tries, he does, but it’s only a few seconds before he’s squirming again, barely containing the breathy laugh threatening to escape him.

“Alec, stay still, please!“ Jace says for the third time, camera in his hand, and Izzy stands next to him, not hiding her amusement in the slightest. Alec turns to his husband (husband, Magnus is his husband, they just got married, holy shit) with an unimpressed gaze, but it takes only a few moments of looking at Magnus’ smiling face for Alec to smile as well. 

“If you don’t stop tickling me, we’ll never leave this exact spot,“ Alec whispers.

“Would that be so bad?“

“I guess not,“ Alec says after a moment. “I’d be here with you.“

Magnus’ face shifts just slightly, a deeper emotion surfacing over the amusement, and Alec kisses him softly before saying, “But I really want to get Jace off my back, so please let him take the picture.”

Magnus laughs and nods, and they both turn to Jace, this time staying still and smiling, and Jace finally snaps the photo. Izzy gives them a thumbs up from behind Jace, and when Jace shows them the picture, Alec can’t help the grin that spreads across his face. It’s perfect, from the golden light of the sunset, their smiles and suits, to the Institute in the background. 

“All right, everyone, time to take pictures with the grooms, who’s first?“ Izzy yells into the crowd behind her, the sea of people in the Institute’s courtyard who have come to Alec and Magnus’ wedding. Slowly a line starts forming, and while Alec has never been too fond of pictures, he knows these will be ones he will cherish forever.

Nothing Pt.3 (Jungkook/?/Reader) (Ft. BTS)

1 | 2 | 3

Genre: Angst, slight smut, slight fluff

Words: 3.9K

Author: Admin Nan

Summary: The moment you met the man you had slept with the night before, you felt sick to your stomach. (Trigger: slight mature content, cheating, heartbreak)

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Lazy (Jack x Reader)

Character: Sean McLoughlin (Jacksepticeye)

Fandom: Jacksepticeye/Youtubers

Categories: Reader Insert, Female!Reader, Fluff

Title: Lazy

A/N: Ever since I finished watching Jack’s gameplay of The Last Guardian, I’ve been really wanting to write a fluffy imagine of him. Which also explains that the game appears in here because all of it is giving me the feels. Enjoy! <3

Summary: Y/N is feeling extremely lazy, but when her boyfriend Jack calls her from downstairs and asks her to hang out the evening changes. 

“Y/N!” Jack called me from downstairs.

I rolled over in the bed and yawned before answering. I was feeling way too lazy, which I blamed on the almost nap I took. I would have fallen asleep gladly, but I just couldn’t and so I ended up just lying down and feeling the laziest.

He knew I was awake because he checked on me from time to time, and I complained to him that I couldn’t fall asleep.

“What?” I shouted back at him.

“Wanna come down and hang out?” Sean asked me, to which I groaned to myself.

Of course I wanted to hang out with him, it was the best thing to do! But go down? Actually stand up and walk? Ugh.

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Goodnight Morning Light || Peter Parker x Reader ((drabble))

{summary: lazy mornings spent with your boyfriend}


warnings: none

**I apologize for any grammatical errors since this was all written on my phone. When it’s posted then I’ll make sure to edit it a few more times just in case!**

**dont repost/plagiarize this story. Reblogs are fine**


The soft rays of sunshine beamed down on your eyes, gently rousing you from your slumber as you stirred in your sleep. With a soft groan, you slowly sit up from bed, feeling a large hand slide down from your stomach to your waist.

“Oh?” You trail your gaze downward, seeing your boyfriend in a deep sleep. His sweet brown eyes were still hidden beneath his pale eyelids, and you watch as they trembled, evidence of his dreams.

Even while he slept, Peter managed to keep his arms around you.

With a smile on your face, you admire your beloved’s features, completely in awe that such a beautiful and extraordinary boy could belong to someone like you. You were so ordinary compared to him, and you were grateful that he had somehow (miraculously) fallen in love with you.

Being careful with your movements, you gently lean down to brush the stray strands of hair away from his forehead, placing a kiss against his skin while softly murmuring, “I wonder if you ever dream about me?”

Using your lips to gently trace at his eyebrows, you felt his two arms suddenly wrap themselves around you, securing you against him as you laughed, “Petey, what the hell? You caught me off guard!”

Peter draws you closer so that he could press a kiss against the base of your throat, the caress tickling you as your laughter refused so subside, “Spider-boy, honestly stop. You’re tickling me too much!”

He lets out a grunt before nipping at your skin, “It’s Spider-Man, and to answer your question…” Peter leans up, giving you a chaste kiss while admitting with his lips pressed against yours, “I’m always dreaming about you.”

Your grin was wide when you playfully pulled at his cheek, earning another grunt from him when he suddenly forces you back down in bed with him. With your head resting against his pillow, you inch closer to him to nuzzle his chest. Letting out a content sigh, you softly ask him, “Petey, can we spend a lazy day in bed?”

“That was honestly the plan, babe.” Peter yawns against his pillow, curling up his body while holding you close to his chest. “It’s too early to wake up, and I like using you as a blanket.”

With a sleepy smile, you hid your face within Peter’s shoulder, not minding his plans of napping the day away. Still taking cover from the sunlight by burying your face against him, you yawn while muttering, “Goodnight morning light.”


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I hate profilers (part five)

Word Count: 1,257

Rating: PG-13

Warnings: mentions of bullying

Originally posted by accio-fan-fiction

omfg his smile kills me not my gif

Y/N fell into a deep sleep with Spencer by her side she woke up only to realize that it’s noon the next day. 

“I slept like a log” she voiced yawning “Saturday already?”

“we never got my new phone…” Spencer chucked

 “are you complaining?” Y/N raised an eyebrow at him jokingly 

“hell no…I’ve dreamt of this day for so long…in fact I think I’m still dreaming” he said

 “you’re not..I’ll prove it” Y/N replied reaching for his arm

 “hey no! don’t pinch me!” he swatted your hand away playfully

 “I get it …I’m not dreaming.. I just can’t believe..”

“oh my God don’t be so cliché!” Y/N jested “I’m not out of your league or some dumb shit like that so don’t say it…”

 “but you are out of my-” and his face collided with Y/N’s pillow

 “that’s it” Spencer said as if a “warning”. Suddenly Y/N felt an irritating sensation on her abdomen followed by uncontrollable laughter. 

“SPENCER STOP I’M SERIOUS IM TOO TICKLISH” you breathed through the laughter 

“say you’re sorry and I’ll stop” he said continuing the playful assault on your sides. 

“I’M SORRY OKAY OKAY NOW STOP” and what do you know he kept his word discontinuing the tickle torture.  

“ugh you’re so gonna pay for that” 

“I’m shaking Y/N really…” he said right before Y/N had his lanky body pinned down continuing the same motions he did only moments ago 


 “that’s better” Y/N whispered calmly realizing her victory they both settled their breathing before Y/N realized she was still on top of him. 

“I always knew you were a bottom kinda guy” you joked you couldn’t resist making the connection.

“I can be on top!” Spencer blushed feeling slightly embarrassed 

“can you Reid? Can you really?” Y/N continued to poke fun at him “look it’s fine I don’t mind being the dominant one in this relationship”

 “you’re not….wait…relationship?”

“yeah…you’re my boyfriend now …at least I hope so if not last night just got super awkward…I don’t do those sort of things outside of a relationship so..”

“you didn’t do those sort of things at all till me” he said with the utmost confidence 

“you don’t know that” 

“you mean to tell me you’ve been eaten out before even having your first kiss?”


“that’s what I thought” he smirked 

“yeah I know I’m probably inflating your ego right now” 

“not at all”  

“so we’re a couple…” he pointed out

“yeah I guess” 

“but the team thinks we hate each other…”


“so do we just hide it at work?”

“do you want to hide it?”

“I could do without the teasing”


“but right now …no one will tease us cause we’re all alone”

“nice observation captain obvious” you laughed

 “whatever shall we do…” he questioned

“definitely not make out” Y/N said

“Oh really cause just a few days ago you expressed how you’d rather kiss “a moldy piece of bread” than make out with me”

“well there’s no moldy bread around so I guess I’m just left with my boyfriend with incredibly soft lips such a tragedy..I really wanted the bread dammit” sarcasm dripping from your voice

He smiled “What?” you questioned 

“This is so cliché….but I just really like the sound of that” 

“of what? That you’re my boyfriend?” he nodded 

“aw Spence you’re such a sap” 

“stop…I’m just happy is all..for awhile there I thought you genuinely hated me…”

“well I’m sorry I certainly didn’t mean to make you feel that way…It’s just anytime I ever expressed interest in someone..I got rejected….so I learned very quickly at a young age to bury those kind of emotions as best as possible…” “what happened”

“how does it usually happen? kids are cruel…” 

“I hear that….wait..YOU got picked on?” 

“you sound surprised…”

“well yeah …Look at you the picture of beauty and brains” 

“I’m not that pretty and certainly not that smart” 

“stop it”


“downing yourself…you’re perfect” 

“You think things that happen when you were a kid shouldn’t effect you that much but…it certainly did for me…I’ll always see that awkward chubby thirteen year old girl with tons of acne when I look in the mirror..”

“what happened…if you don’t mind me asking” 

“it’s not even that big of a deal…believe me it’s nothing compared to what you went through in school as a kid..”

“it doesn’t mean it still didn’t hurt..”

“when I was in middle school…” y/n begun “ I liked a guy that didn’t go to the same school as I did so I thought I was safe to write his name all over my notebook how cliché is that.”

“it’s totally normal…”

“anyway another guy with the same first name found it and I guess he was under the impression I had a crush on him..which I didn’t”

“oh” was all that Spencer could say 

“so the week after one of the popular girls had a party she invited me …Girls were so much nicer to me then the boys for some stupid reason”

“They probably liked you” 

“yeah well they had a shit way of showing it…”

 He looked at Y/N to continue her story. 

“well I went to the party all dressed up just doing me dancing hanging out with what little friends I had..and the guy who found my notebook came up to me… and in the most sincere way and pleading eyes he asked if I would go out with him….”

“I can tell where this is going”

“I wasn’t the best at reading social cues at the time but I was also a little girl with a kind heart so I decided to give him a chance…big mistake …so I said yes and his stupid group of friends started laughing their asses off and he looked at me and went ‘Psyche!’and laughed in my face”

“what an asshole” Spencer practically growled. He was fuming how dare someone treat his beautiful Y/N that way.

 “so yeah I guess that’s why I’m like this and you’re my first everything!”

“I can understand not trusting anyone after that…”

“After I got asked out by multiple guys all the time but I never got the courage to say yes cause in my mind it could all be a joke and he’s ready to laugh in my face” 

“Like I said I don’t know why it affected me this long..but I’m over it I am but it’s the reason why I do things others don’t when it comes to flirting or dating..It’s not quite as traumatizing as your stories so I consider myself lucky”

 “you still never deserved to be treated that way. I don’t care how long ago it was.”

“He’s a pot head now and I’m working in the Behavioral Analysis Unit of the FBI so I ended up winning” 

“and you got me now”

“and I’ve got you” 

“now that the sappy emotional shit is out of the way..let’s go get you a new phone”

Spencer smiled he was happy Y/N could open to him like that in such a raw,emotional way. He wanted to give her everything he had in this relationship to make sure that she never thinks she’s unwanted ever again. 



“We almost got caught”

“I say we make purple”

“Bathtub full of bubbles”

“You are so drunk”

“I fucking love you“

“24-hour live stream”



“It hurts”


“Cover that”



“I’m fucking pregnant”

“Silent treatment”


“S-stop tickling m-me”

“We are best friends”     [2]

“My little sister”

“Following me”

“We’re going to meet Jack Maynard”

“That’s my girl”

“We’re having a baby”

“The best things”


“Baby” [2]

“People love you”


“He’s absolutely wasted. Good luck”

“Abuse”    [2]



“I’m scared of elevators”


“Cough and wheeze”

“You aren’t okay”



Taking Charge”


“We fucked”



The Way I Are (Dance with Somebody) 


At My Best


No More Sad Songs

The Exwires (and One Teacher) Doing the Yoga Challenge with Their S/O! 

(Requested by @lit-when-them-feels-hit! I hope this is okay!! c’: ) 

Rin Okumura! 

  • ya’ll wear matching sweatbands (at his insistence) 
  • he likes airplane-ing you the most 
  • he constantly pretends like he’s gonna drop you 
  • (but never does) 
  • (he wouldn’t dream of it - he’s too afraid it’d hurt you ) 

Yukio Okumura! 

  • very methodical and serious 
  • and very careful and too serious
  • did i mention serious?
  • gets anxiety laughter prob

Ryuuji ‘Bon’ Suguro! 

  • manliest grunts and growls and huffs and puffs EVER
  • careful to not drop you (or throw you omf)
  • constantly trying to tell you what you need to do next 
  • likes the complicated ones where ya’ll can kiss the most 

Shima Renzou!

(Illuminati confirmed) 

  • wears a woman’s sports bra
  • probs ‘fall’s on purpose so that you’d fall on top of him 
  • “BAbe - pull your shirt up I don’t have good grip!” 
  • snickering 

Konekomaru Miwa!

  • anxiety
  • but also eventual endless laughter 
  • “Ouch - stop - You’re tickling me!” 
  • straining 
  • constant flopping onto the ground in a heap of laughter 

Shiemi Moriyama!

  • doesn’t know what to do or how to do it but does her best 
  • excited cheering when ya’ll get it right 
  • nervous giggles until she relaxes 

Izumo Kamiki!

  • “don’t touch my butt”
  • “If you drop me -” 
  • “Do NOT”
  • is wayy too serious and stubborn about it 
  • (but honestly secretly she’s super nervous that she’s gonna fall on you or something)