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Imagine your OTP- Things I've said to my SO
  • "Why the fuck are there three different rolls of paper towels??"
  • "Do we need lessons on how ziplock bags work?"
  • "Taking off my clothes takes effort. I'm sleeping on the futon."
  • "At what point if any did it cross your mind that this might be a bad idea?"
  • "Wake me up if you want something!! Seriously! Sleepy sex is awesome!"
  • "Please kill it. Preferably with fire."
  • "See, this is why we're together. No one else could handle our terrible puns."
  • "I love you. but I swear to you if you keep leaving lunch containers in the sink without putting soapy water in them I will kill you slowly."
  • "Dude, we're old... your brother just left with a 24-pack of bud ready to party, and we're sitting in front of the TV with Netflix and fancy cheese."
  • "These potatoes in the fridge are starting to flower... can I toss them?"
  • "Sleep is for those that haven't been struck with inspiration."
  • "I'll sleep when I'm dead."
  • "Sweetie, I appreciate the thought, but I meant A 50c PACKAGE of reeses, I didn't need the whole candy aisle."
  • "Goddamn it why are you so sweet."
  • "I just got out from babysitting and I am having my tubes tied immediately."
  • "Let me rephrase, I'm getting mongolian. if you'd like, you can come along, but if not, that's cool too. but I want mongolian."
  • "You bought WHAT for HOW MUCH?"
  • "I love your mother, but I almost reached across the table and wrapped my hands around her throat."
  • "Why do we even NEED more bass?"
  • "You may want to hide the alcohol because I may die from how much and how badly I want to drink right now."
  • "Aaaack that freaks me out when you do that!!"
  • "Everything hurts and I'm dying, but I'm not pregnant this month so that's nice."
Same Time Tomorrow? - Seth Rollins x Reader

Request by @heavenlytheshield - hope you enjoy it!

Summary:- You are in NXT and have been training extra hard. One night, you accidentally let ‘daddy’ slip while Seth is playfully tickling you. You get up and run away, going into the showers - but Seth follows you in there. 

Warnings:- Smut, Swearing, Daddy Kink

Word Count- 1,304

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Writing is Hard, Pt. 2: Description

Summary: Dean wants to write a second story.

Read Part 1

Warning: Smut, dirty talk, use of a vibrator, all kinds of fan fiction clichés

Word Count: 4000ish

A/N: This is all written with love for fan fic. I’m teasing, not putting it down in any way. Hope you enjoy! XOXO

Your laptop is screaming at you from its spot on the motel table.

You ignore it.

It’s not like you’ve been waiting all day to check it. It’s not like you were impatiently stomping around as you folded clothes with Sam and Dean in the laundromat, as they took their sweet time at the grocery, as Dean dragged you to some fucking hardware store because he needed a specific type of wrench (the six identical wrenches he already owns just aren’t enough).

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She’s stubborn and hard headed but god knows I love her. There’s days when she’s grumpy for no apparent reason other than the fact that she’s grumpy. When she’s sick, she’s helpless and all you can really do is hold her in your arms and comfort her till she falls asleep. There’s days when she’ll complain about everything like the weather, people, music, or even you and you’ll just have to deal with it. She’ll complain about the room being too hot, to only result in closing the windows in the middle of the night because she’s too cold. There are days when she shuts the world out, she’ll ignore everyone because she just wants to sit in silence. Sometimes, she’ll claim she can eat an entire cow because that’s just how hungry she is. So we’ll make dinner plans and I’ll pick her up just to have her say, “I ate already, I was too hungry but I’ll still eat a little something.” There are days when she suffocates me with love. She’ll kiss and kiss and kiss, till I beg her to stop. She’ll tickle me until my insides hurt and hold my hand till it’s sweaty. There are days when she’ll claim every part of my body with her lips. And there are days when she’ll need her space and I’ll have to pull a chair up alongside the bed because she just needs her own space. There are days when her hair is messy and all over the place. Days when she’ll cry and you don’t know why but you won’t ask you’ll just let her cry. Days when she’s nervous and jumpy about everything. Days when she yells at me for no reason just to apologize two seconds later. Days when she’s a pain in the ass and pushes my buttons just to settle it with kisses. Days when I’m listening to my favorite song and she’ll talk over it because talking is more important than music. There are days when I need her to make decisions, to do the littlest things like pick a place to eat. She’ll refuse and say “I don’t know” until I give up and decide myself. Sometimes she’ll swear like a sailor and make jokes during times when she should probably be serious. There are days when it’s 3 in the morning and she won’t let me sleep and days when she’s too tired and fast asleep by 10pm. Sometimes she’s clumsy and sometimes she’s a walking contradiction; but she is everything I’ve ever wanted. I’d do everything to have her bad days, her grumpy days, her “I need space days,” her love me days, her laughing days, her clumsy days, and her happy days, because she is everything I’ve ever wanted and I wouldn’t dare trade her for anything in this world.
—  This probably means I love you
My brother’s best friend 4 || D.H.

A/N: I hope this turned out alright. There is not much action/ drama but it’s still cute  (I hope so at least). This is the last part.

Word Count: 1.4K

3rd and first perspective


Originally posted by shinyphan

A short silence followed. The two of them just breathed into the phone.

“What do you mean ‘she is not at my place’?” Phil eventually asked his best friend, trying to remain calm.

“Well, she just isn’t. Why is she not at home?” Dan wanted to know, confusion noticeable in his voice.

“I don’t know, okay? I thought she’d be at yours. Do you think she just left?” Phil was by now enormously worried and Dan could tell.

“Let’s find her.”

After Phil had hung up he immediately called his sister. It rang a few times and then it went to voice mail. He didn’t leave a message instead he just tried to ring her again. Once again no luck.

Y/N would have probably picked up if she weren’t cuddled up on the sofa in her best friend’s living room. The two of them always have girl’s nights whenever one of them feels down. So they watched a Zac Efron movie while eating ice cream at nearly 1 am. Shortly before they turned on the TV, Y/N told Sam everything that had happened and she ensured her that the whole dating Dan thing will surely work out in the end. Meanwhile her phone was in her bag in Sam’s room, out of reach and unable to hear.

“Dan, I called her like 5 times and she didn’t pick up!”

Phil didn’t have the time to even say hello. His sister had never done something like that before.

“Okay, I’ll be at your house in 10 minutes.”

Just like Sam earlier that night, Dan came to rescue his best friend. Phil was already waiting in the drive way although it was freezing outside. He immediately jumped into the car when it arrived.

“We should drive through the neighbourhood.” Phil suggested, again without greeting his best friend, there wasn’t enough time for that.

So Dan started driving while Phil hectically stared out of the window and got excited whenever he thought to see somebody move in the dark, but the shadows he saw were just cats.

“This is all your fault” Phil mumbled and Dan couldn’t believe his ears.

“What?! I just kissed her.”

“I know.” Phil breathed in frustration. “It’s not your fault at all.” He then added sounding devastated.

It was silent again in the car, both of them weren’t in the mood to listen to music in a situation like this.

“I’m sorry.”

Phil’s voice was so quiet that it was barely audible.

“I was way too rude to you and Y/N. I don’t know why I overreacted like that.” he admitted and could feel a little part of the weight on his shoulders vanish.

“She’s your little sister it’s completely normal to feel the need to protect her.” Dan tried to cheer his best friend up, he was just glad that he was insightful.

“I think I was just shocked to see you two like that. I know that you are not a bad guy but I- I still got so angry at you. I thought you were just sneaking around with her behind my back for fun, but I noticed that she means a lot to you.” Phil couldn’t stop explaining himself and apologizing.

It was all his fault that they had to drive through the whole neighbourhood to search for his sister and he knew that and it crushed him. At first, he thought Dan was the bad guy in this story, but it was actually him. The awareness of that put his stomach in a twist and he fiddled with his hands out of worry.

“Phil, I really like Y/N.” Dan calmly declared and he meant it.

“I know.”

“I should have told you about my feelings for her earlier.”

“I shouldn’t have freaked out.”

After driving around the block for more than half an hour Phil had nearly lost all his hope. He leaned his head against the cold class of the car window. His eyes still didn’t leave the pavement.

“Dan?” Phil asked carefully.

“Yes?” his best friend answered. One could tell that Dan was curious by now.

“When you and my sister start dating, promise me to not forget about me.”

At first, Dan thought he was joking but he realized that Phil was being serious.

“Phiiilll, why would we ever do that?”

“I don’t know, I’m gonna be the third wheel and you two will only hang out with each other. Without me.”

Phil was afraid to finally put his fear into words. It was true, he was afraid of losing both his sister and his best friend and they were the two most important people in his life.

“Nothing is gonna change, we could just hang out together. It’s not like we are just gonna forget you, Phil.”

Phil took a deep breath and felt that he had calmed down a bit now and he felt a lot lighter.

“Do you think we should give up and drive-“ before he was able to finish his sentence he got interrupted by the sound of his phone ringing. It was so loud that it nearly made him jump.

“Hello!” he nearly shouted when he saw the caller ID and immediately picked up.

“Hi, why are you not sleeping?” Y/n asked she sounded confused and tired.

“Sleeping? How am I supposed to sleep when you just ran away?”

“Ran away? I am at Sam’s house.”

Sam’s house. Of course! Phil felt stupid for not thinking about that earlier, she’d always go there for girl’s nights.

“I was so worried about you.” Phil admitted instead of being angry at her. He had already caused enough trouble today and it was not her fault for needing a nice chat with her best friend after all the horrible things he had said.

Phil and I had a long talk after all that happened that night. He sincerely apologized for the way he acted and we went back to normal.

*5 months later*

“Prepare to lose Howell!” I shouted as I pressed play on my controller and started the game.

We were sat in the living room in front of the TV and played video games. At first Dan, Phil and I all played against each other and the best two got into the finale. Dan wasn’t wrong when he said that I’m better at this game than my brother.

“Never in a million years, Little Lester.”

I rolled my eyes at the nickname but had to grin like a fool anyway.

After a few minutes, it turned out that I was clearly the better player.

“I will never understand how you can be so good at this?” Dan sighed, annoyed that he was going to bitterly lose against me.

“Well, I had the best teacher.” I explained while high fiving my elder brother.

Phil had a huge smile on his face while Dan fake pouted.

“I wouldn’t be that confident of your victory, baby.”

“You are so far behind, it is nearly impossible for you to win.” I grinned amused.

“I wouldn’t be so sure about that either.” Dan said with a smirk and I knew something was off.

In the matter of a second he had taken the controller out of my hand and started tickling me with his huge hands.

I immediately started laughing so hard that I didn’t make a sound anymore. I tried to push him away from me put he had lifted me onto his lap and wouldn’t let go no matter how hard I kicked him with my feet.

“ST-OP” I manged to croak in between heavy breaths in desperate need of air.

“Say I am the best boyfriend in the world and also the best at any video game.” Dan suggested grinning widely. He stopped tickling me for a second so I could take a breath.

I shook my head no, teasing him.

Dan immediately attacked me with his large hands again, tickling my sides. I squirmed under his touch and felt how my face got red because of the lack of oxygen.

“OKAy! I- I’ll say it. Anything just please stop!” I squealed, giving in.

Dan seemed satisfied and actually stopped. “Let me hear it then.” He said cockily.

“I am the best boyfriend in the world and also the best at any video game.” I giggled and Phil who had to witness the whole scene started cracking up.

“Dad jokes? Really, Y/N?” Dan sighed annoyed but he was still smiling.

“Don’t act like you don’t love them, Dan.” I chuckled proud of myself.

“I really do love you.”

I couldn’t help but blush at his words. He was just too cheesy and cute.

We both leaned in for a kiss. Our lips met. They slowly moved against each other. I ran my hands though his brown hair as his tongue brushed my –

“GUYS! Not when I am here.” Phil complained and acted like he had to cover his eyes.

Nothing Pt.3 (Jungkook/?/Reader) (Ft. BTS)

1 | 2 | 3

Genre: Angst, slight smut, slight fluff

Words: 3.9K

Author: Admin Nan

Summary: The moment you met the man you had slept with the night before, you felt sick to your stomach. (Trigger: slight mature content, cheating, heartbreak)

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Group/Member: Got7/Jinyoung

Words: 884

Genre/Warnings: smut, some fluff, oral (reader receiving), oppa kink, slight dom!Jinyoung (nothing over the top)

Summary: when a tickle fight leads to something more

Request: a reader on Wattpad for my smut book

A/N: Hello! This was requested on my Wattpad, so I thought I might as well share it with all of my lovely followers on here! I hope you enjoy!

Originally posted by umma-jy

“Stop it!” Y/N screams out as Jinyoung ruthlessly pins her to the bed and tickles her. She squirms around, trying to get out of his hold, eventually landing with her legs around his waist in an attempt to trap him. “Oppa, stop!”

He pauses in his actions to look at her. “Only if you call me oppa again.”

“I will call you oppa as many times as you want as long as you stop tickling me.” Y/N says, still panting from earlier.

“Alright.” He lowers himself so he’s resting on his forearms, and presses his lips to hers. “Call me oppa now.”

“Yes, oppa.” Y/N smiles as he kisses her again and wraps her legs tighter around him. He deepens the kiss, simultaneously grinding his hips into hers.

He pulls away and moves his face to the crook of her neck. “How about now?”

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The Exwires (and One Teacher) Doing the Yoga Challenge with Their S/O! 

(Requested by @lit-when-them-feels-hit! I hope this is okay!! c’: ) 

Rin Okumura! 

  • ya’ll wear matching sweatbands (at his insistence) 
  • he likes airplane-ing you the most 
  • he constantly pretends like he’s gonna drop you 
  • (but never does) 
  • (he wouldn’t dream of it - he’s too afraid it’d hurt you ) 

Yukio Okumura! 

  • very methodical and serious 
  • and very careful and too serious
  • did i mention serious?
  • gets anxiety laughter prob

Ryuuji ‘Bon’ Suguro! 

  • manliest grunts and growls and huffs and puffs EVER
  • careful to not drop you (or throw you omf)
  • constantly trying to tell you what you need to do next 
  • likes the complicated ones where ya’ll can kiss the most 

Shima Renzou!

(Illuminati confirmed) 

  • wears a woman’s sports bra
  • probs ‘fall’s on purpose so that you’d fall on top of him 
  • “BAbe - pull your shirt up I don’t have good grip!” 
  • snickering 

Konekomaru Miwa!

  • anxiety
  • but also eventual endless laughter 
  • “Ouch - stop - You’re tickling me!” 
  • straining 
  • constant flopping onto the ground in a heap of laughter 

Shiemi Moriyama!

  • doesn’t know what to do or how to do it but does her best 
  • excited cheering when ya’ll get it right 
  • nervous giggles until she relaxes 

Izumo Kamiki!

  • “don’t touch my butt”
  • “If you drop me -” 
  • “Do NOT”
  • is wayy too serious and stubborn about it 
  • (but honestly secretly she’s super nervous that she’s gonna fall on you or something)
Morning Voice

Shawn Mendes 
Words: 460
Note: Ironically, I fell asleep while writing this last night 😄

The sound of Shawn’s rambling slowly drew me away from my once peaceful slumber. Peeling my eyes open, I instantly shoved my head back into my pillow, not ready to deal with the overly bright room.

“Someone’s awake.” Everything he said seemed deeper with his morning voice. Even the chuckles that rumbled in his chest sounded sexier.

Opening my eyes again, I was greeted with Shawn’s phone in my face. Groaning, I weakly pushed at his arm, “You’re a turd.”

“You love me really,” He teased, but got the point and ended the video. I watched him tap away at the screen, rolling my eyes when I realised it was going on Snapchat. Seriously, when was he not on the damn app.

“Sometimes I wonder why,” I joked back, about to get up to use a bathroom. Shawn raised an eyebrow at me. Before I could register what was happening, his fingers were digging into my sides, working fast against the bare skin under my shirt, sending a mixture of out sleep laced laughter bouncing around the room.

“Why don’t you love me?” His funny little pout only adding to the whole adorable, half asleep, look he had going on.

“I love you! Just stop tickling me!” I giggled. Finally, his hand stopped their tortures movements but still touched my skin, running a path from my hip to the bottom of my ribs and back. A lazy smile played on his lip, the slight stubble scattered across his chin and cheeks, while annoying when kissing, only made him hotter.

“How do you always look so good in the morning?” I thought out loud as I ran my hand through his soft, messy hair. The strands were longer than normal, desperately in need of a cut.

“I’m just that amazing,” the cockiness of his words made me roll my eyes, and I totally would have replied with the best come back if it weren’t for him leaning in, brushing his lips against mine. Not that I was complaining.

Just to tease Shawn, I lightly bit down on his bottom lip between kisses. A groan got caught in the back of his throat, his grip tightened around my waist. Rolling onto his back, he brought me along with him so my legs were either side of his. I giggled, already feeling a certain something poking the inside of my thigh.

Breathless, I managed to pull away just enough to speak, “Just give two minutes.”

“Baby…” He whined, reaching out for me as I climbed off the bed. All I could do was laugh, because My God, I’m engaged to an actual child.

“Sorry, my balder comes first.” I pecked his lips quickly, running into the bathroom before he had the chance to grab me again.

🖤Drug Lord E [Part 5] (Ethan x Reader)

Summary: Ethan gets protective over Y/N

Warnings: FOR ENTIRE SERIES: Drugs/sexual assault/Violence

A/N: Twins are older in this. So I’ve never wrote anything about these subjects before and at any point if you are uncomfortable please stop reading! Also, requests are on hold until I finish the series! Still open, just won’t be posting! Now without further ado, I present Drug Lord Ethan.

Part 4


I didn’t want to be here. So far, Angie and Grayson were the only ones I’ve seemed to be getting to know. And even with them it’s barely. They’ve just been nice to me since they know Ethan can be an asshole and I just found myself in the wrong situation at the wrong time.

Knock, knock

A tall, dirty blonde boy sneaked through the door. He was tall and tan. It was the same guy who wrestled me into my room when I first arrived here. He was wearing a black hoodie and khaki pants. He looked at me cautiously. As if something he could say or do could hurt me right now. “Hey.” Was all he said. I bit my bottom lip before turning away from him. He looks around the room. His hands were in his pockets. “Mind if I sit down?” He offered. I let out a chuckle with a shrug in my shoulders.

“Doesn’t matter what I think. You’re going to go ahead and do it anyway.” I muttered looking to my feet. He let out a sigh.

“Yeah Ethan’s an ass. We all know it, but just because he’s an ass doesn’t mean we all are.” He argues. He sat down next to me on my bed. “Yeah Ethan is a terrible person, but he used to not be believe it or not.” He defends and I scoffed.

“Of course you’ll defend him. You’re one of his guys. You’re always going to have his back.” I looked down towards my lap. My fingers were fiddling together. “I don’t even know your name. How can I trust you?” I asked attempting to lighten the mood. He chuckles at my attempt which makes me crack a smile. He leans back with his hands supporting himself. He clicks his tongue.

“Everyone here calls me Garner. But my first name is Nate.” He smiled.

“Y/N, but I bet you already knew that. Everyone knows me as either Kelley’s girl or Ethan’s hoe.” I scoffed again and looked up. I could feel tears brimming in my eyes. I felt Nate’s arm wrap around me. I reluctant at first, but Nate wasn’t willing to let me go. He pulled me on his lap to hold me. I buried my face in the crook of his neck while he ran his hand up and down my back. He cautiously rocked back and forth while he held me close to him.

Originally posted by lovershub

“The only one who thinks of you as Ethan’s hoe is Cameron, and to be honest no one really likes him here.” Nate starts to laugh, but I just sobbed to myself still. He pulled me back a little bit to look me in my eyes. He cupped my face softly in his hands. “Hey.” He says softly. “Don’t worry okay? We all believe you just got yourself in a situation that you didn’t understand. No one hates you and no one is mad at you okay?” I nodded showing I understood what he was saying. “You’ll always have a friend in Angie, Grayson, and I okay?” I smiled as I wrapped my arms around his neck giving him a hug.

“Thanks Garner.” I smiled. He then pressed his lips to my cheek which threw me off. I sucked in a breath of air before he pulled away.

“Please, call me Nate.” He asked and I smiled with a nod. He pulled back from me and we both just talked.

“Do you know how long I’ll be here?” I asked Nate as he looked towards the ground. His arm was around my waist as he held me close to him. He lets out a huff before looking up to me.

“I wish I could answer that for you Y/N. I really do.” I let out a sigh. His finger tilts my chin towards his face. “Hey.” He whispers. “Don’t worry okay? We’ll do everything we can to keep you safe okay?” He reminds me as I nod my head. “Are you ticklish Y/N?” He asked changing the subject with a smirk. I inhale deeply.

“No.” I lied as a smile grows on his face. His fingers curl against the side of my stomach as I fall back on the bed.

Originally posted by ellens-new-world

He starts tickling me as I try to kick my legs back, but he lands his body on top of mine to hold my pelvis down. He was tickling me hard and I couldn’t stop laughing. “Nate! Stop!” I shouted not too loud so only Nate could hear me.

“Or what?” He asked while tickling me still. His fingers curved into my sides still. I grabbed his thumbs trying to push him back, but he was stronger than me. He pulled my shirt up some and started tickling my bare sides. I let out a scream as he tickled me harder. “Shhhhh.” He hushes me, but I keep laughing.

“Nate!” I shouted again while laughing. I screamed again as I tried to push him off of me. He wouldn’t stop tickling me at all. He was obviously enjoying what he was doing and he had no intentions to stop.

Ethan’s POV

I heard a scream from the other room. I lie my blunt in the ashtray as I ran off to the other room. The scream came from Y/N’s room. I opened the door without even knocking. I just saw Nate’s body on top of Y/N’s.

“Nate!” Y/N shouted while giggling. Neither one of them had a clue I had walked into the room.

“What the fuck?” I asked, but they kept giggling. Y/N’s eyes looked over Nate’s shoulder and they locked with mine. Nate saw her eyes were locked with mine and he turned to look at me.

“Hey Eth–” I snapped.

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing here? Trying to get some?” I smirked as I looked at Y/N. “I wasn’t enough for you sweetheart?” Nate stood up to me.

“Dude–” Nate reached his hand out to me, but I swatted it away.

“Don’t hurt him!” Y/N shouted at me. I chuckled again. I could feel myself slowly getting high from the few hits I took in my room. I looked around the room. Nate gives me a wary look.

“I’m not going to hurt him. I’m too high for that.” I snickered. “But I may have to punish you again. You can’t be hooking up with anyone in my crew except for me. I figured you knew that.”

“We weren’t hooking up. She was upset because of the shit you said so I came in here to cheer her up. That’s it.” Nate defends. I shake my head and let out a sigh. I didn’t want to argue anymore.

“No you were just trying to get some. We don’t care about girls Nate. We fuck ‘em and leave ‘em. That’s how it’s always been with all of us.” I slurred a little bit.

“No that’s how you and Cameron are. I actually want to get to know Y/N and protect her from your bullshit.” Nate retorts. I open my eyes wide at him before I started laughing.

“Cute Nate. Just earlier tonight you were asking me if she was good when she sucked me off.” Y/N gasped and Nate was silent.

“Yeah that was before I got to know Y/N. She’s super sweet and you’re just taking advantage of her situation and it’s pissing me off!” He snapped at me. I won’t lie, I was taken back a bit. Nate’s never raised his voice at me before unless he’s trying to warn me about something or to get my attention. Well he caught my attention.

“Better check who you’re talking to Garner.” I raised a brow at him. Nate gave me a deep scowl.

“Fuck off Ethan. I’m tired of your shit.” He tried to walk past me, but I stopped him and pushed him back a bit. His ear was next to my mouth.

“Watch your fucking tone Garner. I mean it.” He didn’t say anything. He just stared straight forward in front of him. I heard him swallow hard.

“Guys please stop. Ethan just go.” Y/N begs. Nate turned around and looked at Y/N. She was sitting on the bed with her legs crossed as she watched us.

“Sorry Ethan ruined our moment. I’ll come in here later or something. I mean since you’re basically trapped here I’ll be seeing you around no matter what.” Nate laughs. I shook my head and let out a sigh. He then blew a kiss at Y/N before bumping into me hard. My back slammed against the frame before I slammed my body against Nate in anger. I was on top of him just wailing on him. He tried to wiggle free from my body, but I just kept punching him.

“Grayson! Angie!” Y/N shrieks. Nate hits me in my jaw and then my nose. Before I knew what was happening, my body was being slammed against the wall and my nose was bleeding. I see Grayson breathing heavily as his hand is on my chest pushing hard.

“Ethan what the hell?” He shouted at me. I gritted my teeth. I saw Y/N standing with Angie and Nate.

“Nate was being a prick!” I argued. Grayson slammed my body back against the wall as I was trying to break free.

“Fucking calm down Ethan! Damnit!” Grayson ran his hand through his hair. I noticed he was shirtless. Angie and him were probably doing something when they heard Y/N scream. “Like are you fucking serious? What the hell has gotten into you?” He asked me and I just shrugged.

“Just seeing Nate and her getting along pissed me off.” I snapped back at him. “Like he was on top of her Grayson. Like what the fuck was I supposed to do?” I ran my fingers through my hair frustrated. I looked at the bathroom down the hall. I saw Y/N cleaning Nate’s cuts and scrapes while Angie walked down the hall towards us.

“What about Sam? Are you over her?” Grayson asked me cautiously. I shook my head annoyed and I walked towards my room, pushing myself past Angie. She mumbled something to Gray, but I didn’t care right now. I peeled my shirt off of my body before I threw myself back on the bed. I lit the blunt from earlier as smoke filled the room. I didn’t like Y/N. I don’t even know her. Grayson walked into my room.

“Yo fucking knock?” I asked angrily before taking another hit.

“Sorry.” Was all he said. “Y/N is scared and worried. Nate was just taking care of her okay? Stop freaking out over her. You basically pushed her into Nate’s arms with all that shit talk.” Grayson harasses. I exhale some smoke before I look at Grayson.

“Fuck you you know that?” I chuckled. Grayson rolled his eyes obviously irritated.

“Come on Gray. He’s too fucked up for this right now.” Angie pulled at Grayson’s arm.

“If only he was ever sober.” Gray mumbles as they left my room. But the truth was I wasn’t that fucked up. I was more hurt than anything right now. And if getting intoxicated could help me not feel this way, then damn I’m going to do it.

Part 6

Lazy (Jack x Reader)

Character: Sean McLoughlin (Jacksepticeye)

Fandom: Jacksepticeye/Youtubers

Categories: Reader Insert, Female!Reader, Fluff

Title: Lazy

A/N: Ever since I finished watching Jack’s gameplay of The Last Guardian, I’ve been really wanting to write a fluffy imagine of him. Which also explains that the game appears in here because all of it is giving me the feels. Enjoy! <3

Summary: Y/N is feeling extremely lazy, but when her boyfriend Jack calls her from downstairs and asks her to hang out the evening changes. 

“Y/N!” Jack called me from downstairs.

I rolled over in the bed and yawned before answering. I was feeling way too lazy, which I blamed on the almost nap I took. I would have fallen asleep gladly, but I just couldn’t and so I ended up just lying down and feeling the laziest.

He knew I was awake because he checked on me from time to time, and I complained to him that I couldn’t fall asleep.

“What?” I shouted back at him.

“Wanna come down and hang out?” Sean asked me, to which I groaned to myself.

Of course I wanted to hang out with him, it was the best thing to do! But go down? Actually stand up and walk? Ugh.

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2. “We’ve become the clingy newlyweds you always complained about.”
4. “We both have nowhere to be today so we get to spend our rare day off alone together.”

Baekhyun shifts and stretches in his bed, blinking against the bright light.

It’s been a while since he felt so relaxed.

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Goodnight Morning Light || Peter Parker x Reader ((drabble))

{summary: lazy mornings spent with your boyfriend}


warnings: none

**I apologize for any grammatical errors since this was all written on my phone. When it’s posted then I’ll make sure to edit it a few more times just in case!**

**dont repost/plagiarize this story. Reblogs are fine**


The soft rays of sunshine beamed down on your eyes, gently rousing you from your slumber as you stirred in your sleep. With a soft groan, you slowly sit up from bed, feeling a large hand slide down from your stomach to your waist.

“Oh?” You trail your gaze downward, seeing your boyfriend in a deep sleep. His sweet brown eyes were still hidden beneath his pale eyelids, and you watch as they trembled, evidence of his dreams.

Even while he slept, Peter managed to keep his arms around you.

With a smile on your face, you admire your beloved’s features, completely in awe that such a beautiful and extraordinary boy could belong to someone like you. You were so ordinary compared to him, and you were grateful that he had somehow (miraculously) fallen in love with you.

Being careful with your movements, you gently lean down to brush the stray strands of hair away from his forehead, placing a kiss against his skin while softly murmuring, “I wonder if you ever dream about me?”

Using your lips to gently trace at his eyebrows, you felt his two arms suddenly wrap themselves around you, securing you against him as you laughed, “Petey, what the hell? You caught me off guard!”

Peter draws you closer so that he could press a kiss against the base of your throat, the caress tickling you as your laughter refused so subside, “Spider-boy, honestly stop. You’re tickling me too much!”

He lets out a grunt before nipping at your skin, “It’s Spider-Man, and to answer your question…” Peter leans up, giving you a chaste kiss while admitting with his lips pressed against yours, “I’m always dreaming about you.”

Your grin was wide when you playfully pulled at his cheek, earning another grunt from him when he suddenly forces you back down in bed with him. With your head resting against his pillow, you inch closer to him to nuzzle his chest. Letting out a content sigh, you softly ask him, “Petey, can we spend a lazy day in bed?”

“That was honestly the plan, babe.” Peter yawns against his pillow, curling up his body while holding you close to his chest. “It’s too early to wake up, and I like using you as a blanket.”

With a sleepy smile, you hid your face within Peter’s shoulder, not minding his plans of napping the day away. Still taking cover from the sunlight by burying your face against him, you yawn while muttering, “Goodnight morning light.”


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Food Fight- Tyler and Jenna Joseph (poly)

“Ty, stop.”you begged as he tickled your sides.

“Not until you admit it. Say it Y/N, I’m the best kisser in this relationship.”

“Nope, I’ll never admit it.” you laughed, nearly crying from the pain caused by tickling.

“Say it.”  he demanded in a joking tone.

“Okay fine, fine. You’re the best kisser.” you said and he stopped.

He sat back on the couch and look at you.

“What?” you asked, taking in his stare.

“Prove it.” he said and pulled you onto his lap.

You giggled before placing your lips to his as you straddled his lap. The kiss grew deeper and you were grinding down onto his bulge that was forming.

The front door swung open and you jumped off of his lap, as if you were a teen going to be in trouble by your parents.

“Sorry, didn’t mean to interrupt anything.” Jenna apologized coming into the living room.

“No big deal. So how was shopping?” you asked.

“Good, but it was boring without you two there.” she frowned taking a seat next to where Tyler and you sat on the couch.

“I missed you.” Tyler said kissing her.

You three cuddled together on the couch just talking about your day. Jenn went out shopping and Tyler was working on music all day while you sat and watched him.

“So anything good come of the music today Ty?” Jenna asked.


“Yes, he had a really good idea but he had to be a butt and act like it wasn’t amazing.” you interrupted him.

Tyler always acted like his music wasn’t good enough, but you and Jenna were there to encourage him.

“Well I bet it’s great.” Jenna said standing from the couch.

“Where are you going?” you asked missing the warmth of her.

“Somebody has to cook and we all know it’s not going to be either of you bums.” she joked and walked off to the kitchen.

“Well she is the best cook so it’s probably better if she cooks. Both of us might burn down the kitchen, do you remember last time?” Tyler spoke.

“Okay that was one time.” you said defensively while sitting up. “And it was your fault. You kept trying to distract me from the food on the stove. You know I’m easily distracted and I forgot about.” you said.

Tyler laughed at how defensive you got. After a minute of thinking you spoke again, your tone different this time.

“So if Jenna is the best cook and you’re supposedly the best kisser, what am I good at?” you asked.

“Well you’re the best at cheering people up.” Tyler said and you smiled at him. “You’re also a better kisser than Jenna.”

“I heard that.” Jenna called from the other room causing you and Tyler to laugh.

“Someone should probably go help her.” you said standing and walking into the kitchen to help Jenna.

“So you really think he’s the better kisser?” Jenna ask helping you set the table.

“No I just said that to make him stop tickling me.” you said making Jenna laugh.

“I knew it.” she said placing a kiss to your cheek and walking away.

Once dinner was ready you, Tyler, and Jenna all sat around the table.

“This is really good Jenna, nice job.” Tyler compliented. “Oh Y/N, I overheard you saying that you just told me I’m the better kisser to make me stop tickling you. Did I heard that correctly?” Tyler asked.

You smiled at him, knowing he was going to get back at you for saying that.

“You did hear correctly.” you stated picking up some salad off your plate with your fork.

You were looking down at your plate when you heard Jenna tell Tyler no, then a piece of food flew and hit your hair.

You sat there shocked for a moment then looked up at Tyler who had a big grin on his face. “TYLER ROBERT JOSEPH” you said with gritted teeth pulling the clump of spaghetti out of your hair.

“Oops must have slipped.” he said.

You picked up some spaghetti in your hand and flung it at Tyler.

“Now that was very mature of you Y/N.” he said while wiping his face of the sauce and pasta.

“Neither are you Tyler. You started it.” Jenna added, laughing at how immature you two were.

“Jenna why don’t you have some fun.” you said and both you and Tyler flug food at her.

She glared at you two and both of you looked like children getting in trouble by your parents.

“Sorry Jenna.” you said handing her a napkin to get the food out of her face.

“Sorry, sorry isn’t good enough.” she said standing from the table as if she was about to stomp off pissed. Instead she picked up two handfuls of food and chucked them at you and Tyler.

You ducked and it hit the wall behind you and Tyler took the food right to his shirt.

The food fight broke out from there and none of you could stop laughing as food hit the walls and floor and faces.

Once all the plates on the table where cleared you looked at each other before breaking into a fit of laughter.

“So who’s picking this up?” Tyler asked and both you and Jenna placed a finger on your nose and said ‘not it’. Childish, yes but this is how the relationship worked. You and Tyler were like bigg children and Jenna often just joined in on the fun when she realized neither of you were going to listen to her.

“Fair enough.” Tyler said kneeling down and picking up a clump of food off the ground.

“I’m going to take a shower. Tyler, Y/N stay out of trouble.” Jenna said walking off.

You started clearing the table of what was left on it as Tyler picked some pasta off the wall. Once Jenna was done in the shower you went and took your turn. You went back out to the dining room where Tyler was washing down the wall from the sauce stains.

“I’ll take it from here, go take a shower and put your clothes in the laundry room. I’ll try and get those stains out.” you said.

He nodded his head and started to walk out of the room, but he first stopped in front of you.

“Don’t think about it Tyler.” you threatened as he started to close you in against the wall.

“Too late.” he said placing his lips to yours and giving your clean body and hug.

Your clothes you just put on now stained from his. You didn’t mind it at first until you felt something plop in your hair.

“Tyler.” you shouted when you realized he just put spaghetti into your clean hair.

“Looks like you’ll need another shower Y/N. See you in there.” he said winking and leaving the dining room.

You huffed and Jenna walked into the dining room where you still stood.

“Oh my god, I’m in a relationship with two children.” she said when she saw that again you were a mess.

“And you love it.” you heard Tyler shout from the other room.

Birthday Girl

Chris Evans/Reader 

A/N: so this is my first request, it’s for the lovely, @captainhallow  I hope you enjoy it Madi! Sorry if it’s kind of all over the place

Request: hi! It’s my birthday, so i was wondering if you’d do a fluffy birthday/easter fic with Chris Evans? Thanks <3        

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“Wake up, wake up!” Chris says cheerily while shaking me awake.

“Already?” I whine while rolling to face him. “What time is it?”

“Time for you to get ready, birthday girl. I’m going to go make you breakfast” He tells me with a peck on the cheek. 

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"S-stop tickling m-me"|| Jack Maynard Imagine

Warnings: N/a

Word count: 1k+

It was Saturday morning and I was alone in my flat that I shared with my boyfriend Jack Maynard. I turned on music and blasted it and through the flat. Jack was at Conor’s flat filming a video to post Monday on his YouTube channel. I decided to clean the apartment while he was out, knowing if he was here, I wouldn’t get anything done. I spent hours cleaning and dancing around. I decided to take a break when one of my favorite Conor Maynard songs came on. I started jumping on the bed and singing. 

‘There ain’t no need to cry no more
When you break my heart into twenty-four
I’ll pick up the pieces you left
If you think I’m coming back, well, don’t hold your breath
I ain’t your mister, 'cause I’m breakin’ up with ya
Shoulda’ laid down with your sister
Go now, here’s my middle finger
Are you crazy?
Are you crazy?
Are you crazy?
Are you crazy?
Must be stupid if you think that we can start again
Come on now!
Are you crazy?
Are you crazy?
Are you crazy?
Are you crazy?
Must be stupid if you think that we can start again
Are you joking, must be joking
You ain’t laughin’, I ain’t smokin’
Must be crazy if you think that we can start again
There ain’t no need to cry no more
When you break my heart into twenty-four
I’ll pick up the pieces you left
If you think I’m coming back, don’t hold your breath
I ain’t your mister, 'cause I’m breakin’ up with ya
Shoulda’ hooked up with your sister
Go now, here’s my middle finger
'Cause I’m hurting baby, hurting baby
Look what you did
Are you crazy
Are you crazy
Are you crazy
Are you crazy
Must be stupid if you think that we can start again
Are you joking, must be joking
You ain’t laughin’, I ain’t smokin’
Must be crazy if you think that we can start again
Yeah, I’m with my boys, hit the town
Let’s go see what kind of chick knocks me out
Now I know that she wants me back
Nothing sounds more better than “Hit the road, Jack Jack”
Don’t call me mister, girl I’ve broken up with ya
Love me now, my name is bigger
Girl, I’m giving you the finger
'Cause I’m hurting baby, hurting baby
Look what you did
Are you crazy
Are you crazy
Are you crazy
Are you crazy
Must be stupid if you think that we can start again
Are you joking, must be joking
You ain’t laughin’, I ain’t smokin’
Must be crazy if you think that we can start again
Are you crazy
Are you crazy
Are you crazy
Are you crazy
Must be stupid if you think that we can start again
Are you joking, must be joking
I ain’t smokin’
Must be crazy if you think that we can start again
No no no no no no
Sing it with me now!
No no no no no no
You don’t understand
There’s no second chance for us, baby
It’s not a game, so why are you tryin’ to play me
Now I gotta go, I’m not gonna stay and watch you cry
'Cause I’m hurting baby, hurting baby
Look what you did
Are you crazy
Are you crazy
Are you crazy
Are you crazy
Must be stupid if you think that we can start again
Are you joking, must be joking
I ain’t smokin’
Must be crazy if you think that we can start again
No no no no no no
Hit the road, Jack
No no no no no no
Hit the road, Jack Jack’

 I sang loudly jumping up and down. A laugh came from the doorway. “Oh my god you scared the hell out of me!” I said looking at Jack standing in the doorway. He was recording me, so I covered my face in embarrassment. “You are so damn adorable,” he said typing something then locking his phone. “You better not of sent that to anybody he!” I threatened. “Maybe I did, maybe I didn’t,” he shrugged. I snatched his phone from his hand and looked at the text messages between him and his brother. He sent the video to Conor.

 Jack: may I introduce you to the biggest Conor Maynard fan.

“Jackkkk,” I whined, hitting his arm. “Guess what.” “What?” “I brought food,” he said. I smiled wide and ran past him and to the kitchen. “Wait I want a kiss first!” He said snatching the food away. I poured and he puckered his lips. I kissed his cheek. “Give me a kiss pleaseeeeee,” Jack whined. I shook my head and tried to reach for the food. “Kiss me or else,” he warned. “Ooo I’m so scareddd,” I teased. He smirked at me and I widened my eyes, knowing what was coming. I ran into the other room. He ran after me, quickly catching me. His hands found my sides and squeezed them tickling me. I instantly became a laughing mess. 

“J-jack,” I laughed. “Yes?” “S-stop tickling m-me,” I said laughing, falling onto the bed. He laughed. “Give me a kiss,” he said ticking me harder. “No!” I said screeching and laughing at the same time. “Then I’m not going to stop,” he said continuing to tickle me. “F-fine!” I said giving in. He stopped and puckered his lips again. I laughed and pecked his lips. He grabbed me by the waist and kissed me passionately. I smiled into the kiss but kissed back.

 I then wiggled out of his grasp and pulled his hand into the kitchen. I grabbed the food and started eating. “Thank you, my love,” I said. After finishing we decided to watch a movie. We cuddled up on the couch and turned on a Disney movie. “My sides hurt,” I complained. 

“All you had to do was kiss me,” he shrugged laughing. I laughed and cuddled into his chest.

Movie night - Nathan MacKinnon and Gabriel Landeskog (smut)

Requested by anon: Can I request an imagine of a smutty threesome with Gabe Landeskog and Nathan MacKinnon? Thanks girly :)

A/N: I don’t know about this, tbh. I hope you like it.

Word count: 1463


Master list

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“OH MY GOD, STOP!” I complain, kicking Gabriel so he stops tickling me. “It’s the last time I ever invite you two over.”

Nathan laughs from the other couch and I show him my middle finger, making him laugh even harder. Gabriel Landeskog and Nathan MacKinnon are my neighbors, they are also professional hockey players, but they are my really annoying neighbors.

“You love to have us around.” Nate says and I roll my eyes, grabbing another handful of popcorn from the bowl that is resting on Gabe’ stomach.

We are having our weekly pizza and movie night, when they come over to my apartment and we watch bad movies and eat pizza. Today it’s Nate’s night, so he gets to choose a movie and we are waiting for the pizzas to arrive before starting the movie.

“‘On the road’?” I read the title of the movie on my TV screen. “What is it about?”

“I have no idea.” He answers and both Gabe and I roll our eyes. Nate always chooses the worst movies on Netflix.

“You are so losing your next turn if this movie sucks.” Gabe warns him; stretching his long body on the couch we are sharing and putting his feet on my lap.

It’s always the same, Gabe and I share my big couch while Nate lays on my smaller loveseat. It has been proven that the guys cannot share a couch and Nate is just really whiny when he cannot stretch. I don’t mind sitting with Gabriel though, he loves to cuddle throughout movies and he is quite comfy to lie on.

The doorbell goes off and Nate gets on his feet to collect the pizzas and pay. If you have the right to choose you also have the obligation to pay.

“Big pepperoni for me, big Hawaiian for Gabe, small and sad just cheese for (y/n).” Nate hands us our pizza boxes and we thank him. “Let’s watch the movie.”

The movie is starts slow while we chew on our pizza. I lay back when I’m done eating, leaving a couple slices of my pizza on the box, knowing that the guys will eat it later. The movie is quite confusing, with a lot of characters and a lot of issues. When Gabe is done eating he turns on the couch and lays between my legs, his head on my stomach and his left hand rubbing circles on the bare skin of my calves. The movie is quite explicit, talking openly about sexuality issues and desires; we get through the first sex scenes without thinking much of it, but the air turns quite dense when a threesome scene comes up on the screen. I take a sharp breath when Gabe’s hand travels from my calf to my thigh, caressing it softly and making me shiver. My friends have always said that the sexual tension between the guys and me was quite evident, but I had never thought much of it until now that my body is reacting like that to a simple caress. I bury my fingers in his thick blond hair, massaging his scalp and earning a content sigh from his lips. I keep playing with his locks when I feel Nate presence besides me.

“Space?” He asks and Gabe and I scoot over to the other side of the couch, so Nate can sit where I was sitting. I lean on him and he wraps his arm around my shoulders, kissing my temple.

“You good?” I ask, worried that I’m crushing him or that he is uncomfortable.

“Yeah babe, I’m good.” He whispers.

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Chris Evans Imagine

Requested: Anonymous

Imagine: hiii i found ur account and literally in love with it, and i was wondering if you could write a chris evans imagine where you are babysitting sebastians neice (who is a complete brat) and so sebastian leaves to go out and you and chris try to become friends with his neice but she just doesn’t like you two at all. so she pulls a prank on you and hides somewhere and you two think that you lost her. sebastian calls you up telling you he’s on his way home. you can make up the rest, thank you love u!

A/N: aww, thanks nonny, i love you to <3

Warning: None

You march your way up the stairs of the apartment that Sebastian was currently living in, you had Chris beside you on the way up. You finally reached Sebastian’s door and knocked, the door swung right open, not a second passed by. It seemed that Sebastian was waiting for you, which he obviously was. After Sebastian opened the door your eyes shift down to his leg which had a young lady wrapped around it.

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