stop this stop


Katy: So that one time you brought him in and he was sparking all over the place–

Keith: Yeah.

Katy: Oh. Oh my god

Whenever anybody dies around Lena – and it happens quite a lot or people get hurt – she blames herself. “If I wasn’t a Luthor, this wouldn’t have happened.” She can’t help but feel responsible for things that aren’t her fault. She’s essentially Irish. She has a very healthy sense of guilt. Lena is possibly Lena McLuthor.
—  Katie McGrath (x)

lena finds out that kara is supergirl bc someone informs her that there’s a giant supergirl shaped hole in the elevator ceiling and the roof and the only thing left behind are kara’s clothes belongings so they watch the footage and kyle from security is like ‘oh yeah by the way kara is supergirl she undresses around here all the time, always jumping off the balcony’


♫ Right now, we’re angry and sad
It’s our right to get righteously mad
At every member of the opposite sex
Oh god, we hate them!
Let’s not distinguish between them at all
Let’s just drink a lot more alcohol
And then high-five each other
As we make a bunch of blanket statements ♫